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  1. You're winding yourself into circles there, I said they were all average at best for us last season. Hoilett was below average last season and on anything but a free and mediocre wages I wouldn't bother but his record under Warnock is by all accounts decent. Also come on, you can't just equate that because he got that in 15 he was automatically getting the same across the season especially with his injury record. He played averagely in a poor spell for us, I say this because Johnson in his first 18 games got 3 goals and 4 assists and yet he was replaced in January and subsequently not sig
  2. I never said it was my point that Johnson should have been in but the results and stats generally were fairly telling, so you can understand calls for having Johnson back in after a fairly decent first half of the season. Don't get me wrong I rate Bolasie and Kebano and Kebano is clearly a good footballer but his impact was not great. Bolasies was better but he has many question marks too and basing on their performances for us alone, they were fairly average
  3. And yes there were calls on twitter that Marv should never have been dropped, not bothered if you didn't see them
  4. I said they were average at best which doesn't equate to the same ability, 3 goals and 3 assists is pretty average for me. Likewise 1 goal and 4 assists for Kebano, if Saville or Wing had those numbers no one would be impressed
  5. I literally never said they were equals but he's not much better as claimed either, plus it's irrelevant as Bolasie clearly isn't an option for us. None of them pulled up any trees
  6. We were literally a poorer side in the second half of the season than the first, scoring less goals too. Baffling if you see them as a success or a barometer of a good attacking outlet for us
  7. They're really not, they were average at best for us. But at least Hoilett would be average and not after 50k a week or needing a fee It was pretty telling that many fans wanted Marvin Johnson back in the side for the second half of the season
  8. I'd love it if it happened but it screams of him getting a better role at Norwich
  9. I completely get not being convinced and I agree to a degree but his career has been on an upward trajectory, rather than just being a player who changes teams every year or doesnt impress anywhere
  10. Why are some people on here so desperate to write off a season? Smith is nowhere near the journeyman or poor player he's described as on here
  11. Thats a mad article, they pretty much say we either dont want or wont get everyone we have been linked with
  12. I am still surprised we never bought Roudolphe Douala or John Stead
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