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  1. Carabao Energy Drink has teamed up with oneBoro to give ten lucky Boro fans the chance to win a pair of tickets to Boro v Huddersfield Town on 26th December. To be in with a chance of winning this prize, simply post on the oneBoro Forum before 17:00 on Saturday 14 December 2019 and fill in your details here. For more information and T&C's, click here. The competition will close on Saturday 14 December 2019 at 17:00. Good luck!
  2. Ohhh, now that would be an interesting move!
  3. No conspiracy (to my knowledge ๐Ÿ‘€), we attended the first meeting we were able to, and following on from that were asked to submit an application. However, due to work and life commitments the application form has yet to be submitted
  4. As we're approaching 2020, I thought it'd be interesting to do a set of "of the decade" discussions. The oneBoro Match of the Decade - which game stands out to you? This could be based on the atmosphere, going in as underdogs, last minute winners, unexpected result based on circumstances, etc... This could be interesting!
  5. As we're approaching 2020, I thought it'd be interesting to do a set of "of the decade" discussions. The oneBoro Team of the Decade - who makes your starting 11 based on players who have made an appearance for us during the last 10 years?
  6. Really good idea, Iโ€™ll do some contacting and reaching out to some of these social media accounts. If anyone else has ideas or contacts as to how to grow the community, weโ€™re open to ideas ๐Ÿ‘
  7. @Maccarone, this has been retained as a redirect to point any search traffic (or users unaware of the changes) to its new home. I'm going to move these redirect forums to the bottom of the listing and eventually remove these ๐Ÿ‘.
  8. Thanks all for your feedback on this ๐Ÿ‘ I've started to do some moving around of threads and forums as part of the reorganisation. As such, we now have... MIDDLESBROUGH FC - Boro Forum - For all things Boro senior, reservers, youth, U23 and U18 discussion - Match Day Threads 2019/20 Season - Archive of this season's match day threads GENERAL / NON BORO - All things non-Boro - Lets see how we get on with one place to chat all things non-Boro, including football and non-football topics - oneBoro Games* - This includes the sub forums of oneBoro Fantasy Football, oneBoro Predictions League and Sky Super 6 ONEBORO MATCH DAY THREAD ARCHIVE - Remain as it was** *If the relevant content owners of oneBoro Fantasy Football, oneBoro Predictions League and Sky Super 6 could let me know what they'd like to do with these sub forums? We could merge all the topics from these into one "oneBoro Games" section which sits under General / Non Boro? **With regards to the old match day threads, these go a long way of preserving an archive of past seasons and help with search rankings. I've reordered these to be in date order and placed this forum at the end of the list. I have also restricted access so that members can no longer post or reply to topics in these archived match day threads. I have also retained the old forums and made these into redirects so they point to the new home. This helps users find where content has moved to, along with helping search engines crawl the site and understand the structure of the forum. We can see how we get on with this set up. I think the main debate will be on if we have one or two sections for General / Non Boro, i.e "All football that isn't Boro" and "All things non-Boro, non-football", but lets see how things go - we can easily change and adapt to this. Likewise, we'll see how things settle down and then start to move over threads like Music, Films and TV Series, The chattybox - anything EXCEPT football and NFL talk 19/20 into their new homes. As always, feedback, comments and questions welcome. Cheers!
  9. Hey, After some feedback before the international break about restructuring the forum, the subject came up again in the New Server thread. As such, we're looking to get feedback on restructuring the forum to keep Boro debate in the "Boro Forum" and shuffle forums around for a dedicated "General" section. We're thinking... MIDDLESBROUGH FC - Boro Forum (with all topics from Boro Youths & Reserves Forum merged into it) - Match Day Threads 2019/20 Season GENERAL/NON BORO - All things Non-Boro (with all topics from Music, Television and Cinema, Video Gaming and Geeks corner and Other stuff merged into it. Topics such as Music, Films and TV Series, The chattybox - anything EXCEPT football, NFL talk 19/20 will be moved to this new section). The idea that NFL/England/Premier League/TV/Gaming/etc... can all have threads of their own in here. ONEBORO GAMES - This will remain as is ONEBORO MATCH DAY THREAD ARCHIVE - This will remain as is We're looking to hear your views on this, and if this is something that gets the thumbs up, we can go ahead and implement it. Cheers!
  10. Sorry, this one is on me. The plan was to get the new server provisioned and then go ahead with some of the structure changes based on discussions we've had as a team. As the international break is a quiet period it's been nice having some threads ticking over, but we'll get something in place moving forwards.
  11. As we're now in another international break, now seems a good time to try and action the server migration. I'll be looking to perform the migration along with installing the latest updates this week - so there may be periods of downtime when the forum offline. Any issues, feel free to message or email.
  12. Quick update on this, still all in progress and the updated config files are all good. The new server wonโ€™t be in place for this weekend, but hopefully all set up and ready to go in the next few weeks!
  13. Hey, Iโ€™ll be tweaking some config file settings this evening - so just a warning if this knocks anything offline!
  14. Hi, Over the past couple of transfer windows, we've seen a bit of downtime during times of high traffic and as such, I feel like we're letting the community down for this. So I'm using the quiet period of the international break to look to move hosting providers to something a bit more robust, which can (hopefully) deal with the spikes in traffic. If you notice any unexpected downtime over the next couple of weeks, it'll likely be linked to the move over to the new server, with this completed by the time we host Reading on the 14th. I'll keep you posted on progress and if you have any questions, let me know ?
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