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    • Excited by Gibson and in particular Benkovic who is very highly rated by many in European football. The concern which has been raised by a few people in this thread is why invest significant money on these loan deals when this season in all likeliness will end up as a dead rubber season. I would much rather have Gibson, Benkovic and that caliber player next season if we are going to make a push for the playoffs.
    • We won't be going up this season and we won't be going down. I just hope all these loans have a 12 month extension or automatic buy option, otherwise we are just throwing good money after bad.
    • The problem I see is that we could still leave ourselves hanging if we want two and only sign one. It definitely feels like we could do with a couple of quality additions at the back. And if Gibson goes to the wire, we could leave ourselves in the lurch as our other targets, ones not just us are after, will move elsewhere. The lad from Leicester in particular seems like someone with a bright future and a decent career so far too, I'd be disappointed to see us miss out on signing him because we sign Simpson and we throw everything at getting Gibson and falter. I know some on here have switched off already for this season but I absolutely want to see us go for it so long as we can. I see very little point in switching off so long as we don't kill off our summer plans by doing so, let's finish as high as we possibly can and hey, even top 10 would be something after our start to this year. So yeah, I'm sceptical of Gibson signing without any cheap permanent by the end of it but by all means, get as much quality in as we can and give it a go.
    • D Blackburn  v  Q.P.R. H Brentford  v  N/Forest. (no scorer.) A Cardiff  v  W.B.A. H Hull Cty  v  Huddersfield. H Leeds  v  Millwall. A Luton  v  Derby. A Wigan  v  Sheff Wednesday. H Reading  v  Bristol City A Tranmere  v  Sunderland.. D Rotherham  v  Ipswich Twn.
    • I am not saying this because it seems the Gibson deal might be drifting away from us but I am quite relaxed about the whole situation. i think the reason for that is we seem to be eyeing some decent alternatives in Benkovic and Simpson who both come with a lot of promise. For once we not put all our eggs in one basket. I know club are looking at two CBs but if we get 1 of the above 3 in I will be happy with that. if we dont get either of the 3 then I will start to worry. Oh and i still got hopes our beloved boro will make a out the blue type signing for the top end of the pitch. Ideally more Lee Tomlin out the blue and less Adlene Guidioura out the blue.
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