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    Hi guys! PAOK fan here from Greece. You are getting a really hard worker in Akpom. He is a top lad and a good professional. When he first came, he was considered a bench player. It was the 2018-19 season. During the first half of that season he would only come in as sub but during the January transfer window, PAOK sold their best striker, Prijovic in Arabia. Everyone was panicking since we were on route to our first championship in years. Chuba stepped up and was one of the best players, in the second half of the season. He contributed in PAOK's first championship in 34 years (!) where we were also invincibles. Some of his best games were against Olympiakos in Toumpa were he scored an impressive goal and his performance against AEK in the cup final where he scored an impressive overhead kick to win us the double (he was also the MVP of the final). His scoring record might not be the best but he is a really hard working striker, who runs a lot without the ball. His positioning is good and he can press a lot. In Tuesday, we beat and disqualified Benfica (which is considered a big deal considering the teams economical difference) and Akpom was one of the best players. PAOK's pressing started from him and he ran a lot. I mean A LOT. He also kept the ball well against world class defenders like Vertoghen and he had an unofficial assist in Benfica's own goal. Now for the price, I think 2.8 is fine because you are getting a player with important experience for his age (promotion with hull, first team appearances with arsenal under Wenger, double and Europa league with PAOK, playoffs in Belgium side Sint-Truidense). Keep in mind that Arsenal kept a 40% future sales when he signed for us (I do not know the right english term sorry... but I think you get it) which means that you will be paying around 1 mill to Arsenal. To be honest I am surprised that he chose a Championship team to continue his career, but his will to play near his family played a big part in his decision. Last year he was linked with West Ham and this summer with Besiktas (a Europa league team that PAOK also beat two weeks ago in a game where Akpom had an assist and a great overall performance, but a missed pen 😭). IMO he can be considered Premier League level. I dont know if he is a starter there but he can surely fight for a position. Now for the negatives. His heading ability is not that strong despite him being relatively tall. He sometimes lacks concentration and confidence. Also, I don't know how effective he will be in a team that plays long balls (as I read somd of you say). He is although energetic and he is not an old type boring striker who waits in the penalty area. He also played as a winger in some games in Belgium and as a second striker at PAOK in a 3-4-2-1 formation (but not that many times). Overall I am emotional about his departure because his name was written in PAOK's history and he played a huge part in our first double and championship in so many years. I dont know I might be biased but I tried to describe him as objectively as I could. P.S. Sorry for the loooong message but I thought I could inform you. Even though I live in Greece I am interested in the EFL and I support Bristol Rovers so I said why not... P.S.2 I just read the news about Warnock. I hope he stays healthy and good 🙏
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    Hey guys, does anyone have any strong opinions on whether or not we should sign some wingers? Also, not sure if he’s been mentioned, but does anyone think we should sign Marcus Maddison?
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    Warnock stated he needed to strengthen the spine of the team with leaders. Bettinelli, Hall, Morsy. There's three of your five signings straight off the bat. I'd also say that we don't have a natural, competent full back on our books. Again playing with wing backs utilises what's available to us. Johnson, Coulson, Bola, Spence, Djikesteel. What do you do with these players if you sign 2/3 new full backs? You've ultimately made them redundant and we can't afford that with our squad size. We all know buying wingers/attacking midfielders is difficult a the best of times, not least for a club like us that is now operating with a revised wage structure. Warnock is a pragmatist and he's played the best hand available to him.
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    is that an anagram?...cos I think I know the answer 🙂
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    Club have released a statement: following Neil warnock's positive test for Covid-19 Ashely Fletcher and Britt Assombalonga will continue to self isolate up front for boro for their game against Bournemouth.
