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    Oh right unaware as usual, Elvis was dead and buried 6 months before I realised,In my defence I was on a deployment with the RN at the time and Her Majesty failed to inform me of her demise
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    Agree mate. He looks bloody lost when he gets played in the Clayton role especially last night . Either play him where he thrives or don't bother. Agreed - not to mention when he has played further forward or as the 10 they have been his best games of the season. The talent is still clearly there, just think we're using him pretty poorly atm. Need him driving forward and being around for shots, not trying to ping 50 yard cross field balls from the centre spot.
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    Saville has been our best midfielder along with Tav in our recent upturn in performances.
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    Players I'd accept us selling this window without a replacement: Clayton and Gestede Players I'd accept us selling with a replacement: Assombalonga, Johnson and Shotton I'd keep everyone else because our squad is very thin as is and we're heavily reliant on academy players plugging the gaps now.
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    That's the Burnley way, apparently.
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    Could SG just give him a really generous christmas / birthday present that coincidentally covers that exact amount? 😛
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    What stands out as the most annoying frustrating thing, a catalyst for everything else to go bananas... We all knew, that Paddy McNair would place the ball exactly where he did.. Not in the area of .. but exactly where he did! I expect goalkeepers do some research of the opponents penalty takers so it was an easy save for Lee Camp... Britt for sure isn't the answer and we thought Paddy maybe was... But Boro really need to find a good penalty taker.. One who doesn't blast the ball sky high because it has to look fancy ... one who can place the ball in both sides of the goal, both high and low... I wonder who has the best tecnique for this... I would seriously work on this with one of the coaches if I had to find out...
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    Well yeah, missing a penalty wasn't ideal. I'm not sure if we'd have controlled things that much had we scored, just because we did look so flat regardless. I think the truth is that we aren't a good side yet, and other than a few good performances out of nowhere, most of what we've done this season has been lacking in something, whether it's been energy, quality, direction or whatever else. We looked empty on Friday night for a decent chunk of the game, we looked no different today really but we were playing an inferior side. The break should help us out, hopefully get one or two back from injury, hopefully get one or two new players in and maybe get rid of one or two as well. Unless we collapse for the rest of the season then we shouldn't be in any relegation danger so we can start to build towards next season in games.
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    I've just watched the Tav incident on replay, I'm absolutely baffled that the ref didn't deem that a foul. Even if he hadn't been knocked out by the second Birmingham player's elbow, he was completely wiped out by the first. Pathetic.
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    Thanks @Brunners. Just listened to it and just to add to your points. - asked about Gibson and said lets wait and see. It seems clear we want him. - asked if the 2 signings he expects are both defenders he said lets wait and see. - said fry not for sale unless someone offering £30m - britt back for blackburn. Shots and Friends to play in 2 reserves game. I elieve there are 2 games on Sun 2nd Feb and Fr 7th Feb. - was confident about fry and roberts. These 11 days should do both them world of good in terms of rexovery.
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    All I keep thinking of.....
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    I must be watching different matches if Saville has been our best midfielder. He was good against West Brom, as the whole team was and hes ranged from average to invisible the rest of the time. I'd love to know what his qualities are that make him a good midfielder because from what I can see he can't run (don't think I've seen him do a sprint), has absolutely zero dribbling skills, can't pass, isn't exactly a threat going forward and isn't exactly a defensive linchpin either. Basically he's crap.
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    noticeable that Saville's poorer games are often when Johnson is in team...spends more time trying to bail him out than winning the ball and pushing forward...then gets hammered for the mistake he is trying to put right....did well in the aggro at the end though..looked like he was trying to keep the Birmingham guy from losing it altogether
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    I love bourbon but can't stand any of the Scottish/Irish stuff. Bulleit Frontier is my drink of choice at the moment
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    McNair is somewhat older than Fry and probably the one player in the squad I'd think could be outright classed as a utility player by anyone, he's been that for most his career so far. This absolutely sounds like McNair.
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    not going to get lad who passes stuff along into bother, so best answer i can give is "no comment" or "I cannot confirm or deny that statement".....(not windowcleaner, someone much more connected)
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    As we need to sell players in order to strengthen other positions, I hope that we think long term about building a squad around our young/academy lads who we should not entertain selling unless we get offered crazy money. The likes of Pears, Spence, Wood, Fry, Coulson, Wing and Tavernier should fall into that category. They'll be on more manageable wages, will only improve with the game time that we're in a position to give them and are far more likely to stay here for the longterm, so we need to prioritise keeping them and building around them. I'd hope that we'd be more open to selling the players who are on the far bigger wages, would raise significant transfer fees and whose contracts are expiring in the next 18 months like Assombalonga and McNair - as opposed to the young/academy lads. If one of Assombalonga or McNair leave we're going to need replacements, especially in defence to replace McNair's versatility there. I know football isn't this simple, but I'd happily take selling them two if it meant we could afford to sign Gibson and Roberts on permanent deals. It might even help us afford getting Ayala to agree to a contract extension also. Sheffield United are looking like they have avoided relegation this season and have a longterm interest in McNair, so they may well come in with a bid for him. He looks the perfect fit for their team with their energetic and physical box-to-box midfielders. £10 million wouldn't be too much to ask considering how well he has done this season in defence and midfield. They're having contract issues with Lundstram who still has not signed a new contract so Wilder might see signing McNair as a bit of kick up the backside to show him that he is replaceable. Besic started ahead of Lundstram last night, which was likely a message to him.
