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  1. Having caught up I have to agree that losing Tav this late before the season opener leaves us light. I can only assume that we have managed a decent sell-on % in compromise for the surprising initial fee. I'm not buying the Echo's rhetoric either; they have intentionally used ambiguous phrases such as "offer we couldn't refuse" and "high valuation offer" to try and appease us after seeing the reaction from the fans and forums. I personally think that McGree is going to step up and have a great season. I also think people are doing him a disservice as well when highlighting Tavs engine; I
  2. Ah sorry mate. Mrs was feeling unwell so had to call our private GP Dr Tenres to come for a home visit.
  3. Light some candles and whack on the Boyz II Men CD, usually works for me...
  4. In Brentford's promotion season the Sky commentators always said he was known as the best finisher at the club, and was seen as Brentford's super-sub. A bit like Brentford's version of Ole Gunnar Solksjaer as a player
  5. Yep in agreement that £15m + add-ons is a remarkable result for us. Kind of hoping this doesn't mean we are held to premium on other players now other clubs know we've had a bit of a windfall
  6. Play the same system too. Him and Hardie up top would be ridiculous. (Me and my lad watch a lot of Argyle games)
  7. Coburn to Argyle for the season as a makeweight in a Michael Cooper move
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