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  1. As we're now in another international break, now seems a good time to try and action the server migration. I'll be looking to perform the migration along with installing the latest updates this week - so there may be periods of downtime when the forum offline. Any issues, feel free to message or email.
  2. Quick update on this, still all in progress and the updated config files are all good. The new server won’t be in place for this weekend, but hopefully all set up and ready to go in the next few weeks!
  3. Hey, I’ll be tweaking some config file settings this evening - so just a warning if this knocks anything offline!
  4. Hi, Over the past couple of transfer windows, we've seen a bit of downtime during times of high traffic and as such, I feel like we're letting the community down for this. So I'm using the quiet period of the international break to look to move hosting providers to something a bit more robust, which can (hopefully) deal with the spikes in traffic. If you notice any unexpected downtime over the next couple of weeks, it'll likely be linked to the move over to the new server, with this completed by the time we host Reading on the 14th. I'll keep you posted on progress and if you have any questions, let me know ?
  5. In terms of security, could members make sure they don’t have the same password on here as other sites (this applies for all sites you visit really), make sure your email address in your user settings is correct and make sure your password is secure (mix of characters, numbers and symbols). If the forum recognises a failed login attempt from an untrusted device, it will email you and block any further attempts. In your user control panel you can see recent devices that are logged in to your account, if anyone thinks anything suspicious is going on, you can review any logged in devices and force a log out from there - https://www.oneboro.co.uk/forum/settings/devices/
  6. Thanks, have now passed on to the ad network so this will be resolved soon. Apologies for that ?
  7. Is this still happening for you? I will let the ad network know to block those ads. If you’re able to let me know the URL’s and screenshot of any of the ads please do as this will help stop them
  8. This is turning into a bit of shambles with the hosting company ? I apologies for all of the downtime tonight - I'm really frustrated at the moment
  9. Looking into the issues with the server - hopefully it'll be resolved soon ?
  10. @Brunners nope don't have to be local ? If this is something you're up for (and if we can loop in @Smoggydownsouth) that would be cool! I can PM over Twitter details.
  11. The current database that the forum is running goes back to June 2009, however before this we were on various other free platforms that wouldn't retain the data or instances where the forum would corrupt posts (I've just come across a copy from the start of 2008).
  12. Thanks to @Red Rocket for taking control of the oneBoro Twitter account on Friday night at Luton Town... Would anyone be up for a Transfer Deadline Day oneBoro Twitter takeover special? Live from Rockliffe (if anyone wants to camp outside) or just general ramblings on the day? Open to ideas ?
  13. Thanks all for the messages! The forum is nothing without you all, so it’s great having you all on board and contributing like you do. A big thanks must also go to the forum team who keep things ticking over, they devote their own time voluntarily to ensure a great all round experience for everyone - so a massive thank you to them ? I want to continue to see the forum thrive in this season, so if anyone has feedback, suggestions and ideas for the website and forum please let me know (I’ll have a think about the dislike button ?). During the summer I’ve given the main oneBoro site a bit of a refresh with a new look and more content - feel free to check it out too! Once again, thanks! But thank you all more... keep posting ?
  14. Carabao Energy Drink has teamed up with oneBoro to give ten lucky Boro fans the chance to win a pair of tickets to Boro v Crewe Alexandra on Tuesday 13th August. To be in with a chance of winning this prize, simply post on the oneBoro Forum before Sunday 4th August 23:59 and fill in your details here. For more information and T&C's, click here. The competition will close on Sunday evening at 23:59. Good luck!
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