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  1. On a positive note I won a round of golf this morning so every cloud. You're still thinking of the bad news.
  2. Barnsley v Charlton. HOME Blackburn v Middlesbrough.AWAY (BRITT) Brentford v Hull. HOME Bristol Cty v QPR. DRAW Luton v WBA. AWAY Millwall v Sheff Wed:. DRAW N.Forest v Birmingham. HOME Stoke v Derby. DRAW Swansea v Preston NE. HOME Wigan v Leeds. AWAY
  3. I would like him to do what he used to do when he would be interviewed ie Radio Tees/Century and answer questions. Although obviously it hasn't been great for PR with the way his smash the league comment was interpreted and saying most of Stockton are Sunderland fans in another one. Bar Woodgates unveiling (when he denied us being in a poor financial position). I think it was 2 years since he was last asked questions about us in a public domain.
  4. Just happened to me although on the plus side I just won a brand new I phone on the site so every cloud...
  5. He forgot to book Clayton as well I think it was just after the McNair 'penalty' he did a classic Clayton wipe out a player on the break.
  6. I dont know why I didnt see it. I think I was more looking at the ball than the play but the couple I was sat with both said handball before it was disallowed. We were sat in the South West so had quite a decent view (I didn't use mine wisely 😏). The only thing I have seen since is that clip on this page which isnt really the best angle to make a conclusive judgement on it.
  7. Today was a game of 2 halves. I really enjoyed the 1st half we did well pressing and we probably should have gone in ahead. That was encouraging... then the 2nd half started We looked a mess at times how we managed to be 2 vs 3 for their goal in the position we were in at the time was ridiculous. That's 2 goals in 2 games that are inexcusable. We lacked urgency in the last few minutes as well considering we needed a goal there was no rushing to restart set pieces and we were so narrow in the 2nd half. I think our left side got targeted a lot in the 2nd half basically due to I dont think Fletcher can do the defensive side of his job which saw Coulson exposed on his own. I would probably replace Fletcher with Bola in our next game. To finish on some positives though. First half I thought we looked a decent team, McNair had a great half as well. Johnson played pretty well but had nothing after half time. Shotton also for all his criticism did pretty well he still is poor on the ball and clearly not going to part of the "free flowing" football we are aiming for but I think defensively he did pretty well. It's still early days in the season so things can change but if in 6 games we are doing the same things wrong, alarm bells are going to start ringing.
  8. Good to have you back. To be honest I'm not too surprised with a lot of what you have said and I suppose I expected that being the case if we failed to go up this season. That said I dont know why Gibson denied it so adamantly in the press conference to the point he seemed annoyed plus his praise of Pulis saying how healthy a position he left us in. He could have just said something like the club need to restructure after the loss of parachute payments which I think is better than how he responded to it. But as you say for all the success he has brought us the buck stops with him with decisions on appointments and recruitment. I didnt think we would find ourselves in this situation 3 years after being in the premier league. Also i feel his reluctance to bring investment is in a way admirable but also costing us as we are struggling to compete with our championship rivals on a financial footing. That said I havent written off promotion or talk of it as we generally have and have kept the core of the squad that missed out on the play offs by a point.
  9. Just want to say I predict promotion for us this season. You can refer back to this statement in May.
  10. Pulis has got a round in at the pub for the recruitment team for a nice catch up.
  11. That's a shame I was really looking forward to the MJ chants of Dirty Diangana in the south stand.
  12. I would just like that emergency loan window back. Keep things interesting until December
  13. I was hoping he was not in training due to changing his surname to Ish to enable Brexiteers to be able to support him after we leave the EU.
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