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    • Oh come on there has been many a game that was critical and required leadership and effort but one after the other nothing transpired. The team is either incapable or just can’t be ar*ed and I think it’s the former.    SG has once again totally misjudged the strength of the league and requirements to remain. We are prime candidates for the drop and we don’t deserve to be in the Championship and I think we will struggle in league 1.    The club has been in its death throw for years and we are about to see its last breath and painful twitch over the next few games. Unless of course Warnock has a cure not yet known.     UTB RIP
    • Read this link, honestly there is no chance of Wigan not getting deducted the 12pts this season and now I totally understand why the EFL have come out with their strong statement. I really sorry for the Wigan fans as how shocking the club has been getting run.  Unfortunately the blame has got to be put on the EFL shoulders. How they approved this type of takeover is beyond me.   
    • Warnock highlighted them two as the real dangers in his presser today. Was asled about Hugill and said he done well and quickly moved on to Eze n Samuel. Said they will cause us more problems than Hull did going forward so we need to be on it.
    • Sorry yes they did, even better for us lol
    • Until the points deduction actually happens, we shouldn't factor it in. They will be challenging the deduction, so we will need to wait and see what happens with their appeal. That said the results today are certainly going in our favour, however they are meaningless unless we win/draw tomorrow.
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