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  1. Warnock will be manager next season. Based on progress from a year ago, I'm happy with that.
  2. Better team, deserve to come away with something - their goal was very predictable. Anyone saying Warnock out, ridiculous.
  3. All the subs have been effective here and the low ball into the box clearly instructed by NW has got us right back into this. Just wish we could have started with this intensity, we can play some good stuff when we do.
  4. To all those complaining, you can see the tactic with the subs. Kebano, Johnson and Spence all playing low driven balls into the box. Never saw a goal coming but I am delighted. Come on.
  5. I don't agree. Johnson is a better crosser than Bola and can put in decent low driven crosses. Kebano is surely our best attacking option on the bench, besides taking out a CB this was the best change I feel.
  6. Nothing wrong with the build up play, we are trying to create chances without crossing I feel. But without that eye of the needle pass I don't think we are capable of some crosses eventually are inevitable. It's a shame because we have played the better stuff but Cardiff will be more than happy with this because they look comfortable.
  7. Watching this I don't think we know how to break Cardiff down. Lots of nice approach play but I think we could be here all day and not carve out chances unfortunately. As for their goal, watching us against physical opponents. I had Morrison down all day to score a header against us. Happy to be proven wrong and hope we can turn this around.
  8. Good play Watmore that’s a little better
  9. We are so inconsistent at the moment, you could toss a coin and end up with a reading like performance or this one against Cardiff on Saturday
  10. Indeed. We looked so assured defensively against Reading it’s crazy how it has changed so much in the next game. NW talked about wanting a more consistency - he must be so frustrated with that 45 mins.
  11. You’d definitely bring Coulson on #clueless
  12. I wasn’t implying we will lose with him off the pitch, I was implying the goal and an injury has the hallmarks of a bad night where we lose the game and pick up injuries.
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