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  1. Not changing is definitely not the issue, he tinkers more than any manager we have had for years but yeah results are what matter and we don't look even close to getting them currently
  2. I completely see your point but it's clear as day to everyone who watches us that certain tactics simply don't work for us, yet he has gone back to them for arguably our 3 most important games of the season and we have got 1 point and been dragged back into it. It's either naivety or incompetence but there is a fairly solid evidence to the argument that he has only ever got a winning side when he was forced into certain tactics/line up choices. Doesn't he have the worst record of any permanent manager at the club now? From a side that finishes 7th and has hardly been decimated. He has to go for me
  3. This thread would be boring as hell, if it wasn't for those with sources giving us snippets whether they come fruition, whether they're incorrect or whatever. It would just be fmttm without them, so I appreciate you guys
  4. We have been atrocious with contracts though, easily among the top wage bill for years
  5. And we wonder why we got ourselves in such a *** situation when we are paying players 65k a week, when we had been in the championship for 9 years or whatever
  6. It's not about us competing with Watford per se, it's a different market as they will have to pay more for Burnley to be happy to sell to a rival
  7. It's worth noting Ben Mee is Burnley's highest paid player and he's on 55k a week
  8. I suppose the main difference is Braithwaite was wanted here, where as Gibson has never had a chance there and subsequently fell out with the manager. Still I don't think it's a great situation and can't see it ending as Ben wants it to
  9. I can't help but think we have no chance of getting Gibson today, it just makes no sense for Burnley and there is no talk of them getting a replacement even if they did take the hit and loan him to us I expect Moukoudi, Morrison and maybe Jones
  10. Fair point but a charge is still not a burden of guilt
  11. Firstly not charged and secondly where has this holier than thou attitude came from in football, he's a footballer not a primary school teacher. Do we judge Deeney and Aurier for their past too? Or just the less successful players
  12. So he was poor against Birmingham? Decent support of a 17 year old kid there lad
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