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  1. Anybody take Vydra on a free ? Just been released by Burnley . I know someone on here said something about SG not wanting to buy players over 30 but sure he’s only 30 now and it’s a free , scores goals and knows this league
  2. Anybody know what’s going on with amneobi or fisher ? Think both will be sold if they’ve recovered from their pretty bad injuries
  3. to be fair this is the first season in a long time winning the spl HAS meant something , they automatically qualify for the champs league group stages rather than having to play qualifiers which they usually lose lol . Talking big money every season from now on for whoever wins the spl
  4. got a broons book for xmas lol , im getting more like Paw every week
  5. GK- Lumley , Daniels , Stoj Def- Dijksteel , Taylor , Hall , Fry , Pelts , Paddy , Bamba , Bola , Wood (under 21 ) Mid - Tav , Hernandez , Payero , Browne , Howson , JLS , Crooks , Jones , Sivi and malley ( under 21 ) St - Uche , Sporar , Watmore , Josh ( under 21 ) Thats 22 squad players there because unless im mistaken you dont have to register any player under 21 , it says jones is 21 so im not sure that counts so i counted him as a player . Marcus browne i cant see getting into this team with the formation , his lack of time with the squad due to injuries and how well the te
  6. Matt crooks our top scorer on 4 goals in 18 games , sporar 3 in 14 . Its grim reading , we definitely need a couple of players capable of sticking the ball in the net . Feels like we havent had a good striker for years ...
  7. sitting in the same section , maybe im reading too much into it
  8. sorry if its been mentioned here already but did anyone else see that steve bruce was sitting with kieran scott and a few others today watching the game . If he was there himself i wouldnt have thought much about it but seems strange to be sat with scott
  9. Sorry if im way out the loop but isnt there a free agent left footed cb that can play wing back whos just been released by shef u recently ? I remember us being linked but cant remember his name , that deal might happen now if he hasnt been snapped up by someone else as CW will know him well and we need cover at lwb
  10. Cant wait to see bamba and grant hall overlapping up the pitch 😛 In all seriousness now iv calmed down it seems a good appointment , hope hes backed in january because this season definitely isnt over . Top 6 is still achievable
  11. wilder ? the guy who spent £42 million on mcBurnie and brewster ... no thanks . JT can p#ss off too
  12. i like watching ikpeazu play but not when hes on a booking .... would get watmore on at ht for him before he gets sent off
  13. I said this the other day and got slated for it lol , hes not going to sack warnock unless like the woodgate gamble it really looks like we are going into league 1 . I think this season will be for Scott to get a good idea of where we are then things will really get started in the summer with a new manager , this wont go down well either but I think Fry , mcnair and tav will all be sold to fund a warchest for the new guy and scott
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