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    If someone gave sanddancer £100,000,000 his first thought would be how much tax he'd have to pay on it....
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    Really hope Warnock stays for next season. Tonight was awful, and we've had some abject home performances this month, but overall I've enjoyed this season and feel far closer to the club than I have since Karanka left.
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    Seems crazy taking Bolasie when there are so many world class home grown international superstars desperately crawling over glass to play for Boro. For me he fits the criteria: better than what we have ✅ will come here✅
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    It's also the PL managers preventing players signing, not the players themselves. Sanddancer:
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    I have a feeling Warnock wont walk as he wants to manage us in front of fans. The way he talks i feel he will stay one more season. I certainly hope he does. This last week has not been pleasant but its nothing compared to the horror show of last season. We will come back hopefully in months to come. And even if we dont make play offs, it has been a positive season imo in terms of progress and hopefully next season with fans, few shrewd signings we can do something.
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    Wow just wow! Birmingham, Blackburn and Rotherham at home and we play 3 defensive CM's at home. Absolutely negative tactics and substitutions costing us. How the hell did Howson, Saville and morsy stay on the pitch for 90mins when we made 5 changes? That says it all for me and it's costing us at home. Can understand it away from home when the emphasis isn't on us to attack but it's way too negative to play at home especially against the weaker sides. No Britt and Akpom together again which is infuriating especially when you are chasing a game and getting beat. No positives at all for me tonight and just hope this a wake up call to get bodies in asap.
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    Thats why FA stands for F***ing A**holes 😡 Like I said before, it shouldn't matter whether it was intentional or not, it was stupid and reckless even in the best light and needs to be punished. If only so he'll think twice before doing that sort of thing again. If what Will said is correct about the incident being done and dusted, just because the ref saw it and noted it in his report...it just boggles the mind. As far as I'm concerned thats just sanctioning dangerous acts. I mean how the *** could any competent ref see something like that and NOT think it deserved some sort of action? Especially when most are happy to dish out cards when someone falls over someone else's leg, or puts a hand to their face.
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    I'm well chuffed with the Bolasie signing, can't believe the attitude some people have to him. He played 25 games at Sporting Lisbon last year and is an exciting player who brings some much needed flair to the side.
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    What kind of shittery is this? It's a man's game, *** hell. Big hard men getting into big hard tackles is fine because they're big hard men and we shouldn't care about them because it's a big hard men's game. It's not a man's game so you can stop with that right there, I'd expect better from you. Clearly the problem is me because I think potentially ending a professional's career by giving them a life-changing injury shocked me to the pit of my stomach. I didn't have you down for someone who lacked empathy, Billy. That's not a good thing, mate. You know the standard of refereeing in this division is awful and you would happily align yourself with them. Not just that but you also seem to think it was just our fans who disagreed, when if you had been in the thread at the time, you'd know people had nipped over to Blackburn forums and they were saying the exact same thing. Way to make being hysterical over potentially life-changing circumstances to a fellow human being sound like a bad thing, by the way.
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    I can see it now. Latest news. BORO fail to sign several players and beat the deadline after discovering a squirrel had chewed through the fax cable. It was not obviously apparent the line was dead for some time, as the cleaner frequently uses the same electrical outlet when cleaning the fish tank. A investigation revealed although past minor mishaps had in someway contributed in targeted players not signing, it in know way has affected our ability as a club to progress. On the same note EG source can reveal that in this instance it was judged to be a serious misjudgment of professionalism and the maintenance boy has been terminated. It was alleged BORO have shown compassion and will offer support to Zac as he settles back in too his playgroup. They wish him well.
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    Probably agreed with Mogga that he's just a young kid and he didn't mean it so it doesn't matter. I wonder if Warnock will be sanctioned for being the real problem. Seriously, the only way they can't do anything to him after all the visual evidence is if the referee adjudged it not to be a foul and wrote as such in his report. Isn't it true they can only apply retrospective action is if the referee hasn't seen and reported the incident as it happened? Branthwaite is lucky he didn't do that to Mo Salah or Sadio Mane. It wouldn't be so easily swept under the rug.
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    I'm really disappointed that the FA haven't looked at Branthwaite's dangerous high kick and given him a ban. If kicking with studs showing at head height - whether intentional or not - isn't dangerous play, then I don't know what is. I feel it sends a really bad message.
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    If Warnock sticks around next season I'm tuning myself out. There's only so many seasons of this I can take. Monk, Pulis, Woodgate, Warnock... all the same sh***. Our insistence on employing British managers with 0 tactical nous is killing the love of the game for me. Warnock is a brilliant man-manager who can squeeze decent performances out of otherwise average players, but his tactical set-up is prehistoric. Truly prehistoric. He plays a percentage game - kick enough balls into the channels and one will drop for us. Man-mark them across the pitch. Basic football that will get you a decent finish in this league (or a promotion, with a good enough squad) but (as his record proves) takes you absolutely nowhere once you come up against a bit of quality in the Prem or upper end of the Championship. But then, do I trust Gibson to make the right call? No. Would he go abroad to find a manager from Germany or Spain or Italy who can bring their ideas to the table, or will he go for another guy who has a Teesside accent and can do a nice PowerPoint Presentation? Exasperating. Truly an amateur ran football club across the board. Cba.
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    Most of our players are🤣
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    Very harsh on Johnson, I think he’s been decent on the wing. He has his flaws but bar McNair I think he puts in the best crosses of anyone at the club.
