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  1. Why is Jones not playing? Bizarre to me. He was our best player at the start of the season. 1 or 2 bad performances and he was straight out of the team
  2. Linesman injured. Just about sums up this game
  3. Not even going to try to guess that formation 😂
  4. I think a lot depends on how he treats the likes of siliki and payero. If he continues not to play them then I can’t see Gibson and Scott being too happy. Probably would push them to make a change sooner than they may want to. Warnock is seemingly very averse to giving young players ago which I can’t imagine the club are too happy with either. Only having 6 subs is just bizarre to me. Surely he can give one of the young lads a chance of the match day experience.
  5. Craig johns has Matt crooks at centre back in his team for a back three 😂
  6. Another thing which infuriates me. Our kick offs. Why do we hoof the ball into their half?
  7. Our throw ins are possibly the most infuriating thing I have ever seen. We just throw it as far as we can and we never win the ball
  8. Players not in until Thursday wasn’t correct then either I guess
  9. To be fair I think Warnock and the players can probably play a different style of football. Or at least the players anyway. You can see when we get the ball on the floor we are more than capable imo
  10. If the stuff mentioned before about the backroom staff bullying players is true then they should be sacked immediately in my opinion. There should be no compromises as far as that is concerned
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