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    Sadly the history of mankind is littered with "ism's" of many types. Wars have been started over them and millions of lives lost because of it. Since the days we lived in caves we developed tribalism and it has continued throughout thousands of years where anyone or anything that looks or sounds different or in reality we don't understand. Usually fear is the driver, fear of not having enough food or water, fear that something would be taken from us, fear that we would be killed or abused, fear that we wouldn't have a job, fear that someone or something else would upset what we had. Fear develops and grows out of ignorance, it evolves into a dislike even irrational hatred. Tribalism thrives in football and feeds our deep neanderthal desire to belong to and to triumph or ridicule "them". Many Boro fans who were at Goodison Park in the 70's will have the scars of twin bladed Stanley knife inflicted Football Tribalism. Last week I read about a Wall Street Bank making the news because it appointed the first Female CEO in Wall Street's history! This is 2020 and to read that shocked but not surprised me, sexism is alive and well it seems (as the BBC are continually being hung out to dry for) and still exists in many organisations and walks of life. Catholics and Protestants in Glasgow or Ulster, all supposedly Christians. Sunni and Shia killing each other yet are both Muslim. Steelworkers and Miners battering the bejasus out of each other on Teesside less than a 100 years ago because of their place of origin. We have Football World Cup Stadia being built by slaves without civil liberties who are literally punished and abused, many lose their life for the privilege of us, yes thats you and me, football fans! Pogroms have been eradicated but in certain parts of Europe the underlying mood hasn't changed all that much sadly. Our own general election was stained by allegations of antisemitism at one party with the irony of the accuser being allegedly anti Islam. I have spent a lot of time in the "deep south" and have friends who outwardly are the nicest most God fearing people you could meet but a few drinks later and you can sense the bigotry and hatred that has been inbred over generations. I just know they will have KKK hoods stored away at the back of the wardrobe for the fourth rising. This Country is one of the worst for Classism, it wasn't that long ago that nothing but a BBC accent was acceptable to progress in the higher echelons of society. Our Fathers and Fathers before them knew their place and submissively doffed their cap or bravely marched from Jarrow or had their brains caved in by truncheons for trying to save their communities and jobs just a few decades ago. Now we have marches because of "phobias" where people feel compelled to protest to stop abuse just because of their orientation. How many Football fans at the Riverside have jeered abuse at certain footballers for their perceived "preferences" for a bit of a laugh? TV programmes that we once laughed at are no longer funny be they Love thy Neighbour, Alf Garnet or Benny Hill. All of us have experiences, likes and dislikes, phobias, fears and loves that shape who we have become and how we think or react to situations. People in Warrington or Brighton may have a dislike for people from the Emerald Isle, does that make them an outright racist or is it because they have personally suffered a tragic loss. Many who suffered at the Manchester arena have been magnanimous in their defiance of hate and evil but there are others who hold a different view because of the pain that doesn't and will never go away. I'm sure we would like to think of ourselves as being pure and accepting of everything and everyone which is a great place to be but as soon as someone mentions Religion, Brexit or Corbyn, Rangers or Celtic and our deepest "ism's" come bubbling to the fore. Ageism, sexism, racism, classism, able-ism, homophobia exists in all of us even if its just a casual one off "silly old git" when someone pulls out in front of us in rush hour traffic. Maybe we all need to be more accepting, just think a little harder and deeper and change ourselves, discrimination in all its forms has no place in society but its only us who can change that in all its forms.
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    If he had a child with a descendant of Harold Pinter, would it be a Pinter-Guinness?
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    Just to add to this Johnson has attempted 17 crosses in our opening 2 games and has been successful with 1 so far (6% success). Spence has attempted 6 and 1 has been successful (17%). If we stick with wingbacks, those percentages need to be much higher.
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    I'd like to note my dissatisfaction with the club regarding their approach to non-season ticket holders. Not especially during this spell and everything that's occurred as a result of the Corona virus but the general after thought this segment of the fan base has become for the club. Many fans from Teesside work shifts, offshore or live and work away to the point where a season ticket isn't really viable. Ever since the disbanding of the Boro Pride card, there has been nothing but exploitation of this segment of the fan base through extortionate ticket prices. The extended period of not having the opportunity to visit the Riverside will probably finally push a lot of fans away from the club permanently and the club only have themselves to blame. No Boro fan every really walks away from the club but i'm finding myself more and more apathetic towards them due to their own attitude towards me as a supporter.
