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  1. One thing I've learnt from the past few years is that whenever Boro return to being a competent football club with a decent footballing side, whether its in a year or five, i'll never take that for granted ever again. Just totally miserable watching this sh*te.
  2. Pulis. His football just depressed me to tears and was buzzing to finally move on. With Woody, it's a mixture of relief and embarrassment. Relief that we might actually stay up, embarrassment that we abandoned our new club 'philosophy' before the season even ended as well as the fact we're just a total shambles. Banter era is without doubt in full force
  3. Not talking about the overall performance of either player. It’s the positioning of Moukoudi when long balls are kicked and he always chases and comes out from the defensive line and gets caught out almost every time. Just keep an eye out for it as it’s really poor defending. That was my point. I agree we’ve played well. Charlton look absolutely woeful though which is definitely helping.
  4. Anyone else seeing how often Moukoudi is running forward out of position? Constantly ball chases and it always ends up in behind him with Shotton/Howson having to cover. Doing me suede in.
  5. I remember we played the way you describe against Stoke earlier in the season and we saw the game out so easily. Not sure why Woody hasn't ever tried to replicate that instead of just clinging on and inevitably conceding.
  6. Yep. Not sure why i've seen a few slagging him off after it when it was just a class finish.
  7. Wing isn't the best footballer but he is one of our only scoring outlets. Which in a depressingly low scoring team, is invaluable. And the chant when he scores is class.
  8. That team is just eye watering levels of awful. Lost for words honestly
  9. The Gazette/Gibson article is nothing but a reaffirmation of the Gazettes' total failure to hold MFC to account, as has been the case for years. Toothless reporting, letting the Gibson and the club go unscathed once again. Truly embarrassing from Vickers etc, I doubt the paper will ever regain a reputation that is anything other than a genuine disgrace to journalism. Just another reason to feel totally disillusioned from the club, as seems to be the case with every boro fan. Shambles.
  10. Thought Coulson was decent out at left wing. Pears is one to keep. However the manager can go tomorrow (or monday as some are saying). Ineptitude shown since the win at preston is indefensible. We're down if he stays.
  11. It’s completely different though. Last year, Bulkhaul turned over profits of £40.1 million pounds. Middlesbrough reported losses of £6.4 million. Go figure.
  12. Not sure why Woody didn’t do anything to solidify our left side of defence in the second half. Absolutely rinsed us down their right, every time they had the ball they had a free run down the right. Was difficult for Coulson. Still a good performance and enjoyable game to be at. Fans were class. Big game Tuesday.
  13. Decent point imo, considering how s***e the ref was as well as the absolute shambles of the first half, Fletch scoring a quality goal to get us a point at the end of a ridiculously busy period of games is a good showing going into a weekend off. Utfb.
  14. Any updates on Howson/Spence deals? @Smoggydownsouth
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