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    • Really poignant for me this.  My eldest son's partner had to give birth to their first child yesterday even though she had passed away in the womb on friday.   Tragic and devastating for us all but the way in which he has handled himself in the last few days is incredible.   So whilst it hurts like hell, a very proud father.  
    • I'm surprised that Gestede has actually managed 178 games in his career so I just checked and according to Wiki he has managed 284 games over his entire career which for a 32 year old isn't many. Smith at three years younger has played 410 games so at least he may be available for selection instead of sending in a sick note. They both seem to have a 1:4 ratio which isn't great but much more useful if fit and available and that's before we consider the respective costs involved for fees and wages.
    • There was an astonishing story in the Guardian about why Magath bombed at Fulham, shortly after he left. It sounds like we dodged a bullet by not appointing him. https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2014/sep/20/fulham-farewell-magath-felix-madcap That said, it's extremely narrow-minded and parochial to dismiss a German manager because he'd supposedly turn the town of Middlesbrough into an enclave of ze Faterland. Wonder what changed in the run-up to Aitor's arrival?
    • Yeah, you have no idea. I had it all written out, it's crazy. I also just realised I have the very last scenario wrong. If Denmark win 1-0, Finland lose 2-1 and Denmark get only 1 disciplinary point more than Finland, Denmark will still finish 2nd. It's only if Denmark get 2 or more greater than Finland that they will finish 3rd. Basically, that scenario with those scores and only 1 yellow card more than Finland goes all the way to the last tiebreaker. Which goes all the way back to the qualifying groups and compares position, then points, goal difference etc. But even though Finland got more points than Denmark in qualifying (they finished in the same position), Finland got 6 of those points against the 6th placed team. Because some of the groups have 6 teams (Finland) and some groups have 5 (Denmark), they re-do the tables as if nobody ever played the 6th placed team. So Denmark would retain their 16 points, Finland would drop from 18 to 12 as if they never played Liechtenstein.
    • Well it could be, if they haven't been recommending the kind of players he is looking for. Or else it speaks to more poor communication if they haven't been given the right instructions. Some people adopt the, "If you want something done properly...do it yourself..." philosophy if they find others aren't doing what they want. Maybe thats whats going on here...unless Warnock has had the same approach at his other clubs. 🤷‍♂️  

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