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  1. He's the godfather to Clayton's newborn I believe, hence with AC
  2. Dyche reckons he's not trained due to a niggly groin
  3. He's hardly had a terrible fitness record, he's just not played many games. He was available for the majority of the time he's been at Burnley, with the exception of a hernia issue last year. Supposed niggles this season, may or may not have been just as much down to his relationship with Dyche
  4. It was just for the pure guesswork drama, I think he could be a good player too
  5. My unsubstantiated guesses for the rest of the window are as follows: - Gibson will stay at Burnley - Wing won't leave - Britt won't leave - We will sign a young CB on loan - Lewis Baker on loan - Shotton leaves on last day
  6. Word is that Shotton gets paid in premium bonds and Littlewoods shares
  7. You get the impression he's full of *** but I am happy to be proven wrong, it's just all this cryptic clues that make me think they're enjoying it too much
  8. Just going off what was accredited to him, I genuinely think he's done alright. Not spectacular but that's not the role he was brought in to do
  9. Goal and assist in the 2 games against spurs and assists against West Brom and PNE. I think we look a better side with him in it but we still need a proper, dynamic defensive midfielder
  10. I am not convinced they're even interested in Britt, this is purely agent talk to try to pressure clubs on other deals
  11. A lot of people are guessing the same wage then, as I've been told that by a credible source and as mentioned it's on several credible sports finance websites. Prem wages are generally easier to access to, so I don't see a reason to doubt the credibility
  12. Ironically Leeds fans would describe him as the complete opposite, good work ethic but poor finisher is their summing up
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