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  1. He was a class above any of our players once he got going imo. Think he should have had about 5 assists in 2 or 3 games if our players could finish
  2. Wonder what payero is thinking not getting in after watching Tav and howson play like that
  3. Fail to understand wilder’s obsession with tav
  4. If payero doesn’t come on today he should go on loan because wilder clearly doesn’t rate him
  5. Wilder needs to make a sub. Has just watched our awful midfield all game
  6. Tav and howson have been so poor. Surely this is the game for payero?
  7. Yep. Connolly should be taken off. Probably on his last warning now
  8. Refs need to be consistent. If he’s giving soft fouls all game that is a penalty
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