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  1. It was Kieran scott I was sat 2 rows in front of him. Sean dyche and Alex neil were there aswell
  2. Could we be real greedy and get an extra forward in for the perfect deadline day 🤞
  3. Just relax abit it’s the end of transfer window mad things happen. Let’s be honest none of the ITKs have been prolific this summer leaks have been stopped. let’s hope for 2 wingers and a left back aswell as sproar
  4. Alan Nixon wrote the story got to be warnock only us a Fulham have signed a player for a fee from abroad
  5. It happens because he goes man for man marking so as soon as they step out out the press of the strikers the midfielders split
  6. I’m not quite sure warnocks at fault for 2 pieces of poor defending and horror mistake from the keeper
  7. Let’s hope he’s not the same one who put forward akpom last season 😂😂
  8. Obviously they’ve let him bring some of his own crooks, bamba etc in 😂 but scott must be involved already
  9. Got to think these aren’t warnock signings are they?
  10. Guessing it’s now the press conference akpom back tomorrow tav and watmore still out
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