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  1. Warnock. Retires (for the 473rd time). Signs 8 match contract with Boro. Keeps Boro up with 2 games to spare. Can't resist the allure of one more season in management, for a club and chairman he's always had a soft spot for. The Mrs is just happy to get rid of him for another year. Finishes 2nd in his first full season with Boro, 4 points behind recently relegated Villa. Cannot turn down the temptation of one final shot at PL management. Signs 1 year deal. Keeps Boro up on the final game of the season with a point at The Amex. Standing ovation from the Boro faithful, Warnock in a flood of tears. Forever inscribed in Boro folklore. Retires (for the 474th and final time). It's written in the stars.
  2. Interesting how we all speculated on the formation after the lineup came out, yet it still surprised most of us. Definitely merits to 4-3-3 with adventurous full-backs if you play three CMs in front. Warnock not everyones cup of tea, but he really proved his experience today.
  3. I assumed 4-4-2, but I can see the merits of that being a 3-5-2. Offers more support upfront and perhaps more natural to the types of full-backs we have - inc Coulson when he's back.
  4. 4-4-2 I guess with McNair at CB? If so, happy with how that team shapes up.
  5. Line-up imminent. Actually nervous for the first time in a while as I'm not already resigned to defeat pre-match. Big game.
  6. I'd hope for someone with experience, someone capable of building solid defensive foundations. But that can absolutely have the potential to be detachable from someone who is only capable of long-ball football. If you're pragmatic in attack then it's absolutely fine for your main strenth to be solidity. At the same time, I wouldn't want us to take a punt on some ex player with little to no pedigree of managing at this level. So probably a no on Warnock from me. But absolutely the perfect appointment for the remainder of this season. Also, once we [rightly] offload a load of out of contract players in the coming months - regardless of what division we're in - we absolutely need to invest in experience. We have some very good talented young players in the squad, who would probably excel at League 1 level in particular - but many are far from complete. We'd be too easily outfought and outthought. If we don't strike the balance we'll find ourselves in the midst of another relegation battle next season in the Championship, or playoffs at best in League 1.
  7. I'm honestly expecting Swansea to score 6 or 7 now.
  8. I feel like Woodgate doesn't have a plan. Or at least nothing with any strategic consistency. He approaches managing Boro like a fantasy football manager. Has he been given unlimited wildcards? And deducted half his budget?
  9. What is it with Boro - why are we always unable to make use of potent goalscorers. Either misplay them, don't use them or just outright destroy them. I'm losing count now of the amount of strikers that we've signed boasting stellar records who've either not hit the heights they're capable of, or we've let go and have gone on to excel elsehwere. Madness.
  10. | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| | COME ON BORO! | |___________| \ (•◡•) / ( . )( . ) --- | | And from the ladies.
  11. So many calls for Woodgate to be sacked - couldn't disagree more. There's no doubt we now find ourselves in the midst of a relegation battle, that we've been pretty woeful and, to be fair, there is the possibility that Woodgate may be out of his depth. However, we've overhauled half the playing staff, we're trying [or at least intending to] to play a completely different style and our transfer strategy is an absolute polar opposite of what it was before. If in appointing a rookie manager that our expectation is instant success under these parameters - and therefore to sack a manager now after a rough start - then what exactly is our plan? Would we even have one? Change the long-term strategy again having sold/signed half the squad? We'd be even more of an embarrassment then we are right now if we shipped Woodgate out the door after 10 games. At least we have a common objective, albeit it's not working yet. If the risk of League One football exonerates going into the New Year - then maybe we need to think seriously about it. But not now.
  12. Terrible selection at the start. Will be furious if we rotate to the same extent in the FA Cup. Britt has to be taken off pens. But at least we dragged ourselves back from 2-0. And Bola scored on debut. Sadly, I think i'd have taken that after 70 mins. Bottom of the table Blackburn next. Really feels like we need to win that one - if nothing else just to keep us in the mid-table mix.
  13. Come on Boro! Let's do this! Credit where credit is due - Fletcher is surprising me a little this season.
  14. This is exactly why I didn't want Woodgate to ring the changes. A few changes yes - gearing towards something that resembles the team we'll see more of this season, with one or two fringe players getting a run-out. That way a few of the new players can 'play their way into the team' for the weekend, garner a little bit of confidence (even a win vs a league 2 team will do that) and maybe a little momentum to kick start our season. Now we're on the brink of a very demoralising defeat at home vs a team 2 divisions below us with no win in our opening 3 competitive fixtures. And sauntering into the "unlucky start" excuse-machine that is the Boro. Really felt this could be a big game for us and shape the campaign somewhat - good or bad. We need changes asap and a big turnaround in this one, otherwise we could be in for an early season rut that could disperse all the early optimism.
  15. Was doing my best to find an 'oh dear' gif. Found this much more pleasing one instead.
  16. Would opt for a strong team. New players to get some game-time. A more balance line-up. Coulson further forward. Assombalonga upfront to get his tally up. Rest Clayton. Give Pears a run-out (he made some good stops pre-season). Maybe even give Walker an opportunity (we might need him as the season unfolds). Tav needs some minutes. Ayala and/or Wood if Fry/Friend are still not ready. Shotton not allowed within 3 miles of any football pitch in the country. Injuries permitting... Pears Dijk Friend Fry Bola McNair Tav Wing Browne Coulson Assombalonga
  17. I'm a modern day Nostradamus.. Seriously though, sounds like we were very unlucky. But very worrying defeat nonetheless. Hoping for a more balanced team vs Crewe, a morale-boosting win and see if we can kick on from there..
  18. Quote me after 90. Gunna finish 2-1 to Boro.
  19. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOing to make a cup of tea back in a sec.
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