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    Well here we are looking forward to the new season of 2019/2020 where upon we will all collectively follow the fortunes of the only football club that matters to us, Middlesbrough FC and we have been fortunate enough to have been able to do so for many a season now with their ups and their downs thanks to the fact that we have and are members of the oneBoro forum, a forum that has become a part of life to so many people over the years. This forum has given me an outlet and a way to share my love of MFC and to chat to like minded people from all over the world. It has allowed me to become friends with so many other forum members, to get together with them at so many games and grounds just to able to see the Boro but in a much better way than being alone (ok have my son). Irrespective of the minor fall outs regularly seen personally I am just so glad that I have had the chance to participate on a forum which has always maintained it's values and respected everyone's opinions be they good or bad as much as possible. The number of participating members increases all the time and over the years the forum has allowed thousands of folks to share with others their thoughts about MFC. Technology and social media certainly has changed over my time on the forum allowing instant information and news, the ability to watch a match live, depending on streams, of so many Boro games but at onetime this forum was a vital part to so many, especially oversees to know what was going on during a game and the reason why our match day threads were so popular. I recall many folks stating that the match day threads and transfer window threads were the main reason for them joining in the first place and happily many are still active and contributing members. There are other Boro forums that people can use but we have kept going we have had good and bad times but we are still here and growing in popularity it would seem from recent increases in membership. Certainly I would hope that we see the return of members who have stopped posting during the Pulis period and that they can feel the forum is a good place to visit. But during all of that and always ensuring that the forum is possible is the fact that we have Mister oneBoro himself (Rob) who without fanfare and to be honest not much thanks or recognition silently gets on making sure the forum costs are covered and updating the forum resulting in what we have available to us all. He never asks for financial assistance, though members can aid him should they wish, he sorts out forum issues as quickly as possible and well he has always been there for us. So publicly I want to thank Rob for all he has done for us, your efforts and time are very much appreciated and I know that so many other members recognise that fact. We have a like button now and the man who started this and has always maintained this forum deserves far more recognition and appreciation so please even if you see a post from him which is short and sweet and probably forum maintenance related give the man a "like" Or simply just say thanks Rob on a reply, I know the forum means a lot to so many, tell the man why. On behalf of everyone Rob both old and new past and present a massive thank you for everything you have done, this forum would not have been possible had it not been for your efforts.
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    Sorry I just needed to see kids as off to London tomorrow until saturday. Randolph - West Ham tried to renegotiate with us and wanted a loa as they couldn't be sure with injury... woody said buy or do one basically. Ayala - Injury doesn't look great, ankle still swollen but heads south with squad on Monday. Spence - Negotiations moving forward , all looks positive. 4 prem teams have asked to kept informed of any changes. Howson - pretty much all agreed ... 3yr deal. Britt - lots of loan interest but everyone told the same 10mil or not interested. Robert's - Boro keen to do perm , city open to it , Roberts open to it , prem I test kn summer could be an issue. Transfers in.. Woody and club desperate to get Ben back , player keen even looking at a buy Swiss keeper all agreed apart from medical if Randz goes. Woody wants 2 on top of that if we can do it.
