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  1. Well... Poop. On an unrelated note. Boro's pre-season training camp is Lux Park in Liskeard, which is 10 minutes from me. Part of the reason I'm pleased it's Warnock in charge is because of the traditional Warnock pre-season tour of Cornwall!
  2. That Blackpool lad looks like a decent no risk signing. I would also like us to look at Ryan Hardie from Blackpool too. Think he would be a great 60-70 minute sub option. Thought he was excellent at Argyle last season.
  3. I'd like us to take a look at Ryan Hardie as a striking option. Was on loan at Argyle from Blackpool last season so watched him a few times. Pacy, direct, non-stop chasing, decent finisher and an all-round menace. Everything we need, albeit in League One.
  4. That's what I'm expecting too. Just wondering whether it will be in the style of a "new manager" or an "old player"...
  5. Looking forward to hearing Woody's comments post match
  6. In terms of Tav, I see it as a no-brainer letting him go to Barnsley for the season; Stendels playing philosophy is very similar to Woody and how he wants us to play, so if Tav will get game time at Barnsley and not us that surely benefits us in the long run? PL player I'm hoping for either Parrott from Spurs or Mason Greenwood or Chong from Utd.
  7. With the amount of razors she's pulled out you'd like to think that she's sharp in and around the box...
  8. This is too good to not change the name of the thread to "Clarke KENT - Man Of STEEL"
  9. I know for a fact that he hated it here last time. He didn't think highly of Karanka at all. I'd love to see him here to be fair.
  10. It's the Dijksteel deal that I want over the line the most. A position we are screaming out for and a player who looks like developing into a behemoth in that role.
  11. Anyone read the end of the Dijksteel article that we are in talks to bring in a Premier League free agent? Anyone know who that is or have I completely missed something?
  12. If China and Asia clubs are involved then push for more. £25m.
  13. If selling McNair for £5m meant we could reinvest in Lowe and have some change left over for some rough diamonds then I'm all for it.
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