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  1. for me, he didn't lay the ball off just kept it and tried to beat the same guy again, same thing I've seen from him on the highlights etc great if he waltz's into the box to win a pen but pointless if there is no end product. I'm with @GrimsbyBoro on this one
  2. I think there's a player in there somewhere!
  3. It's not like he'll earn anything anyway
  4. Wasn't he at Northampton last season?
  5. @Redcar Rioja it seems lots of players who've sat out their contracts have had to take lesser deals or be unemployed, a bird in the hand and all that.
  6. well at least it's a possibility that will allow other things to happen............hopefully
  7. think we'd be lucky to get him off our hands for free in the current climate
  8. https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/duncan-watmore-middlesbrough-contract-warnock-19577979
  9. bloody kids these days...... 😃
  10. is that because of the number of players we have that are wheelchair bound detectives?
  11. didn't Fulham extend his contract by a year before they let him go on loan?
  12. Philips at Liverpool, would be my guess
  13. Platt was my boyhood keeper, couldn't kick a ball straight, unless he kicked it straight into touch, but he was excellent for years, I would rate him on par with Schwarzer and I think the Aussie would have helped to keep us up if he hadn't gotten injured.
  14. Wood, for me, do like a home grown player
  15. Mentioned this when it first came out, count me in.
  16. Djiksteel's run at the weekend (shown on Quest) when he went past the Fb on the bye-line tells me he's technically good enough, think the rest will be confidence
  17. Maybe all the deals have been dependent on players leaving for cash, as nobody did we have no cash, so no players brought in.
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