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  1. Alex crook broke the story Bailey did his usual of following it up straight after
  2. And so he should be back tomorrow, far too many keyboard warriors on here
  3. Mcgoldrick got one assist less than tav in 3000 minutes less. He’s problem has been his finishing his link up has been really good for years
  4. Pretty clear who’s feeding sky the information
  5. I was Brentford we’re happy with the fee
  6. Wouldn’t be shocked if he ended up at Brentford myself
  7. Great signing another piece of the jigsaw sorted
  8. I’ll guess West Brom at home tea time kick off on the Saturday 👀👀
  9. Unfortunately won’t find out till early tomorrow morning this year he’s on holiday till later today
  10. Injured most of last season mate but he’d have been perfect for the second striker/10 mark Duffy role wilder played at sheff Utd
  11. Woodrow is a good signing for Luton would’ve taken him here
  12. He does get some info from the north west teams which is normally on the money. Lads at my work set him on a story of Doncaster rovers getting sold to Mike Ashley’s son in law and he put it in the Sunday paper which was quite funny.
  13. Now that would be a massive upgrade 🤞🤞
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