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  1. Assombalonga could have a good argument for feeling ill effects of the Pulis reign, he loved to publicly blame him for his missed chances. Fair enough that works for some players but you have got to know your players and Britt looks nothing like the player who joined
  2. It was more of an arbitrary example really to show that it is something that will take time to adjust and change, with some of those players they will have been doing the same routines and building muscle and neurological memories for 2 plus years so to change to something different will take hundreds of hours of training and play. There is the 21/90 rule (so 21 continuous days of changing a habit) but that's more for day to day habits like diet or quitting smoking, equally its hard to mimic genuine competitive football in training and pre-season so that's another anomaly which makes it harder to narrow down in sport. In terms of muscle memory or neuroplasticity for top level athletes, it will be easier for our younger players to adapt too but it really depends on how ingrained a certain routine or ethos is on a team, which for some of our players has been years. I do agree our recruitment was not good enough though and if we had players who were already prepared for the desired style of play or have the natural characteristics, it would be much easier but the chairman whether forced by FFP or not decided against it.
  3. I cant stress this enough but its been 3 games. Scientifically on average it takes 2 months or 66 days for a new change to become a habit for an individual, yet you expect to see change after 270 minutes in professional sport? its completely unrealistic to not expect a transition period
  4. We have only played 3 competitive games with our strongest side to be fair
  5. I really hope we have realised Wing is not deep lying midfielder, bring Clayton back into the side. Fry for Shotton and Bola for Friend, get back to getting some crosses into the box like we did against Luton.
  6. Do we actually want to follow this kind of lead though?
  7. As far as I know there was two on the final day and the way that went down, you can only assume more throughout. Seems Boye was lined up, same with the lad on loan from Southampton but it's mixed reviews on whether he turned us down or Gibbo pulled it
  8. Maybe step back a little and realise what our problems are because it certainly wasn't in spotting players, I actually think they did a good job in that regard. It's just a shame Gibson couldn't or more so wouldn't back them. The three we have got in, we have done well to do so and at good prices. By all means the players we had set up to bring in would have improved us too but you can't blame Bevington or Bausor for the rug being pulled out on them
  9. You mean Adrian Bevington who had his own boro fanzine, has wrote numerous books on you've guessed it football, worked at the FA (stands for football association fyi) since the 90s and was one of their longest standing associates, then worked at several premier League clubs before joining Boro. Yeah not a football man at all, doesn't sound like he even likes football
  10. Samatta and Frey too, I think it's an area we are working on
  11. We will make do, if anything we have been under performing with an over inflated, expensive squad so maybe its time to over achieve with a squad put together more intelligently.
  12. The thing with Gibson is, that regardless of his performance as chairman and how much money he puts in or takes out, its all we have got. Can anyone seriously see anyone else wanting to take over the club? so really we cant do much beyond hope for the best with what we have got.
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