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    This post absolutely nails it and is by far the biggest problem with the club. The Media are absolutely terrified to criticize the club and point the finger, afraid of being excluded from the club like the Gazette were for a time. I've been to a few Boro events which Maddo has attended and he is a really nice bloke but he simply should not on BBC Tees if he's working for the club. Its a conflict of interest, he's not going to criticize those at the club and in turn he has this false spin that he puts on the radio. I remember in September when he said this season is one of transition, well i'll tell you right now that the ST prices do not reflect transition and must be lowered but we know that is not the case. The problem is at the club as it seems no-one dares question Gibson, he wont allow it and I dont think thats a healthy working environment to have. Everyone right now is absolutely slaughtering Woodgate, for me personally I won't because I dont think its right. Gibson is the one who shoulders the blame and he can own this casserole of ineptitude. I dont think one person of sound mind wanted Woodgate appointed at the end of last season, the club tried to string it out as if they were extensively looking at all options. This was a ruse and Jonathan was their choice all along. Finally, its one thing appointing a rookie manager who no-one wanted, for the cheap option. But if your going to do that at least give him some proper funds to get some quality players to refresh the squad and give him a chance to succeed. So now when the inevitable does happen, Woodgate like Mogga will be the fall guy to have his reputation damaged. The fans will be convinced the next manager will be the next messiah, overlooking the upper management teams atrocious judgement and thus the cycle begins again. This ones on you Gibbo.
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    I honestly don't see where it stops. Honestly think that Woodgate is bullet proof and Gibson is ready for us to go to league 1 only to deliver some crappy PR rallying cry in the summer about "oh we didn't expect it but we'll get behind Woodgate and the team and bring us back to the championship". Honestly this season has been such a disaster, even from the carabao cup game I knew this was going to go belly up. I'm genuinely just sick of the club right now, the amateurish way we're ran, a chairman stuck in the 90's, a press that are sh*t scared of criticising the club and the chairman, a delusional manager, a playing staff that don't care, years upon years upon years of terrible terrible management. Absolutely terrible.
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    Dont post on here often as i normally just watch from afar Recieved a phonecall from the club inviting me and one other as guests to an event at the end of March with event food and drink free gratis. Turns out i was the first person to renew my season ticket. Im not doing this as a brag, merely sharing this as in my opinion the club gets a hiding sometimes and its only fair people hear the positives the club do UTB
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    Bielsa is a world-renowned coach with decades of experience. He's cited by the likes of Guardiola, Pochettino, and Simeone as an inspirational and guiding figure in their careers. Woodgate is locally renowned as a bit of a tit and has spent a season and a half sat behind Poolis. He's been cited by Steve Gibson as being 'really, really cheap'.
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    Well we will have to agree to disagree. Woodgate has not put a baby in the bath water to throw out. Not even an embryo. He has not developed a style of play, settled team or delivered on his vision of a scoring attacking team. His signings have gone back to the clubs they were signed from and he is happy to make the kids scapegoats, despite their energy bailing him out over Christmas. In addition to this according to SDS he has lost the dressing room and theres infighting within the coaching set up. I am not sure how keeping him brings anything positive but its all about opinions I suppose.
