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  1. Don't know what there new owners have. He was on £90,000 at Fulham and they opted to against the additional year option they had for him. It's a no from me on him though. He'll probably going somwhere like Turkey or Saudi Arabia.
  2. First Pre-Season game on Saturday 25th June. A month today.
  3. