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    Could be worse we could sign an injury prone league one player who couldn’t find a club in the summer and last played well 4 years ago.
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    Middlesbrough vs Birmingham Saturday 16th December – 12:30 pm (Sky Sports) Riverside Stadium The current standings: Boro find themselves in a healthy 7th position, 1-point shy of the playoffs and 7 points shy of an automatic spot. Birmingham on the other hand are having a disaster of a season, currently on a freefall into the relegation zone after 4 losses and 1 draw in their last 5 games. Evidence would suggest that this should be an easy Boro win, but we all know that’s not the Middlesbrough way. What do the stats say? Boro have the fifth highest Expected Goals (xG) in the championship, as well as the lowest Expected Goals Against (xGA). These statistics bode extremely well for Boro as we're creating lots of chances coupled with having arguably the best defence in the league. Birmingham on the other hand are well, a bit of a disaster really. None of us would expect a Karanka team to be high up in the expected goals stats, but to find themselves 22nd in expected goals is a worrying sign. Even more worrying though is that they're ranked 8th for Expected Goals against, if a Karanka team can't keep clean sheets and grind out wins, what can it do? These statistics coupled with the fact we beat them 4-1 away from home, would suggest this should be an easy Middlesbrough win. However we've all followed this team and league long enough to know there's no such thing. Expected Birmingham lineup (according to the fans at https://wewilljourneyon.proboards.com ) Question time: 1. What are your top 3 favourite moments/memories from the Karanka era? 2. Do you think we'll have any incomings/outgoings by the time this game comes around? 3. You have to choose any Boro player for each of the below scenarios, who are you choosing for each one? - Surviving a zombie apocalypse with: - Dinner date: - Trapped on a tropical island with: - Prime minister: - Future Boro manager: 4. Who has been your top three players of the season so far? 5. Is Twix a chocolate bar or a chocolate biscuit?
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    After everything he's done for us, don't you think Warnock deserves our trust? If he wants Bolasie, give him Bolasie.
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    Britt's a permanent and getting a fee. Don't know where to and for how much yet though
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    Just cancel the Qatar World Cup. But I'd be saying that even if there wasn't a pandemic.
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    This is why the majority of people throughout football love Warnock!
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    @Kelloe. I respect you greatly as a poster and hope you dont take this advice from me the wrong way? I also dont agree with @sanddancer post but please dont call him clown. It will just become unsavoury and derail the thread. @sanddancer is perfectly entitled to his views so if you going to disagree please do it respectfully.
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    If someone gave sanddancer £100,000,000 his first thought would be how much tax he'd have to pay on it....
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    I say this .. and ... A new guy says this ... and everybody goes ...
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    To be fair, now Bola's in the team regularly the smiling is pretty sorted. Also, Akpom's movement is a huge part of Watmore's purple patch, IMO, whenever you hear Watmore comment on a goal he says something along the lines of, "a space opened up". Those spaces are made by some very clever play by Akpom.
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    It’s because it’s 98% dedicated to football. We tend to keep all the other crap away from it (politics/religion etc) so when there isn’t much to football to talk about it quietens down a lot. I very occasionally pop over to FMMTM but it doesn’t last long. I’m sure there is some very good content in there but I can’t be bother to trawl through all the other *** to get to it I went on ComeOnBoro many years ago and it seemed as it’s a place for moronic teenage boys. And quite frankly I could make more sense of I just threw a handful of alphabet spaghetti at a whiteboard (of course it may have changed by now)
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    That smug little gobshite Branthwaite was smirking all the way off the pitch as Warnock spoke to him. Hope gets a lengthy retrospective ban.
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    Hopefully we play like we did last time vs Blackburn and batter them, only this time we actually score some of our chances please.
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    Absolutely not getting involved in the argument but this made me laugh.
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    Betinelli wouldn’t have, he’d have punched it.
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    I honestly thought Wing played alright against Brentford. Some of his passing was superb during the game.
