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  1. Maybe some of our (potential) loan deals will have a buy option like with Sporar. Would love that for Armstrong
  2. Frankie Hunter was bombed out of the first team set up under Warnock. Nice to see Wilder brought her straight back. Apparently very well regarded
  3. Some tricky opening fixtures but I predict we get off to a flier! Cant wait! UTB
  4. I’m surprised so many people defend the prices. We’re a big outlier on price and I can’t get my head round people being happy enough with that. We have had two good seasons since 2009 but have remained one of the highest priced ST in the Championship. Like Changing Times says, they should be cheaper because they are too expensive.
  5. Feels like the club have got themselves in a corner with their pricing and EB. Other than a big relaunch at much cheaper prices, we’re always going to be very expensive in comparison with other clubs in this league and this area. It’s sad that such a community club (with a chairman passionate about the area) is pricing people out. Preston, Blackburn, Sunderland all advertising STs under £400. First 3 clubs that came to mind - I’m sure very many others are as well.
  6. Feels like Wood is one of the “attitude over ability” players Wilder talked about. Massive prospect and a lot of people have talked him up for a couple of years now but he just hasn’t broken through. Maybe doesn’t put the work in?
  7. Might be able to offer better wages but I have a funny feeling they are going to struggle this season. Got the new manager bounce big time last year but is Paul Heckingbottom really a good manager? I’m not convinced.
  8. I’ll be gutted if we sell Djiksteel 😢
  9. Talking of Djiksteel in DMF, remember when Warnock played Moukoudi there once?!
  10. Not heard anything but was thinking he’d probably have signed by now if he was staying. Must have other options to consider.
  11. I remember Mourinho being a fan of Spence when he was at Spurs. Wonder if it’s their recruitment team rather than managers who like him so much? Fair play to him though, never in a million years at the start of the season would I have thought a top 4 side would be paying £15m+ for him. I know England have a glut of RWB options but imagine him getting off to a flying start for Spurs and possibly pushing himself into WC contention?! Unreal change in fortunes.
  12. Poor old Djed. He’s so in love with Forest (so he tells us on social media all the time), just what will he do?! 🤔 😂
  13. The Stoke match made me change my view on whether Wilder wanted Payero or not. He was stripped, warming up, 2-0 and cruising, great opportunity for him to get some minutes. I even thought he got called back from warming up to come on…then he got told to sit down and Connolly was brought on. To boos. All Wilders talk of Payero having a chance, maybe being end of season hero thrown out of the window. Feel so sorry for the guy.
  14. Yesterday we were told by an insider that Payero was told he could leave, today it’s that he can go on loan. I don’t think anyone really knows to be honest. Maybe Forest can take him and we can sell him for £20m the following season? 😉
  15. Wilders comments to the press over the weekend have got me thinking. He says there will be surprises and some players have been in the side because there’s no other options. So the likes of Hall, TO, even Payero aren’t covered in that. They’re nowhere near the team anyway. He then name checks Fry, Paddy, Jones, Tav and McGree as players he wants to stay and get more from. So that only leaves Lumley, Djiksteel, Bola, Crooks and Watmore as regular starters who he might be referring to. Lumley won’t be a shock, Bola hasn’t played that many games (as an aside, I think we were much better with T
  16. I think we need one new midfielder on top of that. We’re in desperate need of someone to drive us forward at pace.
  17. So what’s everyone’s thoughts on Payero? I said a couple of weeks ago I expected him to be moved on but was told that wouldn’t happen! That the club have invested too much time and money. Thoughts now? On the one hand I feel sorry for him, he’s managed a couple of break throughs with Warnock and Wilder, then got injured and struggled to get back in. On the other, he’s not grabbed his chances with both hands and made himself a question for Wilder. Look at how McGree has even pushed out best MF out wide so Wilder can play them both. Or Crooks coming straight back after every suspension despite a
  18. It certainly looks like it’s the Wilder model rather than the DOF model, but Scott hired Wilder. 3-5-2 is a very popular modern formation, who’s to say it’s not how Scott wants to play and his future long term vision. He certainly seems focussed on youth. Let’s see the players he brings in next season before we decide that it’s all Wilder and nothing to do with Scott. Maybe something for the supporters group to ask in their Q&A session.
  19. For years we’ve been talking on this message board about building for the long term, getting in a DoF, following the Brentford model. Then after a season of Scott and half of Wilder people are calling for a change! It’s ridiculous. Brentford took years to get promoted yet many on here were begging for us to model ourselves on them. Wilder has some arrogance about him and is totally backing himself to get this club back into the PL. I think he has faults and has made mistakes, but I’m 100% happier with him in charge building for the long term than I was the last 3 managers. I’m excited for n
  20. I think McNair has been poor the past few weeks (maybe just knackered) and won’t displace Dijksteel as the right sided CB. I don’t think he’s good enough in midfield either so really wouldn’t be surprised to see him go.
  21. My main concern with Wilder is having 3 strikers on the bench who play the same way as the 2 on the pitch every match, giving a max of one midfielder on the bench to bring on to change things up. Which he never does. I personally think the midfield needs a shake up.
  22. Feel bad for Luton. They’re pretty much decimated injury wise.
  23. I think Paddy has been struggling over the past couple of weeks. Peltier did well today, no problem if he needs to keep his place.
  24. The new kit was available to buy when we reached the playoff final. Loads of fans were wearing the new shirt at Wembley but of course the players wore that seasons kit
  25. Scott wasn’t here in the summer and it was clear that Warnock wanted a particular type of player that we knew wouldn’t fit in with our long term plans. January was a worry though because the loans were clearly Wilders choices and just haven’t worked out. Need to stick with the plan, Scott leading the recruitment, young players with possible resale value. That means that some won’t work out and things might take a bit more time
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