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  1. Don’t worry lads, Warnock is looking hard for a creative no.10 and 2 wingers!!
  2. Looks like Carlos de Pena will be playing champions league football this years, he’s scored home and away in the Final play off. Glad he’s doing well, seems a nice lad
  3. Sorry to mention transfers, but apparently a few championships clubs are interested in Curtis Jones from Liverpool. I know it’s unlikely to happen but that would be a fantastic signing. exactly the midfield creativity we have been missing.
  4. He was right, whatever table Scotty was looking at was lying
  5. Hey guys, does anyone have any strong opinions on whether or not we should sign some wingers? Also, not sure if he’s been mentioned, but does anyone think we should sign Marcus Maddison?
  6. Just stumbled across this photo of Ross Turnbull, wouldn’t have recognised him if it wasn’t captioned, he’s only 35
  7. Ross McCormack has signed for Aldershot Town... that’s quite a fall from grace
  8. Pick literally any other 2 championship clubs for who’s financial model we should be following
  9. Ibe going to derby on a free apparently. Could be a very good signing depending on wages.
  10. If you can’t judge a player on the performances across their entire career what can you judge them on?
  11. Careful, don’t want Warnock cycling round to your house to give you a bollocking
  12. Some excellent analysis of the situation on the Cardiff forum “If he's facing serious charges and gets found guilty he will either do jail or will get a long ban from football depending what it is.” he might be in trouble and if he is he could be in trouble
  13. Think cocaine use is fairly widespread in football as it leaves the system so quickly. However I’m Not sure many pros are shooting up over the summer...
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