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    A lot of mentions about how tired some of our players are and rightly so but that can not be labled at Rudy Gestede. Apart from one swallow in a summer he simply has not re-invented himself by showing that he can be a footballer. If this form is whilst he is fit what on earth would a tired Rudy be like? Sorry but for me he has not taken the chances given to him to allow him to get back on side
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    We got lucky last night let's face it! The break will do us the power of good
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    The upside to SDS post is that it sounds like someone is willing to pay over the odds for one of our players, which could be reinvested to improve the team further. Fry at £30m for example In my opinion, anyone in our squad is replaceable if teams are willing to over pay like that
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    After reading back through reports it’s numbing knowing the amount of points we have coincided by referees and our own stupidity. I said in a early post we should be 10 to 15 points better off and I think that’s conservative. I also stated the team is better than Woody and I’ll stick with that thought too. The issue I have with Woody being he does not seem to learn lessons very well or quickly, but he comes across as a determined individual which may prove an advantage next season as the rookie learns his trade. Woody will be with us quite sometime and we will remain in the Championship possibly indefinitely, but that worry’s me little because I believe it the division we can develop and see some reasonable games. What concerns me is money, because the Championship is not going to be enough to finance the club, players and academy at a level we have known, and I can see further cut backs which is really worrying given the current squad size and the amount of injuries. Possibly the squad size could be managed with less injuries and players returning, but why do we have so many, why.
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    Watching the non-goal back, Jutkiewicz isn't offside I don't think so Woody got that bit wrong, pretty sure he's behind the ball as Maghoma touches it. Maghoma, however, is a tight one. He's definitely ahead of the Boro defence as the ball is played in. Question is whether the ball is played from in line with Maghoma to begin with as the lad on the left is beyond Spence and seems to be ahead of the entire Boro defensive line. It looks tight, if you take it from anything he can play the ball with, he's probably marginally offside at least.
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    Bit cryptic this morning so I apologise.... message I have recieved overnight when I asked about ins and out was the the following.. everyone has a price... in and out... cant say much more... YET
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    In a team full of 6s, I'd give man of the match to Pears. He couldn't do sod all about the goal from what I saw, he made one save in the first half which made me think oh dear (came out to collect low down under pressure, got to it but it spooned out of his grasp) but made one very good save in the second half to his left and got a tremendous punch on the ball in the final moments. Not to mention that Brum really pressed high onto him tonight, particularly in the first half, and he dealt with it superbly every time, good to have a young keeper who is confident with the ball at his feet. Spence is a close second, he did look a bit tired tonight, apart from when he was sprinting across the line to make some incredible tackles. There was one in the second half when Brum lofted the ball through on the left, Spence didn't just catch up with the play, he made sure the lad knew he was there, went for the ball a couple of times before eventually getting his foot onto it to put it out for a throw. Recoveries like that are seen in some top, experienced full backs.
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    Eventful game to say the least....Tav looked out of it at the final whistle ..and if Brum fans thought he was milking it, wonder what their opinion was of their two players collapsing in their penalty area two minutes later while we were pressing them, then miraculously recovering when manager signalled them to get up......I have seen us lose too many games like that to not be happy to get point in the end. Johnson looked as though he was limping for long spells and thought Pears had a pretty decent game. Couldn't do much about goal, but did well on a couple of occasions with his blocks and punches..feel more confident about him with each game and the longer game went on, the better Wood looked, so all in all as many plusses as minuses
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    The referee wasn't giving us anything all night. Some of the ones the crowd were asking for were a bit soft, like I think the penalty we asked for before the actual penalty looked a bit soft, but a lot were just over the line of what you'd consider a foul and he just didn't give a toss. Tav got bundled over 2 or 3 times after being harassed by about 3 Brum players and he was having none of it. You like to give some refs the benefit of the doubt as it must be an awful job sometimes but tonight was truly dreadful, him and his assistants truly lost control of the game. Still remember one ball clearly going out for a throw-in which the assistant on the East side was convinced was still in, visually indicating that it was fine. Then the crowd shouted at him and he changed his mind.
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    I'm sure not every Birmingham fan is that thick just like every Boro isn't completely stupid either.
