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  1. Plymouth have had 11 shots on target, Boro with a whopping ZERO. It's genuinely impressive to be that bad.
  2. https://x.com/RF08/status/1757117384312135869?s=20 RF planning mass protest action. I'll certainly be onboard. £394 to £510 in FOUR YEARS in the south stand, deadline for early bird renewal 5/6 months before the start of the season, announced without a single accompanying comment from the club about our ambitions for next year or the season for yet another hike, nothing from Gibson, Bauser, anyone... the silence is deafening. If we do nothing it will only continue year on year. I'm expecting a boycott for Plymouth, which i'll happily sit out for seeing that we're going nowhere this season
  3. How are you damned if you don't share? Then no one knows about the leak, so unless you would damn yourself, you're only damned if you share it. Which you shouldn't have.
  4. Was Giles replying to Chuba's 'Not true' tweet saying 'relatable 🙄' What that could mean I'm really not certain of
  5. https://www.voetbalzone.nl/doc.asp?uid=406492 New voetbal article saying Groningen have 'firmly rejected' our offer of 10 million for JSL
  6. Sorry but Warnock's comments are indefensible. Lets say he had read Warnock's comment, which its totally plausible that he did considering it was all over twitter, are you telling me he'd actually want to come here? When Warnock got his 'top priority' signing, we ended up with Chuba Akpom. Now the club are looking at signings perhaps beyond Warnock's reign, which won't last longer than a year, he's going on record saying that its nothing to do with him, which you can subsequently infer from that he isn't at all arsed about him coming here.
  7. 93 pace on his fifa card.. Say no more get him signed
  8. Absolutely! I'm specifically referring to this window and even the one or two previous. Admittedly I'm more of a lurker than an active poster, but I'm just as guilty of putting faith into the information we receive on here. It's entertaining at times haha, but definitely feeling a bit let down by it as of late. Have had to distance myself really from it as it can be addicting just sitting there waiting for an itk to post anything remotely promising. Especially stuff like, 'I have a name that I can't say' that later just turns to nothing. Been seeing some just ridiculous names thrown around the
  9. Appreciate we all want to hear new information but relying whatsoever ITK info is just asking to be let down, imo. A certain ITK said that Mullins was a done deal, then he signed for a national league side a week later... We always just hear actual legit information first through journalists anyway, trying to cling on to what ITK's say on here 9 times out of 10 will just end in disappointment. I know being a Boro fan in itself pretty much always ends in disappointment but I get enough of that from watching us play lol
  10. That was an emotionally exhausting day. So good getting back to so much positivity on the forum, no matter how long it lasts, and I'm glad to have shared what was a genuinely special game with everyone who went. Will remember those limbs forever, utfb
  11. Just a note that everyone with a ST (70 points +) can buy a Fulham ticket in 10 minutes. Getting really excited for it now, praying for one more in before then..
  12. Howson's worst game in a Boro shirt. Britt and Chuba, depressing as per. Sell them both man. Most inconsistent Boro team I've seen for a long time. Sh*te.
  13. When he's playing alongside Fry, it works. When Paddy isn't alongside Fry (ie, today), he's wasted and looks weak and ineffective.
  14. If Saville had buried either of the two/three *** easy chances he had, you'd be saying the opposite. We're playing the best team in the league by a country mile, you reckon we should've just pushed on and tried to score more when we're one nil up? Just sounds like you're scapegoating
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