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    Steve Gibson's primary concern is to have total control and likes to see the club as his vehicle to give his mates jobs, which vicariously gives him power. Gibson, akin to his Tory leaning ways, is obsessed with power and controls the media by keeping the Evening Gazette and BBC Tees toting the party lines. I don't blame the Evening Gazette sports team, it's just Gibson and the Club using their power to remove any meaningful scrutiny that the club have. The Club have got Neil Maddison on the payroll with his job within the club. Slaven got sacked in that role after becoming too outspoken. Gibson is doing everything in his power to avoid scrutiny. If he bothered to put the same robust practices that he puts into avoiding scrutiny, into organising the club into being successful on the pitch then we wouldn't be in this mess. There are many parallels between how the Club control the media and how the Tories get an easy ride from the right wing press. The only time when we've been successful in the past decade was when Karanka and Orta took control away from Gibson. Either side of Karanka being here we've wasted money on garbage signings and knee jerked between unsuccessful managers who were either unproven and unprepared to be a manager or dinosaur managers. I also don't like how when Karanka and Orta left Gibson got the Evening Gazette to launch a smear campaign on them. It was very dirty by Gibson. The way I think Gibson views the club is that as he puts loads of millions into MFC then he can do whatever he wants. The mantra is basically that the fans are meaningless and that Gibson is infallible like a medieval King or Pope. I think the Club would be by far better off if there was more scrutiny of decisions, both within itself about appointments to senior positions, such as could anyone have warned Gibson about appointing Woodgate and Bevington into such influential positions?, and externally through the media; There were eyebrows raised on here about both those appointments, yet the club saw no issue and the Evening Gazette and BBC Tees didn't scrutinise the decisions. It has just endlessly produced propaganda on behalf of Woodgate and the club. We're teetering on the brink of relegation to League One, and it’s abundantly clear that Gibson is completely mismanaging the club. We desperately need a Director of Football in the Summer to take away the power from Gibson's incompetent hands. Hopefully we can somehow salvage this season so that we're not walking out as a League One side in August. It's incredibly worrying times.
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    Settle down children and I'll begin... Twas the night before Luton, when all through the house, Not a creature was stirring, not even a Mejias. A blank kit was packed by the kit man with care, In the hopes that Anfernee Dijksteel would soon be there. The players were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of promotion danced in their heads. And Woody in his suit, instead of Pulis in his cap, Had given us hope that we wouldn't play crap. But out on the pitch surrounded by noise, Woody sprang from the dugout to encourage the boys. Away to the Hatters was a tricky beginning, If we wanna go up, this is one we should be winning. Now Howson! Now Wing! Now Britt and McNair, On Brown, On Bola, not you Rudy, you just sit there. The fans sprang to their feet, as the ref blew his whistle, Wing had just scored with a shot like a missile. Wouldn't that be such a wonderful sight, Happy new season to all, and to all a good-night.
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    SDS, it’s Dijksteel at Rockliffe
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    For all those asking about these 4 players at rockcliffe just before weekend. I have done some digging appears it was bola Browne and 2 premiership loan players, sketchy with details but I believe they have agreed everything just awaiting sanction from club when back from overseas. Also don't believe everything you here from Charlton watch this space.
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    What are other people's views on how whether there is sufficient scrutiny on the Club internally and externally such as through the Evening Gazette and BBC Tees?. My post in the "Should Jonathan Woodgate be sacked?" thread generated discussion so maybe it's worthy of its own thread. I'll get the ball rolling below by adding a few more points. Externally, I think it's pretty much a dictatorship with the Club's treatment of the Evening Gazette and BBC Tees over the years. We're teetering on the brink of relegation to League One after the appointment of Woodgate backfired as expected and is still in a job, yet there seems to have been next to no meaningful scrutiny. Based upon the clear imbalance between the squad at Woodgate's disposal vs our league position, we should be nowhere near the relegation zone. We're only here through sheer incompetence to 1.) appoint a useless manager and head of recruitment, and 2.) to continue to employ that useless manager (head of recruitment did the right thing and resigned - credit to Bevington for that). I completely don't blame the Evening Gazette sports team for their