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    This is why the majority of people throughout football love Warnock!
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    If someone gave sanddancer £100,000,000 his first thought would be how much tax he'd have to pay on it....
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    I say this .. and ... A new guy says this ... and everybody goes ...
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    Really hope Warnock stays for next season. Tonight was awful, and we've had some abject home performances this month, but overall I've enjoyed this season and feel far closer to the club than I have since Karanka left.
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    That smug little gobshite Branthwaite was smirking all the way off the pitch as Warnock spoke to him. Hope gets a lengthy retrospective ban.
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    Hopefully we play like we did last time vs Blackburn and batter them, only this time we actually score some of our chances please.
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    Seems crazy taking Bolasie when there are so many world class home grown international superstars desperately crawling over glass to play for Boro. For me he fits the criteria: better than what we have ✅ will come here✅
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    I have a feeling Warnock wont walk as he wants to manage us in front of fans. The way he talks i feel he will stay one more season. I certainly hope he does. This last week has not been pleasant but its nothing compared to the horror show of last season. We will come back hopefully in months to come. And even if we dont make play offs, it has been a positive season imo in terms of progress and hopefully next season with fans, few shrewd signings we can do something.
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    It's also the PL managers preventing players signing, not the players themselves. Sanddancer:
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    After a great away win v Forest is it now time to have a visit by our old friends Daniel Ayala, Stewart Downing, Ainsley Pears and Tony Mowbray and the rest of Blackburn. Blackburns last outing was a 1-1 draw v Stoke. They had a game at Ewood Park postponed last Tuesday v Swansea, cause they didn't invest in a nice pitch rain coat like the Sheriff of Nottingham did, so the pitch was moister than an oister. Blackburns star striker this season is Adam Armstrong, so if we can man mark the living daylight out of him, then we should be able to beat this lot. The viking prediction is a 3-1 win for the Boro, if we can play just 80 % as good as v Forest. It's time to be consistent, cause we can be, and get into them play off spots! Time for some 1: Team and formation? 2: Is it good to change a winning team? 3: Will Morsy get another yellow card for just being Morsy? 4: Can Britt follow up on an above par performance? 5: Is Saville finally going to be what we bought him for.. A goal contributer? 4 goals and 4 assists so far... 6: Iron Maiden or Def Leppard? 7: Our last handful of games this season are easy on paper .. If we keep within reach of the play off spots .. Can we push for it in the last 8-10 games? 8: Who is this mystery signing (winger who can play as a striker)? View from the other site: https://www.brfcs.com/forums/forum/4-blackburn-rovers-fans-messageboard
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    So many people on this forum can’t wait for and love for us to lose so they can pick away and tear at the team and the manager so they can justify their garbage opinions. We were the better team in this game, Blackburn barely threatened our goal in the first half and even after the “incident” we were the better team and for 20 mins into the second half we were. Events like the Fry injury change games. We would’ve won that game if that never happened, and we would’ve won if the right officiating decision was made - but it wasn’t and therefore we didn’t. If we went 1-0 in 20 mins Blackburn would not have had a sniff. Instead the right decision isn’t made, we aren’t 1-0 up, we have an inexperienced defender against the best attack in the league, everyone’s head has gone and therefore we have a lapse of concentration at the worst time and are punished. That was all the result of the injury and it’s not an excuse that is a fact - we’ve had rotten luck. This isn’t a worrying form or the manager getting it wrong or the players not being good enough. But hey-ho we are still only 3 points of the play-offs, which I think people on here underplay that feat especially with how small our squad is.
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    Just checked the Blackburn forum, and to a man (or woman), even they think that was an awful decision. "As clear a pen as you’ll see", "How’s that not a penalty, looked nasty", "That's assault", "That high boot there is an absolute disgrace"...