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    In light of Warnock's diagnosis, I think we have to say we won't be able to fulfill the Bournemouth fixture because of health reasons. We should just cancel the game and fax the paperwork over to the EFL later. I can't see any problems with this approach.
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    To be fair he is in the age bracket at risk so you would hope above all else that he actually recovers
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    This is taking it a tad too far, don't you think?
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    Since when has Tav's best position been left wing? Since when has Fletcher been good at left wing? Since when is Akpom 'a big technically limited forward'? Where do people come up with this stuff?
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    Jen, thanks for attending tonight. I will get some sort of MSF communication sorted this week announcing OneBoro is joining the group as a new permanent member. For info I will get the minutes typed up and circulated this week.
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    In the current climate I could definitely see that happening. He may have made a lot of mistakes, but he has stuck with the club through thick and thin...when other owners might have asset-stripped the club and done a runner, or just let us go into administration (again).
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    If Gibson sold up tomorrow, i'd give the Club 3 years before we'd be another Wigan/Bolton
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    Humpty, I've made a note and I will absolutely raise this issue. I feel non ST holders haven't been given a fair shot and the club needs to address it.
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    That’s the issue. Certain aspects of a lot of movements not just BLM have created a environment to ask why or question some of the actions are immediately shut down and labelled racist, bigotry etc. **** it. I’ll put it out there. BLM I agree 100% with the message but nowhere near of the whole organisation
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    I absolutely did, like I said I was made to feel very welcome and I think we're an asset to utilise. 😊
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    I'm sick of people discussing potential transfer targets in the transfer thread, how dare they!
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    Well I can beat Nketiah. We're only bloody signing Raheem Sterling as our wideman!
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    Dude I had issues with his goals vs Barnsley but there is no way in hell you can blame this on him.
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    My Son is a twin and was 4 weeks prem, so is a little behind with his speech and other bits. But I was saying to my partner I'm going to watch the Boro match tonight and my young'un said Boro several times. It is also his 1st birthday and only his 4th or 5th word. Just need a win tonight to finish off a awesome day, hopefully he gives us a bit of luck!
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    Given to my late brother when in hospital in 86, 6 Boro players had gone to the General hospital to visit my brother who was involved in a awful works accident I had wrote to the football club when my brother was hospitalised & Bruce was just appointed, the 1st think he did was read my letter, call for Mogga & a number of players to visit my brother, I would like to think it was the 1st time Bruce Rioch picked his team The shirt was given to my brother by Mogga, who gave it to me 👍
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    I think one of the problems is the left right divide that seems to be projected onto so many issues, even though they should be apolitical. A lot of it is down to tribalism which is particularly strong on social media. BLM = a left wing ideology Care about the environment = loony lefty Don’t believe in Covid or masks = right wing None of the above are political matters, but they have been hijacked by extremists.
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    Just want to say a massive thank you to @Mark_MSF and the rest of the MSF for their warm welcome. The meeting was incredibly positive, filled with people who clearly adore this club. I do have to say I was impressed by the club's attitude and open communication which will prove crucial in helping us all push MFC forward. Looking forward to more meetings and bringing your contributions.
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    https://www.mfc.co.uk/news/teenager-kavanagh-pens-first-pro-boro-contract Callum Kavanagh signs a pro contract. Just a couple of months after signing up as a scholar. Gives an indication of how highly he is rated.
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    I feel like I post this same post every few weeks. Far too much gets made of formations from fans, 5 at the back doesn't have to be negative and neither does 1 up front. You can play 3 up front and still be defensively sound. Its all about having the right balance of players and the right attitude. Good teams don't have players stuck in rigid positions they are fluid and blend between formations throughout a game. We could play 343 and still be solid at the back.
