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  1. it looks like warnock wants three strikers so id assume he would be an impact player , a pretty decent cheap option wages wise and transfer fee shouldnt be more than 500-700k as hes 30 and last year of his contract . I say go for it , would help with our set pieces . Him and grant hall would get a few over the season
  2. Would like to see us sign that lad from bristol on a free and robert glatzel , rekon we could get him for a couple of million . Two strikers in without having to spend too much
  3. well who the else said it hahah ? those words came from his mouth regarding the players
  4. apologies if its been said already but this quote from warnock got me thinking 'As Warnock has discussed a lot of late, he's pleased with the nucleus of his squad and the likes of Anfernee Dijksteel, Marc Bola, Dael Fry, Grant Hall, Jonny Howson, Marcus Tavernier and Duncan Watmore will all play central roles next season' strange theres no mention of mcnair or saville , mcnair especially would probably be my first name on the teamsheet . Wonder if theres plans to sell them on .
  5. Blackman was rubbish the first time he was here so i wouldnt want him back , glatzel would be good though .. him or the lad from bristol city on a free (diadhio?)
  6. from boro fans ? the article makes it out like it is
  7. With woodgate taking charge of B'mouth i can see them slipping down from 6th place over the next few weeks . That 6th spot is right up for grabs especially if we can continue this winning run . Im more worried about Cardiffs form at the minute , 5 straight wins
  8. best pray warnocks about for the foreseeable future then and not just till the end of the season
  9. Neither neil harris or darren ferguson seem the type to put up with *** either , hope im wrong
  10. mendez laing doesnt sit well with me , had his contract terminated at cardiff and had pretty much the same thing happen at Peterborough for a breach of club discipline . That doesn't scream the type of character id really want at the club but i suppose beggers cant be choosers
  11. We were playing the team top of the league , away from home and on the back of a couple of bad results . We had a good few chances just couldnt take them . Its hardly like we just camped in our own half , have some positivity man
  12. iv bought the audio till it works , hopefully at least get to watch the second half
  13. is the fa player working for anyone ? keeps telling me i need to upgrade then just doesnt load
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