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  1. Warnock doesn't think the players we have are good enough to play as fullbacks in a back four and for some reason doesn't think we can buy them, I agree it's very strange though
  2. I think that's fair enough and a lot would agree, I think we would be more on board with it if it worked as it did at Cardiff but it's early days. Honestly I'd just like to see us win a few games again this season and be less of a walk over
  3. Definitely agree regarding whipping crosses in, so far this season going off limited stats we are joint top for crosses per game, 14th for long balls and 23rd for short passes. Which off the limited information suggests we quickly try to get it wide and then into the box, if only our wing backs could cross the ball!
  4. That's pretty much all I was getting at to be honest, I don't think Warnock has any intention for us to be a long ball side it more came from us not being able to play the game that was asked of us
  5. This isn't me saying we don't play long balls but people go on like it's our game plan to just throw it forwars and that all our attacks come from just pump it up to the strikers, hence the Akpom can he head the ball comments. Honestly at times I wish we were more direct Also look at the stats today, we had more possession and played less long balls than Bournemouth
  6. I just think it's a lazy position to take, the stats are clear. You might not think we are attractive and our midfield at times isn't in the game enough but that's not the same thing Warnock doesn't even have a record of playing long ball football, I've always found it strange that people on here go on about Zohore like he was a target man. He plays down the channels as he did for Cardiff and yes, they were decent from set pieces and played happily without possession but their tactics were all about nullifying teams and then breaking in behind
  7. I'd say it suggests we are not a passing side but the long ball stats don't lie, we just tend to not have possession as much as other sides
  8. Are we actually a long ball side though? 9th highest in the league according to who scored, less than Birmingham and Karanka ball
  9. Well that's never gonna change but no need to double down on it
  10. There's hardly any point in a manager or assistant manager saying they need 5 in, knowing fine well they will get 2-3 at most. They gain nothing but annoyed fans and a squad who have been told they're not good enough
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