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  1. That's what I'm expecting too. Just wondering whether it will be in the style of a "new manager" or an "old player"...
  2. Looking forward to hearing Woody's comments post match
  3. In terms of Tav, I see it as a no-brainer letting him go to Barnsley for the season; Stendels playing philosophy is very similar to Woody and how he wants us to play, so if Tav will get game time at Barnsley and not us that surely benefits us in the long run? PL player I'm hoping for either Parrott from Spurs or Mason Greenwood or Chong from Utd.
  4. With the amount of razors she's pulled out you'd like to think that she's sharp in and around the box...
  5. This is too good to not change the name of the thread to "Clarke KENT - Man Of STEEL"
  6. I know for a fact that he hated it here last time. He didn't think highly of Karanka at all. I'd love to see him here to be fair.
  7. It's the Dijksteel deal that I want over the line the most. A position we are screaming out for and a player who looks like developing into a behemoth in that role.
  8. Anyone read the end of the Dijksteel article that we are in talks to bring in a Premier League free agent? Anyone know who that is or have I completely missed something?
  9. If China and Asia clubs are involved then push for more. £25m.
  10. If selling McNair for £5m meant we could reinvest in Lowe and have some change left over for some rough diamonds then I'm all for it.
  11. What a great Twitter rumour! ? Youtube footballer/ freestyler Jeremy Lynch has reportedly been offered a short-term contract with Middlesbrough after impressing cheifs in a 6 week trial. He is due to link up with the squad for preseason (Source: Michael Sjhelsberg) #boro
  12. Who was the player beginning with A? Was it Adomah?
  13. I'd agree with this. I think the following are all ahead of him: Cahill, Stones, Smalling, Keane, Maguire, arguably Chambers and knowing England, Phil Jones too. Disagree. The one good thing going for him is that he is a natural left sided CB. He has every chance of being there.
  14. De Roon's passing range was poor and falls behind Clayton's in virtually every metric. Percentage of misplaced passes De Roon 21% Clayton 13% Passes that lead to shots on goal De Roon: 0.3 Clayton: 0.6 Percentage of forward passes De Roon: 60.7% Clayton: 63.8% Length of Pass De Roon: 17m Clayton: 18m Not to mention that Clayton beat him on most of the defensive metrics as well... I think he was a symptom of our play last year, we had a midfield that barely contributed to the game in any meaningful way, Monk would surely get a much better output from De Roon next season if he were to stay. Yeh but De Roon scored more so...
  15. That is a ridiculous team! I'd rather: ----------Assombalonga---------- Braithwaite - Gaston - Bamford ----- Clayton ----- Howson ----- Traore on the bench to be more effective against tiring legs with bambford being better with ball at feet when teams have a thousand men behind the ball. Also, MdR needs to earn his spot over Clayton who was phenomenal in the championship 2 seasons ago. Yeah that's the team for me. I'd have that team, but Gaston won't be here. I'd play Traore as number 10. Just give him free reign. Terrifying!
  16. Ahhh Liam Bridcutt... Up there with Ryan Shotton as the most Championship-ish Championship player in the Championship...
  17. There is zero chance we will get anywhere near £10m for Ayala. You've​ got to be looking at half that as a maximum...
  18. I don't think he'd get a game at Spurs though. He ideally needs to find a top 7 club there'll he'll be a regular. My thoughts exactly. That's why I'm hoping if he does move on, it'll be to Liverpool. He's got much more chance of displacing Matip or Klavan and becoming a first team regular there than at Spurs.
  19. After his performances in the U20 world cup I'd like to see us land Josh Onomah for the season. Not unrealistic as he's been warming the Spurs bench all season. A stint in the championship would be a suitable next transition in his development I think.
  20. Who wants to play a bit of Garry Monk press conference buzz-word bingo? My starting quotes, rep point for each one that is said: "As soon as I spoke with the chairman there was only one place I wanted to go" "This is a premier league club" "If you look around, the facilities are premier league quality" "I've inherited a great squad" "Looking forward to working with a great chairman" Any more?
  21. With a pre-season under his belt, and a year more experience, plus not playing against the better defenders in the country, I think Traore could be a real asset this year. Seconded. I think out of all of our players, I want to keep hold of Traore and Fischer most. Reckon they will both have a terrific season if we do.
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