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  1. Am I right in remembering that Jimmy Hill's Coventry did exactly that in the 70s? They were playing someone at home and it needed to be a draw for them both to stop up after 'another' game had finished? There was a mysterious delay to kick-off time, which meant they could tap the ball to each other for the last 15 minutes...and send Sunderland down!
  2. Living among Leeds fans, I was always subjected to comments about the spaces in the crowd whenever a Boro home game was on Sky (not often). Leeds fans seem to think it is some badge of honour to watch their team through good and bad. I pointed out that Boro fans are more realistic, ie won't go amd watch them when they are crap! Even better, I said that Boro were better supported than Leeds! Roars of disapproval! I said that surely an indication of good support is what % of your home town goes to your home matches? Agreed. Population of Middlesbrough 140398. Average home crowd 19934. % of 14.2. Population of Leeds c.800000. Average home crowd 35320. % of 4.4. QED!
  3. Having seen Brian Clough play at Ayresome Park, I find it more than a touch terrifying that a centre forward is considered a success by reaching 10 goals a season for the last 4 seasons in the second tier. Clough's record was almost a goal a game over 200 games! Nearer 40 a season, he will certainly be telling Jack Charlton that now as well as Don Revie.
  4. A swap for Ben Gibson will do nicely...and quickly!
  5. I seem to remember Peter Reid got a huge bonus for keeping Leeds up (they weren't exactly doomed at the time). Did Warnock have a similar clause at Boro?
  6. Are we assuming that John Hickton will be taking the penalty?
  7. Not sure where I got 70% from re Ayala's number of games! Not that many. Sorry.
  8. He was more than useful in the opposition penalty area too.
  9. A well-reasoned piece. Apologies if my point is mentioned elsewhere, but Ayala has played in 23 of our games, approx 70%. Could his absence now be a big factor? ( I know he has played in games where we have shipped more than one goal.) The Ayala saga is...'unfortunate'. He is very good at Championship level but not quite up to the top flight (same with Friend). My Leeds Utd chums absolutely hate him! Basically because he is a replica of Jack Charlton and they can't admit it.
  10. There's nothing like a good conspiracy theory...and this is a good conspiracy theory!
  11. Regarding SG, he is generally regarded as a great chairman by fans of other teams! I have been living amongst Leeds fans for decades now who think that. Of course, that is based on his part in staving off liquidation in 86 and throwing containers of money at various managers starting with Robson.
  12. I agree but it is a sad state of affairs when we are relying on the misfortunes of other clubs rather than our own positive efforts. (Not criticising you, mate!). Having said that, I think 'New Manager Honeymoon Syndrome' will give us the points we need.
  13. Just hope Woodgate's Leeds United persona doesn't come to the fore. That is, 'It's not my fault'. Don't try to blame A and E (anybody and everybody) mate, even if it means admitting you just weren't rrady yet.
  14. Interestiing that Pulis's sole claim to fame was never having been relegated.
  15. I haven't checked previous comments but there still seem to be ' Boro linked with...' activities in the media. I watched my first Boro home game in 1957 and have seen many highs and lows. Sadly the current state of the club is in the latter category. Who in their right mind could consider a move to Boro a positive move? Players who have been released from eg Sunderland haven't been ditched because they are an asset. Does it all boil down to getting a wage from anybody which will allow him to not uproot his family?
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