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  1. We only seem to have been linked with Gayle, McGoldrick and Gyokeres this summer striker wise and none of them with any particular credence, hopefully there are more options and negotiations going on behind the scenes
  2. You probably could find the opposite stats for Lumley, that make him look like a top keeper. You really can't assess a keeper by general team results, for example we don't know their general injury situation
  3. He's on 40 plus grand a week, no way is he one of the best defenders in the league either It would be a backwards step
  4. I would be gutted if we signed Gibson, it smacks of old Boro, he's on a big wage and he's not that good
  5. I really hope we don't get Gibson back, I don't think he is any better than what we have
  6. Wasn't Spence playing right mid for us as well, I think Warnock just decided quite quickly he wanted him out on loan
  7. So it's fine for you and others to bring it up all the time but not fine for others to question it, good to know
  8. I just don't see it happening, I think there is a lot of people getting carried away
  9. Archer had a better strike rate than any of our forwards to be fair
  10. I am 99% certain he is the player we were quoted £20-25 mill for
  11. Don't listen to the haters KM, he's a man who knows Wilder'd system and got 15 goals in the championship last time he played it. His game isn't about pace either so age shouldn't be an issue
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