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  1. Great win and brilliant to see Payero get an assist. I only caught the last 25 minutes but Jones was great when he came on causing problems throughout his cameo. Coburn also took his goal well and was very composed and mature in first not shooting instead of passing and then placing instead of leathering it. I also like Howson playing in the back 3 role I feel his game is more suited there than the role in midfield now.
  2. H..West Brom v Birmingham H..Fulham v QPR D..Blackburn v Coventry A .Bristol City v Bournemouth D..Huddersfield v Hull H..Middlesbrough v Peterborough D..Millwall v Luton H..Nottingham Forest v Blackpool H..Preston v Derby D..Reading v Barnsley H..Sheff Utd v Stoke D.Swansea v Cardiff
  3. Just thought I'd put up what a fight Fury and Wilder was. I don't think Wilder can make excuses for this loss.
  4. A new twist to the Bruce Gibson Agnew love triangle how will Agnew choose between the 2.
  5. I only ever got one bit of so called itk information it was the sacking of Woodgate although it was 4 months after finding out that it was made official 😏
  6. Important advice if you were ever to visit the states. YouCut_20211005_090336781.mp4
  7. Be careful you may become Warnocks next excuse as a jinx 😉
  8. Really enjoying the squid game on Netflix it. I was a bit on the fence about it but got hooked right away.
  9. If there is truth to this story. I wonder if they are trying to put a "hush hush" clause in the package given how vocal and opinionated Warnock is. Obviously he will speak about how recruitment and off field influences effected the team and wasn't his fault. There's no doubt he will find himself on Soccer Saturday if he has/does leave.
  10. Time will tell if Sheffield United and their 60 odd million strikeforce compares to Boros 40 odd million strikeforce in our post relegation season.
  11. Wise decision to take him off. I really have liked the look of Sporar mind I think he leads the line really well bar his antics at the end there. Just needs some better final balls coming his way.
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