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  1. He’s some journalist in Wales, he might know his stuff
  2. Junior Hoilett, like I said yesterday we are in for him with his deal being up in the summer. Not even in the squad today when he’s played the last few games albeit from the bench.
  3. Yeah I agree, I wonder if the Prem striker will be available again, I’m sure Warnock hinted that he might be after today’s game
  4. I see WarnocK mentioned he was looking at a midfielder, must be a CM as he would have mentioned if it’s a winger or not. Anyone reckon he’s looking to get rid of Wing and bring a replacement in?
  5. Wasn’t he on loan in Scotland before? Sure he played a couple of games before lockdown started.
  6. Ive never had anything off him before so in a way that’s why I believe it. Suppose we will have to see.
  7. Unless it’s Michael Morrison at Reading, I’ll ask. Just going off what I’ve been forwarded that’s all.
  8. I’ve heard we want Hoilett & Morrison from Cardiff before deadline, we’re happy to pay small fees to enable us to get them before the summer when their contracts are up
  9. I see Ben Pearson has agreed a deal to sign for Bournemouth... I wonder if Preston reignite their interest in Lewis Wing
  10. I just can’t see us having £2m to spend, especially for a player who’s contact I up in 6 months. Unless, as you’ve already said, Britt is part of the deal.
  11. Defo can’t see us spending £2m like.... also can’t see him being too fussed signing for Pyramids FC 🤣🤣🤣
  12. He did make a little comment about our out of contracts players which I think he refers to Britt, I wouldn’t rule that out right now.
  13. I think he will turn to this mystery winger now from abroad, sure he said his contract is up in the summer, it was just a case of gambling for these 6 months. I remember at the start of the season when Warnock missed out on his top targets and none of them are pulling up any trees, so this could be another blessing in disguise. You never know.
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