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    Well done, apart from a few spells from us you deserved that. I didn't think it was a pen in the first half, I didn't think it was much of a foul for your first, it looked like Cooper slipped. That puts Charlton under a bit of pressure so a sort of silver lining. We aren't quite there yet, a mid table side that can punch above our weight. That's the thing about the championship, anybody can beat anybody, a small run of results and your in the hunt. F**k it's always a long journey up to your place, that's if we are ever allowed to watch football again.
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    Great quote from Kevin Blackwell in the Athletic today 🤣🤣🤣
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    What a bloody mess. This season is everything wrong with this club encapsulated in 9 months. - Terribly Ran - Owner that refuses to accept any criticism - players on ridiculous inflated wages - players devoid of any creativity or talent - keeping hold of a manager who was clearly out of his depth - local media that are gagged I mean what more is there to say? Were an absolute shambles of a team. Every other team seems so well ran and professional yet were just sinking being ran like a Sunday league side. Gibson will get away with any criticism yet again, yet there's only one common factor in these last few seasons. Absolutely grim and depressing all around.
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    Well like @Islanderits my birthday too (43 today) And Boro have given me the best present possible. so happy just now 😀😀😀
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    If we do go down, the club has to be taken to town for it. Absolutely has to be. We were in the Premier League 3 years ago. Now we're looking more and more likely to be in League One. Owner has to own up and accept responsibility because since Karanka left in the Prem to Warnock now, across those 6 managers is one constant and it's the way this club has been run throughout. The way we spend, the way we recruit, the way we view managers, the way we want to direct the football at this club is pathetic and right now we're getting our just desserts.
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    Well I can claim absolutely zero inside knowledge and don't even make a habit of reading the Gazette any more, but even a blind person could see that things are rotten at the club from top to bottom, based on most of the things p-mards mentioned in his original post. Player recruitment - an absolute joke the last few seasons. No obvious plan with regard to building a competent, balanced team, with adequate cover in all areas. Always seems to be late rush-jobs, getting anyone who's cheap / free and available. Or occasionally splurging on a "big name" thats out of favour at their club. Hence the lamentable squad we're currently lumbered with. Also not helped by the frequent changes of management. Coaching - non-existent for quite some time, as far as I can tell. At least since Karanka left anyway. Players actually seem to get worse instead of better. Management - no stability for the last few seasons. None of the incumbents has had the chance to really put their stamp on the team. Major contributing factor to the state of the squad with lots of players leaving / coming in and changes in playing philosophy. Chairman / Board - well the buck ultimately stops with them (or maybe just Gibson). I would very much like to know just what the hell they've been doing since 2009. From the outside, it looks like they've spent most of their time faffing around at Rockliffe Park, playing golf, having saunas or whatever. They certainly haven't spent much time planning the club's future. We had 4 seasons of parachute payments after getting relegated, which gave us 1 season to have a crack at bouncing back, followed by 3 of consolidating in the Championship, if it didn't work out. Also sacked Southgate after just 13 games, while we were in a reasonable run of form. First knee-jerk sacking IMO. Since then, we've had periods of boom & bust (more bust though). They clearly didn't manage the transition from PL to Championship very well, as the club has had to undergo drastic cost-cutting. We've brought in managers on short term contracts to keep us afloat on a shoestring budget. Sacked our most capable manager in recent history...a guy who somehow managed to get us promoted, over...personality clashes? Infamously got Garry Monk in and loosened the purse strings so we could "smash the league" - then sacked him after just half a season. Okay we didn't look like getting promoted, but also smacks of idiotic, short-term thinking. Nowhere in all this can I see any evidence of simply getting a manager in on a reasonable (3 year) contract and simply giving them time, plus reasonable resources to just rebuild the club to a stable, healthy position...without the pressure of either keeping us up, or getting us promoted. No evidence of trying to recruit competent coaching staff, to go along with our top-class training facilities. No evidence of trying to build a scouting network, or appointing a director of football to help get our player recruitment on track. This collective of clowns (again - maybe mostly Gibson) has managed nothing over the last 11 years...except to make the club a laughing stock. And I haven't even mentioned Woodgate yet...oh bugger! On this evidence I can understand why Gibson wants to avoid scrutiny by the media. But even without that, its plain for all to see that he has horribly mis-managed the club for some time now.