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    Straight out of the blocks, cheese and onion McCoys. Every day of the week. Although I am partial to a bag of skips or Wotsits. However, regarding Woodgate, 100% yes. And below is a long essay on why. So I've just driven back from coaching this morning and saved the BBC Tees post match for the drive. On the call Woodgate came out and said something along the lines of, we are in a relegation fight and always have been. Okay fair enough. However, Shotton came on after and said something along the lines of the players are now thinking they're in a relegation fight and they need to improve. But something here doesnt add up. How can players be realising it JUST now, when Woodgate has said this is the case all along? Now I'm a cynical bugger and I am sure that Woodgate just pumps out the soundbites, but it shows to me how disjointed the whole season is. That's the freshest reason of number 1. Number 2 - 8 wins in 34 games. With no sign of improvement. Number 3 - when we're on the pitch we look absolutely clueless. Not even with a specific tactic, shape or pattern to our game. Number 4 - the in game substitutions. 4 strikers on the pitch then moaning that they're not getting the service service. All while having Tav and Rav on the bench. Number 5 - the feeling I have now is just helplessness. He is surrounded by inexperienced people who have never shown any ability to do this before. How can you expect to lead professionals? Number 6 - abandoning the 'high press'. A fancy sound bite to get the boro faithful on board. Threw Pulis under the bus and said his football was boring. Promised attacking and vibrant football. Yet Pulis achieved 49 goals compared to our current of 34 total with 10 games left in the season before he left. Worth noting that Pulis conceded 41 goals and Woodgate is currently on 44 with 10 games left. The stats dont lie. Number 7 - he has recently thrown the young players under the bus. Unforgivable as to them being the ones who have got half of your success this season. 4 games over christmas is half of our wins. That sentence in itself is enough imo. Number 8 - im finding his post match press conferences boring now. "Come at me not the players" *** off man. Do your job and coach them. Number 9 - buying players and then loaning them out. A waste of money and for me his lack of talent identification. Number 10 - 1 point against the bottom 3. If early in the season, do you know what? I would mind. However, this late in the season is proving he is either losing the dressing room, or isnt learning from his mistakes. I can forgive him for taking the job. Anyone of us would have. But. What is unforgiving is not moving aside when he is taking the club down and losing the fans and dressing room. Now moving forward, Hughton is out of work. With a track record and is a nice guy to boot. He is an option that we should be looking at. I 100000% agree that we should invest the most money into a manager rather than players. On paper, I would say we have bigger names that Leeds in some areas, and we certainly outshadowed them when Bielsa took over. But now, through amazing coaching the players have got better. Through Woodgates coaching, ours have got worse. On the eye and statistically. Thank you for listening to my TedTalk. Edit: Also worth noting how Woodgate is moving away from referring to himself as the head coach and now calls himself the "manager". To me that suggests he is removing his handling of our players and is shifting the blame on to other people.
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    Who would have thought Gibson hiring his mates to do a job they were massively under qualified for would turn out like this
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    The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (Thought I’d go with a western theme as its apt for those cowboys masquerading as footballers) Well this Wednesday the (Once) mighty Boro take on the Dirty Leeds at the Theater of Nightmares. After witnessing two of the worst displays of football against some of the leagues worst performing teams we host High Flying Leeds who seemed to have gotten over their own blip with back to back wins against Reading and Bristol City respectively. Location Fortress Weakness Riverside Time High Noon (It has to be noon somewhere but locally its 1945hrs) With our own General Custer preparing to pit his wits against a foreign opponent Woody will be frantically spinning the wheel of misfortune and throwing over-sized darts at photo boards to come up with a team selection and formation to ensure we don’t suffer our own annihilation similar to the Battle of Little Bighorn. Can he do it? Personally I think you have a better chance of winning a game of Russian roulette with a fully loaded six shooter Players Out Boro Type of Injury Ayala Shot himself in the foot (Rather than hold the defense together) Dijksteel Rawhide (From being left on his ass so much) Roberts Pack Horse syndrome (For carrying the team since his arrival Dael Fry Prolapsed rectum (From seeing what the midfield are up too) Words From The Head Coach Dipugferw87ft NOT MY FAULT dgg8ggcug THEY DON’T LISTEN suycgduygcdubdu Dhcvduvcducv YOUNG LADS ARE TO BLAME udybdfubvfiuvidfvnnkdn Words from the Assistant Coach I played against Maldini ya know……. Situation Latest Odds Boro 9/2 Draw 14/5 Leeds 13/20 (In short if you bet £20 on a Boro win, you lose £20) Uwe’s Thoughts THE BAD --This game is going to be an absolute horror show. Leeds high energy, pressing and closing-down game plan will turn our disjointed rag tag (but expensive) bunch of misfits totally inside out. The Ugly – The score line could be absolutely anything (Id be happy to keep it to 4 or under) However The Good – If its true that Steve Gibson will be attending the bloodbath he witnesses might be the incentive he needs to pull the rip cord on Woody. Not that I want us to lose as I would (adopt Kevin Keegan voice) Love it if we beat them, but every cloud and all that A View from the other side No matchday thread as yet but can be found here when its up and running. https://www.motforum.com/phpbb/viewforum.php?f=1 Important Questions Can Boro get anything from the game? Strongest Team/Formation? Will Woody still be here after the International break? Why do you hate Leeds? Why aren’t people that order steak ‘Well Done’ sent straight to prison? Over to you guys and girls!!!!!