lack of scrutiny as they've got their hands tied behind their backs. They got their hands scolded after relegation from the Premier League when they became too critical of the team and undoubtedly have budget pressures so have to fall in line with the club as they simply can't afford to fall out with the Club. MFC had the power to bully the Evening Gazette into submission, but it shouldn't do so just because it has the power to. It's dirty tactics which reduces my opinion of Steve Gibson dramatically. Similarly, MFC having the BBC Tees Neil Maddison on the payroll is a massive conflict of interest, so he's never going to be impartial. Notably, Bernie Slaven was sacked from that role because he was too outspoken against MFC's failures. It's so obviously tainted. Internally, the sound music from Pulis and Woodgate seems to be one of complacency as they have reassured us countless times that there are good policies now in place behind the scenes and that Steve Gibson knows what he is doing. We've heard lots of propaganda for years about "smashing the league", "the golden thread", how we've totally rejuvenated the recruitment policies etc. However, nothing has improved, and instead things have slowly and gradually got worse ever since Gibson regained full power during that messy January 2017 window. From the outside looking in, it seems like Gibson surrounds himself with "yes men" who aren't fit for their jobs, as emphasised by the appointments of Bevington and Woodgate. Given that culture, I can't imagine someone internal who scrutinised Gibson and co's decisions being particularly welcomed behind the scenes. I'm imagining they'd be sacked and thrown under the bus just how Karanka and Orta were after relegation from the Premier League. He took it to an unprofessional level with them personal attacks. It's from the political handbook of dirty tricks. I think Gibson should be absolutely ashamed of himself for doing that to a manager who got us promoted. Common decency and appreciation of his achievements with us should have prevailed. Again, just because you have the power to do something, it doesn't mean you should do it. In my opinion, the lack of scrutiny internally and externally is contributing to the malaise that has maligned the club for the vast majority of the past decade. It makes me even less confident about our ability to turn things around. In the absence of genuine scrutiny from the local media, fans dismay can only be contained for so long. Before Gibson knows it he's going to come under some well deserved criticism when PR can't paper over the cracks any longer such as if we end up in League One. Maybe only then will he stop burying his head into the sand at any sort of scrutiny.
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    @Lurker, @diggerlad07 @Smoggydownsouth and all the other ITK posters. Thank you for all the ITK info you guys share. Think i speak for everyone when i say it is much appreciated. Without it the level of discussion and excitement on the forum would not be anywhere near what it is.
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    Window hasn't been bad at all. Got in 2 fullbacks and a winger. I agree we could've done with more but we've kept our most important players and hopefully got the wage bill down to a sustainable amount. Got good money for the players we sold. Plenty of big earners out Willing to give youth a chance. We knew the craic with finances early doors and I think we've come out of it alright. Better than throwing money at daft loans and wages.
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    Our impending Dutch destroyer is in the building.
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    Just had a text to say we have made a second bid for Djiksteel
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    STOKE VERSUS MIDDLESBROUGH Details Teams – Stoek v Middlesbrough Location – The Bet365 Stadium Competition – The Championship (only just) Date – Sat 27th June 2020 Kick off – 15:00 Introduction A quick foreword (if only he had a quick forward...) from our new manager. https://voca.ro/cV9kHJ2vrpW The Last Games Boro: Boro 0 – 3 Swansea. Boro were comprehensively tonked by Swansea in a desolate Riverside. The Swans had two close misses before twisting the knife and scoring three goals in the first half. Luckily, they took their webbed feet off our necks in the second half and didn’t completely ruin our goal difference. Stoke: Stoke 1 – 1 Reading Stoke drew with Reading. You could probably have worked that out yourself from the scoreline though… Form (League only - most recent last) Boro: L Stoke: D The View From The Other Side They’re all stoked to be playing the Boro… Their views on the new gaffer https://oatcakefanzine.proboards.com/thread/295117/woodgate-warnock The Un(ger)-Official Match Preview We may win. Graphs. If it’s graphs Mr Downsouth wants, it’s graphs Mr Downsouth will receive… Graph 1. Boro v Stoke attendances in the last game. As you can see, neither Middlesbrough or Stoke are well supported teams. Graph 2. People’s favourite gate. In a long term study, 2053.3 Boro fans were asked what their opinions were of different types of gate over time. Wrought iron has enjoyed the most sustained spell of popularity over time – with a brief dip just after the global financial crisis for unknown reasons. Graph 3. With news that Woody is going to be offered a role at the club, we asked 563.8 people what job they think he would be best suited to? Graph 4. With virtual fans all the rage nowadays, we asked 7,793,312,996 people what fan noises they thought should be introduced to the loudspeakers during the game. In retrospect, this survey should probably have been carried out with a smaller sample size. Enjoy the game folks