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    If Gibson is available in the wage structure and for the right price he is definitely a long term investment given hes a 27 year old defender and will still have the best part of a decade left in him. I also think we will resign Ayala and Howson on better contracts for us. If we take those opinions into account we have: 3 keepers already to fight it out for #1 in Pears, Stojanovic and Meijas. We will have 4 wing/full backs available at the start of next season - Bola, Coulson, Dijksteel, Spence - without counting youngsters like Reading who may be able to step in worst case next term, so I can't see us getting another in. Even if we get Gibbo in, we would probably need another CB, which would leave us with a 4 of Fry Ayala Gibbo and A.N. Other. You also have Wood, McNair and Howson as cover if need be, alongside people like Stubbs who could be used in a pinch if he doesnt go out on loan again. In centre midfield I think Clayton is going to be gone while we can make some money on him, which leaves Wing, Saville, Howson, McNair who can all play there, plus Liddle as cover and Tav could be asked to play a deeper role if need be. In the forward three you will have Tav, Fletch, Roberts, if the rumour of us wanting to extend his loan are true, Browne and Britt if he stays (though I think he goes). Walker with another year under his belt, plus again players from the U23s if we need cover. This seems like the area we are gonna have to cover most. ‐-----------‐--------‐--- We will need to rebuild in the summer due to contracts coming to an end with high earners and things but I dont see 9 players needing to be bought, that number seems very "worst case scenario" to me. As things currently stand: 2xCBs (3 if Ayala goes) 1xCM (if Howson goes) 3 or 4x Attackers - depending if we can find a buyer for Britt since we are shopping him about (1/2 out and out striker(s), 2 wingers/inside forwards) That's a maximum of 8 but I don't see Ayala and Howson leaving, which takes you down to 6. If we get another 2 signings in during this window, as Woody has suggested, and if they are both permanent, we may only be looking at 3/4 players in during the summer, which is much more manageable.
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    The Birmingham fans see our players and bench going hysterical because we wanted the game stopped. The goal gets disallowed then they see Tav running round a few minutes later. In their biased opinion they probably think he's feigning injury and we've robbed them off 2 points. To be honest if the roles were reversed I think our fans would be reacting the same.
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    I'm glad we don't have a game this weekend as we are absolutely desperate for a break. Not a great game but we looked knackered and the injuries just added to it.
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    Again, not disagreeing. More pointing out that you seem to be countering the point of Brum fans complaining about the head injury with our physios shouldn't be sending him back on. He was out, completely out, 3 or 4 Boro players and Lee Camp were all screaming for the game to stop and for physios to come on and the ref and his assistants completely ignored it, so much so that the physios ran on anyway.
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    I wasn't at the game so I can only go by what I heard on Tees, they said Tav was 'out' after a head collision. If that's the case then the heat of the moment shouldn't have anything to do with the physios decision, neither should our lack of available subs. A physio has to make a decision based on the players health and after a head injury the situation of the game shouldn't be a factor.
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    Absolutely they should, and the sheer size of our injury list should call their effectiveness in to question too.
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    Also Woody confirms that the subs were more precautionary, both Roberts and Fry felt their hammy's getting tighter and tighter and tehy couldn't be risked being lost for lengthy times.
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    Happy with a draw in the end. On an evening where it seems everything was goung against us, we dug in and took a point. After the pen miss, we then go lose our most creative plsyer followed by our only recognised defender. All in space of 35mins. 11pts clear of 3rd bottom. Really glad we got 11 days off. Hopefully players are now off for next 5days until Monday just to rest, switch off and recharge. Been going at full throttle since Nov 24th when we drew v Hull.
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    Sums up the medical staff if anything, something tells me all these injuries aren’t just unlucky 🤔🤔🤔
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    No it doesn't, I totally agree that wasn't great player management by us.
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    Not sure why birmingham fans are fuming about the decision. It is a clear foul when you watch the replays...
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    Aye, probs thought it best to just get the game over and done with so he could get himself out the firing line.
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    We played meh, had a bunch of injuries, threw Wood in and Nmecha looks classy there's some sort of positives there. I just hope Roberts and Fry are OK watching these dead end games will be easier with those 2 on the pitch for the next 3 months.
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    Stop it now Dan. You’ve already ruined the match day thread. Not this one as well 🙄 😂😂😂
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    He's the best striker we've had in the Championship in the entire decade we've been here, in my opinion. We've had a bunch of relatively high scoring strikers during the past decade, Emnes, McDonald, Bamford and Britt. I think Bamford sits at the top of that list.
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    I'm surprised people on here still don't realise he's far better than what we have now. And the best championship striker we've had for years. But hey.
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    All deals to sell to Leeds need to be agreed then have a 30% DLT added to the deal ( dirty Leeds tax) So a £10m deal becomes £13 etc same thing should be done to all sales to divisional rivals when deals involve key players.
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    Wing can go for me but not cheaply. He's not the player he was last season but I'd still want upwards of 10m for him.
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    Quite versatile, plays on both wings but the bill might be too much to pay.
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    Interestingly enough; the Birmingham board are claiming it was a knee injury for Tav, rather than that *** elbow he took to the cranium.

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