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    Woodgate was a cheap gamble from a tired chairman. It really just comes down to survival now, and what gives us the best odds at staying in this league. For a club as directionless as Boro, I really do fear that relegation to League 1 would be a disaster. Warnock kept Rotherham up, I think he could keep us up. Karanka maybe could too. Gibson needs to swallow his pride and get on the phone ASAP. If he wants rid of the club, at least leave us in the 2nd division, not the 3rd.
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    Now then lads, long time no speak! I was sceptical that Woodgate got the job in the summer because Gibson was too short sighted to realise that getting the cheap option who’s not going to ask for much off him was probably not going to work our well. Everyones opinions and that, but sick of seeing that people think our squad is so poor that we are relegation fodder. It’s genuinely not. There’s SO many thinner and worse squads in this division that are performing better than us, and it’s only down to one man, the manager. This division is all about great managers that get the best out of players. That’s what gets you out of the division. Wilder. Farke. Dyche. Warnock. The list could keep going but all of the above got teams out of the division with average squads. I’d go as far as to say that any other manager in the Championship would be getting more out of our squad than our current manager. Just imagine if we got Jokanovic in, in the summer. I’d bet my house that we wouldn’t be where we are. He’s not going to get sacked, and he’s not going to walk. So I’m just hoping we manage to scrape enough points to stay up, but then what for next season? I’m sure the rose tinted brigade will dispose of this post as dramatic and reactive, but it’s just my opinion that our manager is inept in all facets of football management.
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    Right then, first of all to address borodane referring to a ‘Middle Eastern despot’. I’m going to assume that’s a reference to Man City’s owners. They are morally repulsive, and if I was a Man City fan I doubt I could compartmentalise the fact that their success is directly linked to such a regime. I think it’s interesting that borodane specified Middle Eastern owners as an example. Pretty much every owner (ie an extremely wealthy person/business) operates at least partially in a morally grey area, and a lot go beyond that. Let’s not forget that Putin once described Abramovich as ‘our oligarch’. Onto why a Red Bull takeover would be terrible. Firstly, I get why fans would be on board with it. The prospect of success is exciting. We’re a club that has been largely devoid of significant achievement. No one likes being irrelevant and we are exactly that to the vast majority of the footballing world. A red bull takeover could change all that. I get it. Why I would be adamantly opposed to a Red Bull takeover ties into a larger issue I have: the domination of money and the commercialisation of the game. More so than ever, money dictates success and greed dictates the culture of football. Money is both a prerequisite for success and the most significant factor in determining it. As we all know, to compete at the highest level you need an unbelievably wealthy owner. These owners, due to the way fast amounts of wealth is acquired, are almost always business owners. Naturally, their ownership of a football club is orientated towards the interests of their business. The success of the football club is primarily a vehicle to boost their business and individual wealth. That produces an inherent contradiction with what I find so attractive about football. I said in a post the other day that I love the essence of football but I despise the form it currently takes. This is what I meant. For me, and I think most fans, what is so engaging about football is its ability to root you in a place and consequently garner a sense of collective identity. When people speak of their fondest riverside memories, they often point to the game against Brighton where we secured promotion. They talk of the atmosphere and the euphoria of promotion. Implicit in that is that they treasure the memory of everyone pulling together and striving forward in the same direction. Everyone associated with Middlesbrough Football Club united and it is through this unity that success was achieved. Another smaller scale example would be when we score and in the away end I hug some random bald fella. That’s probably someone with a radically different background and worldview to myself, but in that moment