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    Hull v Boro Details Teams – Hull v Middlesbrough Location – The Tiger King Stadium Competition – The Championship (only just) Date – Thur 2nd July 2020 Kick off – 17:00 Introduction Hi. The Last Games Boro: Stoke 0 – 2 Boro Boro beat the toothless Stoke 2-0 with goals from Fletcher and a peach of a strike from Tavernier. Jack Butland could only jump up and down and have a strange little tantrum as he watched both goals fly past him. Warnock’s Boro looked a lot more confident and refused to give up their lead, despite several gilt-edged chances for the toothless stoke, who made Boro look clinical in comparison. Hull: Birmingham 3 – 3 Hull Hull had a high scoring draw with mid table Birmingham and twice let their lead slip. Hull were 2 up at half time thanks to early goals from ‘Reserve player 1’ and ‘Reserve player 2’. Birmingham’s Gary Gardner pruned the advantage to 1 soon after half time. After Crowley had equalised for Brum, the auto-generated football manager player Herbie Kane scored for Hull. Then Gardner weeded out a third goal. Form (League only - most recent last) Boro: LW Hull: LD The View From The Other Side Hull City don’t seem to have a forum so dunno… The Un(ger)-Official Match Preview Boro should be looking to take advantage of Hull-light for another 3 points on Thursday. Warnock will have had a few more days to work with the team and we will surely win 3-1! If the tigers go down this season, they are sure to never financially recover from this... Those still at work, be sure to start saying you feel a bit peaky at ~3pm, then get sent home ill at ~4pm so you can make it home in time to watch the match at 5pm. Graphs. Graph 1. The last 5 Boro manager’s win rates. As you can clearly see from this data, Warnock is twice as good a manager as Karanka and is on track to win the Champions league with Boro if he keeps up his win rate. Graph 2. This graph shows the number of remaining games over the season. As you can see, the number of remaining games tends to drop over the season. Graph 3. This graph explores what wavelengths of light Stoke player nick Powell could see throughout the game on Saturday. As you can see, Powell looked to the sky in despair each time the Boro scored. Farewell
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    Warnock. Retires (for the 473rd time). Signs 8 match contract with Boro. Keeps Boro up with 2 games to spare. Can't resist the allure of one more season in management, for a club and chairman he's always had a soft spot for. The Mrs is just happy to get rid of him for another year. Finishes 2nd in his first full season with Boro, 4 points behind recently relegated Villa. Cannot turn down the temptation of one final shot at PL management. Signs 1 year deal. Keeps Boro up on the final game of the season with a point at The Amex. Standing ovation from the Boro faithful, Warnock in a flood of tears. Forever inscribed in Boro folklore. Retires (for the 474th and final time). It's written in the stars.
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    Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen, I have finally had some time to have a really good look at our financial accounts for the period upto June 2019 (The 2018-2019 season). As a word of warning this will be a post that is very number heavy. I apprieciate this will not be a thread that is everyone's cup of tea, but as far as I am aware, no-one has a gun to your head making you read this. The Facts: Turnover: In the latest figures released for the 2018/2019 season turnover was £55,643,000. Compare that to the 2017/2018 season's figure of £61,996,000, we have a decrease of 10.25%. *Cost of Sales: Our figures for the 2018/2019 season haven't really changed all that much compared to the 2017/2018 season (they actually increased by less than 1%). This is a little concerning as you'd expect a business to cut costs to fall in line with a reduction in turnover. I'll look at the wages aspect of this in more detail, but because there is not breakdown in expenses (like the turnover), it would be pure guess work as to why our cost of sales has remained high. Admin Expenses (Including **Amortisation): For the 2018/2019 season total admin expense was £34,233,000. Compare that to the 2017/2018 season's figure of £30,982,000, we have a increase in admin expenses of 10.49%. So turnover has dropped by 10% and admin expenses have increased by 10%, so far things aren't looking great. Profit on Sale of Registrations: This is effectively the profit we have made on selling players, but it is a little more complicated. At the time of sale a player will have a net book value - NBV for short (this is going back to amortisation). If a player has a NBV of £1,000,000 