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  1. Apparently Hull struggle with set pieces, so this could be an area Warnock may think we can trouble them on. We looked dangerous a few times from set pieces at Stoke who are a pretty big side
  2. Laugh all you want but you can't have nepotism after the fact, unless you have no idea what it means
  3. Have you seen the stories which got Hull Live banned? They're not damning, they are literally stories asking who is to blame for the downfall and questioning McCann and The Allam family. The last time the gazette fell out with the club was also due to innocuous stories online by Shaw and Taylor (who left not too long after). Unfortunately the direction of the media group is decided by its editor and they've chosen to work with the club now, wrongly or rightly but it still doesn't stop fans being their own voice.
  4. Because he was not friends with Pulis before he was hired, it's really not that hard to get
  5. Definitely more in the manager pool we should be looking at, Barnsley's current manager Struber is doing pretty well under the circumstances too and they looked miles better than us in terms of playing football when they beat us recently. The call to go with a totally inexperienced manager and backroom staff has been absolute suicide, even being skint there are options out there
  6. After the fact, clearly they became friends as per the example of going to a his wedding after being in the job two years but that is hardly proof of nepotism is it? Unless you know more than me and that they were apparent bosom buddies before he got the job? Pulis wanting to work with Gibson prior to him getting the job is certainly not proof of nepotism either.
  7. You've gone off on a lovely tangent there to all that is wrong with the club but still haven't explained how it's a toxic job for a manager to take
  8. Not sure you understand the definition of nepotism
  9. You know fine well the club wouldn't accept it if they went all out attack on Gibson and the club, do you think journalistic integrity is more important than their jobs? Why should holding the club to account be on the local media? Also where are we getting this pre defined idea that the local media should be a voice of the fans or a critical observer? There is no pre defined job description for all sports journalist nor for the role of a local paper reporting on a club. They're not investigative journalists, their role is not to assess and value how the club is ran, in fact there is no promise that they need to do anything beyond report on games and put out the content they want. If you are so bothered, set up a fan group and write an open letter. I am sure the local media would be more than open to publishing it
  10. You really think anyone outside the club/area is going to have that take from this situation? Was Pulis nepotism? Or are we judging everything off Woodgate now
  11. Exactly this, all these people calling them for them to be critical when we have seen what happens when they take a hard line with the club. With print media in its current state they'd be mad to lose one of their biggest allies but surely that's where fans come in with in depth takes on the club and making sure those stories are spread widely It's untrue to say they're not critical either, they've been critical of Woodgate and the performances throughout the season but it would be suicide for them to call for Gibson to leave as some feel like they should. One story from Vickers which absolutely was straight from the club is not the same as them making out like it's all rosy
  12. The type of managers we are after have changed, we are definitely not in that management pool anymore. Hughton wants prem jobs or top 6 championship teams with plenty of money We need to be looking at upcoming managers or someone who was done well abroad, at a push an experienced assistant/coach like Karanka and Steve McClaren were. But we can't go with total inexperience like.our current set up
  13. Explain how it's toxic? Pulis was given years and cash, Monk was backed, Woodgate even in poor financial circumstances was backed with loans and signings. We are crap at the moment but let's not paint it as a bad job
  14. He said he would be available for the games in June but then did one full contact session and said he had a sore ankle, so in reality he wasn't available. Rightly or wrongly this was the final straw that then what caused the breakdown in relationship from the club's point of view
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