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  1. A FC Union Berlin v FC Schalke. D Bayer Leverkusen v Bayern Munich. H Borussia Dortmund v Hertha Berlin. H Eintracht Frankfurt v Mainz. D FC Augsburg v FC Koln. H Fortuna Dusseldorf v 1899 Hoffenheim. H RB Leipzig. v FC Paderborn. A SC Freilburg v Borussia v Monchengladbach. D Werder Bremem v VfL Wolfsburg 7th June 16.00hrs (Danish League) A AC Horsens v Brondby IF.
  2. I'm interested as how players will perform playing behind closed doors. You always hear of players who were brilliant in training but could never find that performance in the games. Without the pressure of fans I wonder if we will see some surprise performances from certain players. From watching a bit of the Bundesliga this past week or so it seems the home advantage doesn't have as big an impact without the fans there.
  3. https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/stunning-middlesbrough-retro-dream-kits-18339084 Not sure where to put this but these kit designs would be awesome. The green one especially I would buy immediately.
  4. If they have to self isolate for up to 14 days I would have said Ayala as he always seems to be 2-3 weeks away from returning 😏
  5. Has anyone been watching these? They have been quite decent listens. They have had one with Mowbray and another with McClaren, Beswick and Harrison as well so far.
  6. 29th May SC Freiburg v Bayer Leverkusen. A 30th May. Mainz v 1899 Hoffenheim. D FC Schalke v Werder Bremem H Hertha Berlin v FC Augsburg. D VfL Wolfsburg. v Eintracht Frankfurt. H Bayern Munich v Fortuna Dusseldorf. H 31st May. Borussia Monchenladbach v FC Union Berlin. H SC Paderborn v Borussia Dortmund. A 1st June. FC Koln v RB Leizig. A 2nd June. Werder Bremem v Eintracht Frankfurt H
  7. I think that team in the 96-99 could easily have challenged for the title when it was United, Newcastle and Arsenal starting out under Wenger as the rivals. I think after that period we would be challenging the top 4.
  8. Yes i cant really argue with what you said and with Venables i wonder if he regrets taking on Leeds instead of us. I think I went down the route of what made me love the club although in years to come people will see McClaren will be remembered in the history books as the most successful manager but as I said I have never enjoyed football as much as those 2 seasons. It's amazing how much football changed in such a short space of time with Wenger coming into English football. Managers like Robbo and Keegan didnt seem to adapt greatly after the 90s era.
  9. Festa and Branca have confirmed now.
  10. A Borussia Monchengladbach v Bayer Leverkusen. D SC Paderborn v 1899 Hoffenheim H SC Freidburg v Werder Bremem. A VfL Wolfsburg v Borussia Dortmund. H Bayern Munich. v Eintracht Frankfurt. 24th May. H FC Schalke v FC Augsburg A Mainz v RB Leipzig. D FC Koln Fortuna Dusseldorf 26th May. H Borussia Dortmund. v Bayern Munich D Bayer Leverkusen v VfL Wolfburg
  11. I must have a damn good eye for a player as I saw the potential this useless player had especially in the last 6 months for us😉. I think you could see things were start to click and he was becoming much more reliable and it's no surprise to me what is happening at Wolves. Dont forget the Zenden chant "used to be sh*te but now hes alright" and if its about loyalty he left pretty soon after bigger clubs came calling. That said Zenden was a brilliant player for us but thought I would put a bit of balance into the debate.
  12. 96/97 and 97/98 were my 2 favourite seasons being a Boro fan for sheer entertainment we were great to watch. I therefore went for Robbo although on paper you would have to say McLaren due to Europe and our first cup. Theres many what ifs but I think had we didnt get the points deduction and sorted out our defence earlier in the season, I think we would have really built a very special and successful team. Robbo was the catalyst for the next few years where we were able to attract some of the very best players in the world.
  13. Oh yes he did I still have bitter thoughts towards him 🙈
  14. Theres a decent 1st 11 of rejected players starting to develop Crossley/Randolph Mills Huth Friend Zenden Ziege Mustoe Ince Yakubu
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