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  1. Seems to me Riis is our back up to Larsen. We’re putting the feelers out regarding Riis as we’ll go back in for one last bid for Larsen
  2. According to a local podcast called Radio Milko, Larsen wants to sign for us
  3. What’s the point in releasing that article when he missed training a few weeks ago? Seems unnecessary now doesn’t it 🤷‍♀️
  4. Even wilder agreed with me about the Watmore chance 🙃🙃🙃
  5. I can’t see them matching or bettering our bids tbh. Also I reckon we’d offer better wages
  6. I wish our journalists were like this 😂 that was some brilliant questioning
  7. FC Groningen would have rejected a mega offer from Middlesbrough, but that is not the only thing, according to Strand Larsen. "A lot of things are going on, also off the field. We didn't do our job on the field. If you come here, you have to give 110%, we did 80%, that's not enough," said Strand Larsen about the hopeless defeat in Amsterdam. Strand Larsen indicated that FC Groningen is not cooperating with a transfer. "There is interest from clubs. Italian clubs among others. I am disappointed how the club is handling this. They are serious offers. Every guy who is 22 years old wants to s
  8. I respect your opinion mate. He doesn’t help himself maybe that’s why he’s under scrutiny most of the time now.
  9. Watmore needs to be sold tbh. Another miss, should have scored. That’s 3 sitters in 4 games which would have completely changed each of them. Been a great sighing looking back but need more quality in front of goal
  10. I know that, just thought it would have been interesting to see if he did or didnt. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. Yeah I agree mate. Although Groningen keep on saying they don’t have to sell etc that Larsen interview last week was pretty eye opening wasn’t it. He may not push for a move but that won’t sit well with anyone. Fair play to Boro for sticking to our price and not budging. We may just need to include extra add ons to get the deal done.
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