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    Well done, apart from a few spells from us you deserved that. I didn't think it was a pen in the first half, I didn't think it was much of a foul for your first, it looked like Cooper slipped. That puts Charlton under a bit of pressure so a sort of silver lining. We aren't quite there yet, a mid table side that can punch above our weight. That's the thing about the championship, anybody can beat anybody, a small run of results and your in the hunt. F**k it's always a long journey up to your place, that's if we are ever allowed to watch football again.
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    Well like @Islanderits my birthday too (43 today) And Boro have given me the best present possible. so happy just now 😀😀😀
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    Must mention Stoj's saves at 0-0. Would have been a very different game if he hadn't made them
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    Weyoooooooh! Been a loooooooong time since I last posted, but WHAT A RESULT!!!!
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    I have renewed my ST this morning before we suffer another defeat tonight and I have to build up again to make the call. I think they need to update the 'Welcome' email you get now 😉
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    We (Millwall) haven't taken to the no crowd games very well, our home support is important, maybe more so than some other clubs. I'm sure everyone thinks their own home crowd are the best. We lost our first game at home to Derby 2-3 after taking the lead, just stood off and watched Rooney play tippy tap, that wouldn't have happened with a full Den. We were poor in the next two draws at Barnsley and home to Swansea. Friday night game at Charlton we played well and should've run out two or three up instead of the 0-1 win. We have everything to play for this afternoon, however we are Millwall and never do things the easy way, after a lifetime over 50 years of following I'm not at all confident of winning. Probably doesn't help you lot, but we normally f**k things up. BTW we now have an excellent manager in Rowett, a breath of fresh air in terms of tactics, subs and after match comments when he says if he got it wrong. And can we have Savile back please.
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    Don’t complain too much at the red cards being missed, we want Millwall to be at full strength against Hull on Saturday 👍😉
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    The buggers, we write them off and they go and do that, as the teams below us sigh in despair.
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    Today was definitely one of those "typical Boro" days. Potentially difficult away tie against a team significantly higher up the table...and they only go and put a shift in. Played like they cared about the result. Defended well most of the time. Fought to win the ball back. Put together some nice attacking moves, scored a simple but well executed goal and forced a penalty to double their lead. Which begs the question: why the hell haven't we played like this more often? Don't think any of us would have predicted a 2-0 win. Shows what they can do when they really try. Okay it still wasn't great football...not by a long shot. But it was a hell of an improvement over some previous performances and right now thats all we need to stay up. A couple more results like this and we can all breathe easy.
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    The ref is further behind than AR's stream
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    Far too much time spent on the forum it would seem. Thank you all for tolerating me for so long but it has been a real pleasure being part and parcel of the forum and for the friendships I have gained over the years with other forum members. Now how many more posts I wonder? Thanks again each and everyone of you
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    What an absolutely massive win. We’re by far at our most functional in a wingback formation so we need to stick to that until the end of the season. If we manage to keep up and give Warnock a good budget then I’m confident about him being able to build a strong Championship team for next season. Stojanovic’s phenomenal save at 0-0 deserves huge credit. It was a match defining save - and season defining save in the circumstances. Shotton was fantastic throughout too. Friend seemed a lot more solid too. There’s 4 games left in which we need to keep a similar level of performance until the end of the season.
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    Yes!! Just seen the result. My birthday today and I couldn't even bear to know what was going on during the game after the results lately (lately? All season!). So left it till now. Couldn't be happier. Wish the Boro had the same amount of points as I have had birthdays. We certainly wouldn't be in this position. 😃
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    Yep. His first was an unbelievable save. The fact he got to it and actually kept it out was very impressive. Such a strong hand.
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    Got to waste time. Even in a clear goalscoring opportunity 😄
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    Smash and grab hope, here, I think. Honestly, I'm not sure if it's such a bad idea. It's not gonna be pretty but if it gets points on the board, who cares right now. As much as we need points fast, we can't afford to keep losing either. Just trying to be mildly optimistic before they inevitably break us down in the opening 10 minutes as someone loses their marker and bundles home for Millwall.
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    Well, we're Boro fans...so thats a given... 😁
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    Shut up, you...! In any case, I'm hoping the stream is the 2014 match, so we can watch us thrashing them...so there! 😝
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    Fully expect another battering. I'm thinking a comfortable 3-0 Millwall, and our first shot on target doesn't come until about the 73rd minute - it's a long range effort that bobbles harmlessly at the goalkeeper. Before then we will have had a couple great chances that we inevitably sky into the upper tier of the stands (I'm looking at you McNair)
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    Start at 6 BU.... let him talk you down to the 3 👍
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    Obviously its important we get a good result v Bristol City on weekend but these are the other games. FRIDAY Huddersfield v Luton SATURDAY Charlton v Reading Barnsley v Wigan Hull v Millwall 2 big games where 4 rival teams go head to head. Part of me wants current bottom 3 of Luton Barnsley and Hull to all lose. Quicker the bottom 3 are cut adrift from the test the quicker we can get safe. IF we take care of our own business.
