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    Roberts does hold the ball too long yes but that’s one of the reasons he is available to a club in our position. With his quick footwork and technique if he made the right decisions everytime he’d be starting in the premiership. Just this once can we not expect absolute perfection from a player? Personally I’d much rather watch Roberts running at defenders than one of our current ‘forwards’ stopping at the sight of a full back and knocking it back to midfield. Roberts is likely the best we can hope for, better than most of us imagined as most thought we’d never get him back. He will make things happen more often than not and is 100% an improvement to our team.
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    Given the recent news of fans returning being pushed back even further it's going to significantly effect the clubs financial situation. Not sure now's the time to be whinging about lack of signings. Given the situation and what it means for the clubs finances, being in this league and still having a club next year will be considered a success for me.
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    Pulis has done so much damage to this club we had Jack Harrison who is doing it in the premiership he had Bamford who is doing it yet he couldn't get a tune out of them. He flogged Bamford off for Flint and Saville even brought Hugill in 🤣. The guy was an utter clown done as much damage as Strachan did.
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    Putting things into perspective, at the start of the window if we go told that we would of signed a goalkeeper who two years ago was on the verge of breaking into the England team, A striker who a couple of weeks before was playing in champions league, an international midfielder with championship experience and previous club captain, a experienced centre back who was club captain at previous championship club and got Roberts back on loan. Not sold any of our main players and dijksteel to find good form as a centre back. No one would of believed it as its not typical Boro. It's a shame we never signed a experienced left back and another winger but overall we look more balanced and more experienced than this time last season. We can still sign free transfers and the free players are probably getting nervous now about not getting a club so it's more of a buyers market. And January is not too far away to strengthen again if we are in a position financially to do so.
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    All this was entirely predictable back in 1992 when the concept of the Premier League started. They "broke" away from the EFL and formed an elite division along with the FA. Since then the Premiership has become more and more distanced from the remaining 72 League teams with only a few of them (us included) briefly flirting with Premiership glory to maintain the status quo of the "big" clubs or top six as they are now being referred to. I remember in my childhood Liverpool just being a Middlesbrough until Bill Shankly arrived and took them out of the old second division. Most of us on here can recall Man City playing in League One where Sunderland now find themselves and Mighty Man Utd being rather non descript after Matt Busby retired and arguably not far now from a similar fate after Fergie. Wealthy billionaire owners of these clubs are gambling and wanting to cash their chips in now than risk the ignominy of a poor run at some future point. Liverpool's stock is at it's highest since the eighties and they also know how quick you can slide and how long it can take to clamber back up the greasy pole. In effect Liverpool and United are future proofing their clubs, realising that right now the rest of Football is desperate just to survive and so by throwing them crumbs from their Gateau and Pavlova ladened tables now is a once in a lifetime opportunity. What they are doing is little different to pimps manipulating young girls, shamelessly exploiting their vulnerability in order to make money on the back of their poverty and misery. Adding a few grams of non prescription stuff along the way just hooks them even further into a spiralling life that once started is almost impossible to escape. That they are doing this right now should come as no surprise, indeed the only surprise perhaps is that it has taken this long but Covid and Sky combined have presented them with an incredible opportunity to shaft the vulnerable. Ultimately of course like any unfaithful spouse with a wandering eye they will eventually split from the Premiership and the FA to form a sexier and more attractive European super league. They will be joined probably by the two Glasgow sides and those from Madrid, Barcelona, Munich, Paris, Turin and Milan etc. in fact any club that can add to their immoral filthy lucre. It is the precursor to the end of football as we know it as it emulates the practices of owners in the US. The next stage after that will be the most painful, when Liverpool relocates lock stock and barrel to become San Diego Scousers in the Global Super Soccer Sporting League. Manchester United relocate to become Montreal Mancs and Tottenham are sold to become the Saudi Spurs Sheikhers. Blades fans will be up in arms as a bid for them to relocate to become the Shanghai Steelers hits home. Some Championship sides will no doubt be desperate to emulate and become budget versions of their far wealthier Premiership siblings, my money is on Denver Derby Debtors becoming the first to try and break into a Global Super second tier. That Steve Gibson at this juncture sees a financial lifeline which would ease personal liabilities, responsibilities and pressure is understandable. Business is difficult right now for everyone thanks to Covid and may take a decade or more to recover. The impact of Brexit is also about to be revealed this weekend which is unlikely to improve things anytime soon based upon the recent competence of our present Ministers and their untouchable adviser. At varying points in our lives we all become tired and a little jaded, most of us right now are probably more jaded than we have ever been with diminishing bank balances to match. Football will never return to the days of Leather Casey's and Goalkeepers leaning against posts cadging a Woodbine from fans behind the goal. Steve Gibson knows the reality of where the game is today, indeed Mike Ashley has known the same for some time hence the eternal calling for his "heid" from Geordie supporters. Over the last fifty years the game has moved on from Bovril to Bollinger and there is nothing we fans can afford to do to stop it. We can of course hope that their avarice implodes, eventually eating themselves up in the process.
