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  1. Only managed to catch the last 15 today so can't really say much about the performance. But great result that is. I was worried the last Lions tour of South Africa was going to happen again.
  2. Josh Adams a massive omission from the opening test. He's been a monster so far on the tour and doesn't seem to be due to an injury. AWJ starts as well my big concern is he will have a big target on him given his lack of match sharpness going into it.
  3. Can we just offer Muniz and Lazaro a caravan at 'Flamengo' Land it will practically be a home from home with many interesting characters you would likely see at their carnivals.
  4. Not sure what I think about it. It feels like a training kit atm. Not sure it passes my green kit quota.
  5. He might do the big reveal tomorrow with the new kit in hand and a Skype grin of Bausor in the background. Is a 5 pm announcement still a thing with us or has that changed.
  6. The big problem we have had isnt generally buying goalscorers but then not providing the team to create the chances for them. We arguably had our best with Britt when we had Traore available but Monk rarely played him and then he was sold. On paper Rhodes was decent when playing with a target man (Gestede) and ...ahem Boyd (who was awful) but then we had no wingers creating the chances he would have got in Scotland. On the other side of the coin Stuani and Bamford were able to do that little bit more without the service but one was played out on the wing and the other got dropped after being K
  7. Aren't Inter in a financial mess right now and are now going to have get rid of a fair few assets. Although I suppose it could be the market they now have to shop in given this circumstance.
  8. Its shows the ridiculousness of the situation mind. Apparently it was cheaper to buy a keeper for 15million than a new deal for him.
  9. Perhaps that's why so many England fans were trying to break in to tell the authorities and the booing of the Italian national anthem was merely as people were aware of the corruption that was about to happen. It puts a new perspective on the behaviour of some England fans.
  10. I feel this deserves a greater scrutiny i can almost certainly say this must be true 😏😏
  11. If its a green kit I'd like the green badge back but that's just a minor detail.
  12. You never know they gave a world cup to Russia and Qatar maybe our behaviour will enhance our chances 😏. Its an absolute shame that given what could have been a special night it was marred by the fans. On the game Italy deservedly won as we just had nothing after half time. That said we looked comfortable (bar Chiesa who is going to be some player) Italy i didn't feel were going to score bar a scramble or something special. I feel this game Southgate should have started with Saka and then bring him off rather than coming on as an impact sub. I think Jorginho was lucky to stay on for his c
  13. Given the design of the home kit you'd think they would try to personalise the away shirt in some way rather than just being plain.
  14. I'm completely against booing but I may have to on Sunday otherwise I may find myself starting to sing along to the Italian national anthem as its that good.
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