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    • I think it's because they are rearranged games rather than part of a midweek fixture list as to why they arent on the red button this time. Although cant explain the other weeks.
    • I'm no lawyer or accountant or anything akin to that but this seems pretty important to me and in how I judge that, even should they be otherwise abiding by the laws, they are acting in a way to circumvent them to keep spending an unsustainable amount of money for an attempt at short-term advantage. The whole reason the rules exist is to stop clubs from doing that and it seems realistic to me to expect that even in the case where there is some loophole around the rules as they are written should be dealt with in the same way as they deal with people not abiding by the rules. The intent by clubs like Derby to record a reasonable income vs. their outgoings by selling their own stadium to themselves (and in the case of Birmingham, literally making a company called 'Birmingham City Stadium Ltd' to sell it to) is surely an attempt to bypass the mistakes they've made in not abiding by the rules to try and maintain whatever financial advantage they have over other clubs. The laws may not be written to the letter but the act of operating unsustainably needs to be able to be tackled regardless of how many ways the laws are worked around.  
    • *** sky sports and the modern game
    • Why is it that we seem to be the only team that isnt on red button all the time, surely this should be equal?
    • Have we fallen out with Sky? We haven’t been on for quite a few games in a row on Tuesdays
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