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  1. I think we're playing pretty well. Howson is some man isn't he
  2. That's exactly what I was thinking when they were talking about exciting, attacking football. Gibson can't have been THAT desperate to play that way 18 months back when he hired Pulis ?
  3. They've put it on YouTube now so you should be able to view it on there.
  4. Aw sod it... I'm a little excited ?
  5. @EverythingMFC 28m28 minutes ago Boro want to sign Aberdeen centre-half Scott McKenna before the deadline; a bid of under £5million is being discussed. (via @ScottishSun)
  6. Interesting to see that Leeds were also interested. I assume he thinks he will get more game time with us.
  7. I'm taking my old man to this one.. lucky him :liar: I will never boo the team at a match but I fear what the atmosphere will be like if we aren't winning by half time. Boos will be ringing out and to be honest, who can blame them? Ipswich have -22 GD and we need to be attacking them right from the off. I am hoping for win and maximum effort from every one of our players on that pitch, is that too much to ask for? :cheese:
  8. I'm using Chrome on iPhone and its fine for me.
  9. TP: "No one will leave at this present moment". Good cos we need you Martin!
  10. I’ve entered the competition but I’ve just realised I’m away that week so wouldn’t be able to make it. Any way of taking my name out?
  11. See ya later Marvin chief :cowboy:
  12. Who was the last one? Greening and Wilson? Chris Riggott and Malcolm Christie? Although I'm not sure which was the good one :crying:
  13. I'll be gutted if Besic chooses Leeds over us. If he really wanted to come back after his loan surely he would be here by now, or at least there would have been some more concrete rumours.
  14. Who would we rather, Hugill or Vokes?
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