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    I like Britt, but like Scott McDonald before him, he very quickly became a victim if his own fee. I think a lot of the criticisms against him are unfair - - Doesn't score enough goals - He has scored a goal every 210 minutes since being here in the league. That's better than 1 in 3 and he's done it under various different regimes, including one of the most defensive this league has ever seen. For comparison, in his second stint with us Bamford had a goal every 200mins. It's a good return. Is it 15mil good? No, not really. - He misses a lot of easy chances. He's missed a few sitters in his time here. But so has Hugill, Akpom, Fletcher, Adama, Gestede and pretty much every forward we've had in the last 13 years. Other sides regularly fluff easy chances against us. Any striker who puts away every good chance they get would not be in this league, simple as that. - He smiles too much - I'm not even going to touch this one. - He's poor in the air. Well yeah, he's not great here, but that's not what he was signed for initially. And even given that, he wins 1.9 aerials a game this season and 1.8 last season. Bamford won 1.8 a game in his last season under Pulis so again not a great discrepancy, - Doesn't have a good first touch - this is probably the most fair criticism as he's not great at holding the ball up. However his skill on the ball is actually quite decent. He's not bad at running at players and his movement is very good at times. I'll miss him but I don't think the team will particularly miss him because he doesn't really fit into Warnocks style of play. But you can't say he hasn't given it a good go and I respect him for that. I think another team might just see the best of him so I wish him good luck if he does leave. Just remember that that 15mil is not Britt's cross to bear - it's Gibson's alone.
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    I tend to lurk on here and occasionally post on FMTTM. Comeonboro is full of fellas that think they are grownups but act like teenagers in an unsupervised youth club. FMTTM is very left leaning and some unfortunately twist threads to include politics where they can. This is the best football forum where people seem to tolerate differing views and debate politely. It is a delight to read and some posters have influenced my views by making me be a little more forensic with my thinking. I will try to post a little more often and contribute to this well organised board with well rounded posters (educationally speaking that is).
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    Now you’re starting to like this aren’t you? 😉
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    The Owls v The Boro 29th December 2020 Kick Off: 19:00 Location: Hillsborough "The game which sees us face one extremely unpopular former manger, when we thought we might've been facing another" Tuesday night being Boro's next fixture means that we will not be having a Boxing Day game at all this year. Had we played on Monday, we could've pretended it was Boxing Day as the Bank Holiday aspect falls then. But no. It's not to be. No Boxing day fixture this year, which seems to follow a pattern of occurring every 5 years: 2020, 2015, 2010 (@DanFromDownSouth did some fixture list research) Our boys should approach this game well rested after a busy set of fixtures since late November, playing 9 games in 29 days. Warnock has given the team both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to rest, so as long as they don't fall into the trap that I inevitably would (end up getting over excited and drinking too much) they should each be fresh as a daisy and well up for it. Tony Pulis will welcome his former employers to his new wrecking project in Sheffield, with a squad that bares little resemblance to the one which he left in the less than capable hands of Jonathan Woodgate. Pulis prides himself on making his teams hard to beat and avoid relegation. What we didn't realise at the start of his tenure with us, was he also liked to avoid promotion, suck the life out of a club, destroy confidence and make people question if football was really that important anyway. His transfer policy of purchasing capable giants saw us pay £7m for goal machine defender Aden Flint. This transfer proved extremely successful, with Flint converting his goal every 5.8 games ratio to one in 39. Pulis was also a massive fan of the forwards his predecessor Garrrry the snake had left to him. Now a Barcelona player, Martin Braithwaite was pushed out and vilified for not being a massive Pulis fan and Jordan Hugill was loaned in from West Ham. Hugill also proved to be a massive hit, with rumours that we might have to sign him permanently not worrying anyone at all... Pulis had a squad (both seasons) that most of us felt could've got promoted with anyone else at the helm. We'll never know if that was the case as long as we all agree to completely ignore the disaster that was the Woodgate scandal. We'd had the warnings from West Brom fans about the carnage he'd caused there and they weren't exaggerating. That Playoff second leg against Aston Villa in his first year and the following season finishing outside the Playoffs but it still being a bigger achievement, left us scratching our heads in disbelief. The only positive from his time here was the brief flirtation with excitement we had when he unleashed Adama Traore. I get the feeling that Traore was literally the only player whose confidence grew under the stewardship of Pulis. At the start of this season, when I saw that Garry Monk was still manager at Sheffield Wednesday and that they were starting the season with a 6 point deduction, I thought that it couldn't have happened to a more deserving person and team. I've never got over my visit to Hillsborough for the replay of the 1997 League Cup final which irrationally made me dislike Sheffield Wednesday, despite still supporting England any of our defeats at Wembley... Following his sacking and the subsequent appointment of Pulis and here I am, disliking Sheffield Wednesday a bit more. VIEW FROM THE OTHER SIDE: The Owls come into this game one of the favourites to be relegated this season. They are in absolute turmoil off the pitch, with wages being withheld (chairman imposed cap at £7k per week) and the threat of a transfer embargo or even another points deduction for financial failings. A Boxing Day 1-1 draw from a winning position against another former boss, Boro legend Tony Mowbray, leaves the Owls 23rd in the table with almost half the season complete. You can access the best Sheffield Wednesday forum by clicking -> HERE. It's honesty the best forum I've seen that isn't OneBoro. The Owls fans seem quite disillusioned and reading through, it seems not to far away from where this forum has been in the last few years. Some of their preferred options to the appointment of Tony Pulis were Nigel Pearson, Jesus Christ, Tommy Cooper and plenty of references to building a club from the bottom up, growing a real identity and listing the clubs that seem to have done it successfully so why shouldn't we be able to, its all the chairman's fault! etc. etc... FOOT IN BOTH CAMPS: Most recently: Adam Reach and Jordan Rhodes from the playing side and two afore mentioned managers whose tenures I'd rather forget... In the olden days: Captain Marvellous Nigel Pearson, underrated midfield rock/guitar legend Robbie Mustoe and 70's goal scoring hero John Hickton (who was actually signed as a full back!) TALKING POINTS: Did you have a nice Christmas? Who was worse for Boro, Pulis or Monk? Who would you like to see in the starting 11? Which is the most majestic: The Lion or the Owl on the badge? How many will we win by?
