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    Well here we are looking forward to the new season of 2019/2020 where upon we will all collectively follow the fortunes of the only football club that matters to us, Middlesbrough FC and we have been fortunate enough to have been able to do so for many a season now with their ups and their downs thanks to the fact that we have and are members of the oneBoro forum, a forum that has become a part of life to so many people over the years. This forum has given me an outlet and a way to share my love of MFC and to chat to like minded people from all over the world. It has allowed me to become friends with so many other forum members, to get together with them at so many games and grounds just to able to see the Boro but in a much better way than being alone (ok have my son). Irrespective of the minor fall outs regularly seen personally I am just so glad that I have had the chance to participate on a forum which has always maintained it's values and respected everyone's opinions be they good or bad as much as possible. The number of participating members increases all the time and over the years the forum has allowed thousands of folks to share with others their thoughts about MFC. Technology and social media certainly has changed over my time on the forum allowing instant information and news, the ability to watch a match live, depending on streams, of so many Boro games but at onetime this forum was a vital part to so many, especially oversees to know what was going on during a game and the reason why our match day threads were so popular. I recall many folks stating that the match day threads and transfer window threads were the main reason for them joining in the first place and happily many are still active and contributing members. There are other Boro forums that people can use but we have kept going we have had good and bad times but we are still here and growing in popularity it would seem from recent increases in membership. Certainly I would hope that we see the return of members who have stopped posting during the Pulis period and that they can feel the forum is a good place to visit. But during all of that and always ensuring that the forum is possible is the fact that we have Mister oneBoro himself (Rob) who without fanfare and to be honest not much thanks or recognition silently gets on making sure the forum costs are covered and updating the forum resulting in what we have available to us all. He never asks for financial assistance, though members can aid him should they wish, he sorts out forum issues as quickly as possible and well he has always been there for us. So publicly I want to thank Rob for all he has done for us, your efforts and time are very much appreciated and I know that so many other members recognise that fact. We have a like button now and the man who started this and has always maintained this forum deserves far more recognition and appreciation so please even if you see a post from him which is short and sweet and probably forum maintenance related give the man a "like" Or simply just say thanks Rob on a reply, I know the forum means a lot to so many, tell the man why. On behalf of everyone Rob both old and new past and present a massive thank you for everything you have done, this forum would not have been possible had it not been for your efforts.
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    Can I be first to ask if Parrott deal is dead....or just resting
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    One for the season. If we are struggling to score and a camera shot of Robbie Keane "They could do with someone like him in their team now"
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    Best RB in the league if we sign him. League 2 standard if we don’t
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    hi folks , hammers fan here , i come in peace ! , i tried to comment on here before marcus browne played a game for the Boro , so its a bit late now i suppose as you probably all now know you've got a potential top player on your hands in that boy , good luck for the season , and good luck to marcus
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    Aim is for an initial loan. Permanent in the summer.
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    im in the same camp as BD . ive gone through plenty of bad times in the past as well as wonderful times . ive seen players ranging from absolute top quality down to rank bad . right now what i see is arguably the worst its been since i started following the club i love. its not an over reaction as ive thought it through , many will point to the years immediately prior to our lowest ebb in 1986 as the worst time , but i was around and witnessed it , it was very low but i still felt a tinge of optomism that with each managerial change or incoming player we might turn things round , admittedly in that era pre social media and internet forums we had less access to the bigger issue of the state of finances other than reading gazette reports about problems with Amer and other higher associates, but player and management wise there was always a degree of hope. Then some will point to the Strachan days , but my main discontent about that era was the terrible signings from north of the border that we made. dispise him as much as you like but Strachan was a guy that at least had some experience to fall back on . Right now where are we ? We have a owner that is now dividing opinion and thats being kind. Sothgate was a huge mistake, Agnew was a similar mistake and still he follwed suit with this appointment. Gibson strikes me as someone who likes and is too used to getting his own way in life. maybe sorry and i was wrong are not in his reprtoire but unless he has an epithany and makes his own adjustments in the first place , youve got to worry for our immediate future. Then theres the already lambasted Merry Melodies recruitment team and grinmeister himself ,Bauser whose most positive aspect on his MFC cv is that hes managed to make Keith Lamb look effective. another stick to beat the decision maker with. The Manager, hes obviously not ready or experienced enough to deal with the issues which lie in front of him and too naive to see those behind him, its not his fault , he means well and had the best intentions but wont be able to carry them out for many reasons and now is starting to doubt and dabble with the intentions that won the percentage of fans willing to give him the benefit of doubt , over. Finally the players, ive read numerous times how they cant adjust to this new style of play. WHY? . These are the ones deemed to be the players that stood out from the many thousands of young lads dreaming of making a living of playing professional football . Surely theyre capable of adapting having reached this level . hate to say it but were horribly broken at this point in time and a lot of parts need fixing.