it doesn’t matter because we are all united by a common goal. I maintain that this aspect of football is truly beautiful. Although an elastic word, I believe that football is socialist at its core and that these socialist qualities I’ve just detailed are what leads to the game dominating so many people’s lives. If you don’t want to take it from me, there is this quote from the Bill Shankly, ‘The socialism I believe in isn’t really politics. It is a way of living. It is humanity. I believe the only way to live and to be truly successful is by collective effort, with everyone working for each other, everyone helping each other, and everyone having a share of the rewards at the end of the day. That might be asking a lot, but it’s the way I see football and the way I see life.’ So, collective identity is key to the attraction of football. Yet any takeover of the club by a ridiculously rich owner undermines that sense of identity. You sacrifice a large portion of your identity as a place, a club, and a community to the fact that your club is now primarily operating to boost someone’s business interests and wealth. Success and identity in football are at odds with each other and a Red Bull takeover, given their overt rebranding of clubs, would be the absolute epitome of that. Whatever success we hypothetically achieve under them, our identity would be intrinsically tied to the profits of a German energy drink company. We exist primarily not as a club that achieves success through the unity it has cultivated but as a pawn in some greedy game. That runs counter to everything I love about football and everything I love about supporting Middlesbrough FC. I think the game is in desperate need of restructuring. At the very least a wage cap. If I had it my way, I’d move towards an NFL style system. It doesn’t solve the issue of business owners compromising a club’s identity but it would mean success is more dependent on strategy than money. We would probably still be terrible but it’d be easier to take that we’re bad because of weak strategy rather than weak finances. Of course there are countless problems with this too: what happens with relegation? Do we get rid of it? What happens to the clubs that can’t fit in the system? Do I really have the audacity to bang on about the importance of identity to me as a Middlesbrough fan only to propose a new system that would disregard the identity of countless other fans of clubs that wouldn’t make the cut? I don’t have all the answers but it’s the best solution I can currently think of to the absolute state football is in at the moment. The gap between my love for football and the disgust I have with regards to its current structure widens each season. Maybe I’ll reach a breaking point one day - if Red Bull took over that could well end my status as a Middlesbrough fan.
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    Lose tomorrow then I think yes.. have heard that Gibson is very worried...
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    if you want any semblence of fence sitting on this ,im afraid imnot your man. as many others have stated... he should NEVER HAVE BEEN EVEN CONSIDERED for the job but against any other eoples reasoning ,Gibson in his latest fit of egotism and self importance did what HE wanted and hey ho ,all us lesser mortals have our misgivings show themselves right in front of our eyes. Wodgate is actually proving to be WORSE THAN I FEAREDhe would be, infact id go as far as to say hes possibly the worse ever manager to have managed in the whole history of english league football . hes beyond incompetent. YES YES YES HE NEEDS TO GO. .......AND HIS COACHING BUDDIES TOO. HELL ,EVEN GIBSON IF IM OFF THAT FENCE. IVE UNFORTUNATELY HAD THE BAD LUC TO BE SADDLED WITH HAVING TO COMMIT MY FOOTBALL SUPPORTING LOVE WITH MFC FOR 50 PLUS YEARS AND SPENT VAST AMOUNTS DURING THOSE YEARS WITH A HANDFUL OF GREAT MEMORIESPLUS A BUCKET LOAD OF SAD MEMORIES TO TAKE WITH MEBUT THE SHEER HELPLESSNESS IFEEL RIGHT NOW IS MAKING ME REALLY DOUBT IF I CAN STICK BY MY HOMETOWN CLUB. IF gibson doesnt satisfy the masses before its too late woodgate will take us into obscurity and drag gibbo into the abyss with him and the mere fact that neil fecking warnock is being heralded by some fans to rescue us tells us how low the hope has fallen. crisps...........i lost my keeness for them when tudor was bypassed and im oldscool packet colour wise blue is vinegar browmis beef green/cheese n onoin red ready salted my faves were and always will be beef or cheese n onion, but no crinkle style or weird shaped things crisps should be thin . pringles are the only other option.
