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  1. I’m worried about the whole meal/breakfast revelation this week. Not only should the players be taking better care of themselves and taking that personal responsibility, what are the club doing? Football players aren’t often the brightest so having the club explain and implement good nutrition is just basic isn’t it? Didn’t we have something else last season about golf - players tiring themselves out or am I misremembering? Not exactly a professional set up is it?
  2. I do think if the man Scott/Gibson wants for the future is available Warnock will be out. But that’s a big if. The change will only happen if it’s a long term one
  3. What’s going on with Forest? I know they struggled a bit last season but did seem to pick up some form - wasn’t expecting them to be rock bottom this season
  4. Back 5 works well with McNair because he pushes up into MF. So I wouldn’t say we’ve always been shocking with a back 5, played well v Blackburn. Clearly not working today though. Not getting LB cover in was ridiculous
  5. I thought we looked really good with a back three at the weekend and have options there with Djiksteel and Bola also capable in a back 3. Jones an extremely attacking LWB, didn’t Warnock say TO can play wingback as well? I think he has a few options now, only really lacking in traditional fullbacks.
  6. Really odd couple of exits. Morsy still decent and we don’t know how the new lads will settle. Spence out on loan just bizarre. He’s been playing pretty well this season.
  7. Unbelievable the difference to the start of the window to the end. Can’t believe it really. Having trialists pre season and feeling pretty desperate…
  8. Loving the social media team! Too subtle for me at first! 😂
  9. Whether this is Scott or the new recruitment guy or a combination of both, it’s a complete change in direction for us. Exciting times, even if this season is about bedding in for some. Just want to see some photos/official tweets now!
  10. Bit disappointed we’re offering Morsy to clubs - I think he brings something different to the team and is excellent at breaking up play. We might think we can upgrade but if he’s not wanting to leave and with our squad is as thin as it is, I think we’d be better keeping him at least until Jan to see if the new players settle.
  11. Majority of the criticism this season has been about our midfield. I’m glad we’re strengthening it.
  12. Please don’t let this one fall through 🙏🏻 Not that I’ve ever heard of him but he’s going to be awesome for us!
  13. Poor Neil only wanted 2 from the continent. Don’t think I’ve ever seen us buy/chase so many overseas players.
  14. Another example of a name completely out of the blue, not mentioned by any ITK but news broken on European social media accounts. I think the club have more than tightened the leaks. That’s not the issue with deals falling through.
  15. Fair enough. I feel a tiny bit sorry for Warnock. He’s a caretaker essentially, knows he’s not being given all of the funds available and knows there’s a bunch of changes behind the scenes that he has no control over/no say in.
  16. It’s clear Warnock won’t be here long and the club are planning for a future with a new approach and new players. We either spend this season moaning about Warnock or take it for what it is, get behind the team and hope some of the players he has brought in on the cheap (TO, Crooks, Uche) come good and compliment the sexier, more expensive signings for the future.
  17. We have a new recruitment set up and these players from overseas are being identified there - not by Gibson directly! Warnock is old school, probably not so keen on a recruitment team finding players (and the success of Akpom and others will only solidify his opinion), but this is the direction we’re moving in, with a DoF overseeing it all. The right move IMO. Pulis dismantled the back room - Gibson is putting it back together with Warnock clearly not a long term option but in post for a final shot at it and keeping the ship steady while we restructure. We are duel running like people on h
  18. If we want to do things properly, we need to give Scott time to settle in, get a feel for the club and the direction he and Gibson want and a manager to take us forward. That could take a while. If the right man becomes available/clear mid season, maybe we’ll make a change but its more likely going to be int eh summer. We’ve been crying out for a DoF so we need to have the patience to let him do his job.
  19. Sounds like we need Saville back! We always thought we were overrun with CM players but we’re weak
  20. TO must be absolutely buzzing! Straight onto the bench - what a few days he’s had!
  21. 3 changes! Spence, Hall and Howson out
  22. Payero won’t be starting anytime soon if Warnock’s comments in the Gazette are true. The way it’s written is very positive though, he’s struggling a bit with the pace but once up to speed should be immense for us (poetic license on the last bit but most technically gifted player).
  23. It definitely feels like we are heading in a new direction but I wonder if it would have been better to get Scott in over the summer and a new manager for this season. I feel like Warnock is out on a limb as we get our house in order which isn’t that fair on him and doesn’t make for great prospects this year.
  24. Thanks for explaining this is what we were apparently trying to do because I had no idea last night! I thought at one point we must have gone to a back 5 because Dijksteel (who I love) was in the middle and Spence was right back. Then I saw Bola right back and Dijksteel in MF. It was a shambles.
  25. I think Jones has shown more in the 2 games this week than any of the other youngsters you mentioned. So I’d like to think if he continues like this, he’ll become a key player. Much like Tav has managed. I don’t disagree that Warnock has his favourites, but I think if you play well (and consistently) you’ll be rewarded. Johnson was a favourite and had the LB spot nailed down early season but Bola worked his way into the team and hasn’t looked back.
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