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  1. I think we're playing pretty well. Howson is some man isn't he
  2. That's exactly what I was thinking when they were talking about exciting, attacking football. Gibson can't have been THAT desperate to play that way 18 months back when he hired Pulis ?
  3. They've put it on YouTube now so you should be able to view it on there.
  4. Aw sod it... I'm a little excited ?
  5. @EverythingMFC 28m28 minutes ago Boro want to sign Aberdeen centre-half Scott McKenna before the deadline; a bid of under £5million is being discussed. (via @ScottishSun)
  6. Interesting to see that Leeds were also interested. I assume he thinks he will get more game time with us.
  7. I'm taking my old man to this one.. lucky him :liar: I will never boo the team at a match but I fear what the atmosphere will be like if we aren't winning by half time. Boos will be ringing out and to be honest, who can blame them? Ipswich have -22 GD and we need to be attacking them right from the off. I am hoping for win and maximum effort from every one of our players on that pitch, is that too much to ask for? :cheese:
  8. I'm using Chrome on iPhone and its fine for me.
  9. TP: "No one will leave at this present moment". Good cos we need you Martin!
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