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    Someone mentioned it in another thread but in the championship a good quality manager gets you prompted above throwing money at players. You look at Wilder, Bielsa, Bilic recently. Wba although a strong team last season fell short so opted to put the big money into Bilic. Leeds noted a huge improvement putting money into Bielsa over players. Imo we should follow the same suit. As bad as they've been recently there is a core of good exciting team here. Accept a bid in the summer for one of the higher value players and put in into management. I'm pretty sure everyone on this board would swap Britt for Bielsa if given the chance.
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    Maybe you're actually the only one 🙂
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    I’m only going over to Boro tomorrow for one thing and that’s 3 points against the dirty Leeds. Come on Boro, time for another Christmas blip and get a win
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    Well we'll just have to disagree on what decency means in this case. The man's had the better part of a season to figure out he's incapable of managing a football team. We have absolutely zero reason to believe that the situation will improve between now and May. Or even next season, for that matter. Its like a gambler knowing when to cut their losses before they become too excessive. It also takes character to admit you're not up to the job and make way - hopefully for someone who can. Its more cowardly IMO to bury your head in the sand and deny reality. I can't see our results being any worse with Leo (or even A. N. Other from the academy) being in charge for the remainder of the season.
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    You'd have to assume he's blaming Coulson and Spence, since those are the two he dropped after Luton. Fry is injured rather than dropped and Tavernier hasn't started the last couple, although he started the two before that against Brentford and Blackburn. As Spence didn't make his debut until the beginning of December, it would be harsh to blame him for our ills, unless Woodgate thinks we were doing ok beforehand! Here's a few stats to consider (league games only): Spence has started 11 games. We've conceded 8 goals in those games at an average of 0.73 per game Spence hasn't started 23 games. We've conceded 36 goals in those games at an average of 1.57 per game. Coulson has started 15 games. We've conceded 18 goals in those games at an average of 1.2 per game. Coulson hasn't started 19 games. We've conceded 26 goals in those games at an average of 1.37 per game. Spence and Coulson have started 8 games together. We've conceded 6 goals in those games at an average of 0.75 per game. Spence and Coulson haven't started 26 games together. We've conceded 38 goals in those games at an average of 1.46 per game. In the games Spence has started we've gained 19 points at an average of 1.73 per game. The games he hasn't started we've gained 18 points at an average of 0.78 per game. In the games Coulson has started we've gained 20 points at an average of 1.33 per game. The games he hasn't started we've gained 17 points at an average of 0.9 per game. The games they've started together we've gained 14 points at an average of 1.75 per game. The games they haven't started together we've gained 23 points at an average of 0.89.
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    Once Managers lose the crowd they don't recover from it and regain support. A fresh Manager generally starts off with goodwill but unfortunately after Pulis many fans were in a very dark place and the club needed something special and someone to lift, inspire and unify. Unfortunately Woodgate wasn't then and isn't now the answer. It was very poor judgement on the part of SG to think that he had the ability to do the job but even worse considering there was very vocal dissent against even the suggestion of him becoming Manager on social media for weeks before the announcement. Trying to hype it up with the "outstanding candidate" nonsense and Dijksteel being his number one PowerPoint target just made it blindingly obvious the fans were being duped. That the local media were willing to sell their souls in pretending to be fully behind this great new vision left a very sour taste with many, damaging their own integrity and professionalism in the process. Fooling some of the people some of the time was never going to be the basis for a successful business model. Starting off from that juncture, then Woodgate not being backed by signings of the quality required along with his obvious lack of key skill abilities meant that where we are now was blindingly inevitable. Not having all the fans on board from the off and indeed with many very much against the appointment meant that when the time came it wasn't going to take much to get the pitchforks and hay bales burning. Getting a Venables type mentor in is pointless, it would be only papering over the widening cracks and besides its far too late for that. As I said at the start of this piece, once Managers lose the crowd they don't recover and regain support the danger now is that SG himself is sailing close to losing the crowd.
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    The poster who mentioned Warnock wanting one more job to reach a milestone. Just found the article. He is 12 games short of reaching 1500 games as a manager. Said he would like a job to end of season to reach that milestone. We have 12 games between now and end of season. Its almost as if it was meant to be...
