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  1. So, Roberts. Not done yet? +1? Any rumours? Not that I think we should be busting a nut to bring in a ton, but all v quiet this evening for transfer deadline day... Are the club just better at keeping it under wraps? Or is our business done? ITK's... Where you all hiding?
  2. Ladies and gents, we are not going broke this season. I'm sure our finances are somewhat tight, but there's no way we're spending £3m+ on players in the midst of the pandemic if we're emptying the penny jar. That would be worse money management then the early-mid 80s & earlier, even given our current business flaws there's just no way that we're mirroring anything that short-sighted. A few other clubs, on the other hand, have plenty to worry about.
  3. Assuming we stick with 5-3-2, which is absolutely inivtable - I wonder if it's Warnock's intention to play 2 'creative' midfielders behind the 2 strikers, with Morsy as the pivot. As oppose to Morsey being 1 of 2 primarily defensive CMs and a #10 making up the 3. Tav, Browne, new AM - and, very much a push to call either traditionally creative, but also Wing and Saville - making up a 5 competing for 2 'creative' spots. With Howson very much the utility man to plug gaps / Morsy's back-up, as oppose to start. I could get behind that more than 2 out-n-out defensive CMs in this system.
  4. Ah ok - cool. In which case I will join! I need your name though Raf (as dets need to match account) And to protect the integrity of the league - if (or when) I win, I'll donate the winnings to charity. Thanks 🙂
  5. Made a team a while back - but if I join now won't it mean I missed a weeks worth of points? - for the league itself. and also the heads up. Best I give it a miss I think. But thanks 🙂
  6. Soz, I popped out and missed out. All good though. Good luck all :)
  7. Can anyone provide either - you can kick me out after if there's worry i'm not gunna scrape together the £7.50 😂
  8. 8 mins - I think I left this too late 🙃 Just need the acc dets and the league code, as my team is already created / online banking open to transfer now! - and then i'd bee keen on both the £5 and £2.50 league. Think it's a long shot i'll be provided both in the next few mins though!
  9. Raf - count me in. Can you PM me acc dets and I'll pay right now. & how much? Pleeeease.
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