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  1. It's not about the decisions of the club, it's about the players being judged on personality or conduct which largely takes place outside of football. And equally being judged on a different level to say musicians or others who are lauded regardless. Would the same people not want Grealish to play for England? Is Trippier now a bad egg for his gambling exploits? I have friends who dabbled in recreational drugs when younger who are now doctors and teachers, should I dob them in?
  2. Fair enough I found Karanka's side pretty boring and slow, so each to their own
  3. I genuinely don't see a difference between Karanka and Warnock, beyond better players available to Karanka. We were still very much safety first and didn't score any more than a Warnock side
  4. You must not have enjoyed any football from us over the last 20 years in that case because it's not veered far from this brand of football at all, beyond better players at times
  5. I just don't get why people care, these players are paid to play football that's it. The whole moral argument to whether we should sign players and managers is all a bit odd, if we were that morally judgemental we probably wouldn't have Warnock in charge given his previous. I do get your point about why it's intriguing though, I am more confused by people who don't want players based on off the field issues
  6. True but the rumour mill shouldn't matter really, it's odd for fans to make some moral judgement based hearsay especially when the player hasn't been charged with anything illegal or done anything wrong on the pitch
  7. He's been available the entire time, we can't force teams to bid for him
  8. I don't think I could care less if any player had took drugs, obviously it's an issue if it's a habit but that would be a strong assumption
  9. Thank goodness, having just signed a new contract I think we will be fine on that front
  10. Where has the idea that Dijksteel is going anywhere came from? Literally only seen it on here
  11. Bristol local journo reckons there is nothing happening with Diedhou
  12. Both out of contract, both teams aware they'd have more to compete with in the summer to sign free agents. Stranger things have happened
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