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  1. I’ve literally never seen a football team less threatening from corners than us the last couple of seasons (excluding when Hall came into the team). It would be so nice to change that.
  2. Hello missed all these transfers! not remotely excited by Peltier or the lad from Wycombe 🙄 Payero sounds very exciting though, hope it happens. Is this the ‘gem of a player’ Warnock was eluding to looking to sign on the last window?
  3. Not sure if this is true or not but my friend sent me it (non Boro fan). Surely we didn’t look at him...
  4. Feel a little out of touch with us atm and not watching today. What's happened to Mendez-Laing? Is he another Warnock isn't happy with?
  5. So glad I opted out of today’s game based on the comments
  6. Going to miss the game today for the first time all season. I’ve accepted our season is over and don’t want to pay £10 to watch another tepid performance. Hopefully a big Boro win and I will be rueing my decision!
  7. Fisher looks like he has all the time in the world whenever he takes a throw in. Brilliant game management, if we weren’t losing.
  8. Fair comments and I didn’t think about Bamford!
  9. I don’t think it’s for fact they don’t care, our system has for a long time been set up in a way that makes creating chances look difficult. Have we ever had a prolific striker of sorts since the days of two upfront and Hasselbaink/Viduka etc?
  10. Where does Clinton Morrison rank amongst the worst pundits on tv? He has a contract on quest and sky.
  11. Watching some of the mfc training videos Spence looks quite good I think, some neat touches and finishes. I wonder if he is a better player in training than in games? I’d much rather see NML in his position.
  12. 1-0 down with a tame goal. I expect Watford to kick on now.
  13. Side note I really don’t rate Coulson
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