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  1. I think they are more likely to get in trouble for the foul itself on Tav. Not quite sure whether it was deliberate or not. There is definitely some movement towards Tav’s head
  2. Not sure why birmingham fans are fuming about the decision. It is a clear foul when you watch the replays...
  3. The ref was right to stop it, but he could have stopped a lot of issues by calling it straight away, it was pretty obvious what happened
  4. Well we definitely need a new winger if that's Roberts out for a while
  5. Patrick Roberts is unbelievable. Nice play by nmecha too
  6. Have we fallen out with Sky? We haven’t been on for quite a few games in a row on Tuesdays
  7. Woodgate said 4 weeks in the press conference before Fulham I think
  8. The way the market is now I would expect we probably would accept around £15 million
  9. What’s happened to Bamford? He was always pretty clinical with us
  10. Woodgate didn't seem too happy with the interviewer last night on sky.
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