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  1. I doubt it's rare that young footballers are seen as a bit of a *** by their peers or even by coaches, it doesn't necessarily mean he's not gonna make it though especially if the talent is there An arrogant attitude is necessary for some player to get themselves mentally ready and many will then grow out of it, others like Joey Barton continue with it but arguably it helped him on the pitch
  2. Walker won’t make it I’m afraid. He is one of those junior players that will struggle to make the transition to a decent senior level. Sad but my opinion which I am stating as fact Updated it for you 👍
  3. That can easily change though, a decent loan could be the making of him
  4. Wouldn't say he was plodding tbf, he'd actually be a decent signing just not at the expense of McNair
  5. Didn't he have nearly a goal in every 2 games record at Brondby? Stepped up well in the championship round too from what I saw Average at best seems a little harsh
  6. It's interesting how Warnock paints a completely different picture to sources on here
  7. Yet he doesn't say anything close to that in his interviews, interesting that
  8. I don't think he will at all but if he was fuming and deceived as we were told, then he surely wouldn't hurt stand by and accept it
  9. Jack Marriot has hardly set the championship alight, Knockaert is back working with his old manager, coming off a poor season personally and on a high wage, Herbie Kane is a central midfielder, Harry Wilson is back home in Wales and Cardiff are playing a £1.2m loan fee plus 60k a week, Harvey Elliot could have been a shout but he's a 17 year old and hardly seems a Warnock player
  10. Does Gibbo even belong to the 1%? In a football sense he's probably a bit on the poor side
  11. Surely if it was a case that Gibson and Bausor just pulled the plug without any reasoning and simply to deceive the fans, then Warnock will leave. I can't see how it would end any other way if he was blatantly being deceived as Raf's source suggets
  12. The Woodrow situation could be that he was more of a backup for Akpom who they then managed to get a deal with, I remember Warnock saying it was a deal they didn't think was going to happen.
  13. In all seriousness, why is Gibson still bothering? Bausor gets all the abuse but he is not the one pulling deals, if he is no longer interested he needs to sell up I wish we had the set up to look at fan ownership but it doesn't seem likely
  14. Was it a failed transfer window? It was hard work, we could have done with a few more in an ideal world to have a balanced squad but I wouldn't count Bettinelli, Hall, Morsy, Roberts and Akpom as a failure. In comparison to our usual windows it was better than average
  15. What do you think would be gained by that? It's hardly going to cause a fan revolution
  16. People need to stop buying into transfer deadline day so much, deadline day is nothing more than your gamble to win your money back on the last race of the day You're mad if you think there are any guarantees
  17. Yeah I find it mad that people think we would get a loan in who would play over your captain, last seasons top scorer and a player youve spent a couple of mill on. The addition will be a different type of player to what we have and allow us to play in a different way, its not going to be a world beater
  18. Not really, I was more concerned about the intent from the club rather than the belief in its truth
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