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  1. Well done guys OMG and Youngy228 I know its not the most straightforward thing to do especially with it being done in your own time. I'm happy if you decide to void round 21s results though.
  2. It will be a shame to see him go as I was a fan but there's no point having somebody sat on the bench who isn't going to get a fair whack on playing time. I was hoping with Tav potentially out for a while this would give him that opportunity to stake a claim for us. I do feel he will need a run of games rather than a sporadic start or 8 minutes at the end of a game to show what he could do for us.
  3. He's very much Gary Monked their team (premier league equivalent). They haven't looked like a good team this season more they have had superior players who have got them results.
  4. Over the last couple of years I have started watching NFL so only grasping the rules gradually. But was wondering given my limited knowledge did Green Bay make a huge howler last night going for the points rather than the touch down right at the end or would it have not mattered.
  5. I agree with Lee Hendrie that's a penalty for me.
  6. H Barnsley v Cardiff City H AFC Bournemouth v Sheffield Wednesday A Coventry City v Nottingham Forest D Luton Town v Rotherham United H Middlesbrough v Blackburn Rovers A Millwall v Norwich City D Preston North End v Reading H Queens Park Rangers v Derby County A Stoke City v Watford D Swansea City v Brentford A Wycombe Wanderers v Birmingham City SUNDAY 24TH JANUARY D Bristol City v Huddersfield Town
  7. I'm still waiting for us to sign Dica from Steaua after those Europa league heroics. I think him and Douala were imminent for about 4 years before the Croatians
  8. It didn't do Suarez any harm in getting moves to big clubs. When scoring isn't enough to get bids biting might help.
  9. He's never been the same since an old poster called him Changing Nappies. It took a lot out of him to come back from that.
  10. Andrew Davies on loan Hignett I think had a couple of spells as coach.
  11. H Blackburn Rovers v Stoke City H AFC Bournemouth v Luton Town D Bristol City v Preston North End A Cardiff City v Norwich City A Coventry City v Sheffield Wednesday H Derby County v Rotherham United H Nottingham Forest v Millwall H Queens Park Rangers v Wycombe Wanderers A Reading v Brentford H Watford v Huddersfield Town D Barnsley v Swansea City
  12. The only thing I associated Chorley with was FM and coming in your ears from Phoenix Nights
  13. Don't forget we had Stuani as well. I'm not sure whether it was possible to keep him but he showed how good he was in Spain when put in a more central position. I have to admit I was really looking forward to signing Britt I thought he could have been one of those strikers that could step up to the next level. Although I remember at the time speaking to a few Forest fans they couldn't believe we spent so much money on him. I don't feel he has lived up to his price tag and i think he probably should have racked up another 30 odd goals in his time here. That said he hasn't been blessed with the managers and the lack of creative players playing for us.
  14. Brilliant show really enjoying it. Its a nice blend of cheese nostalgia and drama. Its got a good soundtrack as well.
  15. Ingenius team selection 3 changes and all 3 scored. Should probably call Warnock King Midas turning everything into gold. Unbeaten in all of 2021.
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