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    Roberts has got to do it tonight, no more potential he's got to deliver and improve on his recent showings as recently hes been bang average when hes came on (otherwise we may as well send him back). Got to stop trying to do it him all himself and losing the ball, got to trust other around him.
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    Pyramids FC almost sounds like a satirical name, apparently they used to be Al Assiouty until they were taken over by Saudi Arabia's minister for sport.
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    I think we all agree it was an accident . and probably no action will be taken, but would have had more respect if the player or Mowbray had said that they had a little sadness about it and would try to ensure there was little chance of repetition.. I remember when the game was a contact sport and the very notable thing was that if an opposition player was accidentally injured, the lad responsible nearly always apologised then and there rather than just pretending it never happened.. I'm not advocating the young lad should have both his nuts chopped off, but I am sure if Billy accidently injured anyone, he would have the manners to say "Sorry, pal" and that is all most people really want
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    And to further clarify, the foot enters the 'endangering' position as soon as it goes above his waist, thus considered a 'high boot'. Which it does, thus Serious Foul Play, thus red card. There's no maybe about it, certainly not maybe a yellow, it's a red card offence.
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    It's 'serious foul play'. If a player endangers the safety of another via his actions, whether it was intentional or not, its a red card. There's nothing more to it really. It is quite cut and dried.
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    I disagree with your mode of composition which appears to be: Think something in my own head Agree with myself that it must be true Post to a football forum as indisputable fact If its conceptual then perhaps at the top of your posts you should put a warning like " None of the following is based on any real knowledge on my part. Enjoy as a work of fiction" Just for the avoidance of doubt Thanks
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    More nonsense. We've extended 6 contracts this season, and have discussed extending the remaining 3 first teamers who are out of contract in the summer.
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    That's kinda his thing, you get used to it.
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    Its not about Boro gaining anything. Its for his own good - as many a parent used to say in the bad old days when it came to punishing their kids. He's got to learn he can't get away with doing things like that. You learn more from your mistakes...especially if they come with a heavy punishment. And quite frankly I don't want him going round kicking anyone else...even if it does us a favour. I don't want Boro to succeed because our rivals had key players out of action due to that donkey.
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    Who would you rather watch on the wing? Bolasie or Jed Spence?
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    Here's the thing, I think despite what the referee puts in his report tonight, that game from Bettinelli was violently bad. Could we maybe hope for retrospective action against him for violent conduct? Or is that hoping for too much? Billy might get behind that too because that one does affect what we do.
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    Bettinelli reminds me of Brad Guzan
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    all comes from there striker holding the ball up. Basics. Imagine having a striker capable of bringing others into play...just imagine.
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    You couldn't make it up. Warnock getting to Pulis levels of negativity. Hope he retires at the end of season.
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    I wouldn't. Think of your car interior, he'll spill everything in it!
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    Bolasie is better than nowt, you never know he might come here fired up and desperate to show what he can do.
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    cant believe some of the people on here,not as if hes a terrible player,if,and its possible ,he could be a roaring success,give the bloke a chance,now a striker to replace the lump of wood assombalonga
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    I'm neither excited nor devastated by the news. It's a new option for the wings, we need that. It's perhaps worth bearing in mind the state Gaston Ramirez's career was in before we brought him in on loan that time. I'm not sure it was quite as bad as Bolasie's is now but he was also sat around not doing much, hadn't done much for Southampton in a while or Hull when he was there... and came in to light up our team. I'm not expecting that level of turnaround but then I don't think anybody was expecting that with Ramirez too. In both situations, I'm not expecting much at all. I do think there's enough of an unknown to it that it's worth at least giving the lad a chance before throwing him in the bin, though.
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    Why are people turning there noses up at bolasie. No one has any idea who the players are who fell through. Some moaning *** on here. Say we wont sign anyone... Same old boro. When we do everyone moans. Give him a chance. He cant be any worse than playing defenders as wingers.
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    Wasn't he our keeper in the mad penalty shootout with Liverpool?
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    No he doesn’t. Give him a good run in the team and then we can judge him. We cant expect him to just ‘do it’ tonight after having next to no game time. Think the lad is getting treated unfairly.
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    Some of us who suffer post-urination leakage have additional complications. I happen to be diabetic, and take a wonderful drug called empagliflozin. This changes my kidney function so that blood sugar gets excreted through my urine. So far, so good, but it means that the warm dampness in my boxers is choc-a-bloc full of sugar. Ideal conditions for bacteria to thrive, and THRUSH especially. So the cream that women (some women) put on their doo-dahs from time to time, I have to apply to my thingamy-jig. Just thought you might find this interesting.
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    I’m sure they will pay him a Pharaoh’d wage.....
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    Did somebody say Ravel Morrison?
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    Absolutely correct, while planing a holiday. Hell a £100,000,000! i do find it ironic when someone posts something subjectively but different to the collective, how quickly they pack to counter, but strangely the same individuals in the pack also post subjective statements. I am glad to be the individual who sometimes swims against the collective tidal views of the mass, after all its healthy creative thinking.
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    Don't get too excited. We all know Roberts will be on the bench. Therefore, defeat is inevitable.
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    Yeh violent conduct would require intent. Branthwaite endangered an opposition player (Red card) and used excessive force (Red card) but I don't view what he did as violent conduct as bad as it was, it was an accident.
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    Wow - that's quite a set of conclusions to draw from so little real info. 🙄
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    Admire the optimism, personally just think he means we're back after bolasie, which I think improves us, ideally like some sort of swap deal involving britt, but realistically that won't happen
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    Honestly I was convinced they would. I don't know why, the FA are inept.
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    We know how to put an end to that.

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