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    EFL Championship – Middlesbrough vs Rotherham, Wednesday 27th January at 7pm GMT Scene: Ext (Daytime). [An English country garden. Neil Warnock is deadheading laurels with shears when the silence is broken by the old Nokia theme tune. He pulls a 3310 out of his pocket and squints at the screen] WARNOCK: Hello? [There is a pause] WARNOCK: Oh for God’s sake, I’ve not been in a bloody accident… VOICE: Mr Warnock? Is that you? WARNOCK: I wish it wasn’t this week, but yes. Who’s this? VOICE: Before I tell you, please don’t hang up. It’s Dani. WARNOCK: Dani who? Dani Behr? Dani Filth? Danny and the Champion of the World? VOICE: Dani Ayala. Remember me? WARNOCK: I do remember you, lad. The Iberian Easter Island statue. How’s life in Blackburn? Got a taste for Thwaites yet? Every pub in that dump of a town sells the same bloody beer. VOICE: To be honest, I’m more of a sangria man. What’s that clipping noise? WARNOCK: I’m cutting me laurels back. This garden’s got loads of bushes. I’ve called them all Reffie, and I’m chopping their bloody heads off. Anyway, be quick, cos when I’ve dismembered all the Reffies, I’ve got to try and find eleven fit bodies to play Rotherham on Wednesday. VOICE: I’m sure you’ll beat them. We did. Although they did beat Derby the week before last, which is something we should all be happy about. WARNOCK: I doubt we’ll beat anyone at this rate, even if they are in the drop zone. I’ve got about eight fit players to choose from, thanks to your mates. What do you want? VOICE: Well, I know you’re a bit short-staffed in defence now, and I was just wondering if I could do a job for you? WARNOCK: Kevin needs his kitchen finishing, but other than that, I think we’ve got enough crippled defenders here without you resurfacing like a log that won’t flush. But thanks for the offer, Dandy. Goodb… VOICE: Sorry, don’t hang up. I…I mean my agent…look, I think there was a bit of a mistake. My agent didn’t do a very good job telling you how much I wanted to stay at Middlesbrough. I was all set for signing a ten-year deal to become player manager in 2030, but I think my agent went a bit strong on the fees. WARNOCK: Do you know what agents are, son? They’re the devil. The bloody devil. [goes red in face] I hate them, the greedy, slippery, grasping, ‘orrible ***. In fact, there’s only one type of person I hate more than agents. [thinks] No, hang on, two types. There’s referees, and there’s Blackburn defenders. VOICE: I know it’s not the best time for me to call… WARNOCK: Oh no son, it’s the perfect time. I was thinking about you when we played your shower on Sunday, and that whatsisname, Blankety Blank, got away with a stonewall penalty. Pretty much your MO, that, isn’t it? VOICE: Look, I’m sorry, but I didn’t train Branthwaite to do things like that. I’ve not even been training recently. I fractured a toenail last month eating a KFC Party Bucket, so I’ve been ruled out til the spring. It’s like a bad dream. WARNOCK: Dreams? I’ll give you a bad dream. I dreamed last night I came into my office and that bent copper ref was sat at my desk, but it was a lizard with his face on. I tried to scream, but the only sound I could make was ‘’away ref’. I only woke up cos my phone was ringing. VOICE: My phone doesn’t ring much any more, apart from personal injury firms asking if I’ve had an accident at work in the last week. I usually have. WARNOCK: More things change, eh? Anyway, got to go. Another reffie’s about to lose his head. [Warnock returns phone to pocket and looks at the laurels with newfound enthusiasm.] Form guide: Rotherham come into this midweek match buoyed by taking Everton to extra time in the FA Cup, and performing the noble act of beating Wayne Rooney in his first game as Derby’s permanent manager. Last time out, they achieved the implausible feat of making a match against Stoke worth watching, with a 3-3 draw including a very undeserved goal for the opposition. Now where have we heard that before? Boro are hot and cold like frozen bread in a toaster – our last five matches have been LWLWL. By that token, we should romp to victory at the Riverside on Wednesday night, and I’ll need to come up with another mini-play before the weekend. I think I might introduce Kevin Blackwell in the next one. View from the other side: https://boards.footymad.net/showthread.php?t=38271555 – not many posts at the time of writing, but Millers fans seem quite impressed with how much money we’ve managed to spunk up the wall in the last few years with nothing to show for it. Questions for the audience: 1. Did Sunday’s game make you wish you’d never got into football in the first place? 2. Since we lost the last game, should we be expecting to win this one? 3. Can you name eleven fit Boro players and put them into some semblance of a formation? 4. If we could resign one Boro player from the last ten years, who would it be, and why? 5. Have you been in an accident in the last five years that wasn’t your fault?
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    Wow just wow! Birmingham, Blackburn and Rotherham at home and we play 3 defensive CM's at home. Absolutely negative tactics and substitutions costing us. How the hell did Howson, Saville and morsy stay on the pitch for 90mins when we made 5 changes? That says it all for me and it's costing us at home. Can understand it away from home when the emphasis isn't on us to attack but it's way too negative to play at home especially against the weaker sides. No Britt and Akpom together again which is infuriating especially when you are chasing a game and getting beat. No positives at all for me tonight and just hope this a wake up call to get bodies in asap.
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    Thats why FA stands for F***ing A**holes 😡 Like I said before, it shouldn't matter whether it was intentional or not, it was stupid and reckless even in the best light and needs to be punished. If only so he'll think twice before doing that sort of thing again. If what Will said is correct about the incident being done and dusted, just because the ref saw it and noted it in his report...it just boggles the mind. As far as I'm concerned thats just sanctioning dangerous acts. I mean how the *** could any competent ref see something like that and NOT think it deserved some sort of action? Especially when most are happy to dish out cards when someone falls over someone else's leg, or puts a hand to their face.