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    We did indeed. Neil was incredibly funny, warm and more than happy to share his experiences and answer questions. The session was recorded and so there will be an an official write up and videos from the MSF! He admitted to reading oneBoro and wants the names of everyone who wanted him out. 🤣
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    Do you mean when he spoke out about racism or when he talked about his mental health? Because not wanting a player because of either of those factors is not a good look.
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    Derby could sell a corner flag quadrant on the understanding it could at a future undisclosed point in time be developed into a miniature theme park for socially disadvantaged little people and on that basis value it at £100m. Simple this FFP lark once you get in the right mindset.
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    Don’t worry lads, Warnock is looking hard for a creative no.10 and 2 wingers!!
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    That’s as maybe, but don’t let that distract you from writing the match day thread.
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    Someone put this on Facebook on gazette boro page . Roberts at Rockliffe
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    I don't remember a lot of people being happy with it to be honest. Bamford was a player we courted after he left after his first loan spell because we knew what he was capable of and still expected he could make it at the top level. I know that, despite the fact he didn't solve our issues in the Prem, having him in the squad going into the Championship and having him as part of our own long-term future was huge for some people, myself included. I thought Bamford and Middlesbrough were going to be synonymous for the rest of his career, we had finally got him where he needed to be to succeed after those 3 failed loan spells where he didn't get much of a chance. Leeds of all places, bloody Leeds, to sell him for £10m, we didn't even make that much profit on him and we were left with undoubtedly the worse of our 2 main strikers going into that season. Pulis had to stumble on him as a striking option the season before, after playing him left-wing for a few games and expecting him to come good... then he showed the best of what he's capable of in a short spell up front, went on a run of scoring goals. Next season comes and we couldn't get rid of him quick enough. Pulis claims it was him that wanted to go and hell, if it was, who can bloody blame him? The man didn't appreciate what he brought to us and a team that had just hired a world renowned manager wanted him on board. Bielsa had his critics at the time, there were plenty who thought he wouldn't last 5 minutes as he seemed to jump around from one job to another if not everything went his way. But I suspect Bamford would rather 5 minutes with Bielsa than another second with Pulis.
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    I can't believe people are trying to justify us selling Bamford. It was a ridiculous decision at the time, and appears even more so now. I'm genuinely struggling to work out a single decision that Pulis made in his time at the club that has benefited the club in the long term. The signing of McNair is probably the only one that might qualify.
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    Could you translate the rest of this section from Welsh to English too please?
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    Can you show me the quote by these ‘some one here’ saying they expect us to play like city or Barca please I’m interested to read it! In all honesty I’m tired of these arguments, I’m tired of seeing people get criticised for daring to want us to attack a bit more, or even (god forbid) wish we’d improved the team. The thing I’ve noticed with this forum is it’s the polar opposite from fmttm, here you’re supposed to celebrate what we’re given, no matter how good or bad there will always be someone around to defend it, even the most ridiculous of decisions/results. I can’t believe I actually seen someone in this thread say ‘I don’t get the obsession with attacking’. Seriously? Like that’s what football is all about, attacking teams and trying to score. Wanting your team to be more open doesn’t HAVE to mean leaking goals left and right or trying to pass teams to submission. It’s as simple as swapping (for example) Saville or howson for tav or Roberts, letting a player or 2 make a run forward a bit earlier in a move. For 2 years now we’ve played totally devoid of ANY kind of inventive attacking shape or pattern. For 2 years we’ve failed consistently to adequately replace ANY of our list wide players. The fact that we have now resorted to playing a league 1 winger at lwb and then an attacking mid at rwb all because we once again couldn’t sign a *** full back or 2 just sums up how laughable we are. The fact that people here will not only defend the club but criticise those who point out these failings is just as laughable. So no, nobody is expecting us to play like city or Barca, that is just a terrible, bird brained, generic phrase to throw at people who have the nerve to point out a fault, simply because you can’t come out with any meaningful defence and that’s because there isn’t a defence. Anyone saying tav and Johnson shouldn’t be our wingbacks is right, Johnson is awful and tav is totally ineffective. Anyone who says we need to improve our attack is right, we are simply awful at attacking. Anyone who says we are dull to watch is right, no neutral in their right mind would watch us out of choice. We are a poor, boring football club, having woodgate as manager for a few months doesn’t get us off the hook, these big ‘recovery’ periods people think we need are a total myth and a coping mechanism. If another fan has the nerve to point this out and to not be happy with our recent performance as a club then I can’t do anything but agree with them. We’ve sunk into oblivion and are doing our best to stay here.
