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  1. Thanks for the hightlights and you are 1000% correct. I was defintely asleep and to make matters worse I thought Ryan Bowman looked a good striker!
  2. I'll take your word for it but I certainly don't seem to remember him coming up against Cohen Bramall on the right side of the pitch against Colchester unless I was sleeping and not paying attention... Can't see why we would want a left footed player on the right side of the pitch though, although with this club anything is possible ha.
  3. If any truth is in the rumour about Randell Williams I would be pleased with it. He looked pretty decent when watching Exeter in the playoffs. Played more on the left side of midfield and had some decent crosses on him.
  4. I know it's been said so many times but how I would love to see Patrick Roberts back providing the attack threat we so desperately need in that final third.
  5. To be honest we have been the better team but in the final third haven't taken our chances
  6. Very mature response and judging somebody for an opinion that some strikers start slow and then they start scoring goals when they settle at a club means i'm not good at my job? Thank you for the confidence mr keyboard warrior.
  7. I'm not going to be drawn into an opinion related argument on who's right or wrong but just for the sake of it.. Aritz Aduriz struggled for years and then became a goalscoring legend with Athletic Bilbao.
  8. Ouch that's painful, I thought he was saying goodbye forever the way he made his speech sound.
  9. I'm confused by this point, i'm just saying that Harry Kane struggled and with time given, he's settled into the club and become a great goal scorer. How do you know Sanogo wouldn't sign for Middlesbrough and score goals? unlikely of course but can only judge when he puts on the red and white shirt haha
  10. I did mine at 29 and personally starting younger allows you to gain so much experience it will pay off with hard work.
  11. Asking the wrong person for that one fella, I wouldn't be interested in signing him lol.. If I had to do a scout report on him, I'd like to see what his positioning and awareness on a football field is like for starters, how many runs he makes per game etc.. Does he link up with his team-mates and show tactical awareness etc.
  12. The more qualification you gain more than likely to gain around £500 - £1000 per week to start with but it depends on the club and the league they are in. I had expectations to work for Middlesbrough but soon realised that wasn't going to happen straight away haha.
  13. It's likely but expectations may have to be on the low side, such as plenty of non league teams are the most likely to contact you first.
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