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    I'm really disappointed that the FA haven't looked at Branthwaite's dangerous high kick and given him a ban. If kicking with studs showing at head height - whether intentional or not - isn't dangerous play, then I don't know what is. I feel it sends a really bad message.
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    Relax, guys .. Big Neil Warnock got this .. You can give him 5 hobos, three lunch ladies, 4 waterboys and an old dog with one eye, and he will still find a way to reach promotion with that team! I am sure @Blanco agrees 😉
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    We're 7th and 3 points off 6th, with just under half the season left. Not that I have any expectation of reaching it, but even 2nd is only 7 points away. It could change everything. The only reason not to do it is finances.
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    I am surprised at that @TheJew. Given you seem to predict we will lose most games I assume you would think there are weaknesses across the entire team that need addressing. Therefore might as well start some of that rebuild now if we can so the major overhaul in summer which I assume you believe squad needs is not as demanding.
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    He came on after 81 minutes. Barely time to make an impact. I don't know the reason why he isn't getting game time, but Warnock used him to good effect at the end of last season. He needs run of at least 3 or 4 games. He hasn't even had two starts in a row this season, and there have been many times when we have needed something different. One thing I do know is that he has started 3 times in the league and we have won them all (Bristol City away, Coventry and Derby at home). Maybe now is the time to give him a run in the team?
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    I'm absolutely incensed about what happened to Fry today and the abject standard of refereeing in the Championship. I totally agreed with Warnock's post-match comments- it was an absolute travesty of justice. Taking aside the fact he could have ended Fry's career with such a dangerous tackle, he almost blinded him in one eye. That decision completely changes the game - Blackburn do not deserve to have 11 men on the pitch. They also deserve to face a penalty. Even if we had missed the penalty, we'd have had 70- odd minutes with a man advantage. How can a linesman and a referee miss something like that, and even if they missed it in real time, they clearly could have seen a coming together and then Fry with his face smashed up like a dropped Parmo. Then he could use his bloody common sense and take action. I hate playing Blackburn, and anything involved with them, - going back to the three points debacle, to Gestede scoring that flipping goal against us, to the fact we got absolutely robbed today. And I was hugely disappointed in Mowbray's reaction - he didn't need to say "it's a man's game" - that's poor form. I just had to vent - I've not been this angry in a long time after a game. Also, hello to all the oldies, I've been away a long old while 🙂 Ham x
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    Just watched Warnock’s interview on mfc website and he sums up perfectly how I’m feeling. Totally gutted and lost interest in the game after the incident. I don’t remember coming away from a Boro game feeing so deflated because it feels like we were cheated today.
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    I'm pretty sure in the promotion match against Brighton, the ref was going to give the player a yellow for the assault on Ramirez until he saw the damage done, and upgraded it to a red accordingly. Today's ref should have done the same when he saw Fry's eye gushing, and awarded a foul.
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    A strange game but a good three points. Today I owe Brit, credit to him. I learnt something new tonight, Hitler is a Brazilian. Well I’m behind with some work so I need to pop upstairs to my office. Good night all and be careful when shaving or using hot wax..
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    I'm well chuffed with the Bolasie signing, can't believe the attitude some people have to him. He played 25 games at Sporting Lisbon last year and is an exciting player who brings some much needed flair to the side.
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    What kind of shittery is this? It's a man's game, *** hell. Big hard men getting into big hard tackles is fine because they're big hard men and we shouldn't care about them because it's a big hard men's game. It's not a man's game so you can stop with that right there, I'd expect better from you. Clearly the problem is me because I think potentially ending a professional's career by giving them a life-changing injury shocked me to the pit of my stomach. I didn't have you down for someone who lacked empathy, Billy. That's not a good thing, mate. You know the standard of refereeing in this division is awful and you would happily align yourself with them. Not just that but you also seem to think it was just our fans who disagreed, when if you had been in the thread at the time, you'd know people had nipped over to Blackburn forums and they were saying the exact same thing. Way to make being hysterical over potentially life-changing circumstances to a fellow human being sound like a bad thing, by the way.
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    I can see it now. Latest news. BORO fail to sign several players and beat the deadline after discovering a squirrel had chewed through the fax cable. It was not obviously apparent the line was dead for some time, as the cleaner frequently uses the same electrical outlet when cleaning the fish tank. A investigation revealed although past minor mishaps had in someway contributed in targeted players not signing, it in know way has affected our ability as a club to progress. On the same note EG source can reveal that in this instance it was judged to be a serious misjudgment of professionalism and the maintenance boy has been terminated. It was alleged BORO have shown compassion and will offer support to Zac as he settles back in too his playgroup. They wish him well.