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    "Have Milan got back to us?" "Not yet Danny... but I've just got off the phone with a lovely chap called Neil..."
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    I'd be furious if we sold Paddy to be honest. Obviously a quality player and has probably been our standout player of the season so far. His versatility will also be extremely valuable during this crazy season. Would much rather sell Wing who I don't believe is cut out for this level.
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    Had to change my picture after looking through today's match gallery. I knew George would have to go at some point but never did I expect to see such a happy face in a Middlesbrough shirt for Marc Bola.
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    Everything that came out at the time was carefully worked out to make Plus, Bamford, and Boro all look like they got what they wanted. In reality, only one of them did. And it wasn't Paddy.
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    Given the news from the government regarding crowds I am now of the mindset that we will go with what we have. Anyone else through the door is a real bonus. Yes we are short but as Will said, existence is the priority.
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    Details Teams – Cardiff v Middlesbrough Location – some cack Welsh stadium Competition – y bencampwriaeth Date – Sat 24th Oct 2020 Kick off – 15:00 Introduction helo a chroeso i edau diwrnod y gêm. In a great blow to Jonah’s everywhere, a ‘fire break’ lockdown has been introduced by our good neighbours, meaning that no-one is allowed to enter Whales… Footballers, as essential workers, are of course allowed to flout these rules. The game will therefore go ahead on Saturday. The Last Games Boro: Bristol 0 – 1 Boro Boro beat top of the league Bristol City to make them less top of the league. Boro were generally the better team throughout, but were struggling to put the ball in the back of the net. Luckily, Saville fixed that for us and pounced on a silly pass from the Robins keeper to put Boro within touching distance of the play-offs. Meanwhile, Cardiff’s Neil Harris watched in terror from the stands… Cardiff: Preston 0 – 1 Cardiff Cardiff beat Preston in a game of football. Preston had more possession, passes, pass accuracy, yellow cards, corners and fewer offsides in the game. It just goes to show that more possession, passes, pass accuracy, yellow cards, corners and fewer offsides isn’t everything! This win moved Cardiff to 14th place, although they do have a game tonight (Wednesday), so this could change by the time they face Boro. Form (League only - most recent last) Boro: LDDWDW Cardiff: LWLDW? The View From The Other Side ooh, rydyn ni'n hoff iawn o'n tîm o'r enw Caerdydd, ond mae'n debyg ein bod ni'n mynd i golli. Rwy'n dymuno y gallem fynd i ymuno â chynghrair Cymru a chwarae timau hawdd fel airbus The Un(ger)-Official Match Preview Cardiff play Bournemouth today (Wednesday 21st), so will have a day less preparation for the game on Saturday. This should give Boro an edge. Given how much more solid Boro looked against Reading and Bristol, we certainly won’t be the pushovers that Cardiff encountered at the end of last season when they trounced us 3-1. I predict a 2-1 Boro win. Spot the Ball Competition Tolkien points
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    I don’t believe a word of it, it’s pure speculation and it’s been taken as gospel just because some bloke on a message board that nobody knows, says it’s true. It’s not been a bad transfer window, considering the clubs finances and lack of revenue. Let’s not start with all the tin foil hat stuff.
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    They're getting Flint on loan too. I suspect that Chansiri have probably sold the Leppings Lane Stand at Hillsborough to Derby for a fiver who then installed ten new 60w light bulbs, had it revalued as a "potential" Concert Arena now worth £50m, rented it back to the Owls at 50p a month and then split the £50m difference with £25m each hence allowing plenty of wiggle room for new signings while still meeting the EFL Financial requirements.
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    Well I’ve signed up for the new site under the name of Denzel Zanzibar, I’m going to be extra nice to everyone on there.
