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    Can we have separate thread for CT and the other nerds?
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    Enough of Shotton or whoever else's wage packets. Let's get down to transfer news... If we want to discuss wages then let's create another thread... #utfb
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    If only we could find somewhere to discuss this hot topic.
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    Hang on, you're saying Bamford isn't worth as much as Britt? Based on what? If you only go off what Leeds paid for Bamford and what we paid for Britt then yeah, you're gonna come to that conclusion. But who were the winners in that scenario? I don't think Britt is worth £10m, Bamford probably isn't either but if it's an argument about who is worth more, who is the better player, who would be more difficult for a club to sign, Bamford wins that hands down.
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    Bamford won’t leave Leeds but he’s a far better player than Britt, no doubt whatsoever.
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    Big fan of Czech Budweiser just now. (How long do think it’ll be before BoroDane starts recommending Danish beers that none of us have heard of 😉)
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    Middlesbrough v Birmingham Tuesday, 19:45 - The Riverside Stadium "Well, at least I had the Christmas period off......" The Form Middlesbrough last six: LLDDWW Two consecutive defeats on the telebox within the last week sounds ominous, but if we had got started quicker in both games the results could have been oh so different as Boro seemed to grow into both games. A brilliant December results-wise, which saw us pull away from relegation and had the more optimistic of us dreaming of sneaking into⁹ the playoffs. As Woodgate struggles through a very congested January while trying to keep players fresh, results are starting to suffer due to rotation (Rudy F'ing Gestede as a lone striker?!?). Hopefully this is just a blip against better teams and not the MotM curse rearing it's ugly head. Birmingham last six: DWWLLD Brum have started to pick up a bit of form - and a couple of red cards - in their last 6 games, with goals aplenty being both scored and conceded, but only 2 losses registered. Former Tony Mowbray signing Lukas Jutkiewicz leads the line for Brum, having scored 9 goals so far this season. Pep Clotet's side currently sit in 18th, 1 point and one place below Boro, having scored 34 and conceded 45 so far this term. The Line-Up It's a shame that this game was moved forward, as Woodgate alluded to in his post match interview it doesn't leave much time for anything but recuperation, and a bit more rest would be nice.... however, Birmingham do have a day less, so every cloud! Hopefully we will see Fletch start up front again after his cameo against Fulham, and maybe Wing on for Clayton. You also have to wonder how long Coulson and Spence can go without a rest, but who would you replace them with at the minute? Woody-Vision Woodgate's pre-match conference can be found here. "Birmingham have been inconsistent, a bit like us, but they are a good team with some really good players," he said. "With [Lukas] Jutkiewicz up front, anything can happen so we need to be on our a-game. "They did really well against us down there, they were the better team by a mile, so we really owe them one. "It's a big game for us, we've got a few home games coming up and our home form has been good so hopefully we can continue that." "Britt trained [Monday] and he won't be fit for Birmingham but he will for Blackburn," Woodgate said. "I'm really looking forward to having him back, he's a really good player and you know what I think of Britt." The View From The Other Side You can see what the Birmingham City fans think of the match here. They certainly aren't in the best of spirits reading that!
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    For those who are not subscribers, the gist of it is - Standard practice for clubs, including Boro, is to take the transfer fee, plus extras and write it off over length of contract. So Britt transfer fee at say £15m over 4 years would be £3.75m cost per year. Derby changed this in 2015 to say that “Players registrations are written down for impairment when the carrying value exceeds the amount recoverable through use or sale”. this bit in bold is what is written in their annual accounts. In practice what it means is they would value each player at a theoretical resale value. So at end of year one, if Britt was still reckoned to be worth £15m on transfer market, then you don’t charge any write down. In practice you could have agents fees etc. , so Derby would write down on average 10% - £1.5m in Britt case in years one two and three. This obviously gives you a problem in year four, if you haven’t sold the player and don’t want to offer him a new contract. Then you suddenly make a huge loss. If, of course, you get promotion, like Villa, the problem maybe goes away, or if you happen to have sold your stadium for a huge profit in year three, then it doesn’t matter if you make large losses through writing players down in that year (or the next two years for FFP three year rules). In the end, over a long period of time the total costs must come out to the same - it’s the short term benefit that Derby have gained that is the issue. As for their argument that the EFL approved this, I guess what they mean is that they submitted their accounts to the EFL, including the bit in bold, and EFL did not query the accounts. So it depends whether EFL use accountants to check the annual accounts or just accept the figures. however, the EFL rules include this catch all:- 3.8 Each Championship Club shall, at all times and in all matters within the scope of these Rules, behave with the utmost good faith both towards The League and the other Championship Clubs (provided always that only The League shall have the right to bring any action whatsoever for any alleged breach of this requirement). Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, Championship Clubs shall not manage their affairs or submit Fair Play Information which is intended to seek to or does take any unfair advantage in relation to the assessment of fulfilment (or non-fulfilment) of the Fair Play Requirements. My guess is that the EFL argument is that Derby are trying to take unfair advantage and not acting in good faith.
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    Word of warning to anyone coming down, in case you come/leave this way, the road by the college is closed off at the T-junction next to Boho 5. They're currently making a through road from Windward Way to Lower Feversham Street. Means Priestman Road is probably going to be rammed tonight. It'll be fine for pedestrians walking, just in case you're driving. You'll be fine if you park on the other side of the college by the way but you might just be wary as there's a temporary 3-way traffic lights junction set up on Cleveland Street in front of Boho 4 which will slow the traffic onto the A66 past the train station even more, no doubt. Might be best either going through Vulcan Street then either following through the industrial estate or back onto Bridge Street via Snowdon Road.
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    Oh no I think Bamford is a £10m player based on the current market. I was just naming some other players that would almost definitely go for that much were they to be sold.
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    Britt for Bamford swap deal, I'd snap your bloody hands off.
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    Bamford and 5 Mil for Britt 🙂
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    Yep for me there's a Leeds tax that adds a few mil onto any fee.
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    Ahhh the amount of times I’ve been drunk and blacked out from Delirium😃 used to visit their massive bar quite often when I lived in Brussels. Got it in one liter glass boot
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    I wonder how much Ryan Shotton earns per week.
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    It’s a bit quackers 😀
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    Regarding Shotton, apparently like Gibson has apparently done with Downing, the Stoke board are keen to see Shotton return to the club, see him ending career there and having further role as coach/scout/ recruiter of local talent around the Potteries, however their views are in consistent opposition to the views of multiple managers, but O’neil Is apparently more open to this but as a quid pro quo for signings in the summer.
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    I see the football accountants are out in force tonight. I would assume most fans could not give two hoots as to the make up of a players salary package. I would also assume the majority of fans chatting on a fans forum have no idea to the facts and figures of individual players packages. As a Boro fan I want the best for our club but have no interest in the minutia of players wages, as long as the player is good enough and the club can afford him I'm more than happy.
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    Urgh. Money makes the beautiful game so ugly.
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    Any lineup should be good enough as long as we press higher up the pitch. We looked good 2nd half vs Tottenham and grew into the game against Fulham without ever looking dangerous; so I'm hoping we can go back to putting a full game together and come out with the win. Having seen Roberts so far he is quite clearly our most creative outlet; the question is can anyone else get on the same page as him? Thinking 2-0 here myself as well.

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