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    Probably agreed with Mogga that he's just a young kid and he didn't mean it so it doesn't matter. I wonder if Warnock will be sanctioned for being the real problem. Seriously, the only way they can't do anything to him after all the visual evidence is if the referee adjudged it not to be a foul and wrote as such in his report. Isn't it true they can only apply retrospective action is if the referee hasn't seen and reported the incident as it happened? Branthwaite is lucky he didn't do that to Mo Salah or Sadio Mane. It wouldn't be so easily swept under the rug.
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    This just highlights how bad Spence positional play really is 🤷‍♂️
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    But we do have great positive fans ...
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    I imagine Patrick Roberts would like one of those, to be fair.
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    It rarely gets a reaction on Football Manager, that's true.
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    Something like this would help us out. Custom made for the long ball tactic
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    The two poor decisions don’t excuse another poor performance from us in the last two home games! fletcher shouldn’t have came on ahead others on the bench, way of the page. If we get two or three players in before the end of the window we’re going for it, if not Gibson is happy that Warnocks got the ship steady
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    Keep that to yourself please!
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    I feel that most bad decisions we see every week can be excused in some way but missing that is completley inexcusable. Pathetic.
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    And just to build on that - some further stats on last season - He averaged 1.9 key passes a game. The next best was 1.3 for Marv. The literal definition of a key pass is the pass before a shot. So he does create chances. He averaged 2 dribbles per game. The next best was 1.6 from Hayden coulson. His pass success was 77.7%. the only players still at the club who bettered that are saville, McNair and wood who will all be making much safer passes in defensive areas. People see what they want to see and ignore the facts. Stats aren't everything but they're a damn good indicator of how effective a player actually is.
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    🙃 Britt and Fletcher will want to stay here, as they want to play PL footbaal next season
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    Imagine the early 90's team playing against our current team ... The 90's team would probably win 1-0 ... But hey, they are in their 50's ...
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    Don't know if already mentioned but this was the first league double over Forest for 64 years! Season 55/56 boy what a long wait!
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    Going from £20-£25k a week to £5k is a tremendous hardship. We all tend to live up to our means. Obviously if 99.9% of us on here were offered £5k a week we’d snap their hands off. But footballers will have investments and mortgages up to the ying yang. Not just for their own homes but for others i.e mums& dads, sisters etc. I remember listening to me Lee Hendry about the shame he had when he couldn’t afford the mortgage on his mums house when his career bombed. It got him harder than losing his own home to the point he considered suicide. I hate to see the amount people are earning as a stick to beat them with (not saying that’s what you’re doing RR) but taking a pay cut of 75% would have major implications in their financial well-being to the point it could bankrupt some depending on the investments they made. It may be hard to have sympathy for these people when we have people using food banks etc but this pandemic is a real leveller for most people and everyone will have real struggles and we should have empathy for all
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    Maybe he fancied a Spare Ribiero? God - one game...so many puns...
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    Excellent bounce back from Saturday. That midfield 3 suits us away from home, but at home I'd like to see us more offensively. Tactically spot on today by Warnock. Britt was awesome today, love him or hate him but his overall performance today was very good. Just a shame it's only 1 in 10 from him and I think it was a performance to showcase his skills to the forest board to make a offer. Tavernier, Howson, Britt, Saville and Bola were absolutely immense tonight. We look so composed with Howson in midfield and there's a good link between midfield and attack with him in the side. Massive 3pts and massive performance especially with Stoke and B'mouth dropping points last night and us having a game in hand. UTB!
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    A couple of wayward forward passes aside, man was superb tonight. Man of the Match, for me.
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    His stream hasn’t caught up with that yet.
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    As the outgoing president would say: "It's one of the wettest we've ever seen, from the standpoint of water".

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    • Who do we reckon the two players were? Vydra played a few minutes tonight so him and one other?
    • Up until his injury he could have easily put Tav there and put in Roberts on the right or Roberts central. Warnock plays the 3 of them together because he's a negative nelly.
    • I’m shocked, hard to believe, speechless. Whoa beaten in 3 games by weaker opposition. Just when we started to do so well we have turned 180 deg in the opposite direction. I have read many comments but I don’t understand why 3 central mids, why huffing the ball, why has it gone so, so wrong. Ah well at least we are there about but I don’t hold out much hope of remaining if this continues.   
    • 442 would be fine. Roberts best position is 10. Wing as an advanced midfielder. Howson back in a back 3 to play 343 or 532. We have more options than Warnock is claiming. 
    • but my point is who? the squad has been unbalanced since we got relegated. I think we play 3 CMs because we literally don't have a Number 10 or alternative. 
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