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  1. Reckon we could do with two wingers in. Tav’s injury looked quite bad
  2. It’s really disappointing to see us play the ball on the floor and create a number of chances. Then we get countered and concede so we decide to play hoofball which doesn’t creat chances
  3. Tav injury ffs. If this is long term then we can write this season off
  4. The last 20 minutes has been a joke. Keep the ball on the floor
  5. It really is bizarre why somebody as good on the ball as mcnair constantly lobs it up the pitch or back to the keeper
  6. Good save by bettinelli. Wood spending far too much time on the ball
  7. Stop with the long balls. We created chances when we got the ball on the floor
  8. Fletcher and Johnson coming on
  9. Another break and howson is walking back. What are you doing?
  10. Bola just saved us. Fell asleep there
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