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  1. I must say, your unbelievably quick with the updates 😅🤣 much appreciated… when I see your name pop up and the screenshot loading I get excited 😆
  2. Bit like Downing when he says ‘Like I say’ constantly 😂
  3. I just have a feeling that he’s a proper home lad.. I think if he had his own way he’s stay here for rest of his career.
  4. Fry has just bought a lavish home in Nunthopre in Jan 2021 that was cost ALOT of money, can’t see him going anywhere
  5. I think a left footed centre half will be at the top of his list. If he wants to play the overlapping centre half system then its imperative he gets one, otherwise it won't work. Also back up LWB, maybe even a starter if Bola can't get himself fit.
  6. The gazette don’t know anything anyway, they don’t get anything from the club anymore.
  7. Surely they should be ‘working from home’ the day before deadline day though 😅
  8. I do have a feeling that we’ve messed him about and he’s turned us down… extremely quiet from the ‘Boro’ media today though.
  9. Bit strange, but on the official Rennes website they have put an article out on all the 16 players that are on international duty… Siliki is not mentioned whatsoever… 🤔
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