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  1. Deserved defeat - they looked the better side going forward all day.
  2. Their through balls look far too clever for our defenders
  3. I’d love to think so, but I think a lot of fans will think this about their own teams. We are assuming these foreign imports will be major upgrades on the pitch as well as in theory.
  4. Nope. My most bitter of deadline day memories was Pulis saying he and his staff went to the pub at 4pm.
  5. Not good enough for me this. Lots of endeavour but one win this season is not good enough in my opinion
  6. Out of interest purely would you rather these three or Bolasie, NML and Kebano?
  7. This. I don’t understand the meltdown. All I will say is it shows how ineffective we have been in the transfer market that we don’t have a striker or a left back to replace them. Yes we have brought in numerous players but Ikpeazu injured shouldn’t be as big a deal as it is at the moment.
  8. Onel Hernandez? That one has come out of the blue. I’d ignore last seasons stats to be honest, he’s a very good championship player and an instant upgrade on what we have. Very happy if we complete it.
  9. I don't pay too much attention to other clubs and how they do their transfer business, but I don't remember transfers taking as long as they do at present under Warnock, they're painfully slow! How long has he been saying we are short of players and do other clubs say the same? I'm sure that will be the excuse if we lose to Blackburn at the weekend. Checking for updates on here feels like watching paint dry.
  10. Wow. This is an online forum, it's amazing how serious some people take it all!
  11. Got to say I really don’t agree with some of the incredibly negative comments on here from certain posters, wow! Our results to date have been under par and a draw today is not a good result, but I have seen some moments of encouragement in the last couple of games alone and I think if Tav/Payero/Watmore get up to speed and the new lads to come in we have the potential to be a good side and have a good season under Warnock. I remain hopeful.
  12. Well there’s some goal threat for you all. so close to a goal.
  13. Agreed. Haven’t seen a Boro player look so exciting in a game for a long time. It was almost Traore like excitement.
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