and we sell him for £2,000,000, we will record this as £1,000,000 and then wipe the NBV off the accounts (I'll look at this later on). For the 2018/2019 season this figure was £33,225,000, compare that to the 2017/2018 season's figure of £15,335,000, and we have doubled the money made. This £17,890,000 increase from last year has more than made up for the £6,353,000 drop in turnover and £3,251,000 increase in admin expenses. Profit/(Loss) before Taxation: All the above factors including a few of the omitted items (Other operating income and interest payable) lead us to ending up with a profit for the year of £2,012,000. Compared to last year's figures of a loss of £6,396,000, this is a good result financially. Further Breakdown of Figures: Turnover (Detailed): Looking at the turnover breakdown for the 2018/19 season, all areas of turnover decreased compare to the 2017/18 season (with exception of Sponsorship and Competition money, which actually increased). Income from gate receipts dropped by 14.89% (Probably due to not having a play-off game, like the season before, and also the attendances dropping) and merchandising was down by 11% also. Broadcasting income was down by 12.21% (£5,652,000), this was mainly due to our parachute payments reducing from £41,600,000 in the 2017/18 season to £34,900,000 for the 2018/19 season. Wages and Salaries: Wages and Salaries are included in the cost of sales figure, but I think it is important to seperate them out. In the 2017/18 season our Staff costs (Including Social Security and pension costs) were £48,707,000. For the 2018/19 season they were reduced by 17.62% to a figure of £40,125,000. Between the beginning of July 2018 and the end of June 2019 we saw the following first teamers leave; Barrangan, Cranie, Mejias, Fabio, Bamford, Gibson, Traore, De Sart, Ripley and Leadbitter. We also brought in the following first teamers; Flint, McNair, Saville, Mikel, Hugill, Besic, Batth, Mcqueen and La Parra. Those player movements allowed us to reduce the wage bill by £8,582,000. *Cost of Sales - This figure will normally include any cost that is directly contributed to making a "sale". In a manufactoring business this will include, direct labour and raw materials. For us management staff and player wages will be included in this figure. **Amortisation in this sense is the original transfer fee for a player split evenly over the years of their contract. For example Saville was signed for £8,000,000 on a 4 year deal. Each accounting year will include £2,000,000 (£8,000,000 / 4) worth of amortisation for him. Saville's NBV will decrease for each passing year. Analysis: Turnover: For the 2019/2020 season our turnover is going to drop by a huge amount. We will no longer have any parachute payments, so we are looking at taking away £34,900,000 from the turnover for 2018/2019. Plus if our average attendance drops this season we are going to see a drop in gate receipts. This is before we factor in the relatively new prospect of the rest of this season being postponed and or scrapped entirely. As an estimate I'm expecting to see us with a turnover of between £20,000,000 - £25,000,000. Cost of Sales (Wages): With our transfer activity and our player turnover, I would expect that our wage bill will drop off considerably in the 2019/2020 season. I wouldn't be surprised to see it drop down to a similar level to our (estimate 2019/20) turnover. Between July 2019 and June 2020 we have seen the following first team players leave; Downing, Dimi, Braithwaite, Randolph, Flint, Mikel, Hugill, Besic, Batth, Mcqueen and La Parra. Plus any players that leave this summer will also reduce the wage costs, but that won't be fully reflected until the set of accounts that covers the 2020/2021 season. Admin Expenses (Including **Amortisation): I would, like the wages, expect this figure to also drop in the next set of accounts due to us being able to remove amortisation for players we no longer have. This will help to reduce our expenses in the accounts and thus will have a direct impact the end profit/(loss) figure in the next set of accounts. Profit on Sale of Registrations: This figure is also something that has a big impact on our profit/(loss) figure for the end of the year. I expect in the next set of accounts that this figure is considerably lower than the current figure. Mainly due to us not getting 8 figure fees for players like we did in the 2018/2019 season, but also due to certain players having a similar NBV to what we sold them for (Flint and Braitwaite IMO). Compare this to us selling Gibson for £15,000,000 with him having no NBV in return (due to us not paying any transfer fee for him). His transfer would contribute £15,000,000 in profit. What does this mean for FFP (Profit and Sustainability)? FFP is judged on a 3 year rolling basis, so the 2017/2018, 2018/2019 and the 2019/2020 seasons, will all be included in the 3 year rolling assessment. So in the 2017/2018 we made a lost of £6,396,000, but then in 2018/2019 we made a profit of £2,012,000, so we have a net loss of £4,384,000. This looks good for the first 2 seasons in the assessment as we are permitted to lose upto £39,000,000 over the 3 seasons. As it stands we can afford to post a loss of £34,616,000 for the 2019/2020 