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  1. A prime example of Warnock blaming anybody except himself. His logic was that because WHU played Tevez (and his Argie mate) in that game, Sheffield Utd went down. They went down because they had been crap all season. His latest announcement about how great it is that we have finished 10th without any strikers is another brilliant piece of magician's distraction technique.
  2. Looking at it very forensically (and not counting subs), can we assume the top club has got eleven top players and the bottom club zero top players. If so, Boro should have six top players. Answers on a postcard please...to Mr W.
  3. Mr Warnock has said that we have 9 or 10 top players. If that is the case, why the hell are we in 10th place!? How many 'top players' have the 9 teams above us got!? Is it down to injuries? Bad refereeing decisions? Or just bad luck? Have Boro been massively on the wrong end of any of these factors? I suspect that over 46 games, all these factors even themselves out. So what is left? What other reason can there be for all these 'top players' performing at well below their abilities for us to be wallowing mid-table? There seems to be a person who therefore can't get these player
  4. Warnock is very good at trying to make sure that he is 'not the problem'. I still chuckle when I remember Dean Saunders pompously spouting all his grand plans for the following season after his team had been relegated . He got the bullet the following day.
  5. I wouldn't totally dismiss the idea, crazy as it may sound. I suspect you could get great price for the treble at any bookies...and that is why you rarely see a bookie going bankrupt!
  6. Does my memory serve me correctly that in 66/67 we were in the bottom 3 after about 9 or 10 games and with a late surge ended up 2nd?
  7. I agree that the standard of refereeing in cricket (umpires that is) is much better. And there is one very important word involved...respect. And one reason for that respect is that most umpires have played the game at a high or even county level. Very few ex professional footballers turn to refereeing, and who can blame them?! Even journeyman footballers are paid eye-watering wages. And 'money' is paramount in the mindset of players. Basically 'I get loads more money than you, ref, so don't tell me what to do!'
  8. I certainly do remember the Blackburn incident. I was trying to make the point that over a season the ifs and buts should even themselves out. Others have made that point. And another aspect that has been alluded to is that if the disallowed goal had stood, the game has a different restart and will be completely different. I hate when pundits say someone who has hit the bar 3 times in a game ' could have had a hat -trick'. The 2nd and 3rd attempts wouldn't have happened if the first had gone in! (But after all that, it was a bloody perfectly legitimate goal!!!!)
  9. Sadly Boro are not just relying on Barnsley losing more games than them, Bournemouth and Cardiff have to as well. Full marks to die-hard fans for optimism but it looks like 8th at best. And for all Warnock's complaints, it is 46 games that will give us our final position. I can still remember his rant about Tevez and Mascerano's suspicious appearance for West Ham which sent Sheff Utd down. Seemingly nothing to do with Sheff Utd were there because they had been crap all season.
  10. Think 'short term' is a more realistic discussion. Last time I looked at football odds, Newcastle 7/4 to go down, Sunderland 9/5 to come up and Boro 33/1 to go up. So 6 games for tv maybe.
  11. I haven't read all the posts and I couldn't listen to/watch the match. But I have lived among the Elland Road faithful for decades here in Castleford and whenever they lost, their standard comment was 'Two Sh*T Teams'. They never give any acknowledgement that the opposition may just have been worthy of a win. I had hoped it was just them. Please let me go on thinking that!
  12. Glad I am not totally ga-ga! Somewhat of a deviation from the original post but brought back some memories. I can't remember his ever breaking the half-way line with a kick (but not many could back then).
  13. Apologies to Willie Whigham about a post I made, saying he had let in a goal by Graham Rix. It can't have been, as GR wasn't playing for Arsenal until well after WW had left Boro.
  14. I have a memory of standing in the Holgate End watching Willie at the opposite end lining up a defensive wall against Arsenal. He stood behind it as Graham Rix sidefooted the ball into the net. Maybe my memory is playing up.
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