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  1. iv bought the audio till it works , hopefully at least get to watch the second half
  2. is the fa player working for anyone ? keeps telling me i need to upgrade then just doesnt load
  3. Not normally but in this circumstance i would say it is , he had only played 8 games , played extremely well and there was rumours other clubs were offering more lucrative offers to take him on when his contract expired . If we had lost him he would have been even less stocked in the attacking department especially with britt leaving and fletcher not fit yet . Big signing in my opinion
  4. i thought extending watmores contract was huge , hes our top goalscorer already and looks like he could be a 15-20 goal a season striker if he stays fit . Not bad for free
  5. We have signed two already , bolasie could drag on like last window
  6. Owell on another day we could have had 3-4 goals easy . No point in being negative we battled the whole game , having a clinical striker would help . Britt looks terrible and akpom not much better , we really need fletcher back as i think hes our best striker by a long shot
  7. If anyone wants a commentary bbc radio derby has it on im listening to it the now . Saves you 3 quid https://tunein.com/radio/BBC-Radio-Derby-1045-s6846/
  8. Warnock said in his press conference there was a couple of little niggles , id imagine hes one of them so probably nothing too bad and just a precaution coz of his history
  9. Roberts surely has to start this game , would like to see watmore given a run about second half aswell . Will be happy with the three points though as derby look a shambles this season
  10. ok ... bit pointless even saying that then 😕
  11. for real pal ? thats really really sound of you thank you very much , i will repay you on the 23rd of this month i give you my word
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