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  1. in years goneby we sponsored Leadboots, but judging by the Hype it would have to be a wingback 😄
  2. see the club are pushing sponsor a player http://emails.mfc.co.uk/wYdb35IrJzVFJbAsgkZoZJN2EuEey3qz4di1zKOFejZ/WebView.aspx https://www.mfc.co.uk/news/player-sponsorship-available-for-202021
  3. The 3-5-2 works best when the outside CB's are comfortable in wide areas so suitable converted FB's usually excel in a 3 If Greg Cunningham can play LCB he would give the option to play a 4 or a 3
  4. @SzilardNemethsCurtains they normally succeed when coming into a successful side, we can't be classed as that, rather than ruin the player with the sink or swim theory I'd prefer a gradual introduction as they are not ready to swim.
  5. @wilsoncgp I believe that Spence isn't ready yet and Dijksteel is currently better, I don't think Johnson is ever going to be a LB/LWB and again Coulson isn't ready yet. If we had the money I think a new LB and another starting CB would allow both Spence and Coulson to develop at more controlled rate, rather than in a baptism of fire.
  6. In an ideal world neither Spence or Johnson would be in the first eleven, but we're not in an ideal world and nobody is buying our players to give us that extra freedom in the market.
  7. @TarmoI'm sure he's neither left or right footed
  8. @boksicdink sounds like Flint if you skip the passing part
  9. If Gibson sold up tomorrow, i'd give the Club 3 years before we'd be another Wigan/Bolton
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