season, without running the risk of being punished. But remember FFP is a rolling assessment, so once the new season 2020/2021 starts we will be judged on the results from 2018/2019 (Profit of £2,012,000), the 2019/2020 season (loss of upto £34,616,000) and the 2020/2021 season. We would only be allowed to lose upto £6,396,000 in the 2020/2021 season, before hitting the £39,000,000 limit. This is where in my opinion the club will potentially struggle, we are really trying to cut costs this season so that we have some leeway (in terms of profit/(loss)) so that in future assessments we are able to post losses without the risk of punishment. Just to add to this, those figures i've posted in regards to the FFP section, will change as there are exemptions to certain expenses in the FFP rules. So potentially the profit that is stated in the accounts, will be a higher figure when used for FFP as we can remove certain expenses (like academy costs) for FFP, but we can't remove them for accounting practices. Anyone that reads this far well done. Took me a little time to compose, but if anyone has any questions feel free to ask. ❤️
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    Its mad how everything seems rosier when your club is riding a good wave. I've just said hello to the wife for the first time in months
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    Woodgate deserves a massive amount of credit for the last couple of months, and this game especially! To do west Brom like this at their own ground with a pack of kids is exceptional.
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    You do understand Britt has so many chances in games because he has an innate ability to be in the right place at the right time. Not something you can teach and certainly not something Fletcher has. With 2 days to go we're not going to get a striker capable of 20+ goals out of thin air.
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    Roberts is done. As someone has said, Ayala is on £25k a week. Don’t know what he’s been offered but I can’t believe it would be £5k. Randolph is gone, assume it’s West Ham. 5 more in. Woody thinks we’re ahead of where he wanted us to be at this stage. Gibson is fully behind him and hasn’t shirked at all.
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    Just so you know my gaffer isn't happy I have been on my phone during all today's meetings.. Well worth it.
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    I think people need to remember that @Smoggydownsouth is a Boro fan, as well as being someone who is given bits of info. He is allowed to have theories and predictions about signings without it being some new piece of intel that his source has given him!
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    Dijksteel done. Announcement this afternoon.
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    Looks like me when watching flint defend
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    How about some transfer talk from summer 2019 as the title says instead of boring *** from years ago??
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    Great quote from Kevin Blackwell in the Athletic today 🤣🤣🤣
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    Agree with those saying don’t get carried away etc. But when you say “on another day if stoke had scored there chances we’d have lost 3-2”, you also have to factor in that on another day we could/should have had a pen, Britt was inches away from tapping in, and Saville should have scored from 10 yards out. We earned the win.
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    49.2k attendance. Decent. Well played, you were the better team in the second half. No arguments there. A win is a win and in our current form I will take it. The difference between your support and Liverpool's on Sat was like chalk and cheese. Top effort on your part. Good luck for the rest of the season.
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    Well played fellas. Draw a fair result. No complaints. See you at our place. Any one need any advice give me a shout.
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    Clarke has agreed to join and has visited training ground over the past few days. Problem I have heard is we were haggling over the loan period because spurs want a 18month loan deal with fee and wages but we only want a 6month loan deal and to review it in the summer. Not quite sure if any party had changed there stance from Thursday when I last heard information. Randolph hasn't asked to leave contrary to reports in papers today - Boro are wanting to move him on as we need the money desperately and we are happy with Pears performance of late. I then believe we will finish off with a centre half and our business will be complete. Gibson has said he would come back on loan providing a financial package can be agree but we are way off on that until someone leaves
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    Gonna throw this out there... Howson is an absolute must to tie down if we are continuing with the youth policy... he is the consummate professional in my opinion. I know he isn't everyone's cup of tea but he is the sort of bloke you would take into war with you.
