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  1. I fear we may struggle to get players of Wilson and Kent's standing after the success they have had, we will probably need to go for those who have yet to prove themselves on loan. We just need numbers in though, I really hope we have some irons in the fire.
  2. Exactly right, it's a good deal for the club for a player who struggled and won't fit our system. Just look how much he struggled against Hartlepool with the ball
  3. Oh come on.. It was a signing that didn't work and player who will likely struggle with passing the ball out. It's a good deal
  4. Yeah they really seem like they have just let that go, what a strange thing to try to have a moan about
  5. You are talking about nearly all championship clubs in that case then, all it shows is a chairman trying to compete and admittedly getting parts wrong but equally giving us some of the most successful eras in our history
  6. What is arrogant is fans moaning about how badly our club is ran, with no evidence whatsoever. Moaning at every opportunity and believing any negative rumour whilst completely disregarding information from a third party accountant who writes about the price of football. I am going to stop posting regarding this because I am not going to change any opinions but it's really easy to sit back and comment whilst people actually try to make something work. If our football club is that badly ran, maybe some of you should look at fan ownership if it's so easy
  7. Literally have no idea how a football club is ran, do you? There is no similarities whatsoever to small scale projects, especially in the championship or prem. Gibson has put £157million, the club has only paid less in wages than its income in 3 out of the last 10 years. He's saving and keeping our club alive every single year and you still have the temerity to moan, do something about it if it's so bad. You don't deserve our chairman
  8. Can't say that pal, we are the worst ran club in the world and we barely survive each day if you ask our fans.
  9. Once again back to conspiracy theories over actual facts
  10. It's strange because Gibson was willing accept part of the blame but we can't include Karanka in that? You're having a laugh if you think managers don't play a large part in suggesting and finding players. They are all football men, we aren't a European club with a coach set up and no inclusion from the coach. This from the gazette sums it up quite well: A collective failure Orta was the chief architect of the summer recruitment but let’s be clear though: scouts do not sign players. They can recommend and assess them but ultimate bringing players in is a joint enterprise. The manager has to endorse it, the chief executive has to agree the financial package and the chairman has to sign it off. It has been a collective failure. Listening to Gibson’s assessment of the "heart-breaking" season is telling. “We made decisions and we thought at the time we were making the right ones, but we haven’t fulfilled our objective and that tells us we have made mistakes.”
  11. But they clearly weren't as they went elsewhere, Swansea who were an established Prem side, Valdes who gave up and did Delufeu ever look interested?
  12. Even if that's the case then, all Karanka's targets were completely unattainable
  13. The manager chooses the team, chooses the tactics and works with the club to find players to fit the aforementioned. The manager and recruitment come up with lists of who to pursue, unfortunately in that transfer window we chased unattainable players and then were left at the end of the window panicking when they didn't happen and we had to work through the list to find who was available. All I have ever said is that he is part of the problem. As are any managers in charge at the time, don't get me wrong I don't rate our recruitment but the signings of all managers have had blatant emphasis from each manager. The club has spoken about how Fletcher, Christie and Johnson were very much Monk signings which he insisted on. Do the recruitment team take the blame for them too? Also lets not make out like our transfers are all terrible, we made a lot on Traore which the recruitment team, AK and Pulis all deserve credit for. All I've tried to say from the start is that our premier League failure, falls at the feet of all in the club. Recruitment was only a part of it and hence why AK hasn't came out afterwards and blamed anyone.
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