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  1. I think that will be the case as well although the draw is pretty top heavy on that side compare to PSGs.
  2. That surprised me that didn't expect that result. I think City PSG final is looking probable.
  3. Man City really have made Real look average tonight.
  4. I think something similar occurred in Liverpools home kit. Add a tinge of an extra colour and then say it represents the Liver birds then sell it for £99.
  5. Probably not footballing wise although didnt he give Ravanelli a black eye leading up to the FA Cup final. I do remember him scoring against Liverpool in my first game I went to at the Riverside which we won 2-1.
  6. Welcome to the forum. Always good to read about the history of Boro from years gone by. As you said Erimus has shared some great stuff on here in the past from historical days in Boros history. Theres some great names in that Boro team. What was Stiles like as a Boro player?
  7. Yikes im sure Gibson and Barnsley will be top of their Christmas card list this season. Its a farce mind i can imagine Charlton appealing now as that deduction would have relegated them this season. I can imagine this ticking on longer.
  8. If battle cry and Warnock will be given a war chest aren't mentioned in a gazette article this week I don't have faith in promotion next season.
  9. I think theres an argument for both. I do think leaders are important in a team. Just look at Arsenal they had Adams and Vieira during a successful era and since they left Arsenal haven't challenged. I never quite understood what Henderson does but at the last World cup when he went off vs Croatia we completely lost it in midfield. I think i saw Liverpool this season in the games they lost Henderson only played in one of them. The other thing you need to factor in is all teams cant win all the trophies. However during that period Gerrard was at Liverpool, Chelsea had Terry and Lampard, United Rooney Ferdinand Neville and Vidic and Liverpool had Gerrard and City had Kompany. All had successes during this period and dominated English football. Of course the quality of player helps massively but I do think there's still a big place to have a leader/leaders in your team.
  10. Hes been refreshing this thread hoping for an update.
  11. We used to love a 5pm announcement perhaps that's the plan.
  12. I really wanted Villa to go down and when you think they survived based on a joke of VAR and goal line technology vs Sheffield United must be a kick in the teeth to Watford and Bournemouth.
  13. Very much on the fence with Warnock i would probably have preferred somebody else but given what he has done so far I suppose you have to offer him it if he's willing to stay. He has a good record at this level so at least I think he offers a bit of security on that front. However its a very short term outlook given his age. The question is how much can you back somebody who is likely to only be able to offer up to 2 years. But then again I currently don't have faith in the club making a good long term appointment.
  14. I think the club have been trying their best by deliberately getting battered each home game will help in keeping fans away and numbers down. These measures were put in place in January. 2 months prior to the rest of the country going into lockdown.
  15. Maybe we should retire his shirt number like Birmingham did with Bellingham.
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