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  1. Gives Wycombe their chance to get revenge against Derby. Play off final would be great.
  2. I wonder if Sunderland can break the North East Wembley curse.
  3. I think the pro with Gibson is he is still in his prime age wise and generally not been injury prone. I think he is also logical in that it's an area we need cover for and he wants to come back. The difference for me with him compared to Woody and Downing is he will be suited to us rather than bringing in for the sake of it. Despite Downings great season at West Ham, his age and the fact he probably wasn't wanted by Karanka made him more of a disappointment. Woodgate was on paper a great signing for a championship club but we knew his limitations due to his injury record.
  4. Based on extra time the big chances. They looked like the only team wanting to win it. Maybe not over the 1st 90 but I think Rangers finished much stronger and should have won it.
  5. I didn't realise Lundstram was English until he came out with that broad scouse accent. I assumed he was Norwegian or something.
  6. 5 outstanding penalties from Frankfurt. Rangers should have won it and deserved to over the 120 minutes.
  7. It's like watching Boro take penalties so far. 6 great penalties.
  8. That was the Viduka moment right there with Kent.
  9. Oh great now we are going to get an article about Riley Mcgree being wrong snubbing celtic rather than mocking rangers
  10. There's also Delap from there as well who I'd imagine will be going out on loan this season. They would both be decent options as I doubt they will get much game time if Jesus remains there.
  11. It's better than their away kit this year. That looked like something you would get from a dodgy market stall.
  12. I do love the look of that AC Trento anniversary kit there.
  13. Isn't he one of the players who was getting released this summer?
  14. Maybe we are doing our version of Waggate. Leak a few names to the press and see how many times Bruce tries to buy them.
  15. I'd hope Tav and Jones would get sell on clauses put in their deals if they were to leave I think Tav especially could go on to a bigger club after we sell him on.
  16. Wouldn't mind these kits. I would hope either way they make a 94/95 replica kit like they have with other past kits even if it's not an official away kit.
  17. I hope they've seen the Errea of their ways. The kit quality was poor but I did love some of the designs especially in the 90s.
  18. It's time we go back in for Agnew that might scare Bruce off.
  19. Out of interest who was the last player that pleasantly surprised you despite you dreading when they were linked and eventually signed?
  20. I'm in if it goes ahead. You've done an amazing job with it since taking over.
  21. I think it could potentially make sense for a short term loan deal given that the Argentinian league is still going on and he was just coming back to fitness. Rather than have 6 or so weeks off having not being able to play for months prior. There's also the world cup mid season so he would be able to get his break there prior to the season resuming after the world cup.
  22. Ah how I've missed the Bruce going for every Boro target window. I wonder if we will try and poach Agnew just for the consistency of the saga.
  23. I would like to discuss Bamba entering the prestigious Uwe Fuchs club of cult heroes.
  24. Or middlesbrough will be actively looking for forwards that can score goals.
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