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    He got 4 goals last season from a defensive team, and only joined us a few games in and didnt play every game (I think 28 starts and 6 sub appearances) - he still finished out top scoring midfielder. Not sure what people expect tbh.
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    Clayton is your issue with that game?! Clayton played well! Pinged some beautiful balls around, sits deeper let's wing and mcnair push high. Even managed to push high himself. Think that would be incredibly harsh to pick him out, especially when shotton played in this game.
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    Why has nobody started a FFP details and specifics thread yet for the few who are interested 😶
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    i mean if u look at our form i think we have turned a corner some what. 1 defeat in 5 and it was away to top of the league leeds. weve won 2 games after no win in 10 , were scoring goals and were now 4 points clear of the drop. and to top it off weve done this while half the squad has been out injured or ill. a bare bones boro squad has show the fight and determination thats been lacking all season, for me thats grounds for optimism
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    Middlesbrough vs Millwall (H) *Crash* *Bang* *Whallop* Woody has burst through his first hurdle with a thoroughly convincing *cough* win against Wigan Athletic! Now can he crash through the Mill-Wall and get a real head of steam going for the season? Match Information: 3pm at the riverside, Middlesbrough take on Millwall… in the battle of the cartoon lions who will take the spoils? After a run of mediocre and downright bad results Boro recorded their first win of the season and will be looking to pull a run of results together, could we see the confidence return and a reappearance of the exciting play on show for the first 135 minutes of the campaign? Millwall started the season in the opposite manner with some decent results at first but come to this fixture on the back of a 4-0 trouncing by Fulham. This Fixture Last Time Out: The last time we welcomed Millwall to the Riverside we stole a 1-1 draw in the most unconvincing fashion. Injury News: Coulson is still out for a couple of weeks at least. Friend failed to make the bench at Wigan after rumblings of an injury. This could be the first fixture of the season for Fry, there’s a lot of anticipation but he will need to be given time and patience as he’s not had a full preseason. Millwall have Wallace unavailable due to suspension and lost Jiri Skalak to injury against Fulham. View From The Opposition: Nothing up on the Boro game as of yet. But if you visit: https://millwall-forum.vitalfootball.co.uk/forums/north-stand-banter.6/ you can find some angry people slagging their team and manager off, just like any forum I suppose… Questions: Was dropping Dijksteel harsh? What’s the most impressive wall you’ve ever seen? Will Millwall’s direct style make us come unstuck? Would you make any changes? Score predictions?
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    Rudy's a good egg but he's on far too much money for us. I hope we can shift him and then wish him all the best. If not and he's still here, I'm pretty sure he'll at least want to try and contribute to any success we have so the less of the 'donkey' quotes, the better.
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    These are bold appointments in my opinion not just the "cheap" option some of the keyboard warriors would have us believe. As for fan divisions I really do think that these will evaporate once we hear from the new team. The divisions were purely down to Boolis as he was firmly ion charge so it is unfair to say that Woody was his stooge previously. In fairness this has all the hallmarks of a fresh start that might well take a few years to get right , as opposed to smashing the league , but I would rather have a young , hungry team trying to play decent football than some of the garbage we have seen in recent seasons. If this is to be the the start of playing the youth / bringing in lower league players I am quite happy to see mid table and above as success next year. Lets give Woody and the gang a fair crack before we go all "typical" on them.
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    https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/woodgate-issues-update-middlesbrough-contract-17582560 some good news this morning. Woody says that he thinks Spence will sign a new contract "in the next 10 days" with Pears and Tavernier to follow suit soon after.