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    I love how Boro fans on BBC Tees are saying that we should of stuck with Pulis. Comments like that just sum up our fans atm and how poor the club is getting run. Blinded fans that probably haven't been to a game since we got relegated. From giving zero hour contracts to all staff at the training ground, banning certain media outlets because they refuse to publish what Gibson wants them too, the club is a complete shambles and it's down to 1 man only and that's the 'messiah' Mr Gibson. It's nice to see that fans are finally seeing him for what he's worth. DOF is exactly what is required at the football to oversee all football decisions. A job that I thought was made for Tony Pulis because Gibson is completely inept. The club has been in declines since 2005 when we appointed Southgate. Yes, we had a couple of good seasons under Karanka but Gibson still made costly mistakes in that era which nearly cost us. Ultimately, I believe he is one the reasons we got relegated because he didn't back Karanka in the January transfer window and when he did sack him, he appointed him with another rookie manager. Every season from 2005 we could talk about a crucial point where MFC have something costly to jeopardize the club's position.
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    Must mention Stoj's saves at 0-0. Would have been a very different game if he hadn't made them
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    If Gibson’s very vocal questioning into The breaking of FFP of other clubs leads to massive points deductions of some and they end up in the relegation spots the guy is a genius. It would mean that he himself single handily kept us up and should be knighted and have a statue erected of him. 👏👏👏
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    Had a complete change of mind we will be ok due to the mess others have got themselves into and that we are about to go on a five game unbeaten run. My time machine recently finished allowed me to go into the future and I am pleased to report that all will be well. I will not allow myself to tell you how next season finished
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    Well done to Steve Gibson 👏 killing the club one year at a time
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    A game closer to a gazette article talking about being one of the strongest teams financially in League 1 and a transfer war chest has been made available to get us out of League 1 at the first attempt.
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    I don't want to come across as negative but if Cardiff or Derby win today we can't mathematically reach the play offs and it looks like another near miss and midtable obscurity for us 😢
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    Weyoooooooh! Been a loooooooong time since I last posted, but WHAT A RESULT!!!!
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    I have renewed my ST this morning before we suffer another defeat tonight and I have to build up again to make the call. I think they need to update the 'Welcome' email you get now 😉
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    We (Millwall) haven't taken to the no crowd games very well, our home support is important, maybe more so than some other clubs. I'm sure everyone thinks their own home crowd are the best. We lost our first game at home to Derby 2-3 after taking the lead, just stood off and watched Rooney play tippy tap, that wouldn't have happened with a full Den. We were poor in the next two draws at Barnsley and home to Swansea. Friday night game at Charlton we played well and should've run out two or three up instead of the 0-1 win. We have everything to play for this afternoon, however we are Millwall and never do things the easy way, after a lifetime over 50 years of following I'm not at all confident of winning. Probably doesn't help you lot, but we normally f**k things up. BTW we now have an excellent manager in Rowett, a breath of fresh air in terms of tactics, subs and after match comments when he says if he got it wrong. And can we have Savile back please.
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    Middlesbrough vs QPR (H) The year is 2012, the headlines read: "Queens Park Rangers have sacked manager Neil Warnock after a run of eight Premier League games without a win. The 63-year-old took charge at Loftus Road in March 2010 and led Rangers to promotion last season, but leaves with them lying 17th in the top flight." Neil is left to stew in a fit of rage: after catapulting QPR into the Premier League, he's been sacked halfway through the next season before he could even recover from his new years hangover! He begins plotting his elaborate revenge, after 8 years and 6 (largely irrelevant) jobs later he finally has the chance to prove himself by keeping a relegation threatened team in the league, whilst doing it against the team that didn't believe he had that survival instinct in him. This is the story of Neil Warnock's redemption! Matchday Information Sunday 2pm brings us a do or die clash as Warnock’s Boro failed to keep some momentum going against fellow basement dwellers Hull, the hiring of Warnock has failed to arrest the slump in matchday ticket sales as the attendance is staying steady around the 0 mark. We have home advantage for this, if that still makes a difference… After being excited about football starting again, I am now equally excited for football to be finished again. With QPR having nothing to play for - losing all 3 of their fixtures since the return - can we take advantage of their bad form and seemingly indifferent performances? The good news is that at this end of the table one positive result will give us a massive amount of breathing room. The Reverse Fixture Earlier on in the season – We played to a 2-2 draw in a period of 10 games without a win. We’ll all be hoping that the Hull game isn't the start of a similar run of results. There’s only so many teams left who can let us off the hook by going into administration. Injuries Both sides have a clean bill of health for this one. View from the Opposition https://www.fansnetwork.co.uk/football/queensparkrangers/forum/260261/middlesbrough-sunday/#27 Questions Score predictions for this one? Lineups for the game? Will Warnock keep us safe? Will he be here next year if he does? Do we even deserve to stay up if we rely on other teams being handed points deductions? Do you prefer to have your Saturday ruined or your Sunday ruined?
