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  1. Anyone got a decent stream for this? USA goals is absolutely tripe
  2. It's that bad the stream on USA goals has decided to switch and show us the QPR game! 😂
  3. Jephcott is not a signing that would suit us. You watch him play he is in the box. A poacher of goals. No way our system would get him goals. Would be a waste of a signing. Ryan Lowe on the other hand... One I'd like us to seriously consider when Neil leaves. Great young manager.
  4. Is there a stream for the game? Looked on USAGoals and tried both links there but they're both only telling me that there are hot young females in my area.
  5. Whoever he is I'm just glad we don't have anyone called Go in our team. Everytime he'd pass to him we'd be bloody skint!
  6. USA Goals stream down again. Just replaying up to a certain point and freezes
  7. Sweet. Neil, if you're reading this, grab us a seat on one of those flights from Newquay to Teeside would ya? #cornishfriends
  8. This has got 1-0 Brizzle written all over it... Probably bloody Paterson aswell.
  9. Anyone help with the Sky Sports App? Signed in but can't find the video. Does it have to be iPad? I'm on Android phone.
  10. 1) 3-3 2) Think Coulson should start 3) S-con. And always jam first.
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