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  1. Good call I'd agree with this entirely.
  2. When was the last time we had someone who could cross in open play as well as Giles? His crosses are exceptional.
  3. Excellent again from Watmore!
  4. As I just said... I don't understand all the criticism Watmore gets, he has been excellent.
  5. Really don't understand the negativity towards Watmore on here.
  6. I did question this, but he wasn't a Bruce signing and I don't see him starting too often. We lent a rival a player last season and that worked out pretty well for us (financially)...
  7. Wouldn't be against Mowatt, good player. I'd prefer Garner but he would be ok.
  8. Not happy with Akpom being one of the striking options for the season - I just don't think he's good enough. It really does highlight our failures in the transfer window for this to have happened. Also I'd much rather have Watmore than Akpom. Watmore is a brilliant option to have on the bench and can make things happen (Huddersfield etc). Akpom is just a body in a striking position that will do a similar job to a Connelly, Balogun or Sporar last season. Sigh.
  9. Back from the game and a few points I'd like to make: 1) No issue with Dijksteel going off at half time, I thought he had a poor game and was given the run around by QPR's attacking players, namely Chair and Willock. Willock absolutely should not have been able to shoot - but it was an outstanding goal. 2) Lenihan was very vocal at the back and I can see this being an asset for us over the season. I think he played okay and was left exposed by the amount of times we gave the ball away cheaply - Jones especially was guilty of this. I know we want to play a left footer at LCB but I'd
  10. I'm sitting in the QPR end today with my QPR supporting friend - hoping the 2.5k we take make a noise and show up the home fans!
  11. I'm struggling to get excited this transfer window. I really rate Wilder as a coach and I think players like Steffen and Giles and very astute signings but I'm very underwhelmed by Forss and I don't understand the excitement over Hoppe. I won't pretend I know much about him and I admire the concept of buying young players with potential but I also do not rate our clubs ability to sign strikers who will score goals at a decent rate and have always had question marks over Wilder's ability to do so at Sheffield United. Maybe Wilder discussing a marquee signing (someone of the ilk of Armstrong for
  12. I know we need numbers in but I'm really not bothered by signing Tommy Smith. Bit of a 'meh' player for me.
  13. Extremely impressed with Steffen. Haven't felt as reassured watching a Boro GK since Randolph.
  14. Haven't seen the kit in person yet and I am not a fan of the home shirt but I do think the majority of the training range looks significantly better than the Hummel version last season. Some nice stuff there - especially the red/blue training tops. Funnily enough I think they would look better with Unibet on them though.
  15. Lovely shirt, soo much better than the home kit! It will be interesting to see what colour shorts they go with
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