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    I suppose I'm just blindly hoping that Gibson will look beyond a 5 mile radius of Middlesbrough when selecting a new manager. I just don't see any benefit of keeping Woodgate at the club anymore, ok it's going to cost us to sack him but how much will relegation cost the club? I'm not saying sacking Woodgate will solve everything, the club needs completely overhauling from top to bottom but in the short term we need to avoid relegation and in my opinion I think changing manager is the most likely option of helping us to survive.
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    defended Woodgate all season long, saying he needs time and he's inherited a tough situation. but cant do it anymore, he manged to fluke a winning system when changes were forced on him by the injury/suspension of shotton, assombalonga, friend, mcnair , Johnson, etc. young energetic players were brought in and we went on a great run, , playing good football and generally outplaying some top sides. I'm almost embarrassed to say now but I thought a late run for the playoffs wasn't out the question. however, despite having this winning formula forced upon him, as soon as the before mentioned players were fit again, they were put straight back in the squad while all the youth players who had performed so well were placed back on the bench. To the surprise of absalulty nobody except Woodgate, our form has fallen of a cliff again. its clear to anyone watching that mcnair, shotton and especially assombalonga don't want to be here, so why play them? id rather just throw the kids in, at least they'd show some passion. but no, he chooses to play the same players and tactics from earlier in the season that caused to the team to go 10 without winning and to be the lowest scorers in the league. how can he be this inept? what possible makes him thing that this would work? you had a winning formula why did you revert back to the one that didn't work? it honestly boggles the mind. for the first time this season iv truly lost all faith in Woodgate....id really love it work out, but I think he has to go.
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    Received a text overnight. Meeting which was scheduled for international break has been brought forward to next Tuesday. I'd presume that means he's got 2 games to save his job but that's only my opinion. Players lost faith in management which is clear as day for us all to see in performances. Bausor has held talks with man City this week and deal agreed for Roberts to stay next season.
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    Woodgate 100%. He coached these players last year and sat in his press conference saying there were goals throughout this team. Result = lowest scorers in division this season. He said he was going to play 433, yet that soon disappeared. If he wants to play 433 and knowing the players he had instead of coaching them to play better at 433 he rips it up. He tells us about his famous PowerPoint interview with Bola, Brown and Dijksteel, yet send 2 of them back out on loan rather than coaching them to be better for us. If they aren’t good enough then what does it say about his ability to pick a player. With such a big rebuild required in the summer it fills me with dread if he is in charge, because I tell you now that if we are relegated this year with this squad then we will be closer to relegation next year in League one with this man in charge of the rebuild.
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    What's Aitor doing these days?
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    Stinks of a post-Karanka Boro Championship special to me. Start slow, get outfought, concede an early goal thanks to a switched off defender. Two down just before half-time, or stays at one through sheer luck. Play a bit better in the second half, pull a goal back. Into last 10 minutes with four strikers on. Gestede misses a header from one yard and we lose/draw. Woody blames the ref or something and says we go again.
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    Got to feel sorry for Leganes in this deal. Surely Barca shouldn't be able to just activate a buy-out clause with this "emergency" signing. It all but dooms Leganes to relegation and they're not even allowed to sign a replacement...
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    Stop making me wish for something that is never going to happen, please. At the moment I'd take a competently managed side who can score at home to Luton 😞
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    I don't think a Red Bull takeover would be ruinous for the club: 1. We already play in red and white, so a splash of yellow in our kit isn't going to change it the way a red/white/yellow kit would materially affect Chelsea or West Brom. 2. Red Bull couldn't change our club's name under FA rules. Our history and identity would be protected to a degree, at least. 3. It's not like they'd have to build a new stadium to enable MFC to flourish. The Riverside is fine. Again, heritage preserved. 4. If they wanted to rename the stadium the Red Bull Riverside, is it really worse than the BT Cellnet Riverside? 5. Our club is sinking into obscurity at present. Red Bull have a proven track record of making clubs successful, and after the last ten years, we could do with their guidance. 6. There are far fewer ethical concerns about being owned by an energy drinks company than by Emiratis, obscure shell corporations or Mike Ashley. Or Karl Oyston. Or Steve Dale. Or anyone else who decides to make Steve Gibson an offer in future. 7. I'd much rather see people walking around Middlesbrough advertising energy drinks on their replica shirts than the assorted pawnbrokers and bookmakers we've been sponsored by since the late Noughties. 8. It does appear Steve Gibson is losing interest in MFC, and his decision making over the last decade has been fairly absymal. Wouldn't it be nice to have a clear identity, a sense of direction, and a long-term plan? Even a Director of Football, for Christ's sake? As for the reactions of other clubs' supporters, (a) IDGAF, and (b) they'd just be jealous. Red Bull are a typically efficient Germanic organisation who have successfully disrupted every industry they've entered. They know what they're doing. Can the same be said for our current owner, who has been trading on past glories for over a decade?
