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    • I have no idea if he doesn't suit them, and I'm not sure you do either, or if they think they have better. Some teams buy a player in order to get competition and cover for more positions. With McNair you get cover and competition for CM and CD. For the smaller teams it's not always exclusively possible to buy better players than you already have, so they look at players that can add competition instead. With Brexit there is inevitably going to be a rise in demand for homegrown players.
    • I can see it now. Three or Four linked players. No one signs. All go elsewhere for more money. Sign a total random player and claim he was number one target. Then after a couple of months throw him under a bus 😂😂😂
    • It got worse than that though, after Bamford and Gestede we relieved ourselves of £15 million for Assombalonga and £7 million for Fletcher neither of whom were fit to lace Paddy's boots and then compounded things by spending £9 million on Braithwaite which meant we needed to sell Paddy to pay for all that sub standard overpriced dross just a year and a half after signing him. I'd like to think that we had learned from all that but we all know the answer.     
    • Well I have zero faith in our entire first team recruitment department so nothing this summer will surprise me.
    • The summer signings will be as successful as the sale of season tickets.. The team will be fitted out with a set of retreads which while looking the part will hardly perform and likely deflate under pressure. Expectations may be high but they will be as appealing as a Reliant Robin driven in wet blustery conditions, unreliable,  unpredictable and hardly much fun.   

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