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  1. Platt was my boyhood keeper, couldn't kick a ball straight, unless he kicked it straight into touch, but he was excellent for years, I would rate him on par with Schwarzer and I think the Aussie would have helped to keep us up if he hadn't gotten injured.
  2. what player are we going to sign that is worth £6m a year?
  3. Wood, for me, do like a home grown player
  4. Mentioned this when it first came out, count me in.
  5. Djiksteel's run at the weekend (shown on Quest) when he went past the Fb on the bye-line tells me he's technically good enough, think the rest will be confidence
  6. Maybe all the deals have been dependent on players leaving for cash, as nobody did we have no cash, so no players brought in.
  7. with Dan Levy in charge I'd expect it to be closer to £60k
  8. Mentioned Rose a few days ago as the best LB available, would love him here, pace, can defend, effective at the sharp end and loads of experience. What's not to like.
  9. I believe the Leagues need reform and the wealth a little more widely distributed, but who's to say they won't just renege on the agreement once they get the first opportunity.
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