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    Quote fro Reading fans' website: I'd also like to make a shout out to Middlesbrough as a much better than expected away day. Its consistently voted the worst place to live in the UK, but it's a nice walk from the station to the ground. There was also a great pub next to the station showing the cricket and early and late kick offs. Boro fans and punters very friendly and good chat. Also saw Middlesbrough were giving free advertising to Zoe's Place, a children's hospice in the area which is due to close because of funding. I'll happily be contributing a bit.
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    We missed a trick with Dijksteel , we should have given him shirt number 02 and asked a major telecoms provider to chip in with his wages. Or maybe Mr Whippy could sponsor our new striker if we give him the 99 shirt
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    I don't get this forum, I really don't. For years, people cry out for that traditional No. 9. A box finisher. Someone who will put away chances. We get one, one of the best at this level, possibly a play who could do it anywhere (yes, I think he could hit the same in the Prem) and as soon as we get one, we slate him because he only scores goals ?
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    2 permanent 3 loans That's what I have been told today.
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    On behalf of everyone on the forum can I say thanks to those members who have provided some fascinating information over the last day or so, it really has allowed the forum to be excited, keen and interested in what is going on around the Boro and clearly indicates that we could be on the right track and that "it's not over yet" I must admit that departures are now of massive interest, just who and where and the possible impact of them leaving. Ok not everything will fall into place and as much as others want him to leave I think that Gestede will throw a spanner in the works. Nothing has been right with him since he arrived here and think this will continue. However exciting times and once again thanks guys for posting your information
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    Remember don't believe everything Charlton say. He has been there all day.
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    At the meet and greet. We get to ask questions soon. But so far Woody says promotion is the aim this season , definatley more signings, the coaching team have a real connection and you can sense everything and everyone is moving on the same page. Woodgate says he won't be one of these managers who plays for a point he will attack every team. His standout player from pre season is Hayeden Coulson again reiterated he can play Lb, lw, rw. He mentioned he suggested to Pulis last year that Hayden could play but Pulis wasn't interested so sent him on loan which Woody admitted Hayden didn't do well on loan.
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    Karanka didnt get money right away. He took over moggas team, signed ayala and brought us from relegation to top half of the table by the end of the season. He spent less than 5mil the following summer and has us in the play off final. People really underestimate the job karanka did here.
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    You do realize that there is a an entire thread about Britt right. Transfers are here. Discussions about his goal scoring record, having a piece of his butt in his knee or whether he makes the team worse should go in the other thread. It’s kind of annoying to be away for hours, come on here and see 40 new posts, get excited only to see it’s the same Britt discussion.
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    Sorry been away. Clarke due at rockcliffe tomorrow again. Randolph more than 5 million, looks like he’s gone. CB is priority now might have something to do with Ayala. Ben Gibson has been back over Christmas definitely wants to come back. Shotton wants out back to midlands. Marcus Maddison is very much on if we get cash for Randolph, bevington was guy saying no. 2.5 mil I was told.
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    Just had another look at the table, we currently sit below teams like Preston and Charlton (who are in and around the playoffs), Brentford, Blackburn, Luton, Millwall, Wigan and Hull. I don't see many billionaire owners there and very few that have spent any real money. What it shows me is that smaller clubs with far less resources are outperforming us. Even owners like the Venkys and Allams are outperforming us. It doesn't suggest to me that Gibson can't compete financially, how many of those clubs have spent 16m on a striker? It suggests to me that he doesn't know how to run a football club properly. We can go around in circles arguing about managers and players but while Gibson is calling the shots we are going nowhere.
