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  1. I thought it was Steffen Iversen and he played up front for Spurs
  2. Ah had me going there for a sec and now I'm disappointed in any transfer activity we have having thought we pulled off the signing of the summer for this level
  3. I wonder if the away kit will be released today or tomorrow as I seem to remember them saying they will both be released this month.
  4. I wonder what attitude Spence would have if he ended up going to Forest when it seemed he had got his dream move to Spurs. Here's Spence making a big song and dance about it.
  5. Steve Bruces reaction as Boro potentially make another signing that was soon to become one of his targets steve-bruce-2.webp
  6. I don't really have a lot of knowledge of him although seems an exciting signing and Wilder has a good eye for a keeper based on his Sheffield United day's. That said Turnbull and Jones won major trophies at big clubs as 2nd choice keepers 😬
  7. We might have to if we win the treble. Likelihood is we will have to play at least them on the way to that.
  8. Stubbzy Magooder and Smoggydownsouth used to be good for some transfer info. Cream and potato was also referenced a lot with Stubbzy
  9. Any indication when Massimo is going to make an appearance. I really like some of their designs coming out (Boro home has grown on me bar that sponsor). Carlisles new one is a nice kit they just released.
  10. The Steve Agnew Derby to open up with. Bruce vs Gibson for his love its got to be the opening Sky game.
  11. That darn Steve Bruce checking our targets again. Any new footballers started following Boro on Twitter/Instagram we haven't had much of those links this window.
  12. Was going to be a 6 but with Celtic continually letting us know on a regular basis how they aren't bothered that he didn't sign for them I gave him an extra mark. Good in flashes but set back by that freak injury when it looked like he was going to break into the team. Still I like what I have seen so far and hopefully he can steer clear of injury next season.
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