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  1. Might try and get to a couple of Swindon games next season.
  2. Thought Hull kept moving the goalposts as they didn't want to sell to us.
  3. Would expect a full ground to give Derby a financial edge in the division, a good opportunity to bring through any kids the administrators didn't flog whilst avoiding doing their job. good luck for the future.
  4. Does he speak English, which seems to be the only stipulation about non British players?
  5. Watched Karius the season before they signed Becker and he's hardly played since. Let's just say it wasn't pretty.
  6. As much as I thought Gibson/Fry would be our defensive cornerstone for a decade when Fry broke through, I'm now thinking we need a quick, athletic, ball playing left footed CB and Gibson isn't it.
  7. Here's hoping others will take heed of your self inflicted plight.
  8. Hopefully we can move on to the shopping list and get some bodies through the door.
  9. Ages ago somebody posted, probably from the Derby end that planning permission was granted for a stadium of sports ground so planning officers could have a part to play in Derby's survival
  10. @BoroSmoggieWould assume so as someone mentioned Everton needing cash before the end of the FFP year.
  11. They sign loads of undersized balls for charity etc.
  12. This maybe more about calling their bluff and putting down a marker for future negotiations.
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