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    Ridiculous comments from those criticising Liddle, he's a young kid making a debut away to a Premier league team. Not only that our shape was all over the place in the first half which left him and Wing totally outnumbered in the middle. In the second half we pushed our defence 10/15 yards further up the pitch which reduced Spurs' space to play and got ourselves back in the game.
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    Just arrived home and certainly for 3 generations of my family it was well worth the trip. Good game, good football and I get to go to the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium. Lads did us proud and the work ethics was first class. MOM for me was Howson but the new lads certainly looked a step up from what we have been used to. Joe (Blanco) was really good seeing you again with your family sorry I could not spend more time with you. Teddy very irked that he will not be going to the replay!
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    You know what is also hilarious? Derby sacked their club captain for being drunk in the back of a car while his teammates drunk drove. Richard Keogh was not driving, hence did not break any law, and also suffered a probable career ending injury. Derby then make Rooney captain two years after he actually was convicted for drink driving and being 3 times over the limit. What a despicable club.
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    Et tu DS?! I don't think I'm getting enough credit for this upturn in form. Woodgate hasn't mentioned me once and the Gazette are acting like I don't even exist 😢
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    Wouldn’t be surprised if woodgate got manager of the month for December
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    I mentioned yesterday about Stoke diving a lot. Here is the one that actually made me choke on my drink at the time.
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    Hi, Apologies for the intrusion. I covered an U23 match of yours against Newcastle back in November, and planned to do so next time you played down south and I was nearby. I went to the match against Crystal Palace today, which 'Boro absolutely dominated, and put together this match report with photos. https://thegrassrootstourist.com/2019/12/02/crystal-palace-u23/ Hope it's of interest to some. Regards, GRTourist
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    For me, I've watched us play a fair few games this year and theres been a sprinkling of us looking good. It's not constant and it's in flashes. However, what worries me the most is that we just didnt even muster any real chances throughout the game. That's a worry as its typical of most of our games this season, as shown with the low shots and conversion stats. I still cant quite fathom what type of team we are. Do we defend deep and hit them on the break? Do we play with the infamous Woodgate high press? What exactly is our approach to games? We dont keep the ball well. That's a worry. Even in periods today where Leeds were at us and even the Hull game, *** me, just pass the ball around and make Leeds work for it. We gave them the ball back so many times but for no purpose? I just dont get it. Its amateurish, it really is. It's going to get worse before it gets better, that's for sure. Randolph will leave and if you're a Boro player now, why on earth would you sign an extended contract to stay? I hate it. I honestly hate it so much. It's like watching your house burn down and being powerless to stop it whilst Woodgate tries to blunder about and put it out whilst Gibson controls the water. No game plan, no tactics, no possession, no shots and no enjoyment. We currently win 1 game in 6. Have the 5th worst goal difference in the league. It's amazing we're not in the bottom 3.
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    We should have been out of sight in that game had it not been for Barnsleys keeper pulling off heroics, what are you talking about "undeserved" and Barnsley should feel "robbed". We were far better that 2nd half.
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    I don't have a soft spot for him. I wasn't convinced when we bought him unlike most on here and I rated Bamford as the better player as I also said repeatedly on the forum, preferring to keep him and sell Assombalonga if I had a choice. But he is the best we have right now and it's not even close. We have a big problem with goal scoring within the rest of the team but he's the one taking the flak for that as well, which is just nonsense. The other players aren't missing chances because of anything he does. Wing and McNair have had almost the same number of shots as Assombalonga this season. Assombalonga's shots and chances are better (closer to the goal) than either of them of course so quite rightly he will be expected to score more goals. But as a team we have the worst goal scoring record in the league and Assombalonga is the joint 9th highest scorer in the Championship so how is that his fault? Look at the league table - West Brom's top scorer has 6 goals, Swansea's top scorer has 6 goals, Bristol City's top scorer has 6 goals, Leeds top scorer has 5 goals. There are plenty of teams who don't have a single player who has scored 6 or more goals this season, we do but it's his fault that we're struggling? I have no idea what you mean by needless runs. It's a strange thing that some people criticise the bloke for not working hard enough and now you appear to be saying he works too hard? He does make runs behind the defence, he does it repeatedly and doesn't get the ball. Because he's playing up front on his own mostly he is also having to play the role of target man as well, coming short to try and get on the ball, which clearly doesn't suit him as you say. So he's effectively trying to be two different players and I think he's caught somewhere in between. He doesn't spread the play well enough and he does dwell on the ball, I completely agree with that. These things do my head in because it really should be an easy thing to fix and it hasn't been done by now, which either means they aren't working on it or he's just not improving that aspect of his game. I don't think he's a particular intelligent footballer, which might have something to do with it. He's missed some chances he should have scored this season but then I bet every player in the league has done the same. It's standing out more for us because nobody else is contributing anything that's why he has scored as many goals as everyone else. A few more stats that are worth noting; we have the 2nd highest number of shots outside the penalty area and I believe the 3rd lowest inside the penalty area. In other words, we're taking a lot of longer shots and we aren't scoring from them. It's not Assombalonga who is doing that. I suppose what I'm saying is criticise him for the things that he is responsible for rather than placing all of the failings of the team on his shoulders. He should be doing better this season, but all of them should be, and our goal scoring issues are a team wide problem, not just his.