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    Johnson and Spence aren't good enough to play the system. Spence should be nowhere near the first team, was thrown in way too soon and too raw out of desperation because Woodgate's plan boiled down to throw darts at the board until it went well. 3-5-2 RELIES on the wing-backs. They are VITAL. The single most important position in the system. They provide the width, which ours don't, and hence why we never break teams down. How often do our players get to the by-line and pull the ball back into a dangerous area? Statistically, most goals are scored inside the 6 yard box. How often do we get the ball there in a match? It's not rocket science. It has been the same for years. At the moment, we are a hit-and-hope side, and it is 90% because we have no effective wing play.
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    Other clubs put young players in and let them adjust and become ready, I don't see an issue with us doing that. It's not something we do enough by my reckoning and far too often buy into the ideal that players need to be ready straightaway, whether that is youngsters or signings
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    We need a left back more than we need a right back. In fact we need a left back more than we need a centre back, as we quite clearly don't have an adequate one in the squad, at least as far as Warnock is concerned. If Johnson can play as badly as he has, and not get hooked, then Warnock's opinion of the other two must be on a par with his opinion of Michel Barnier.
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    From what I saw was a decent game of football where the right result was achieved as against last week. The only thing that stopped us from perhaps winning the game was the lack of delivery once again from our set pieces. Two game and we have not been really troubled and against last season PL teams. Some good passages of play in the match and reason for hope of better things to come. Would still be nice to see a midfielder burst forward directly through the middle, Happy enough though!
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    Warnock had a feeling about Browne, were going to play him at some point today anyway. Fletcher was taken off more as a precaution than anything. Warnock, Blackwell & Jepson argue a lot Thought we played excellently today, in our first two games says we out chanced two teams who will both be up there come the end. Gave special praise to McNair, saying he just gets better and better, as well as Dijksteel & Howson. Said still need a few more, the players you saw today is the extent of our playing squad. Disappointed in the way we conceded, but accepts that with the deflection sometimes that happens unfortunately. Said was happy with the way they defended all other set pieces. Moved to a zonal marking system today and were pleased with how it worked. Said that they don't want to provide any gimmes, any goal concede has to be earned. Was happy with the passing today and that "believe it or not" they do want to play football, only when it's right to do so.
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    I'd put Morsy on and move Howson into Savilles role personally.
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    Fans! Looks like most will be in the west stand upper
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    People keep mentioning wingers. It’s obvious we’re not after any and are going to play with wing backs. It would be a complete waste of money and time to go after any
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    I'd advise you to get the Opera browser. It has ad-blocker switched on by default. Also comes with a VPN system that is useful for viewing "unofficial" streams. 😉 I don't mind viewing ads on my PC - big enough screen to navigate accurately. But I agree they're a bloody nuisance on a phone.
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    I'd have Shotton back for £5000 a week and be happy to do so.
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    Asking CT not to comment is like asking a fish not to swim
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    I bet you do. You probably had his poster on your bedroom wall a few years back.
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    @Humpty r u referring to this? 😂 couldn't resist
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    This news does not bode well from Warnock or the club and I wish him well. The question is how far spread is it and what is the risk in playing the game. I think there may be a case of calling it off, I hope so because it will give us more time to see out transfers, if any. Does a club have a curse. Just to eliminate the possibility I think the stadium should be dismantled and moved somewhere else, scenic that might attract good players as well.
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    Would it be really out of order for a team to kick off whilst the other team were taking the knee and get a 1 goal start, if say, the striker was BAME and smiled afterwards?

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    • Praying we'll get our first win of the season here and there is no reason why we shouldn't. Having lost Eze is bound to have a negative affect on them. Think this is a game that will be won by the team that takes one of the few chances that will come in a scrappy game.
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