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    @wilsoncgp I think he’s talking to you
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    Really hope Warnock stays for next season. Tonight was awful, and we've had some abject home performances this month, but overall I've enjoyed this season and feel far closer to the club than I have since Karanka left.
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    It's also the PL managers preventing players signing, not the players themselves. Sanddancer:
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    After a great away win v Forest is it now time to have a visit by our old friends Daniel Ayala, Stewart Downing, Ainsley Pears and Tony Mowbray and the rest of Blackburn. Blackburns last outing was a 1-1 draw v Stoke. They had a game at Ewood Park postponed last Tuesday v Swansea, cause they didn't invest in a nice pitch rain coat like the Sheriff of Nottingham did, so the pitch was moister than an oister. Blackburns star striker this season is Adam Armstrong, so if we can man mark the living daylight out of him, then we should be able to beat this lot. The viking prediction is a 3-1 win for the Boro, if we can play just 80 % as good as v Forest. It's time to be consistent, cause we can be, and get into them play off spots! Time for some 1: Team and formation? 2: Is it good to change a winning team? 3: Will Morsy get another yellow card for just being Morsy? 4: Can Britt follow up on an above par performance? 5: Is Saville finally going to be what we bought him for.. A goal contributer? 4 goals and 4 assists so far... 6: Iron Maiden or Def Leppard? 7: Our last handful of games this season are easy on paper .. If we keep within reach of the play off spots .. Can we push for it in the last 8-10 games? 8: Who is this mystery signing (winger who can play as a striker)? View from the other site: https://www.brfcs.com/forums/forum/4-blackburn-rovers-fans-messageboard
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    So many people on this forum can’t wait for and love for us to lose so they can pick away and tear at the team and the manager so they can justify their garbage opinions. We were the better team in this game, Blackburn barely threatened our goal in the first half and even after the “incident” we were the better team and for 20 mins into the second half we were. Events like the Fry injury change games. We would’ve won that game if that never happened, and we would’ve won if the right officiating decision was made - but it wasn’t and therefore we didn’t. If we went 1-0 in 20 mins Blackburn would not have had a sniff. Instead the right decision isn’t made, we aren’t 1-0 up, we have an inexperienced defender against the best attack in the league, everyone’s head has gone and therefore we have a lapse of concentration at the worst time and are punished. That was all the result of the injury and it’s not an excuse that is a fact - we’ve had rotten luck. This isn’t a worrying form or the manager getting it wrong or the players not being good enough. But hey-ho we are still only 3 points of the play-offs, which I think people on here underplay that feat especially with how small our squad is.
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    Just checked the Blackburn forum, and to a man (or woman), even they think that was an awful decision. "As clear a pen as you’ll see", "How’s that not a penalty, looked nasty", "That's assault", "That high boot there is an absolute disgrace"...
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    The mod team have accepted a transfer offer. Can't disclose the club but it's a step down. He kept talking about people not listening to him etc. but I wasn't really paying attention.
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    94 pages for a goalkeeper on a free...
