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  1. I do wonder how they are planning to enforce only allowing people to only go out once a day. There is nowhere near enough police
  2. Seems like the government is backing away from herd immunity again. Matt Hancock said they weren’t doing herd immunity this morning
  3. Sounds like a great idea... apart from the fact it would probably kill 1 million people
  4. 250 more deaths in Italy today as well as 53 more dead in Spain. 4 more players from the same team as gabbiadini have tested positive as well
  5. Yeah, young health people seem to get very mild symptoms apart from the odd few cases where they get more severe symptoms. The virus seems to be mainly serious for those with underlying health conditions and those over 60
  6. Woodgate has really turned things around. Unbeaten in all of March!
  7. I bet the season will end up being cancelled. No chance teams will start playing again on April 4th. We'll have even more infected
  8. Yeah looks like the EFL will be suspending games according to the Athletic
  9. That will be the games cancelled this weekend I would suspect
  10. I think the inaction of the government is quite shocking to be honest. Are people really going to follow 7 days of isolation as soon as they get a cough or fever? I highly doubt this and it’ll more than likely do nothing to slow the spread of the virus
  11. Press conference at 1:30 pm I think. It will outline what has happened in the COBRA meeting Edit: Or maybe not.. Still in the meeting
  12. Rugani from Juventus has tested positive for coronavirus. First big player to test positive I think?
  13. I reckon it will all be over by Euro 2020. I reckon it will peak here early May. Countries will have to lock themselves down like Italy which will reduce transmission dramatically. I do think the rest of the season will be played behind closed doors though. I reckon this weekend will be the last game without closed doors
  14. Nottingham forest owner has the coronavirus. He met the forest squad on Friday...
  15. Italy has just locked the entire country down. 60 million people...wow
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