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    We deserve to be relegated to League One for Gibson’s incompetence since relegation from the Premier League. His decision to appoint Woodgate, and continue with him, would not be accepted by any half competent owner of a football club within the Championship. We’re merely Gibson’s toy to give his pals within football jobs that no one else would give them. We’re not a serious football club.
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    Apparently has the backing still
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    Never, ever, accept a defeat against Leeds. Ever. Ever ever ever. 🖕
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    I actually think its selfish to carry on knowing that you are destroying something. To me the decent thing would be to accept that its beyond your capabilities and let someone in who knows what they are doing to fix it and repair the damage as soon as possible before it becomes too severe.
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    Great thread Uwe...think you've summed up the situation very well. 👍 Can Boro get anything from the game? Umm...severe rectal soreness? Strongest Team/Formation? I see you threw a trick question in there...nice try! Will Woody still be here after the International break? Sadly, probably yes. Unless Gibson is actually at the Riverside and hasn't been struck down with blindness. Why do you hate Leeds? 'Cos they're DIRTY! Plus Bielsa's a sneaky spying git. That said, I imagine he won't bother for us, after seeing what we were like at Elland Road. Why aren’t people that order steak ‘Well Done’ sent straight to prison? I have no idea. People who eat steak should be sent to prison..period. Y'know, since meat causes climate change and all that.
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    Going down with Southgate? He didnt pull the plug. Going down with Agnew? He didnt pull the plug. Going down with Woodgate?... Unfortunately we know the outcome. I've just accepted it now. It feels like I'm on the deck of the titanic and there are no more life boats left.
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    I believe that would be: "How can things get any worse?"
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    Players turning on each other after the game... management falling out over selection...not just toxic in the stands... this only goes one way I think.
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    After less than a day, 65 yeses to 5 no's. That's pretty damning. Can someone send Steve Gibson a link to this thread? Might improve the crisp selection in the concourses too.
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    I agree that we sacked Southgate too soon and, although I'm very much in the minority, I honestly believe that he would have taken us back up that season. However Woodgate is very different to Southgate. Whilst Southgate lacked experience and funds, he had the intelligence and understanding of planning and tactics. Woodgate does not and has not shown any signs of being able to learn from experience. There are reasons why Southgate has gone on to be one of the best England managers I can remember. Woodgate will never achieve that sort of level. Beyond being players who were appointed straight to their first managerial post with us, I don't think the two are really comparable.
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    This'll be Boro midweek (With CT at the heart of the action).
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    Boro line up at the end ————— 👶————- 🤷‍♂️——🕺🏿—— 👨🏾‍🦯—— 🧑🏻‍🦽 🤠—— 🤡—— 🐓—— 💩 ———- 🐴——— 🤕——
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    Gibson - just admit you were wrong and pull the plug on this absolute horror show. There's nothing wrong with admitting that you got it wrong. This is embarrassing.
  45. 4 points
    You're right, Leeds won't know what hit 'em.
  46. 4 points
    Yes, but Red Bull are are selling to end users. One way or another they will spend a lot of money to advertise to consumers. Therefore they can spend a lot of the marketing budget in promoting the club as long as they can show they might have to spend a similar amount if they were sponsoring another football club. Equally if they can show another similar company to them would spend that kind of money on football sponsorship, then they would be OK. Bulkhaul are selling to other companies and probably don’t need to advertise their services very much, so cannot justify a large spend on the front of football shirts - it wouldn’t be economic for that type of company to advertise to consumers. None of the big football sponsors are companies that don’t sell to consumers either directly or via retailers.