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    They've not been a well run club for the last 20+ years. They massively overachieved and it was all to do with the backing of Dave Whelan. We are a terribly run club, financially we have been since 94. We are absolutely not ready for new ownership, we will most likely never get a better owner than Gibson. The issue is, he's a rubbish Chairman.
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    Great team performance Shotton my MOM but keeper close also. We looked capable throughout and we have not seen us play that well for a long time. Am I surprised? Not at all I either gave the best prediction possible or I do indeed have a time machine😁
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    Excellent team display. Not one weak link throughout the team today and all fought for the shirt. 1st time in a long time where I think fans will struggle to find any criticism in that display but I am sure there is some members on here will find something to complain about. 😂😂 I won't mention Pulis type performance too much because members will only cry but listening to matchday live/BBC tees it's nice to hear that people appreciate the type of football Warnock and Pulis can produce. Not entertaining football but can be effective and I will take wins over entertainment any day of the week. Vital win after last night's results. Don't let this result paper over the cracks on how big of a job is needed to get this club moving forward. Onwards and upwards... UTB!
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    Phew! We needed that. Good result, a hardworking performance but no more than that. It probably suited us playing against a team with as limited a game plan as Millwall's, especially when they couldn't get much joy out of the big lad up front, as they had nothing else to offer really. Everyone had solid games today, did their jobs and most of the basics well enough. But it's easier to do that in those types of games because it's just a battle. There's no football being played and you're not having to think too much about anything. Clear the ball, chase the ball, etc etc. I thought everyone from back to front played their part, the back three cleared just about everything that came their way, the wingbacks got up and down, same goes for the midfield and the two lads up front worked their socks off. Another win from somewhere and hopefully we'll be fine.
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    On a side note, great to see Dijksteel back for the run in. If we persist with the 5 at back (you’d imagine we will), then he’s a good like for like option for Spence. Saves shifting Howson out the midfield, and changing it all around again.
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    Yep, thought we would get battered, but that is the fight that was missing vs Hull & QPR. We won so many second balls, crunched into tackles, played some nice balls and some good stuff at times. Two well taken goals (even if Fletch should have scored the initial chance). Great games from Fletch, Britt, Howson, Shotton, Johnson and Stojanovic (his best game I think). Shotton for MOTM for me, cleaned up at the back and was a rock all game.
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    Absolutely enormous 3 points. I'm knackered now.
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    Nice to see he had the confidence to grab the ball for the pen tho and what a penalty it was!
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    He was going so slowly that he almost caused time to start going backwards. Just a lack of confidence maybe. Did the biz with the penalty though 👍
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    We’ve totally deserved this. Played so well, got stuck in and Shotton has been the difference at the back!
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    I know what you're implying here, but no one is saying this is particularly good football or that anyone wants to see this long term - these are desperate times. Pulis played this football in a play off semi final with a squad that cost the guts of 100mil.
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    Wonder if he'll get retroactively punished for that? If it doesn't go in the refs report as being dealt with on the day; they can ban him afterwards.
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    Honestly been some good performances here, Howson, Shotton, Johnson, all been good.
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    Class again from Shotton when everyone else had *** it.
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    I prefer that far more than calling a foul for everything like the ref for hull
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    This is a team picked for graft, mate. There’s no football being played and no intention of doing so. Get the ball forward early and get people running after it. Millwall are basically the same in fairness. Two of the worst footballing teams in the division.
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    Tav is in my first 11, wing is not. Wing is ok to bring on when we cant break through as we can smash one in from 30 yards. He cant do much else though.
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    Which will all be thrown out the window when we concede in the 2nd minute.....
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    To be honest I feel bad for Wigan...just shows the perils & pitfalls of foreign ownership. They were a well-run club until Dave Whelan sold it to IEC, who then sold it to Stanley Choi. As much as I feel Boro are ready for new ownership, I would much rather the club remained British-owned...or at least by a major reputable company that has a track record of investing in & developing clubs. Not some dodgy Far East corporation that will treat it like a commodity. Guess it shows the existing due diligence regulations aren't fit for purpose when things like this can still happen.
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    Northern Premier...
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    Its bad when were both clinging to the hope that I am a jinx
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    Shows how far we've fallen when we've got Millwall fans feeling sorry for us.
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    Thanks for coming on here and sharing the Millwall perspective. Regarding Savile please please please take him off our hands 😁

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