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  1. I am not all, I said AK and the recruitment team as you so kindly highlighted. That includes scouts, Gary Gill, AK, Bausor and Gibson, they all didn't do enough.. our January transfer window was desperate and quite frankly embarrassing and they all have a part to play in that.
  2. The absolute desperation to not blame AK for anything is mad, this wasn't an AK issue but he was a part of it. Much to the apparent surprise of our fans in English football transfers are highly influenced by the manager. Our recruitment team merely scout players, make lists and then Bausor will try to do a deal with the club. Dunno where people get the idea in English football that recruitment teams do anything more than that.
  3. You'll get likes and people agreeing because everyone likes a conspiracy theory and can never find fault in Karanka but whilst Gestede and Bamford weren't his first choices, he certainly gave them the go ahead and you have posted nothing but rhetoric to disprove that. The simple fact is that the signings proposed by AK in January were a joke and equally unattainable. Anyone who thinks Jese and Bojan would have kept us up just needs to look at their careers since. Equally Snodgrass just wasn't interested but AK and the recruitment team simply didn't do enough to find decent players available in a transfer window which is notoriously difficult. Our failures came from thinking we did enough in the summer and when it comes to January to rescue it, it's already too late. I don't disagree that they weren't his first choices, in fact they were scrapping the barrel but to claim he knew nothing about them is a fallacy.
  4. Bamford will be hoping to rejuvenate his stuttering career now his moved back to the north east and his new boss Karanka is delighted to have him. He said: "I wanted him at that time [after his loan spell ended] and I wanted him this time.
  5. Exactly, let's just accept fan theory over quotes taken at the time
  6. Karanka admits he was stunned when chairman Steve Gibson told him he had signed Rhodes, after a 24 hour dispute over wage demands had been resolved on Monday. The fee will rise to £13m if Boro are promoted to the Premier League. “I can’t say more good things about the chairman than I have in the past,” added Karanka, who was Jose Mourinho’s assistant manager at Real Madrid. “When you are not expecting anything more, he arrives with Jordan Rhodes and you can’t say no. “I can understand how jealous other managers are of me because I am here. At the start of January 31, I had my squad completely perfect, and then he arrived on the last day with Jordan Rhodes. For that reason, what can I say about him once again?” I dunno how anyone can gleam from this that Karanka was in the dark about the Rhodes signing, he was clearly pleased but just admitting his surprise as he thought like all of us that the deal had collapsed.
  7. Firstly there is no evidence of this, they might not have proven to be Karanka players but they were both seen as decent players at the time and I am certain Karanka still had to ok them. In regard to signings in general, it was clearly stated in the manager conference what the plan was. The scouts will highlight players and then Woodgate, Bevington and Bausor would meet up to make their targets and then Gibson will obviously have final say in terms of the financial deal and suitability. There is no conspiracy, Gibson hasn't suddenly turned into a dictator
  8. Sorry but do people genuinely think that Gibson is choosing and signing the players on his own? really?
  9. Fletcher was a Monk target and to be fair to him, he's not a bad player, we just paid too much but Monk and his agent pal allegedly had a role in that. Gestede was signed 2 and a half years ago, so lots has changed since
  10. Seems a little harsh, Pulis used to have the final say. How do we know the recruitment team under Bevington (who has only had a year in the job to put his mark on things) didn't put forward players but Pulis had his own priorities?
  11. We really don't, no club is perfect. Very few managerial choices work out in football hence the big turn over of managers generally and yet for a club with a relatively small fanbase we have stayed within the top 2 leagues consistently. In a time where bigger clubs like Leeds, Sheff Wed etc have struggled we have still had success and promotions. We are in a better position than most, loads of teams would love our chairman and our record
  12. Of the teams that went up last season, only one of them were free spending. I would prefer stability and building a squad and identity the right way and I don't mind if that takes a few years. For the record I wasn't accusing you of being ridiculous but just commenting on the general consensus that we need big spending and instant success
  13. So why is our club a joke? We are an average championship club, adapting to life without parachute payments and not trying to gamble with FFP. I think you are massively overreacting, if anything this period is protecting our future by being sensible. An invester would still need to work within FFP and would only bring uncertainty
  14. Is he though? Or is he just trying to create a sustainably ran club that fits within FFP in a reality without parachute payments
  15. If your priority is us getting investment and spending money, then you completely don't get what our club is about. I would rather stay in the championship for ten years with ups and downs and keep our identity under Gibson than sell out to a foreign investor. The need for instant success is ridiculous
  16. I think the recruitment team and Woodgate will have put the work in and identified targets but can we financially put together any deals without getting players off the wage bill first?
  17. Flint played his best football in an attacking bristol city side in 17/18, he is more than capable in this league
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