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  1. I wonder what clubs will do about season ticket early birds. Seems ridiculous to even ask in a time like this but the deadline is approaching and we don’t even know when the next match will be played or whether there will be a full season. Can’t believe it’s only 5 days since the Swansea match was postponed. Things moving so quickly yet it seems like months ago.
  2. I wonder how many people will chose not to go now it’s been confirmed that the EFL won’t be postponing/playing behind closed doors? Got to admit I’m thinking it might be best to give it a miss.
  3. Great to see the board positive tonight, hopefully the start of a few more wins to pull us to safety. I’ve been feeling a lot more positive since Forest, although I was furious with Gibson’s interview in the Gazette, in some way its settled me down! Woodgate is here to stay and all the speculation and rumours of him getting sacked “if we don’t win next match” and Warnock coming in to the end of the season are out of the window now. All we can do is get behind the team and see what happens in the summer. Stick with that team for Swansea.
  4. We’ve conceded far too many last minute goals. Feeling very stressed here!
  5. We will concede at some point. Really need to make an attacking change I think. Give Charlton something to worry about
  6. Glad he’s not gone for a load of changes again. We’ve needed a settled team for a while. Agree with others that Saville would be my choice alongside Clayton instead of McNair, otherwise happy enough with that team. Brave call dropping Pears. If Stojanovic makes any mistakes or the defence don’t have confidence in him, Woodgate will be slated for that decision. But I think (hope!) its the right one!
  7. Thanks for the update. I don’t know your source so not sure how much info you have, but any acknowledgement that trying to play the season on a threadbare squad or allowing so many contracts to run down at the same time might have been a mistake? Our entire back 4 yesterday will be gone in summer for example! Any pressure on those in charge of contracts and recruitment?
  8. I’m still more optimistic about our chances than I was before the match. We needed to not lose and we needed to score. We can get a little bit of confidence from that and try to build on it at Charlton. Wing needs to play higher up like he did yesterday - he’s not the greatest midfielder but he’s our best chance of a goal at the moment. I’d rather Saville play over McNair and I think Spence deserves a chance again (in front of Howson if Woodgate insists on Howson at RB). Main criticism with Woodgate last night was his lack of subs. It was obvious we needed an outlet up front but he seems scared to make a change if he thinks we’re doing okay (ie. not losing)
  9. I think he’ll bring Saville in for McNair, otherwise will play the same team. Saturday is *the* must win for me. Tonight was about getting a result and some confidence up - I think we did that.
  10. Pears has done well since coming in but I always feel slightly uneasy with him, especially on high balls into the box. He punched one earlier in the game where he could have caught it and I’m not sure his presence is big enough. But it would probably be a huge risk changing him now and playing a new keeper for the last 10 critical games. I don’t think Woodgate will dare chance it.
  11. Okay. Positives. We scored (twice!). Coulson, Makoudi, Shotton. Spence coming on (hopefully not totally out of the frame now). We looked good down the left, players weren’t scared to have a shot and we created a few half chances.
  12. Well I’ve been thinking we’ve been going down now for weeks but tonight has given me a tiny glimmer of hope. We needed a result of any kind and to score a couple of goals to give us any semblance of confidence going into Saturday and I do think tonight has given us that. I’m mainly furious that Woodgate didn’t bring on an attacking sub. We needed an outlet and something for Forest to worry about. I’ve thought that a few times this season - please please will he learn.
  13. I can’t stand that he’s turned Johnson into a LB and Howson into a CB or RB. What the hell?! Like he said at the start of the season - football isn’t rocket science. So why not play people in their actual positions?!
  14. I can only presume Britt is injured? Honestly chuck Spence in with Howson behind (or swap round) and that would at least look like a shape and a plan. As it is wtf?!
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