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  1. For me we need six signings. Backup GK LB/LCB Cover Payero LW ST and another attacker ideally a ST who can play on the wing or vice versa. Then I'd be confident we can be in the playoffs this season and have some depth.
  2. Agreed, think it's our best option at the moment. It's just concerning if we get one injury or need to look to the bench to change the game there isn't really anything on there.
  3. I agree with the fact we have the barebones. But we won't exactly have any options to bring off the bench. Assuming the team is GK: Lumley DEF: Bola, Fry, Hall, McNair, Dijksteel MID: Morsy, Crooks ATT: Tavernier, Ikpeazu, Watmore Subs: Brynn, Peltier, Spence, Howson, Malley, Sivi, Akpom Maybe that will be the squad for the game?
  4. We've just taken the absolute *** to get the deal done. I'm assuming it's basically done now but we always take forever to do deals. Hopefully we have some breakthrough with the other people we're talking too because we look really short up top. Akpom is useless, Ameobi won't be ready for start of the season and if one of Tavernier, Watmore of Ikpeazu get injured we're done for. Not being negative just being realistic that we need a winger and a second ST in this week.
  5. I think if we go 3 at the back Fry Hall McNair Dijksteel Peltier and one other who will be back LB and left-footed CB will be more than enough options.
  6. and Peltier forgot about him so six that can play CB
  7. Think if we do 3 at the back we'll have this left-footed CB/FB signing. Fry, Hall, McNair and then Dijksteel who can slot in there. That will give us the five for that should we go with 3atb
  8. Think we're looking for cover at LB and someone who can play as a left-footed centre back.
  9. https://www.footballinsider247.com/sources-middlesbrough-register-bryan-interest-after-sheffield-united-exit/
  10. Think you will be right, Watmore has been great for us. I'd prefer a nice pacey ST though too.
  11. Yeah he said he was speaking to 2-3 players, and wanted a couple in within the next ten days. So Crooks will have been one of the ones he wanted in. Hoping the other is a winger or a ST.
  12. Fingers crossed for an update tonight after the game about the couple we've been talking too.
  13. Only thing we've got is Warnock said he was speaking to 2-3 players and is hoping for a couple in within the next ten days. He said that on Monday and Crooks has joined now. So seems he's expecting another one, maybe two in by the time we play Fulham.
  14. Probably, expect the Backup GK to be a free like Archer. We'll sign a cheap LB and Payero is pretty much done. Think we'll fall short on signings in attack or wait right till the end to get them in. Patterson will probably be one of the wingers. Warnock is still saying he wants strikers and he's got one out of the three he wants.
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