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  1. It's not just the gazette though, hadn't it been said he's trained with us too?
  2. The local papers have said it's done, they just need to announce it. There's no conspiracy
  3. Could offer Browne a chance as a back up striker, although I'd take a chance on another striker if anyone decent was available
  4. I'm genuinely not, I think he'd only have made it easier for us to fall into bad habits. If we can get Chuba running channels consistently and being busy he'll do well for us.
  5. looks quite well managed to be fair, well supported and even height aloft. I would question the lack of wheels though
  6. Didn't do us much harm playing Friend or Clayton out of position, plenty of players change positions in their careers
  7. Promoted sides rarely survive by changing vast amount of players anyway, I think it just puts more faith in football league and existing players rather than doing a Fulham every few years.
  8. Anthony Vickers has lost the plot since getting axed by the gazette
  9. thats why there should be a robust FFP which actively stops this practice, there should also be clear guidance on contracts and clauses if they do get relegated as opposed to hefty parachute payments
  10. Everyone has been skint for years really, hopefully this pandemic can lead us away from the boom and bust strategy of championship sides and actually ensure we have clubs who are self sustaining
  11. We definitely have more pace and energy in the squad these days and even in the past our issue wasnt necessarily all about the lack of pace of the players but more the lack of intent to break quickly, I think a lack of pace in our current squad is definitely overplayed
  12. Very hard to tell with a 12/13 year old too, given how people develop differently
  13. Even if you dont rate him, you have got to be nuts to not see how Roberts will improve us. We dont have a player in his mould and arguably we havent even seen the best of him
  14. It was from the telegraph initially to be fair, not fmttm or a Dundee Facebook group
  15. Just been watching our u21's game against Leeds, its interesting that our u21 side plays how we would hope our first team would. Lots of pace on the wings and full backs, with really good link up in midfield. The finishing hasnt been great but they look very effective on the break with Isiah Jones and Romarn Burrell
  16. that should be something you can train into a player though but I am not convinced he has the temperament not to switch off and then dive in on someone
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