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  1. I don’t see it like that at all. It feels like there’s a buzz back around the team that we’ve not had for a long time. I think people can see Warnock is working with a small, restricted squad and has them playing for each other. I think the fans would be (and are) behind this team
  2. There’s something about this team that I really like. I don’t know if it’s Warnock’s straight talking enthusiasm, the fact we have a coaching set up that clearly know what they’re doing and are improving players, the team spirit or the individual improvement from certain members of the team - but whatever it is I feel more positive about the team than I have since the Karanka days. I love that we’re so hard to beat. I think the back 3 are fantastic, exciting to watch at times when Paddy and Dijksteel push forward. Paddy in particular has been a revelation, he oozes class in that role. Morsy has been brilliant - finally someone who can win the 50/50 balls and push us forward, I don’t see many sideways or backwards passes from him. Howson looks like a different player in his correct position and Saville is finally getting forward and making chances. There’s still areas for improvement and some players that drive me mad. We slow things down too much, not creating enough and clearly not settled on our best wing backs or forward combination. But signs are good, we’re winning, looking up the table and I think we will only get better. Browne, Tav and Roberts will have a massive part to play I think. I look forward to the matches now, just wish we could be there in person to cheer the lads on.
  3. Hall will struggle to get back in the team if the back 3 continue to play like that.
  4. It’s a hard watch sometimes but I’m enjoying it a lot more than the last couple of seasons. I think our back 3 are brilliant, a lot of the teams in the division go 3 at the back and I honestly don’t think any are better than ours. If we had better wing backs we could be exciting to watch, hopefully Spence will get some confidence from his goal Chuffed for Britt. He really needed that tonight. UTB
  5. Why do we keep slowing it down?! We’ve done this for years. It’s so frustrating.
  6. We’re too slow to play through this lot. Just saw Britt in the box there on his own with 6 blue shirts round him.
  7. This is going to be won by a screamer. We’re not going to pass through them. Wish we’d bring Browne on
  8. Dear me. Spence goes backwards every time he’s in a decent position.
  9. Maybe we need to offer Woodgate a scouting role! He can’t coach or manage but it does look like he’s been able to spot a couple of decent players from L1
  10. I think only Karanka out of all of our managers really rated Bamford. And even he wouldn’t play him in the Premier League. Monk bought players to play instead of Bamford. Pulis clearly didn’t want him. I can’t believe he didn’t bring him straight back in after his couple of games out due to concussion. He’s thriving under a manager who rates him and in a team where he’s the no.1 up front. If Pulis had kept him he’d have been on the bench.
  11. Warnock has surprised us a bit with some of the strikers he’s been after. Akpom came out of the blue, Sanogo wasn’t really on anyone’s radar at first. I’m hoping he has a couple of options in mind that are a bit left field!
  12. Anyone think Britt might be more injured than we’re letting on? Like Fletcher was? Don’t want to let on to any of these free agents?
  13. I’m developing feelings for this team! Love the togetherness at the end! UTFB!
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