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  1. Any truth in Gibson being at Rockliffe Park today? @Smoggydownsouth
  2. It seems Jack Clarke is discussing a move here according to ITK, Mourinho and Sky with all of them hinting at it in a way.
  3. Howson’s contract along with Ayala’s is a must for me. Ayala’s a leader and been one of the best defenders in this league for the past decade. Howson is versatile and puts in a shift no matter where you play him. We’ve used him all over and if anything he’s looked better every time we move him into a different position. I’d have him in CB over a lot of defenders in this league for sure.
  4. SkySportsKeith hinting about Jack Clarke, that may mean it’s close to being done?
  5. Browne's was revealed as a four-year contract. Bola's wasn't mentioned anywhere I don't think but I'd guess probably a three year contract.
  6. Problem with Britt is if you don't sell him in January then next summer he'll be availble much cheaper as he will only have a year left on his contract. If he's doing well, we may cash in and then it means next summer we would have plenty of funds and lots of wages saved by players of contract to properly reset the club. Either way next summer, all be it far away will be quite concerning with so many players either out of contract, or entering final years of contracts such as Britt and Randolph.
  7. I'm glad we've gone about it the way we have but we needed another 2 or 3 players for me, asking a lot from the existing players that are so use to such similar ways of playing. Likewise with the new players coming in to adapt to a higher standard of football. I'm optimistic about the season and would be happy with Top 10 or so finish. But next summer is a real worry to with so many players out of contract, okay most of them we want rid off but then you've got big players like Britt & Randolph entering the final years of thier contracts, so no doubt we'll have to let them go quite cheap.
  8. 1. Braithwaite wanting to be here, and when left out was ill. "He's had a sickness and diarrhea bug which can't be helped," 2. Definitely replacing Flint when we let him go. "We'll get a replacement," he said. 3. That we'd address the lack of creativity and pace upfront. "(We need) bits of pace in the team, in the attack, maybe a player who can link play up as a No.10. He said: "We need players in different areas of the pitch, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out what we need - but we will get them players." 5. After Browne & Bola, he said the squad is thin and we'd sign a few. “Hopefully there will be more,” he said. “Definitely (more) signings before transfer deadline day." I know things change, but if stuff ain't 100% going to happen it's better to be honest and say nothing then lie to us. I'm happy with the sort of signings we are going for but we still ain't addressed what we've been told would be addressed for the last three windows. I hope these three outfield players come on leaps and bounds at us, but the fact is we are one or two injuries away from being in a terrible situation. I'd much rather Woodgate say nothing, then fill us will hope and false information. Hopefully we'll sign 2 or 3 in January to give us some more depth and quality that we desperately need.
  9. Woodgates lied to the fans multiple times this summer already, getting quite annoying now.
  10. That will be a kick in the teeth if we couldn't even *** off Shotton too.
  11. £4m, someone break that down to me. I thought it was less than £3m spent.
  12. Hutton & Markovic on a free I'd take, and possibly Williams at CB too.
  13. Markovic is a free agent, would have him but wages may be an issue.
  14. I was expecting another 2, maybe 3 in depending if we can shift a player too.
  15. One signing isn't enough even without any outgoings. Let's hope he's just playing down expectation.
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