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  1. I suppose it makes sense, he’s be quality
  2. Who would you think though? Can’t see it being Grosicki as he wants to fight for his place
  3. If it is Nelson from Arsenal, I wonder if they’re waiting until Odergard is confirmed.
  4. Can’t see it being him... Warnock said the striker will be a loan.
  5. Life after Warnock? If he retires does anyone think he will put Blackwell & Jepson forward for the vacant role? Blackwell has managed before and he trusts them 100%. Going off the ‘Undr the Cosh’ podcasts we do not want under any certain terms Blackwell as leader of this club 😂 Genuinely though I believe Warnock will vouch for them
  6. 2 and a half year deal... over the moon to get this one over the line. Really good player
  7. Can’t see this happening, much bigger clubs after him. What’s Marc Albrighton doing these days ?
  8. Warnock said yesterday that he spoke to a player (winger I assume) from the premier league who said he doesn’t want to make a quick decision as he is now in the match day squad. My guess is Grosicki, bombed out by Bilic and now he’s on the bench for Big Sam. He could well stay and fight for his place. The other player he spoke to said he can’t move yet as they have a few injuries at the moment and need to wait to see if they are fit to return by the end of Jan. I get the impression that this player wants to come though. Not sure who it may be.
  9. With his being a free agent I suspect he wound have wanted a healthy signing on fee. Also there’s no way we would have offered anywhere near a 5 year contract. I think this window will be domestic only.
  10. I can’t see that happening, number of premier league clubs want him, I can see your thinking though. I think we will end up with 1 winger and 1 centre half with Nathan Wood going on loan to League 2. I reckon Folarin may go out on loan too.
  11. Im pretty sure Rose has played in a back 3 for Spurs, certain of it. If that’s the case then it covers a few bases
  12. I agree, however Coulson is streets ahead of MJ & Bola going forward, it’s getting the balance right for me. Problem with all 3 is that they don’t pull up any trees defensively and that’s a worry. I also think we might be after wing back(s) Is that when quizzed on Roberts a few weeks ago he played it down saying I’d need to buy 2 defensive wing backs to do that. Maybe now he’s realised that he needs new wing backs anyway and can now accommodate Roberts. Just a theory.
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