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  1. The more I think about this season, the more angry I am - especially letting so many contracts just run down of players who are in the first team and crucial to our chances. I suspect the plan was to phase those players out anyway, perhaps with the exception of Ayala and Howson, replacing them with youngsters and the new buys. To have to rely on Johnson, Clayton, Shotton on top of Howson and Ayala probably wasn’t in the plan. But that only goes on to highlight how poor the replacements have been. Djiksteel (even pre injury), Bola and Browne were obviously intended for the first team but just not good enough. So we’re in a position next season of not having the “luxury” of a bunch of experienced players to fall back on when the new signings don’t work out. We are in deep trouble next year regardless of the league imo.
  2. We had decent ish home form but the Luton loss as thrown that out of the window a bit for me. I think the crucial matches are away at Charlton, Stoke and Hull. Lose those and we’re down.
  3. If so I hope the local media finally show some guts and ask some difficult questions. He’s had an extremely easy ride from the press
  4. Going today? I think it’s the only news that can re-energise the team and fans for the fight ahead
  5. Woodgate press conference at 2pm today? Is this usual the day after a match? Either doubling down, we’re told he’s here to stay and he gives us some platitudes about heart, commitment, fighting for the shirt. Or he resigns with a heavy heart?
  6. I can’t get my head round what Steve Gibson’s plan is. Even if by some absolute miracle we stay up, how can he expect Woodgate to assemble a brand new team next season with no blueprint for how we want to play? I can understand if this was a transition season and we were playing the style Woodgate wanted, but we’re not. We play no obvious system, have no clear identity, no patterns of play. It’s utterly depressing. Tonight they put a bit of effort in, but never actually looked like scoring, couldn’t find a pass, nobody could control the ball and we looked panicked every time Leeds attacked. I’ve never felt so disillusioned
  7. Don’t worry. Marvin Johnson is now considered a left back by our manager
  8. I honestly just can’t see what Woodgate is trying to do. His decision making is completely baffling and he has no clue what his best formation, team or system is. It’s laughable. Wing is in the team entirely for his long range shooting. Stop that and there’s nothing there. Johnson is okay as an attacking left sided player but he’s been forced into playing left back. McNair has clearly downed tools - from being our best player pre Christmas, now can’t get into the team. If Woodgate stays, no matter what division we’re in, how can we expect him to build a brand new team (with very few senior players) and coach them to play in a new system? Does anyone have any faith at all that he could build something?
  9. I’ve got us surviving but that’s with a couple of wins that could most definitely be losses. Too hard To predict though - form for a lot of teams is crazy this season. The bottom 3 are having a mini revival but could easily return to pre Feb results.
  10. I think he will put the kids back in. I don’t think the crowd will get on their backs as much as if he went for experience and they played like that have been doing. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Clayton back in to steady the midfield and Fletcher up front on his own.
  11. McClaren did well when he was at QPR as a coach. It’s when he’s then moved back into management where it’s gone wrong for him
  12. Completely agree with this. The entire vision sold to us at the start of the season has very clearly not been implemented. Are the other age groups all playing the same system as the first team like Woodgate said? Of course they’re not because the first team doesn’t have an identity or style of play. Woodgate abandoned his 433 high press after game three. His mantra of “it’s simple, just score goals” sounds utterly ludicrous when we have scored less than under Pulis. Every single senior player has regressed under Woodgate.
  13. We’ve allowed ourselves to get into a position where 7 senior players are out of contract at the end of the season and we’ve been been open to selling any others if an offer came in - and we’re now relying on the majority of those to keep us up. I thought Pulis had come in a to oversee a complete overhaul of the club and had left us in a good position? It’s a shambles. Woodgate hasn’t improved one single senior player this season. His buys haven’t improved the team and have been sent back to where we bought them and those promising youngsters who he has given a chance are now being hung out to dry. How does Gibson expect him to overhaul and improve the squad next season? He has shown zero aptitude for it.
  14. I notice Spence’s shirt was hung up in the pre-match dressing room photos. So something must have happened for him to be dropped from the 18. Maybe that’s what the coaches fell out about?
  15. Well then that sounds like another ridiculous move by the men in charge. It’s not like we were trying to entice world class coaches. It was Woodgate’s best mate. And if the rumours are true that Keane is barely even there, no doubt we agreed to that as well.
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