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    Mark Schwarzer 1x Premier League 1x League cup 1x German Cup winner 1x Australian Cup winner Brad jones 2X ENGLISH LEAGUE CUP WINNER 1x Dutch Champion 1x Dutch Cup winner 1x Dutch Super Cup winner 1x Saudi Arabian winner 1x Saudi Arabian Super Cup winner 1x OFC Nations Cup winner Ergo Brad Jones is a superior keeper Scoreboard people
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    Always good to see glowing opinions of a new signing from their fans. Just looked on Motherwell’s twitter and one comment says ‘how’s he managed that’😂
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    It’s a curious one isn’t it. Cancel the academy release everyone else but hold onto his registration because Benfica were interested. The lad who have me the Watmore info in the summer believes he we resign. Probably next week. Main issue has been length of contract rather than wages. Gingermessi wants to stay.
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    To be fair I think it has much more emphasis on it when you see Akpom through on goal and he takes a knee rather than shooting #respect
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    One of the things Pulis said in public in complaint was that they had 6 centre-halves and not a single left-back. I'm surprised it was a complaint, too.
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    Wow just wow! Birmingham, Blackburn and Rotherham at home and we play 3 defensive CM's at home. Absolutely negative tactics and substitutions costing us. How the hell did Howson, Saville and morsy stay on the pitch for 90mins when we made 5 changes? That says it all for me and it's costing us at home. Can understand it away from home when the emphasis isn't on us to attack but it's way too negative to play at home especially against the weaker sides. No Britt and Akpom together again which is infuriating especially when you are chasing a game and getting beat. No positives at all for me tonight and just hope this a wake up call to get bodies in asap.
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    Relax, guys .. Big Neil Warnock got this .. You can give him 5 hobos, three lunch ladies, 4 waterboys and an old dog with one eye, and he will still find a way to reach promotion with that team! I am sure @Blanco agrees 😉
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    We're 7th and 3 points off 6th, with just under half the season left. Not that I have any expectation of reaching it, but even 2nd is only 7 points away. It could change everything. The only reason not to do it is finances.
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    Just watched Warnock’s interview on mfc website and he sums up perfectly how I’m feeling. Totally gutted and lost interest in the game after the incident. I don’t remember coming away from a Boro game feeing so deflated because it feels like we were cheated today.
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    A strange game but a good three points. Today I owe Brit, credit to him. I learnt something new tonight, Hitler is a Brazilian. Well I’m behind with some work so I need to pop upstairs to my office. Good night all and be careful when shaving or using hot wax..
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    I'm glad he's getting chance to play every week personally
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    I can only see another win here. As much as i like Karanka. Brum just isn't the team for him. 4 - 0 Boro. What are your top 3 favourite moments/memories from the Karanka era? The Brighton promotion game. Never experienced an atmosphere like it (sadly i didnt go to the uefa cup comebacks). Everyone was standing and singing the entire game. Amazing how the league worked out so it was a winner takes all, last game shootout. The last minute goal against reading by Foreshaw. Never celebrated a goal so much. The play off final day. Even though we lost, i enjoyed the day. The fact we'd made it to thw final after years of nothingness. It felt like we'd do it the next season... 2. Do you think we'll have any incomings/outgoings by the time this game comes around? No. 3. You have to choose any Boro player for each of the below scenarios, who are you choosing for each one? - Surviving a zombie apocalypse with: Willo Flood. He'd blend in perfectly and we could escape by shuffling along with the herd. - Dinner date: Willo Flood. He doesnt look like he eats much, so more for me! - Trapped on a tropical island with: Willo Flood. I could use his head to open coconuts on. - Prime minister: Willo Flood. His campaign slogan would be: "Where there's a Willo, there's a way." - Future Boro manager: Willo Flood. 4. Who has been your top three players of the season so far? Tavernier McNair Willo Flood 5. Is Twix a chocolate bar or a chocolate biscuit? A chocolate biscuit. Coincidentally, if you suck all the chocolate off a twix finger, but leave a little bit on the top, it bares a striking resemblance to Willo Flood...
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    Burnley could really do with spending big on Britt😇
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    I think it’s just one poster who is against it because Bolaise ran over his cat.
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    I swear half of your posts on this forum are about Bolasie, what did he do to you?
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    I thought their first team were the bees? Very confusing!
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    Haha on BBC Tees, Mark Drury spoiled the goal for himself by saying "this website I'm looking at says Boro have just scored..." Proper Chris Kamara moment
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    Assuming that a person is racist simply because they voted to leave the EU is exactly what makes the other boards so toxic.
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    I was just looking at the "online users" list and for every 1 registered user there seems to be multiple mysterious lurkers. They're probably reading this right now 👀. Sign up yer buggers!

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