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  1. How is this even an ongoing debate? Maybe what he said was BS. Maybe genuine info. It's called a rumour. You get to take it with a pinch of salt in the same way you might do if lurker, raf, digger etc had thrown forward something they had heard. Same if it came from some half-baked article in the Sun, or from Mungo Jerry (or whatever the hell that Twitter poster was called). Berating him off the forum is as embarrassing as begging to give him a rimjob to get him back through the door. More importantly, absolutely chuffed with the signings we've already brought in & how quickly we
  2. Here's hoping Spence has a screamer today, on one of the biggest stages. There's a real opportunity for us to add £5m+ to his price tag on one game alone.
  3. We've missed some golden late chances and not been at our best - but why there is so much negativity on here is beyond me. We're on a great run and playing an away fixture against an extremely tough side. Relax.
  4. Paid. For both. Looking forward to failing miserably again.
  5. So much negativity on here! Would I prefer some superstar manager with free-flowing football-minded tactics? Obviously yes. But we're in the Championship. And we have Mr Championship himself; Warnock. If this is going to work we need to let him bring in players that suit his brand of football. As long as we do it on the cheap, I'm absolutely fine with this. Personally quite excited to see how the next couple months develop.
  6. Good sir, you have made my day. Wunderbar.
  7. There isn't a manager in football who doesn't turn into Joseph Goebbels when trying to spin a story. There's a difference between believing it and recognising it for what it is.
  8. You need a team of captains. It's not all about assigning that accolade to one individual. I definitely think the position is overrated and only has a marginal impact.
  9. Today we were woeful, many games we were, but I'm still backing Warnock for next season. So far he's steered us away from relegation and then improved us to finish 10th. We haven't got a war chest, so I don't think we need to worry about any manager blowing last chance saloon to buy our way back into the PL, that ship has long sailed. He values personality over pretty football, so in employing him you have to accept we'll never be free flowing. But you can't claim he doesn't have experience or success at this level. It won't be pretty, it might not work, but it has the potential to.
  10. How did you acquire that footage of me? Have you been tapping my phone?
  11. The last time I remember an 8-1 scoreline in a Boro game, in a little over a 10 year period after the losing team went on to win x4 Premier League titles, x2 FA Cups, x6 League Cups, x3 Charity Shields, recruited the best manager in the world playing the best brand of football, were inducted into a European Super League, had billionaire owners who invested heavily into both the club and city, absolutely battered their local rivals year on year and waltzed their way into a CL final. Why tf would everyone be so miserable on here??!
  12. Look, leave me be and just let me spew out my pointless and completely unfounded conspiracy theories. ...but no I didn't see it 😄 In other news, the world is flat and Mel Morris is actually a reptilian humanoid. Fact.
  13. Although, having said that, 6 mins of treatment in 1st half, and yet still fit enough to near finish the game... Part of me still can't shake off the possibility that it's all a little bit convenient.
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