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  1. And for complete sh*ts and giggles, tell them to "take it off what they owe us". Treat it like a bar tab...
  2. Probably a bit of a contrary opinion but if we are looking at loaning Payero out then I would first be looking at keeping the loan in this country. The recent picture of him in the gym had the 💪 on the post, so it may be that Wilder thinks at present he his too lightweight, and wants him to bulk up to be able to handle the rough and tumble of the championship. Would consider offering him out to lower Championship clubs, or at a push even top L1 sides: Portsmouth, Plymouth or dare I say it - even Sunderland?! He'd guarantee maximum minutes, would be the best player on the pitch a
  3. Thanks for giving us what you had heard/seen. Much appreciated. Doesn't seem to be the wisest move on his part with what has happened at the club the past 10 days but hopefully it has been dealt with and we see him kick on for us.
  4. Someone on here said that they were trying to get some news verified about why Connolly was missing today - above what we thought with the registration error. Implied it was pretty unbelievable if true.
  5. Don't mind pen decisions going against Swansea after last season. Karma's a b**ch
  6. Honestly think it's going to be like this for a while everyone. Could see clear as day that the players still wanted to play a la Warnock but having to play a new way. Midfield was static off the ball (except Crooks who worked well). The amount of time that Tav was stood still with his hands out gesturing to give him the ball, and not moving to create a space/angle, then flail his arms around when he didn't get it was frankly absurd at this level. Players just caught between 2 playing styles at the moment. Summed up with the calamitous 2nd goal. Paddy wanted Sol to whack it a'la Wa
  7. Slightly off topic but I went to Home Park last night to watch the FA Cup replay between Argyle and Sheff Wed and Wingy was starting so kept a close eye on him. Was completely out of the game. Slow, positionally inept and bar the 40 yard odd switch in play he was completely ineffective. You could actually see and hear Bannan having to guide him through the game. Whilst I agree it is a clean slate for everyone under Wilder, including our players out on loan, I'd be very surprised if Wing gets a look in.
  8. Struggling with the stream too. Can't even click on it without 800 tabs popping up
  9. To be honest for a split second I forgot there was a game I was trying to look for...
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