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  1. The response from others will be interesting
  2. Gibson wanted to change the crest after the UEFA CUP FINAL someone said to him you've come a long way in 20 years..... So 1986 had to go. not sure what the original crest is, rampant lion or whatever but I'm sure someone will full in the blanks.
  3. Derby might not exist by the 12th! Surely that board would fail the fit and proper test given its record.
  4. If Rooney goes to Everton that will be the end of Derbys' resistance. They go down, get raised by the scavengers and justice is seen to be done.
  5. Is this why the better companies avoided the poison chalice....allegedly.
  6. In Chelsea's and other such hoarders cases maybe a few more players will get close to their potential by getting themselves clubs at a better place in the development curve.
  7. @boksicdink do these people not know we Teessiders can carry a grudge to the grave, just look at Clough/Taylor
  8. more likely standing just inside the door at Tesco.... other supermarkets are available.
  9. What happened to the young CB we have been linked to from French football, Ponza or Pongo or something similar?
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