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  1. What is with people posting just full stops, is it a really slow morse code conversation?
  2. Probably good news to be honest, never looked like he was coming here and now won't be strengthening a rival
  3. Well wingers in this day and age are more like support strikers in a front 3 because everyone plays 4321 or an equivalent but any of Mane, Sterling, Salah, Ronaldo, Sancho, Son, Gnabry, Mahrez As I said he plays RWB as much as anything and doesn't offer close to the assists or goals of others
  4. He doesn't even play on the wing for Wolves half the time, Traore is a freak of nature and has done marvellously but not a chance is he the best winger in the world
  5. To be fair you have no idea if they will be found out, they are both young enough and have the attributes to make a few positions their own. This idea that players need to be finished articles before they can play for us is rubbish, we are a mid level championship side at best. We are picking off scraps and trying to improve players
  6. Whilst I agree McNair wont be leaving, hes not a DMF so why would it be him or Mikel?
  7. I get its the ideal but plenty of decent young players whether through academies or through a youth loan can thrive in poorer teams, we just tend to drop players as soon as they go through a poor spell rather than let them develop
  8. Maybe the players he wanted in those positions didnt look achievable? I agree that we should and probably could have took a different path but dont have the best record of securing players
  9. I dont think Brunners is saying anything different, it just seems fairly obvious that Warnock thinks we would need too many players in (i.e. two full backs and two wingers) and he doesnt think its achievable. So he has committed to a different path I dont agree with Warnock's thinking and would at least hope we tried to get those players in but it does seem counterproductive for fans to expect us to sign wingers when Warnock has been very upfront about that not being the plan
  10. I see him as a potential fans favourite across the board, especially with over 50's who will love his attitude to 50/50s
  11. Other clubs put young players in and let them adjust and become ready, I don't see an issue with us doing that. It's not something we do enough by my reckoning and far too often buy into the ideal that players need to be ready straightaway, whether that is youngsters or signings
  12. He could sign Myra Hindleys ashes and some Boro fans would still think he's building something special, San Jose is the only half decent signing he's made
  13. He was a starter last season and still vying for a starting place this year, he would be great but it's not gonna happen
  14. I think there is a very good chance Folarin will be around the first team squad, at least up until Jan
  15. Warnock doesn't think the players we have are good enough to play as fullbacks in a back four and for some reason doesn't think we can buy them, I agree it's very strange though
  16. I think that's fair enough and a lot would agree, I think we would be more on board with it if it worked as it did at Cardiff but it's early days. Honestly I'd just like to see us win a few games again this season and be less of a walk over
  17. Definitely agree regarding whipping crosses in, so far this season going off limited stats we are joint top for crosses per game, 14th for long balls and 23rd for short passes. Which off the limited information suggests we quickly try to get it wide and then into the box, if only our wing backs could cross the ball!
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