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  1. Very fair points and difficult to argue with! Would still be a very valuable option for the season though imo.
  2. Would much rather keep Assombalonga through to the end of his contract. He may not be a Warnock-style striker, but he's guaranteed goals. Him and Fletch did alright together in spells last season. IF we brought in Moore he'd still need competition (Fletch might be seen as one of the "off-the-striker" options slightly wider). And, not that I think we're a likely promotion candidate, but Assombalonga could be the difference between a squad that competes during corona and a squad that doesn't - we probably need 2 for every position more than ever. Can also see him staying. He'll be able to continue to demand decent wages with no fee attached next summer and may see this season as a chance to prove that worth.
  3. When does the window close? Isn't it something mad like early Oct?
  4. You're reading waaay too much into this bud, your imagination is off the charts - what did they slip into your tea this morning? My point doesn't extend past the millions that have sat in his bank after he has returned next to nothing on said investment. I don't expect him to get out a chart and weigh up the pros and cons of deontological morality.. and of course he is entitled to say no. But there are certain companies/bosses in my past, or jobs where I have been paid more than others, where I'd probably expect myself to give a bit more back - regardless of whether or not it's 5pm on the dot. Of course not everyone thinks that way. But it's my opinion that if Gestede had a shred of self awareness he'd realise that he's absoutely fleeced us the past few years, and the consequences of his poor showings - both historically and after removing a handful of further appearances - could have had dire consequences. That makes him either selfish, or stupid. I get that you're a pen and paper man. It's just not how I think.
  5. HA. I literally never said he didn't work. Or that he didn't try to recover from injury. Or that he sat on the sidelines trying not to play. Or that he should extend his contract 'just because'. And if you think he's had absolutely nothing but abuse from the club, then you're really not that clever. 💵💵💵 He doesn't owe us anything, contractually. But I do think that morally he did. But I guess morals mean v little in this day and age. In fact, I'm actually a bit worried that if I drive into work tomorrow I might get a puncture and it'll cost me a buck to get fixed. Think i'll give it a miss, the money the company has paid me historically is irrelevant.. not the best analagy in the world, but demonstrates my point (just about). But we can agree he was crap. That his initial recruitment/contract was our fault. And it was in the best interest of all that thankfully he did reject our terms. But it did, however, have the potential to be the difference between relegation and survival - which is why I'll always think that he let the club down.
  6. Depends how you look at it. If we have solid CBs (Hall and Gibson) behind 3 gritty [ish] CMs (Howson, Saville, McNair), then you could hypothetically look to play Spence and Coulson (both a little weak defensively but decent pace offensively) if a 4-3-3. We'd basically be the Championship version of Liverpool 😉 But I agree that Coulson and Spence do look suited as wing-backs in a back 5.
  7. You could be right. Though just found this from a few months back. https://www.hartlepoolmail.co.uk/sport/football/middlesbrough-fc/middlesbrough-boss-jonathan-woodgate-provides-aynsley-pears-contract-update-after-impressive-leeds-united-display-2004029 So, unless already activated, Boro have the option.
  8. What about Pears? Isn't he out of contract? Friend and Johnson offered new deals, others acknowledged as released. Yet no mention of Pears it seems. Odd. Joe Hart anyone? I have a feeling this is one of the PL standard signings Warnock would be keen to improve. Definitely worth a punt on a free imo. And if there were goings-on behind the scenes, would make a little sense as to why Pears (fall-back?) isn't mentioned.
  9. Don't agree with what Gestede did / said. I half understand the logic of why he's asked for a 6 month extension should he get an injury - it's a protection policy. And I get why some of the other players elsewhere have refused to extend contracts, especially those who have their careers ahead of them and haven't had a stellar deal to date - a footballers career is short. But, end of the day, how much had the club already ploughed into Gestede's pocket - when he's either been unavailable or sh*te prior. He should have given something back to the club that has given him so much, even if that involved a 'risk'. I'd have more sympathy for his demands if he'd contributed ANYTHING previous. Seriously, what an absolute c*nt.
  10. Thought he had played as CB prev? Confess, I know v little about the guy.
  11. Judging by rumours / voids / Warnock of recent seasons / freebies lingering atm.. Hart on a free. Pears released. Fox in. Goode in. Friend & Johnson extensions. Gibson in. Fry out. Moore in [if unsuccessul, Dykes]. SQUAD GK: Hart, Stojanovic, Mejias. CB: Goode, Gibson, Fox, Friend. RB: Dijksteel, Spence. LB: Coulson, Bola, Johnson. MF: Howson, McNair, Saville, Wing, Tavernier, Browne. ST: Assombalonga, Fletcher, Moore, Walker. 433s or 352s (width either from fullbacks or Tav/Fletcher positionally interchangeable as widemen) Fletcher Assombalonga Tavernier Saville Howson McNair Bola Gibson Goode Dijk Hart Fletcher Assombalonga Tavernier Coulson Howson McNair Spence Fox Gibson Goode Hart
  12. Warnock. Retires (for the 473rd time). Signs 8 match contract with Boro. Keeps Boro up with 2 games to spare. Can't resist the allure of one more season in management, for a club and chairman he's always had a soft spot for. The Mrs is just happy to get rid of him for another year. Finishes 2nd in his first full season with Boro, 4 points behind recently relegated Villa. Cannot turn down the temptation of one final shot at PL management. Signs 1 year deal. Keeps Boro up on the final game of the season with a point at The Amex. Standing ovation from the Boro faithful, Warnock in a flood of tears. Forever inscribed in Boro folklore. Retires (for the 474th and final time). It's written in the stars.
  13. Interesting how we all speculated on the formation after the lineup came out, yet it still surprised most of us. Definitely merits to 4-3-3 with adventurous full-backs if you play three CMs in front. Warnock not everyones cup of tea, but he really proved his experience today.
  14. I assumed 4-4-2, but I can see the merits of that being a 3-5-2. Offers more support upfront and perhaps more natural to the types of full-backs we have - inc Coulson when he's back.
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