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  1. They'll have to prise him out of fortress Rockliffe first!
  2. 1. Reckon we may have 1 or 2 confirmed by Friday and if the press blackout is anything to go by they may be ready to start. 2. Agree with the others on McNair and Forss but wouldn't be surprised if we saw A N Other in for Coburn. 3. Only ever had a couple over 30 years ago and I suspect they weren't the finest examples so I'll reserve judgement, the concept doesn't fill me with horror like it does for some of my southern colleagues.
  3. But they've only confirmed that another source has confirmed it.
  4. If the signings we’re still to make continue in the same vein as the 3 starting today we could be in for a special season.
  5. I’ve seen more decent crosses from the left in 35 minutes than the whole of last season.
  6. LemonTop


    Tavares - he does a cracking version of Heaven must be missing an angel at the team Christmas karaoke……..or at least he used to 😢
  7. It was, the article has been amended to say Friday now.
  8. With perfect timing, this just appeared in my twitter timeline.
  9. Deepest condolences to you and your family.
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