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  1. Seems to be getting picked up in quite a lot of places to be fair. Not just bailey
  2. I hope he’s not causing us problems from the bench this season to be honest
  3. I think dijksteel’s pace is vital at the back. I presume Lenihan is back up for fry or dijksteel
  4. Gibson is a right wing back. Not really the same position as payero. Would hope we would be looking to replace him
  5. Yeah rumour doesn’t sound true to me. 18 months is bizarre
  6. 18 month loan doesn’t really make sense either to be honest. Can’t see it being true
  7. Would like greaves or Ben Davies at left centre back
  8. Think he got banned for some reason. Was quite sad to see him pretty much be bullied on here and it looks like he was telling the truth
  9. as long as mcgoldrick is 5th choice and cheap it seems fine to me. A loan for coburn to a league 1 side could do him a lot of good and develop his all round game
  10. I think the amount of rotating he did last season was because he didn’t rate any of them. I’d expect to see a lot less rotation next season
  11. If gayle is coming I hope it would be as primarily a third choice rather than one of the starting two
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