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  1. It is still ridiculously close. 4 games to go. 12 points available. 5 points separates 5th and 11th We beat Derby and Millwall and we could finish 5th. Equally we could end mid table if we can’t win enough of the remaining games.
  2. In his defence, he’s got a lot on his plate with all the things he has to shout at; players, referees, the ball, seagulls, so he occasionally forgets to not foul people. Give the guy a break. :D I have missed you H4LB
  3. Am I right in saying that Man City have only lost 5 games in all competitions this season? And 3 of them were against Liverpool?
  4. Screw all of you then! :@ :crying: Everyone has you blocked :P
  5. Millwall winning. Sheff Utd to have 2 men sent off and score 2 own goals second half
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