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  1. Coulson doesn't deserve to be anywhere near the side in his current form, I'd rather go with a 4231 with Fletcher, Tav and Spence in the 3 behind Britt. Then with Morsy and Saville as the 2
  2. The likelihood we get Murphy is very low though, we are well down that list
  3. It's clear you're not a fan but I can't think of many examples where he has been the weak link for us, likewise Saville. So it would be nice to see your working out
  4. I don't think many championship sides could afford Zohore to be fair
  5. That may be why we can't sign players, we are trying *** like that
  6. Proper don't get the desperation to look backwards all the time, especially with 30 plus year olds who haven't even performed well for years for us. Especially on the basis of one game against a side who have lost their talismen
  7. The absolute desperation for Karanka to succeed over Boro, it's literally one game. They got beat off Cambridge last week
  8. He'd already declined rapidly and Shotton wanted to leave, these cant have been the mistakes he meant. Surely it was more in terms of scouting and players we went for
  9. Really? I think those leaving was well overdue personally, they were here for sentiment alone
  10. Not as handsome as his profile picture, Gary Gill and Warnock felt catfished
  11. Oh yeah but the intent was there, he at least covers a bad attempt at it. I'd just like us to take a few risks with pacey, exciting players and hope Browne and Folarin improve too
  12. Roberts aside, I can only think of Marvin Johnson as an attempt at purchasing a wide player. It's actually mad
  13. We have always struggled to sign width and pace, I know they are rare commodities but we don't even get bad ones
  14. Across our full history though it's been between the top two leagues, obviously hope for more of our semi recent history though
  15. We did give it a try but did it with an awful manager and a non existent backroom staff, whilst not even backing the project with any finances for players. Effective but unattractive must just be more attainable and cheaper and to be fair it gave us some good periods under McClaren and Karanka I'd love to see us play attractive football but it just never seems to be the Boro way
  16. It's a shot in the dark though, there aren't many readily available attacking managers with an attractive style. Paul Cook is the only one I could see us attracting and he is likely still in legal wranglings
  17. Didn't say that though did he? But we haven't played decent football for decades and we couldn't win games last season, I'd rather just get back on track first
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