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  1. It’s completely different though. Last year, Bulkhaul turned over profits of £40.1 million pounds. Middlesbrough reported losses of £6.4 million. Go figure.
  2. Not sure why Woody didn’t do anything to solidify our left side of defence in the second half. Absolutely rinsed us down their right, every time they had the ball they had a free run down the right. Was difficult for Coulson. Still a good performance and enjoyable game to be at. Fans were class. Big game Tuesday.
  3. Decent point imo, considering how s***e the ref was as well as the absolute shambles of the first half, Fletch scoring a quality goal to get us a point at the end of a ridiculously busy period of games is a good showing going into a weekend off. Utfb.
  4. Any updates on Howson/Spence deals? @Smoggydownsouth
  5. Seem to remember Reading looking class in preseason too, did absolute bits vs Gateshead away. He'd surely be useful as a squad player at least for cover but haven't heard anything about him all season
  6. Bit harsh. I've slated Fry plenty this season (especially during our awful run a few months ago) but he's been class as of late. Made one mistake all game which unfortunately led to a super flukey goal but to say you want to drop him, considering we literally have no other CBs, when he's imo hitting his best form of the season is... interesting.
  7. Tav was absolutely unreal today - different class. Love to see Clayton excelling in a two CDM formation once again. Thought Fry had the best game of his season too! Absolutely buzzing. Up the fcking boro, get in!!!!!
  8. Absolutely buzzing for Woody. Was so desperate for him, Leo and Robbie to do well. Couldn't be happier to see Woody proving those in the south stand who booed him after 4 games as well as those who were calling into BBC Tees wanting him sacked from October totally wrong. A fat serving of humble pie for them tonight. Happy new year indeed. Utfb.
  9. Okay so you watched the Stoke game and still posed the question 'did he win a header'. Rudy won plenty of headers that game, far more than usual, and as I said he had played his part for the time he was on. I agree that he has been one of our worst signings of the decade and is barely a footballer at times, but specifically referring to the Stoke game rather than what I think of him as a player as you were, he played decent. But yeah, i'm still looking forward to having him off wage bill at the end of the season if not in Jan...
  10. Not saying that he can’t be affected, and he might go somewhere else and play class under a different coach, but Fry’s performances are full of individual errors and giving the ball away far too often. Doesn’t sound like something that Woodgate is at fault for. Fry just isn’t putting in the performances he should be, when those around him are stepping up.
  11. Ayala hasn’t fallen off whatsoever this season - has been as solid as ever on the whole. Howson has been far more solid than Fry at CB and he’s a CM! Cannot put the blame on Woody for Fry’s below par performances when those around him are stepping up.
  12. Really happy with the players @Smoggydownsouth is naming as potential signings. A corner has definitely been turned over the past couple months on the pitch, credit where it's due to Woody for bringing through the younger lads and finding a shape that seems to be working. Seems like losing Randolph is a necessary evil but Pears has done a job so far and we have Mejias as cover so i'm not too concerned. If we lose Britt we need to replace him (Nketiah would be an improvement imo). Fry would be a loss but he hasn't been anywhere near his best this season. Again, perhaps selling is another necessary evil so we can get the money in to reinvest. The Ayala situation is alarming and I'll be seriously disappointed if we don't sort out his contract. If we show some intent in January then we really have a chance to climb the table. Desperately need to win away but it'll come. All in all, things are looking up (not that long ago I didn't think we'd ever win again). Proper happy for Woody and think he's done all the right things over Christmas. If we bring in the players we're looking and sort out a few contracts we could be in a good place by the end of the season - really hope the club doesn't let us down and finally shows some ambition. Utb.
  13. Think there’s a difference between ‘want’ and ‘would take to boost an extremely depleted squad if he was cheap’
  14. He was played out of position for the majority of the season don’t forget that, usually played at number 10 with Bamford striker. Wouldn’t say his goal return is a fair reflection of his contribution. Granted I haven’t seen him play for years, but a hard working professional who knows the club to motivate the younger lads and do a job up top when needed, a position we seriously lack in, is no bad thing in my eyes. Doubt he’d cost much either and would almost certainly fit in the budget. Highly unlikely we’ll sign him anyway so isn’t worth much more thought but yeah that’s my two cents.
  15. Based on watching every minute that he played in the 14/15 season. Thats your opinion and to be honest it means very little as its more than unlikely that we'll resign him but seems like a fair few people agreed with what I said previously. I mean we started Ste Walker up front last game man. We're clearly very short and Vossen was a good squad player for us who gave 100% for the shirt and had the occasional class game. He was an intelligent player with a very high work rate and his off the ball runs in particular made him stand out in a decent side. To say you wouldn't at least take him back on loan to see how he does and boost the squad given our current position is just daft imo.
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