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  1. Oops, ment to swap Rav for Yak
  2. Just don't think Fabio will get into many peoples teams over Juninho
  3. Skippy Nsue, Festa, Ayala, Ziege Geremi Boateng Hendrie Juninho Mannion Rav my team, maybe not the best 11, but the best team i could come up with given the constraints . Had to ditch Southgate to get Mannion in.
  4. Think it could be more like Norwich (Maddison & Murphys) were we need to sell some now for big money, so we don't have to sell the ones that come after.
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51867989 we may even have Ayala back by then!
  6. Spence, Fry, NEW CB, Bola Paddy, Dijksteel, Wing Roberts, NEW CF/Britt, NEW LW/Coulson
  7. My bad, always seems like we lose to them.
  8. We normally lose at reading and millwall, but you never know
  9. all away, Stoke & Wednesday
  10. my thoughts as well, Barnsley have a awful run in
  11. just done the EG predictor, just my best guesses
  12. or do we just sign the wrong type of players? Players who don't suit the way we play or want to play.
  13. Jimmy Floyd and David Hodgson
  14. I think if AK had been kept on and the playing staff returned to the promotion winning squad he'd have taken us straight back up, just an opinion but the stability would have saved all this flip flopping.
  15. Not at all, i believe in the freedom of speech and the right of the individual to express themselves. But what they really wanted was SG to come out and say "Woodgate, you're fired" so it's just a case of be careful what you wish for, previously people who wanted JW out could cling to that hope now that's been removed, so it's time to either sh*t or get off the pot
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