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  1. he started that season pretty well, some good deliveries into the box when playing higher up the pitch but his concentration levels and temperament seems really off at LWB/LB. I dont even think ability is the issue, he just switches off or goes into rash challenges far too often
  2. In all seriousness, I think we must have our eye on a proper LB
  3. To be fair, did he say he expected 10k fans a week? all he is saying is there was an expectation that they would at least try to get fans in to stadiums in some capacity from October, even if its a few limited capacity games until restrictions were tightened again (especially with it being deemed as a fairly low risk in terms of spreading the virus if done correctly). The difference now is that it is completely off the table and clubs now have all the income theyre gonna get for the season, even for the best ran clubs that will have had some kind of effect on their plans
  4. that would be a sensible and reasoned approach, so it seems unlikely
  5. Agreed and whilst there was probably low expectations of having an fans in, Gibson may have saw the chance of some ticket income as a bonus which could be put aside for a loan or two
  6. To be honest I was thinking it was a sign the club are getting local media to drip feed the lack of money as to explain a lack of incomings, I still think we are going to be fine as Gibson will continue to bank roll us but its a handy backdrop to explain away not getting further signings
  7. that was before the government decided to stop the trials and commit to having no fans coming back to be fair
  8. I think this puts to bed any hopes of incomings https://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/sport/18759113.sums-not-add-clubs-like-middlesbrough/
  9. It's all relative really, if you are hoping to be buzzing from the make up of out team/squad based on excitement then you'll be waiting a long time but if we could find balance and not have to play with a back 5 I'd be fairly happy. Personally I don't think we will getting anyone in, we struggled even before the prospect of no fans all season
  10. Wow bang to rights there, that surely means I am blaming Pulis solely for every mistake made by the club.. Yes Pulis was told to bring in money and Gibson/the club might have been keen but he has happily let him go, so for me he is the reason Bamford left. If we had any ambition we would have kept him but we didnt, we brought in Pulis and sold our best players whilst still spending ridiculous sums on lesser players.
  11. Absolute tosh, where on earth have I said it was all him? he was definitely part of the problem though, a big part of it
  12. Have you ever actually read this forum before? no one else has got anywhere close to a free ride Woodgate, Monk, Agnew, Karanka for his last 6 months, Gibson and our recruitment have all been nearing on inept but it doesnt make what Pulis did any better. He is no better than any of them and in some areas was worse
  13. why the desperation to absolve him of a signing he literally said in the press he wanted?
  14. I certainly don't hate him, quite the opposite as a bloke I actually think he comes across really well and you can't fault his ability to build a team that's hard to beat. It's a simple fact that he left the club in a mess though
  15. without a hint of irony at all, he probably thinks he left the club in a better position than he found it too. The only positive I can say about him is that our league positions were pretty credible under him but they got worse as his tenure went on, he decimated the squad, lowered the morale of players and fans and generally sucked the soul out of the club
  16. hes his mate and at the time he probably thought he was doing the job that was asked of him but Steve needs to take a step back and look at whats actually happening once in a while, rather than be obsessed with picking fights with agents and other chairmen
  17. WBA fans warned us about him, he genuinely did destroy us. Our squad has never been so imbalanced
  18. Madison being a nobhead aside, there must be loads of free agents still without clubs
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