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  1. Can you please stop derailing this thread, this is the transfer thread not the “my preferred bibliography format” thread
  2. Everyone begging for ITK gossip. Someone we know to be ITK, with a long history of accurate stories, post a story. People then ridicule and tell him he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Tragic.
  3. Sturridge is probably a good test for new DoF. If we got him on PAYP contract with no fee then could be a great deal for us. Just glad it won’t be Bausor negotiating alone or no doubt he’d be offered £40k a week 4 year deal
  4. Hang on, Neil has given Sol his bumbag. That’s a massive vote of confidence.
  5. Swear you post the same “we need 4/5 new players or we’re doomed” post every 12 hours
  6. Derby have about 12 first team players fit (depending on how many have been snapped in half by Wayne this morning) and aren’t allowed to sign anyone, even free agents. Can’t see them selling anyone. Not that I’d want TL anyway.
  7. Out of interest how do you know how much emphasis the club is putting on these 2 signings? Or are you just referring to this forum?
  8. Roseberry Topping? Sorry lads but we have the Marble Arch Mound now, another tick in the London box https://www.google.com/amp/s/metro.co.uk/2021/07/27/london-marble-arch-mound-refunds-offered-after-its-branded-trash-heap-14996424/amp/
  9. Yes you’re right, you capitalise the transfer fees so don’t touch the P+L, not sure how delaying the cash payments circumvents the FFP rules then. Presumably they are just looking to preserve cash as any club would do.
  10. Surely depends how they account for the actual transfer fee payment, can’t remember if they put it through operating costs or not (and Cba to check right now). If the transfer fee is incurred in the P+L as it’s paid then there is definitely a FFP benefit to back ending payments.
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