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  1. I enjoyed the match last night. We look decent when we play on the ground instead of high balls to nowhere. I know it doesn’t suit Warnock’s new narrative about having no defenders, but McNair is very classy at the back, I much prefer him there to MF. Thought Howson and Peltier were good as well. We haven’t had a player with the universal backing of the crowd for years. It’s fantastic to see it with Payero. People genuinely want to see him do well, there’s excitement when he gets into good positions and not one moan or groan if he misses a pass or makes a mistake. I think that’s really giv
  2. That’s exactly what I’m so worried about happening. Peltier will be back, Howson into MF so the obvious one (for Warnock) to drop will be Payero. The only thing he might be worried about is completely alienating the fan base. He cares. He wants to be liked. And he knows most people have been clamouring for Payero to get a chance. To drop him after that second half performance and (more importantly) the reaction of the fans will create a stir he might well want to avoid.
  3. I thought it was an awful match to be honest. I was completely bored for 70% of it. The usual slow build up, side to side passing, losing the 50/50s and we allowed Posh to pass the ball about. Had we not got the penalty I think things could have got pretty tense in the stands, most people sat round me annoyed that he took so long to make the subs and were crying out for Jones to come on. Hope he makes a couple of changes for the Barnsley match. But not Payero. He needs a good run of games now to show what he can do.
  4. Like I say, he was highly rated by the Gazette so must have been me. I just didn’t have confidence in him in that role, he seemed to give the ball away quite a bit
  5. I thought Crooks was awful today but the Gazette had him just off MoM and Warnock gave him special praise. I think towards the end he swapped positions with Howson and looked better at the back.
  6. I came in to say something similar. It brought a tear to my eye too and I hope with a run of games he will continue to grow in confidence. I was watching him closely throughout because like many on here, I’m desperate to see him do well, I think he’s been treated very badly. First half he looked a bit lost but did create a couple of chances (the free kick and chance for Crooks) and was asking for the ball in dangerous areas. Second half he saw a lot more of the action and played well. His reaction after the second goal was like all his frustrations and pent up emotion just came spilling
  7. Got a feeling we will score a few today. Attack the best form of defence and all that. 4-2 to Boro
  8. Excited for this one just to see the team! No idea who he’s going to play where
  9. Well I guess he’s staying. Just hope he doesn’t do any long term damage to the players he’s taken against.
  10. Maybe the compromises mentioned earlier are from our side and not Warnocks! Been thinking a lot about what’s going on and it has all soured very quickly. It was only a couple of months ago everyone was loving Neil and his bumbag. Is it just social media and forums like this where there is most unrest? I would expect if he’s staying (still hoping not) then the club and Warnock need to put out a statement/article about what our aims are this season and beyond. It’s that creating the most upset I think - it seems like we’ve got two very distinct strategies. Roll on 11am and let’s see.
  11. If Gibson/Scott are asking him to compromise on team selection or style of play I can’t see why he would stay. He has a very high opinion of himself and his record (fair enough) so I doubt in his final season he will let a club he doesn’t really have that much affinity with to demand changes to the “Warnock way”. If meetings have been had, I’d like to think it’s now just a matter of severance pay and leaving quietly without much fuss.
  12. Scott getting a lot of credit for finding players that our new head of recruitment identified! I do think he’ll be responsible for finding the new manager though and is probably well under way with that already
  13. It’s shameful that he’s been singled out for being unfit, for being one of the “so many foreigners”, for us not knowing his best position, for being blamed for the goal on his one start, for being criticised in his other cameo appearances. Now you might think he deserves all that criticism, but it’s clearly not helping him settle or become a better player. And I’d say that’s shameful.
  14. It’s shameful how he’s been treated. I just hope once Warnock and his team have gone, Payero still wants to play for us. I feel so sad for him
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