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    Introduction. Welcome to BearSmog's first matchday thread of the 2019/2020 Championship season. I must warn you, if you are not a fan of GIFs I recommend you look away now, the opening post of this thread is not for you. Our first home game of the season sees the visit of Brentford, a side who's recruitment policy we are eagerly trying to replicate/shamelessly steal. In our last/first match Woodgate's boys certainly put on a show, giving us Boro fans more excitement in 90 minutes than we had experienced in the entire 18 months (or was it 18 years) of *shudders* Pulis-ball. Some fans just couldn't handle it. In Brentford's first/last match they suffered a shock home defeat to Birmingham City I don't think that will mean much going into this match though as things are always pretty much up in the air at this time of the season which takes me nicely into the first segment of BearNews. BearNews. First sighting of the ball from Britt Assombalonga's penalty appears in a grinning Neil Bausor's back garden. Tony Pulis is out on the golf course when he hears about Boro's new free flowing attacking football. He's not happy/confused. Ryan Shotton feels a bit guilty after his shakey performance and hits the training field immediately to try and improve. And finally Darren Randolph gives an insight into the secrets of his shot stopping prowess on the training pitches of Rockliffe. The big questions. We will undoubtedly see some transfer activity before the kick off but how many will we bring in? Who are they? Should we continue with Shotton at centre back? Or should we try something/anything else? What is your starting XI? Is it staying the same or will there be changes? How many goals will Lewis Wing score from outside the area this season? BearPrediction. I think we are going to see goals again this week as we continue plundering forward with little regard for defensive stability. I'm going to go for Boro 3-2 Brentford with goals from Britt x2 and Marcus Browne. What is your prediction? UTB.
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    Well talk about a day that had so much mixed emotions for a 6 year old lad attending his first Boro game. Whilst his dad waited to pay for the tickets I took Teddy into the club shop coming out £72.00 poorer for the experience but talk about a kid in a sweet shop he would have been happy with half the shop I believe. Then we went to the fans bar and he got interviewed by BBC Tees along with both of us (don't know if anyone heard me plugging the forum) he got a Football Manager 2019 game presented by MFC and of course cock a hoop. Inside things got better in his eyes because Ryan Shotton spoke to him had his picture taken with him and got his autograph along with a few others to boot and high fived him saying "I won't let you down" actually he was really good with Teddy. Dael Fry told him he would be back in about 10 days. Then the game and he found out first hand just what it is like to be a Boro supporter he was really very cross at two seemingly good goals not being allowed but as I said to him maybe the third goal would be the lucky goal an so it proved to be for Brentfords benefit! I thought we were pretty good first half but then we lost all drive and determination to get back into the game once they had scored. Not as coherent as last week for certain but boy we had a lot of bad luck today. Outcome of the day...…………………….he wants to come back!
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    Britt stays... nothing on incomings
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    Did their scout find him whilst sailing up and down the coast of that island in Pokemon blue?
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    OK, so he is either liquid or gas..
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    @Dan_Boro_Till_I_Die. Can I just say a bug thank you for the info you provided from the meet the coaching team event you attended. It seems some interesting stuff was said so appreciate you taking both the time and effort to post what was said on here for rest of us who did not attend.

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    • You'd be picking fights too with the likes of Woodgate and Downing causing discord in the dressing room.
    • We’ve got the following problems -  1 - a manager with no long term attachment to the club. He will try to do his best but ultimately it’s not the same knowing he won’t be here next season.    2 - a squad of players who are coming to the end of their time with boro. Some are on loan and some are moving on. Reality being that they don’t care about the shirt and will leave boro when we go down anyway. Can a manager who isn’t attached to the club long term motivate players who are about to leave? The last two games would suspect not.    3 - our style of play has again changed with a new manager. Evidence would suggest that it isn’t suited to our players. (We can’t cross or score from set pieces).     4 - coming out of COVID is always going to be tricky, but we are going down without a whimper. It literally feels like De Ja Vu form the prem season when we played Swansea today. Just waiting for that moment to come where the players are revved up and raring to go. Alas, it didn’t come.    5- the final problem we have is that teams around us are picking up points. They look like they want it more and it just pains me to see us shaft it each time we play a game. 
    • I was going to suggest Vatican City FC, but seems that they only have a national team and the head honcho supports Argentina....not that its helping them much either
    • I put this question in the match day thread but, serious question, is there any other club in the land that gives their chairman godlike status and forgives him for every mistake he makes regardless of how disastrous it has been for their club?
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