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    Am I really seeing people turn their noses up at Danny Rose? It was only a few years back he was deemed the best left-back in the country and Man City were bidding upwards of 40m for him. I must say I can’t see it happening but come on, he’s country miles better than anything we have and probably better than most in the league.
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    Nothing more than an attempted power grab by the top 6. If it goes through it will kill my interest in football entirely.
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    We already have cheap cover at wingback. What we need is an actual wingback, or even better, an actual left back.
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    Milan? Bloody hell, Arsenal, Milan, AGF Horsey? Can't you lot just support Boro and accept your lot in life ffs? Football isn't supposed to be fun, it's supposed to crush your spirit until all that's left is a shell of a person, all bitter and twisted and bereft of any hope.
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    At the time £10m was good money for Bamford. However, considering we turned down bigger offers for Britt is baffling to me. Every aspect of Bamford's game is and was better than Britt when he was here.
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    "I've opened my legs up, just stick it in there" - Neil Maddison, 2020
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    Not unhappy with that team, but I'd have dropped Saville for Morsy and given Coulson a chance over Johnson.
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    God it sounds like Strachan was even more of a turnip than I thought he was 🙄🙄🙄🙄
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    I've gone on about him before on here but I really do think he could be the real deal. A lot of strikers who shine at u18/u23 level do so because of physical attributes. You often see strikers who are big for their age dominate at this level before being found out when they move up. Kavanagh isn't like that. Hes average build for his age and is often dwarfed by bulky cb's on opposite teams. Instead, he causes chaos with a great ability to press and harass defenders (he will often rob centre backs of possession in dangerous areas) and he has great striking instincts/positional awareness. I have no doubt he will score shedloads this season. Cant wait to see how he progresses.
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    This is taking it a tad too far, don't you think?
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    I think it's more just a case of him playing back in his favoured position. He clearly can't play left side of either a back 4 or a back 5. When he's played central or on the right he goes back to looking like one of the best CB's in the division.
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    UTFB! Saville and Johnson excellent tonight. Wood up front - a clear message to Gibson and Bausor
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    Progress. Unmistakeable progress. We're getting more solid defensively and more slick in our passing. The signs are more positive than they have been for a while. And Roberts could be immense for us if he sharpens up a bit.
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    I suppose the question is this. Is it reasonable to expect the manager to take us from the brink of league 1 to a top 6 team in a matter of weeks? Or do you expect him to a) keep us up b) steady the ship and begin to build a viable team before c) making us competitive? Anybody expecting us to progress from a) to c) without a period of consolidation is ridiculous.
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    Whilst I don't question the info that was passed in this case, I have to say it just doesn't make sense to me. The club may, or may not, have failings when recruiting and negotiating new signings, but the suggestion that the relevant documents not being sent off is a scenario I can't buy into. I don't know Bauser well, but enough to know he is infinitely more capable than that scenario suggests. We've had a relatively decent window by any measure, with no major outgoings. One or two more would have been great, but that was mostly down to injuries to Hall and Fletcher. Many clubs have done less business than us Its the same after every window; petulant meltdowns everywhere you look on this board. The club is working within a very limited financial envelope, even before the impact of COVID-19 and if it means pulling the plug on a couple of deals then so be it, because the long term financial stability of the club is all that matters.
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    We have banned people for lesser offences than this offensive statement. 🤣😜
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    I'm not being wilfully ignorant, you are. In the last 6 months you can cite dozens of things that have changed at the last minute due to government decision making - this was always on the cards given the way every single other aspect of this pandemic has been handled. Health experts world wide have been warning of an autumn/winter spike since the beginning. Of course any business will have taken this under consideration, it would be mental not to. Just because they said that the goal was to have fans in the stadium on a certain date months ago doesnt mean you can rely on it, the picture is changing daily and it will continue to do so.
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    Yeah I think these days we have to take “buzzing” slightly different to how we would have in the past. More like “not massively depressing”.
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    If ever there was an example of how effective pace and trickery is, it was Osayi-Samuel yesterday. Single handedly caused us problems all afternoon. Meanwhile we may aswell have been playing with 9 men and 2 planks of wood in the wing-back positions. The main reason for playing the 3-5-2 was "our players are much better suited to that system" I would seriously debate that isn't the case at all. Essentially it was "our defenders aren't good enough so let's play 5 of them" but the wing backs simply do not defend and we are usually left with 3 defending, we'd be much better off signing a defensive left back and having 4 defending at all times. Warnock went 4-3-3 for last 20 yesterday which was comfortably our best period of the game.

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