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  1. YouCut_20220126_170333606.mp4 Welcome to the match day thread for Coventry. This arguably the biggest game of our season since Blackburn on 24th January 2022 I seem to have waited forever to do this one Well after the end of a nice streak in positivity via results and transfer window things were abruptly halted after a defeat against Blackburn. It probably ended the slim chances of automatic promotion but at least we are still very much in contention for the play offs. Despite not a great show there were positives. I felt we were the better team in the second half and prob
  2. Overall didn't get out of the blocks soon enough. We were probably the better team in the 2nd half. I know its a bit petty but where was the time added for the Jones injury that must have been at least 2-3 minutes although in saying that we had no urgency with the throw and goal kick at the end. We have probably been due a defeat after our recent run hopefully we can get back to winning ways next week.
  3. If we score twice there's only one winner in this.
  4. Basel Steaua we used 4 strikers get it started. It has worked 66.666667% of the time every time.
  5. Glad to be going in goalless we have been poor throughout. That's probably the only positive we can say. Unfortunately Taylor and Crooks need to stay on but being on bookings makes it a problem.
  6. I think Connelly off for Balogun/Watmore at half time mainly due to him being on a yellow. I don't think there's a lot more you can do whilst its still 0-0.
  7. Never seen so many yellows so early on. We need to stop with these stupid little one touch flicks. They aren't working and then they're battering us through the middle.
  8. We haven't turned up yet. There seems to be a lot of panic on and off the ball from us.
  9. There's a red card in this game hopefully not for us 😬.
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