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  1. Yeah I’m only messing, it’s strange that it hasn’t been reported anywhere else. Also, the article is only one paragraph long and doesn’t even mention us which is very strange.
  2. Doesn’t matter he’s going to Cagliari 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
  3. Yeah I also get the impression his attitude is poor. Also his ability isn’t the best either 😂
  4. I think Peltier is the Fisher replacement according to Warnock anyway. Either of these two would replace Coulson but I haven’t seen any links or concrete interest in Spence, I think he’ll stay tbh
  5. Well yeah I agree with what your saying. However for some reason in football, a left sided centre half is seen as a luxury isn’t it 😂
  6. Well the simple fact we don’t have a massive budget so would seem daft to waste it on two players who seem to play in the exact same positions. We have 2 strikers, one of which we know for a fact Warnock doesn’t rate.
  7. So is the one from Cardiff, states he can play wingback
  8. Why would we sign two left sided centre half’s? We do work on more than one deal at a time btw
  9. Ah, didn’t seen them article… I just seen another page on Twitter say it. Oh well it was fun whilst it lasted. I can see an early Gazette article in the morning saying the deal is off
  10. So, the Twitter account that posted it, has about 80 followers and not verified. Hopefully just BS
  11. Well I mean it has dragged on due to ‘financials’ according to Warnock, wouldn’t surprise me if Banfield got sick and offered him to Calgiari.
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