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  1. Sweet. Neil, if you're reading this, grab us a seat on one of those flights from Newquay to Teeside would ya? #cornishfriends
  2. This has got 1-0 Brizzle written all over it... Probably bloody Paterson aswell.
  3. Anyone help with the Sky Sports App? Signed in but can't find the video. Does it have to be iPad? I'm on Android phone.
  4. 1) 3-3 2) Think Coulson should start 3) S-con. And always jam first.
  5. Anyone got a stream for this one? Know @Red Rocket came through before on a private YouTube channel?
  6. Still not fully convinced with Tav at the moment. He always seem to just do that bit too much most times when he gets the ball. Could be to do with those around him or an exuberance of youth, but his decision making isn't the greatest at the moment in my opinion.
  7. We're winning the ball a lot in the middle but we all seem to just freeze when we win it. There is no transitional movement at all so we just pump it in the channels. It's almost like we are shocked that we have won the ball...
  8. Cardiff forum mentioning taking and dealing... https://cardiffcityforum.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=217143
  9. May have been a bit hasty in my response. After a quick dive on Twitter seems he has deleted all his social media accounts. Have no doubts Warnocks ears have pricked up but probably best to find out what on earth he has done by ways of "breach of contract" that has resulted in instant termination of his contract. A few Cardiff fans seem to think it may be drug related...
  10. I've got a feeling Browne is going to have a decent season for us. Think we will see him in the #10 role.
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