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  1. His contract expires at the end of the season. Doubt he would cost too much
  2. Glad we aren’t buying any of these Argentina defenders
  3. Discovery plus or Eurosport player. Think there was a stream on twitter though for the last game. Might be one this game
  4. https://www.tuttomercatoweb.com/serie-a/tmw-cagliari-per-il-centrocampo-occhi-su-payero-del-banfield-la-richiesta-e-5-milioni-1563124 This is the article it is from
  5. Payero has stopped following that host and stay account. Boro’s partner
  6. We don’t have the wing backs for a 3 at the back. The midfielders we are bringing in don’t really suit it either if we were going to play a 5-2-3. I reckon it will be a 4-3-3 with an option to change to 3 at the back at times
  7. Would Lazaro get a work permit? Surely he has less chance than payero?
  8. Oh yeah. From what I’ve seen on twitter a year ago everybody thought he had massive potential, but hasn’t really had the breakthrough year which was expected. Just a bit worried that Warnock won’t play him. Wouldn’t be surprised if he spent a year with the u23s
  9. I don’t see Lazaro being a Warnock kind of player. I would think it is definitely a recruitment team signing. Looked very raw in videos and not very physical. Barely played for flamengo’s first team
  10. Pretty sure warnock said he hopes he will play in the Olympics so that he is match fit for the season. Also said he hopes Argentina are knocked out in the quarters. I reckon he will be in pretty quickly
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