  47. 4 points
    Ah!! That makes sense why they all cheer and shout “Up the Hoops” 😉
  48. 4 points
    Phew - I was getting worried there for a while! (Where's the matchday thread...why isn't there a matchday thread...who's doing the matchday thread...?) Does he know something we don't in view of the rapid changes in m/d authors? I made up heard a rumour he's on an undercover mission at the Riverside, to bug Steve GIbson's office and hopefully get some answers as to exactly what the hell is going on there. 2. Should we get Boro Unger back on asap? Definitely. Our season hangs in the balance and there's only one man to call in this situation... Who will be happier Saturday night at the movies? Erm...whoever wins? Put it this way, if this one goes the same way as the Luton match...I Predict A Riot (to quote the Kaiser Chiefs). Stockton High Street will be awash with beer, faeces and torn up season tickets. Who will the great pretender pick to either stop or continue our form (bets on the draw) Well Wing seems to be on a bit of a run, as far as goals are concerned. Think it will be him, Tav or Sav on the scoresheet, as our strikers barely get any service and fluff the rare chances they do get. Will, Will compose a worthy and intelligent post? Who's Will? Should I use my seldom used phrase at any point in this thread? Well there are 3 more IMO and this is the first of them...so yes, this is TMIGOTS (so far). Will CT pick up his usual 147 like posts without giving one back? Probably. I suspect he pays people to rate his posts. No way he can actually be that popular. 😂😝 What are your thoughts on the game, is it more important to us or them? Points-wise its more important to Barnsley. They can still mathematically stay up. Worryingly for us, they are playing like they believe they can stay up. Whereas Boro are "playing" like they couldn't care less. ☹️ Like Fox Mulder... ...that we can stay up. With the players we have, this should be quite possible. But given the manager has lost the dressing room and the players are acting like the season's already over, a big part of me thinks we are in pretty deep ***. Prediction Heart says we can do this: Barnsley 1 - 2 Boro. Head says any result is possible and equally likely.
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    Leganes have asked for permission to sign a replacement. I suppose we could let them have Gestede for3-4 million.

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    • Yes I would agree with this if mid table like a month ago but as now we are heading league one we have to cut losses sack Woodgate get a Warnock in to keep us in the Championship. As if we get league one football it's a very long way back!
    • I enjoyed the game tonight tbh, despite it being freezing. I thought we went toe to toe with Leeds for the most part and could have quite easily nicked a goal or maybe even two on a different night. I'm not ready to completely write Woodgate off just yet - I think until he's had a proper chance to balance the squad to his liking over the summer & also get rid of all the various high earners (who've been pretty uninspired for several managers over several years now), it's kinda difficult to judge the poor bugger. He's clearly not doing a fantastic job, but I think a lot of managers would have struggled with us this season - espescially given the task of relying on youth and completely overhauling the playing style, but with pretty much the same core group.. All the young players will be a season better next year and hopefully the same will go for Woodgate. Assuming we make some positive moves/changes to the squad over the summer, we can start to build from there. Although I appreciate that it's fashionable to be negative on this forum, so with that said; Woodgate out!
    • The Forrest games on Monday this gives the club a long weekend of double training sessions. As honestly Gibson needs to say Woodgate will you resign if he doesn't sack him then get a Warnock in who be here 9am this morning getting them players drilled for 4 days. I reckon if this happened by Monday night the Boro will be transformed and may beat Forrest. But nope this won't happen the players will laze around for 4 days doing pre season like drills then stuffer another L on Sky. I don't actually think Boro have won a game live on Sky this year
    • Don't really want to see George  playing for us anymore, he has lost it totally. Food for thought I do not imagine for one moment that Ben Gibson will be donning a Boro shirt if we do go down
    • 352 britt and fletcher up front, howson or spence rwb, tav in the middle where he was doing well. 
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