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  1. Close between that and fletcher vs west brom
  2. https://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/sport/18638731.middlesbrough-want-sign-kieffer-moore-wigan/
  3. I'd be interested to see how dijksteel would play at defensive midfield. He played there at times for charlton didn't he? It would allow spence to play right back
  4. Another rumour. Not sure if he is reliable or not
  5. looks more likely that he will be going to qpr
  6. Surely if charlie Goode comes in that means an end to Gibson coming in? Unless fry is off.
  7. The problem is spence isn't a RW as seen by his performances at the end of last season. I really hope warnock isn't planning to play him there
  8. We haven't really been linked with many wingers yet have we? I wonder whether warnock is planning to play with wing backs instead?
  9. Warnock says friend and Johnson have been offered contracts
  10. Warnock is speaking to the press at 10 am
  11. I think saville has been quite good under Warnock. There’s no chance of us getting anywhere near 7 million back, so I would keep him.
  12. Eddie Howe has left bournemouth
  13. Yeah his contract has run out. i wouldn't mind seeing him here next season
  14. This happens on both pc and Ipad. The url of the website changes, but always follows the format eu.xxxxxx.xyz. Only happens on this website. @oneboro
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