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  1. I’m not surprised George and Johnson are being offered new deals. I think Friend is decent at CB and we need depth in that area. A couple of injuries and we would be down to bare bones again. I don’t mind Johnson at all and Warnock has obviously seen something in him. Again, probably a squad player. Sounds like he wants to keep Britt and Fletcher as well. With all of the issues at the moment with money and clubs offloading players, I think people will find it difficult to get decent contracts elsewhere anyway. Wouldn’t be surprised if our offer to Ayala in Jan is better than anything he can get now, not heard any rumours about Clayton or Shotton or Gestede and it’s pretty obvious why Howson quickly triggered his extension. Some lads could be kicking themselves
  2. I wonder sometimes if these so called links are more agents trying to drum up interest. Supposedly Marvin Johnson was in demand earlier this season but I fully expect him to stay on a reduced contract if we offer him one. I can’t see Wing going to the PL, just like I can’t see Ayala getting a big money move to a top team.
  3. I thought we would try to sell one of the midfield 3 who all play a similar role - not surprised if it’s McNair, Warnock clearly preferred Saville and Howson
  4. Fancy leaving Boro and burning all bridges with the club to sign for Birmingham! 😂
  5. I think (hope!) this is just paper talk. If Warnock now in full control of transfers, no idea why he’d go back to someone the previous regime wanted and who he has no affinity with. We’ll see
  6. Maybe Ayala but I think Clayton is past his peak. If Birmingham are going for a promotion bid, they can’t be buying players who were at their best 4 seasons ago.
  7. Remember one of the official supporters groups being apoplectic with rage that they might not get a season ticket in the new regime due to boycotting under Ashley’s ownership? And demanding former ST holders were given preference for the upcoming season? 😂 Guess they’re not so bothered now!
  8. Big guy, commanding presence at the back. Ball playing but so are Fry and Friend. Just surprised he wasn’t given a chance - Warnock spoke well of him after that strange selection as DM. Anyway, not to be but I liked him.
  9. I was surprised Warnock didn’t seem to rate Maukoudi. Would have loved to have seen him back. I wonder if any of our targets are from abroad this year.
  10. Looks like he’s going to QPR anyway according to Twitter!
  11. Have we actually been linked to any player other than Goode? All I’ve seen is some random names on here, nothing concrete elsewhere and certainly no bids in. Full backs who can defend and a tall centre back doesn’t mean we will only play a certain way surely? We were caught so often on set pieces and poor positioning last season, a stable defence seems sensible to me. Anyway, hopefully there’s some exciting names linked soon or this could be a long 6 weeks!
  12. People have admired Brentford’s approach to transfer dealings for ages now - as soon as we’re interested in the same player as them, he’s written off as being not good enough and a hoofball specialist. Couldn’t make it up!
  13. I think whoever we were interested in would have been criticised. Either a journeyman plodder, not good enough, not realistic. Let’s see what happens. People were delighted last season with Browne if I remember correctly! Fry couldn’t get a run in the Rotherham team a couple of seasons back - people do develop.
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