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    Most sensible post I have read regarding Saville, hes not the awful player hes made out to be. We paid too much and it hasn't worked out as of yet but he doesn't deserve abuse and he isn't a bad player
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    Right see what tomorrow brings. Adamant Fry will still be a boro player on Thursday after 5pm
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    Guess I'm one of those 4! Thanks for having me, am enjoying reading the latest transfer gossip for the Boro. Reason I've only just joined - I only found out about the site last week, I was a regular visitor on FMTTM (but a rare poster) and saw this forum mentioned.
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    https://wp.me/p4i04N-4YD Here's my report from today's friendly between Middlesbrough and Saint-Étienne where the two sides played out a 1-1 draw.
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    Also woody told Stewy he wasn’t being offered a new deal... he really is determined to stamp his own mark on how the club moves forward.
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    If we can afford Hughton we can afford Karanka. I don't care about the dangers of nostalgia, just give me that beautiful man back.
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    What more is there to say. It's absolutely miserable being a Boro fan right now. We're abject and appalling, and all the signs suggest it's going to stay that way for some time. Gibson spent so much time chasing the EFL and our opponents today over FFP matters it seeks like he's forgotten he runs a football club. Fans still sing his name, and say how much of a king he is, yet the disdain shown to the fans is miserable. As for Woodgate, what improvements are there? We don't score, we don't defend we don't do anything. We've got a back room full of inexperience, and a circus clown for good measure. We're so tactically inept it's unreal. The fans of Derby will be taking great pleasure in tonights result that's for sure. So so horrible given how far eve managed to sink from the promotion season
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    Told ya I reckon our Riverside stadium is built on an Indian burial site
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    Best business we done was keeping hold of Britt, fry, and Randolph this window could have been a lot worse... I am looking forward for the rest of the season
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    People talk about losing Britt and Randolph. Losing Clayton would be just as big a blow. In this system he’s look back to his best and is definitely not as replaceable as some seem to think.
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    Chatting with a couple from my 4 ball they think its 1 max in... currently not planning on selling.
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    They’re not at all. Their dealings are awful. Pay big fees and rarely get a return. Big wages on players 30+. Probably the worst in the league. Rooney is a PR stunt. All while they’ve still got Richard Keogh at CB
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    Shall we leave the ins and outs of a legal trial on here please.
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    No, they're after Dunk and Ajer. They've still got Jonny Evans as well.
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    I will send a text and let you Gents know.
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    So like my missus when she’s hammered
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    Got more assists than anyone else though and is still probably out best and most consistent CM ?‍♂️
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    One person said they'd rather live in the UK, that was me. My point wasn't that i'd rather live in the UK than travel around, it was that i'd rather live here than in a place where you can be sentenced to death for being attracted to a member of the same sex, or merely being a woman.
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    No you cant!! You cant go by what one person did to predict what another completely different person will do. What is so hard about that point to understand for so many people? I'll say it again - I'm not woodgates biggest supporter to get the job - I think hes about middle of the pack but I'm sure as hell going to give the man a chance before I make my judgement on him. There are so many people not willing to do that and it's a shame.
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    'Worse than non-league' is not even close to accurate, but even putting that to one side, Neville has also coached at Valencia, Man United and England U-21. He's more experienced than Woodgate, definitely more than Southgate was and arguably more than McClaren or Robson were.

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