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  1. Best business we done was keeping hold of Britt, fry, and Randolph this window could have been a lot worse... I am looking forward for the rest of the season
  2. Ok so for the last few years we have had our pants down on deals ie fletcher 7million savile what ever he was, flint, we are taking a different route of low risk high reward, yes the players we have signed may turn out to be bang average but can’t imagine they are on a high salary like the likes of Rudy,fletcher in the long run this the best way to go imo
  3. Like what sds said refreshing to see us not been bent over backwards with deals .... if we keep the lads we got and don’t add anyone else I thinks it’s been a tremendous window
  4. Just got in from work seems like thing picking up .... great work from all the itk guys ... even the guys who post rumours that may not be true from Twitter and various other sources... you keep us all taking
  5. Stuck up for shotton on here last week .... not doing that again the lad is garbage
  6. I’m sure if he was to come here woodgate and Keane would knock that out of him
  7. Had to admit I was wrong, when we were linked with jok as our manager I wanted him I think woodgate thus far has done a brilliant job and I think jok would have crippled the club with the sort of money he would have demanded.... I can’t wait for Friday and the next few years with woodgate
  8. Other then the penalty incident I thought shots was calm and composed
  9. Happy with Bola... wonder how many times we have announced a player on Sunday... looks like we ain’t messing about here
  10. If we can get them 2 full backs through the door... couple of loans I will be happy woodgate starting to build decent foundations and for this I’m happy
  11. So is Bola actually at rockcliffe or not as advanced as that .... just don’t want to scroll through pages after pages sorry if this has been talked about
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