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    Well then we’ll make something up about some other team 👍
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    Gibson sacked AK because he crapped himself when we went up and he realised how much it was going to cost to service a PL team. Gibson wanted to be relegated.
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    What basics are you on about? I think it takes a lot longer to adapt from the Austrian league to the championship playing in a *** team and having trained under a manager for 6 months who shouldn’t manage a football team. There is no way he can put much trust in a defence containing Friend and Johnson. Do you honestly think Woodgate and his staff trained defensive shape with the defenders and keeper? It’s not like De Gea was an instant hit. It takes a lot longer than you think to adapt. Writing off a keeper after 4-5 games in a new league is crazy.
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    Don’t complain too much at the red cards being missed, we want Millwall to be at full strength against Hull on Saturday 👍😉
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    The buggers, we write them off and they go and do that, as the teams below us sigh in despair.
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    Today was definitely one of those "typical Boro" days. Potentially difficult away tie against a team significantly higher up the table...and they only go and put a shift in. Played like they cared about the result. Defended well most of the time. Fought to win the ball back. Put together some nice attacking moves, scored a simple but well executed goal and forced a penalty to double their lead. Which begs the question: why the hell haven't we played like this more often? Don't think any of us would have predicted a 2-0 win. Shows what they can do when they really try. Okay it still wasn't great football...not by a long shot. But it was a hell of an improvement over some previous performances and right now thats all we need to stay up. A couple more results like this and we can all breathe easy.
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    The ref is further behind than AR's stream
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    Far too much time spent on the forum it would seem. Thank you all for tolerating me for so long but it has been a real pleasure being part and parcel of the forum and for the friendships I have gained over the years with other forum members. Now how many more posts I wonder? Thanks again each and everyone of you
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    And in that sentence, the hope has faded
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    EFL have confirmed they’re getting the 12 points deduction
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    These clubs near the bottom don't want to be giving us chances like this, our players will be like a pack of hungry wolves tomorrow, you know what they're like when they get a sniff its frightening
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    Friend Left Back on the bench, he's a liability at left back on the actual field.
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    So apparently we have unbalanced defence yet he plays friend at CB and Makoudi as defensive midfielder, Howson as right back... Sometimes managers just make you laugh don't they? Shotton RB Makoudi CB Friend LB It's really not that hard is it?
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    The one time someone was on his wavelength against QPR he played that beautiful disguised pass through to Fletcher. He just doesn't usually have the options. He is ball greedy but wingers often are, especially ones with his obvious individual talent. It's just exacerbated when your team consists of Patrick Roberts & 10 traffic cones.
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    I reckon we should start campaigning for Boro to have a points addition. On the grounds that we're rubbish so the games haven't been fair.
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    Video footage of Gibson creating the tunnel.
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    Fingers crossed it's 21. I genuinely do believe they need to be harshly punished too, it's not just self interest.
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    If you don't believe it's a deadly virus, then you are a complete and utter moron.
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    Steve Gibson thinks in sentences where other football men think in joined-up paragraphs. It probably never occurred to him that Pulis wouldn't want Monk's signings - he just thought "ooh, we're in a pickle here, Tony Parsimony will save the day." Our furious yo-yoing between diametrically opposed managerial styles is one of the biggest reasons we're staring into the abyss of League One now. No long-term vision, no overarching strategy, no club ethos, just a desperate pursuit of the latest counter-counter-revolution.
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    I think our next manager should be Downing, no managerial or coaching experience, but his a Boro lad so that makes all the difference, and he'll do as he's told so fits the profile perfectly.
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    Im sure the club have an idea of where they want to get to, like they did last summer. That isn't a strategy though. I could say I want to run a marathon in 6 months but to do that I would need to put in place a number of steps to get from being a couch potato to a marathon runner. If I didn't know anything about training plans or nutrition I'd speak to some experts and learn how to do things better. With the Boro it seems that we want to do something different but we don't change the way we do things. Its like the couch potato wanting to run a marathon but still sitting on his *** every night instead of training. Its like the same person deciding he doesn't need to learn about training and nutrition, because he ignorantly thinks that he already knows everything.
