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  1. Like others I don’t understand starting the long term plan with Warnock if we know who we want to take over and presumably have spoken to him about players. Unless he’s tied into a contract for another year. Enjoyed the excitement of chasing after some unknown South Americans though
  2. I’m excited about the season ahead and I’m expecting a promotion push. I say that most seasons mind….
  3. However people chose to protest against racism they will be criticised - simply because people don’t want there to be an anti racist movement with sufficient publicity and support. Naomi Osaka was criticised for wearing face masks with names of people brutally killed by the police. Demos turn into “looters and thugs” with little evidence. T-shirts - stop politicising sport, kneeling during the national anthem - anti-patriotic. They can’t win because people don’t want them to win. Taking the knee, explaining why and what it means is peaceful and powerful. And the racists can’t stand it.
  4. I was lucky enough to get a ticket to the final and even luckier to be in a section and entrance away from Wembley Way so missed most of the trouble. Even then, the stewards looked out of their depth, young lads with no real idea how to control the crowds trying to push through our pretty reserved queues. I barely saw any police and the checks before you got to the turnstiles were pretty much non existent. People I knew who were down Wembley Way said it was genuinely frightening, bottles being thrown, people openly taking coke and urinating in front of young kids. Groups openly trying to force
  5. Has Marvin Johnson left? Feel a bit sorry for him, had a decent first half of the season and then bombed out for the loanees (along with our form). I think he’s worth keeping but not heard anything
  6. I get the feeling that Mowbray wasn’t really Gibson’s favourite manager over the years so can’t imagine he would ever bring him back.
  7. I feel sorry for Johnson, was playing really well before Christmas, creating and scoring. Loan players come in, he doesn’t get a look in and we are worse for it. Spence and Coulson often get called out, alongside the strikers. I wouldn’t be surprised if Brit, Johnson, Akpom, Coulson and Fletcher are all pretty peed off and want away. I’m still supportive of Warnock but he needs to take some responsibility. The loan signings seem to have disrupted the team spirit. Too many all at once? Too many straight into the team? He clearly doesn’t rate any of our strikers and Fletcher annoyed him g
  8. I was thinking the same. He had a great debut and didn’t seem to do much wrong in his other games. Surprised he’s behind Spence as the backup to Djiksteel
  9. I know Johnson gets a lot of stick on here but he’s been unlucky to be bombed out with our new signings. Was our best for assists wasn’t he?
  10. He might do okay at a team without all the baggage (and expectation) he had here. Obviously does something right to get the chance at 2 clubs now. I’m shocked though
  11. Karanka was given some slack at the start of the season by the fans but with the results he’s been having it was only a matter of time really. It’s his team as well, he’s bought a lot of players but just can’t get them functioning.
  12. Oh dear! Obviously too greedy in the summer. Can’t say I’m disappointed about any of the players we missed out on.
  13. I can’t believe the difference in Bola. He has completely nailed down his spot and must feel more confident every week. I think most people thought Djiksteel might come good with a decent manager, but Bola has been like a completely new signing. Our back 4 is immense.
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