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  1. @Redcar Rioja i have a memory of reading when he signed that Fulham activated an extension clause, but i can't seem to find anything to back that up.
  2. I thought Fulham extended his contract before he came to us so he couldn't leave at the end of the loan.
  3. We need to address the Keeper and Fwd line in the summer, there must be a better keeper available to buy/loan than this one.
  4. It's like ticking off a list of who was good in the air and is still alive, maybe Cloughie was right in wanting the ball kept on the floor.
  5. They are also saying the Baggies and Blades are interested, they'll be out bidding us, if there is any truth in it.
  6. Just a bargaining ploy by both sides, "give us more or we're off" & "you won't get a better deal anywhere else and you love it here!"
  7. Just the Ref trying to maintain his no Boro win record 😄
  8. https://www.mfc.co.uk/news/paddy-mcnair-red-card-appeal-successful Paddy's Appeal Successful
  9. Looks like Paddy wins the ball with his shins to me, no contact directly with the player, both feet sliding low to the ground making contact with the ball. even a foul is a harsh decision.
  10. The lack of Fans is cancelling out the home team effect, so that affected my choices with teams like Millwall, don't know if that can be said about others.
  11. for me I think we'll need to turn some of my draws into wins to go any higher
  12. Swansea Bony would "smash this league" (couldn't resist it) City Bony wouldn't get off the bench.
  13. Bring him in on trial to train with us and let NW make the decision then.
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