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  1. H Blackburn v Derby H Brentford v Millwall A Coventry v Barnsley D Luton v Watford H Middlesbrough v QPR D Norwich v Bournemouth H Nottingham v Huddersfield H Reading v Cardiff A Rotherham Birmingham H Sheffield Wed v Bristol City A Stoke v Preston H Swansea v Wycombe
  2. Just be grateful a few seasons ago Barragan had done more foul throws than our top scorer had scored goals. The current situation is an improvement 😉
  3. I seem to remember him suffering a serious injury (achilles i think) being the reason but was back on the training ground the day after AK left. Could all be pure coincidence mind. Perhaps once covid eases we could get some of the conspiracy theorists to look into it.
  4. A Blackburn v Bournemouth H Brentford v Birmingham D Coventry v Bristol City A Luton v Barnsley H Middlesbrough v Watford H Norwich v Huddersfield D Nottingham v QPR H Reading v Derby H Rotherham v Wycombe D Sheffield Wed v Cardiff D Stoke v Millwall H Swansea v Preston
  5. On a positive note our throw ins seem to have improved since the Premier league days. This stat just cropped up in my memories...
  6. Hopefully McNair will be fit he's only played less 48hours ago. Its a shame about Fry as well but nice to see a positive line up although that view could change in 2 hours time 😏
  7. Germany getting beat at home by North Macedonia
  8. Very good documentary for Charlton and the impact he had as an English man in Ireland at the time. Its so sad to see what damage dementia can do to someone in seeing him watching back at his memories.
  9. It should be a good watch. Hes definitely a what if regarding the Boro if he had stayed on for another couple of years. The Bobby Robson one on Netflix is worth the watch as well.
  10. Hopefully not during the Ireland Qatar game I feel there could be many posts during that game.
  11. Having seen the video for the goal and some of the comments I was expecting Spence to be messing about in his own area. It was poor by him and disappointing he just stopped tracking back but I probably wouldn't put him solely to blame for the goal given there was a good 60 odd yards between where he gave away the ball. We still had cover at the back and to be honest I think their winger has done well getting past Howson and then played a decent ball into the box. Was Britt injured today or is it just a case he is 'finished' with us? I can't really comment on the game as didn't list
  12. Disappointing end to the cricket today. England looked set but collapsed after a couple of overs. I think Roy and Bairstows roles are up grabs. I would like Hales to have been given a chance but think his days are over for England. On the rugby massive disappointment for England this 6 nations. I think it shows we don't have the depth we were probably believed to have. But in the grand scheme we are a couple of years away from the world Cup so plenty of time to rebuild. Wales seem to have a knack to peak before the Lions tours then after the world Cup. It is nice to see Scotland actually
  13. Didn't we try to sign him and Saville together a couple of seasons ago
  14. I don't like the look of my form table there. D Barnsley v Sheffield Wednesday H Bristol City v Rotherham H Coventry v Wycombe A Millwall v Middlesbrough H Norwich v Blackburn D..Preston v Luton H Reading v QPR D Stoke v Derby H Watford v Birmingham A Swansea v Cardiff
  15. H Cardiff v Stoke H Luton v Coventry A Rotherham v Watford D Bournemouth v Swansea A Derby v Brentford H Middlesbrough v Preston H QPR v Millwall A Birmingham v Reading H Blackburn v Bristol City A Nottingham v Norwich H Sheffield Wed v Huddersfield D Wycombe v Barnsley
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