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  1. My first impression was that we had put Smiffy from The Bash Street Kids in goal. Not just the howler of a pass but he just seemed to watch the two goals in admiration. OK, he improved but it shows how complicated the idea of selling your first choice, international goal keeper must have been. ( Then again Sprake was an international !)
  2. Was anyone else out there in the Holgate End after beating Oxford Utd on that famous occasion? We had a bloody awful start to the season then too, if my 68 year-old brain remembers correctly! Stranger things have happened!
  3. Would someone out there have a stab at estimating the sum of Saturday's wages for the manager and players of the 3 North East teams? And start a petition to ask them all to give their share to a charity.
  4. Have read the 'golden thread' article and, yes, it does sound like something a marketing company have put out I am new to the forum but not new to the Boro. I saw my first game at Ayresome Park in 1957. Rather than trawl through the forum pages, does anybody have details about Pulis's sales pitch? His main claim to fame was never having been relegated, so was that our main requirement!?
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