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    Gibson sacked AK because he crapped himself when we went up and he realised how much it was going to cost to service a PL team. Gibson wanted to be relegated. That really doesn't make any sense. He also didn't sack Karanka because he demanded more investment. He sacked him cos results were *** and he seemed to be picking fights with anyone and everyone. He got away with that while we were winning but you're not getting away with it when you aren't.
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    “Jonathan was the outstanding candidate”. We knew then that Gibson was lying to us. He wanted to run the club cheaply for a couple of seasons and thought Middlesbrough FC were too big to go down. With so many players out of contract, kids being brought through with no experienced coaches guiding them, a manager too arrogant to accept help, this was inevitable. We could all see it. All apart from one man it seems.
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    I know it wont feel like it right now but we will survive. I promise.
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    If the players don’t show passion and desire today to get 3 points then we are down. It’s that simple. At Stoke we looked like we wanted to win and at Hull we just looked a wreck. Maybe the pressure of us being expected to win? QPR have nothing to play for and we are fighting for our survival. There is something wrong if QPR out battle us today. Am I confident we can do that? No. But my god I hope I’m wrong!!
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    haha I was giving him the benefit of the doubt with the other 2 but defiantly remember he told the press he wanted Diijksteel. Agreed with Monks and Pulis signings were terrible in the main with the help of Gill. I wonder under Mowbray who was scout and the guy making the signings because id argue in the last 10 years they have probably been our best signings on a budget with signings like Leadbitter, Friend (okay hes lost it now but we paid peenuts for 3 good seasons), Jutkiewicz (might get some abuse for this one), Adomah and Dimi. Id love to have them guys back at the club just to find some decent players on a budget.
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    Indeed and my seldom used phrase is certainly applicable but I will not mention it because Boro never seem to recognise the importance so to me this is just a stroll in the park between two teams who have nothing to fight for. Reverse phsycology being used here!
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    He's just covering himself in case we do go down. On the other hand if he keeps us up he'll be a Messiah.
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    Or as the majority of us thought Gibson shouldn't have made Woodgate head coach in the 1st place and we more than likely wouldn't be in this mess.
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    If there's a positive to come out of this, it's the elimination of any complacency which might have built up after Warnock's arrival and the Stoke win. Actually, I've just thought of another potential positive. It might finally show Gibson in ten-foot glowing neon letters that the problems at MFC run far deeper than a series of cack managerial appointments. Only root and branch reform can stop us becoming another Sunderland (or, as someone cruelly suggested on here earlier in the week, another Bradford City).
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    Completely disagree. It wasn't a lack of effort, it was a lack of class in the final 3rd. Most other teams would've been 3-0 up at half time and had the game killed off.
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    Feel like whenever I get a bit cocky about Boro I get sent crashing back down to earth with a vengeance. That was a wakeup call for the fans, players, and Warnock that we are in just as much trouble as any other side. Last night was a disaster... but Hull are still bloody lucky to walk away with 3 points, let's be honest. All it took was our players to take a breath, put their heads up, and find a team mate in the box and we would have had 2 or 3 ourselves. I'll see what the response is like against QPR before writing us off. Though I am more than a little scared that this is a job too far even for Warnock.
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    I'm going to go against popular opinion on here and try and find a few positives from yesterday. I thought defensively we were good on the whole, we made 2 real mistakes at the back and both times it led to goals. For 85 minutes between the goals Hull barely threatened us. Our positioning on the pitch was good we defended quite high up the pitch at times and that had us on the front foot for a lot of the game. I was worried about 'Pulis like' tactics from Warnock but I thought we were far more positive than that. We often had our full backs overlapping and were consistently getting bodies into the box. I thought we controlled the game for the majority of the match and looked like the home team but the big problem was our final ball. The crosses were often over hit and we just made the wrong decision far too often. I just think at times that game was almost too easy, we in such control in the first 20 minutes that you sometimes switch off a bit. It was the same towards the end of the game, Hull had so little threat going forward I think we just lost concentration. I'm not writing the season off yet, if we play like that again I think we'll win a few more games. I find it hard to believe that we will be as bad as that again in the final third. I understand the frustration, that was a hammer blow at the end and we are in serious danger of going down. Maybe I'm over rating our performance and not recognising how bad Hull were I don't know.

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