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  1. Adam Webster left bristol city for Brighton for 20m I’d certainly say fry’s better than he was at the time
  2. Rumours are Yannick going to Turkey
  3. Don’t think we was ever in for him he’s been in Portugal and his deal with qpr was agreed before he went
  4. Charlie austin signed for QPR
  5. Mendez liang ,archer and Johnson all leaving
  6. Don’t know if there’s anything in it but a friend who’s got some links in football mentioned andy Carroll this morning bloody hope not
  7. I’d rather hoilett than see spence on the winger again 😂
  8. James Collins going Cardiff surely can’t be another summer of missing out on players. Article also claims he was one of our top targets 😢
  9. Very true. Only need to look at us without him this season to realise how much he’s improved aswell. Wouldn’t take anything else than the 23m Webster from bristol city went to Brighton
  10. I’ll give anyone a chance in a boro shirt but he’ll have to do lot better than I’ve seen him this season.
  11. He wasn’t great when I watched them play wouldn’t say I’d be keen on him been number 1. Dieng is excellent on the other hand was very impressive on loan at donny season before
  12. Definitely not an upgrade seen him play for donny this season he was poor
  13. Footy insider linking us with Joe lumley would fit with what someone on here wrote English keeper mid 20s
  14. I’ve got the wrong player I was on about akpom 😂
  15. We’d prefer him not be here he’s awful😂
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