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  1. Bet Wayne get's his money on time 😄
  2. read somewhere that we'd offered Spence a new 5 year deal.
  3. So £100,000 a seat piano recital by Wayne Rooney, possible but not likely.
  4. Maybe the Maddison option is with next season in mind, would prefer to sign him on a free in the summer but if JW wants him and we have to move now then guess we do.
  5. If we have a long term target that we'll miss out on if we don't move on him then spend the cash otherwise apart from CB, i agree i don't really see the need to spend the money now.
  6. Guess it's up to him to decide if he wants a successful career getting the money for being 1st team or a 4 year career like most of the Chelsea kids had.
  7. or a good time as we can say he was here before we left so will be part of whatever legacy rules they bring in.
  8. Without the gift in the first 2 minutes Spurs wouldn't have settled so quickly, we may have even got at them early on, but that head start just took all the pressure off them. but it's time to concentrate on the league 😄
  9. any of the ITK gents got an accurate price on this deal? not that I'm bothered either way other than how much is it taking up of the budget etc.
  10. to see if the healing process has moved on sufficiently, Eileen Drewery is lending a hand.
  11. Remember seeing a free kick given against little Stan for a foul on Larry LLoyd of Forrest, you're having a laugh REF!!!
  12. someone said think it was SDS that they had tried to renegotiate the deal and we said no.
  13. Maybe the lack of expenditure in the summer and the possible sales are loosening the purse strings a little.
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