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  1. The only way we can spend more is to increase income, selling players, tickets and merchandise. Only with a full ground and will the last two happen so the the only other way is to sell players, we can either replace or are surplus. Gibson currently puts in the maximum, but he won't be around forever so he wants the club to be run in a sustainable manner, so why are people anti sustainability? The money Gibson does put in should be for player purchases, not just used to keep the club afloat.
  2. Sorry to mention football, but does anyone have any transfer rumours. Don't care if they are from a 12 year-old, self proclaimed expert or from Gibbo himself, as long as it's a rumour.
  3. NW will allow him to get fit at the club when he's ready and make a deal if we need him/he's good enough
  4. Thought we should have spent a what was then a daft £1m on Austin from Swindon years ago, think Mogga was in charge at time.
  5. We need 3 strikers, Wyke is one of them on a free and comparatively low wages it seems like a low risk no brainer to me. If he fails we can always sell him back to league one, or the Scottish premier.
  6. Think we'd be lucky to get £3m plus add ons
  7. Wasn't Akpom top of our Analyst's list?
  8. Sounds like he learned everything from Jose.
  9. As the loser we took all the Wembley gate receipts, apparently it's traditional. The commentator suggested it was around the £3m mark.
  10. Warnock is addressing our issues with the lack of pace, that we've all complained about, doesn't believe in paying loads of money for no end product etc. so as an appointment for this time and place I'm happy enough with it. If at the end of next season, we are no further forwards in regards to consistency then I doubt anyone could argue for him to remain.
  11. happy b'day @Neverbefore
  12. Eddie Howe Marco Silva Frank Lampard Wagner Paul Cook Gareth Ainsworth Doubt he'd come but Eddie Howe please, If Warnock doesn't stay.
  13. @Redcar Rioja i have a memory of reading when he signed that Fulham activated an extension clause, but i can't seem to find anything to back that up.
  14. I thought Fulham extended his contract before he came to us so he couldn't leave at the end of the loan.
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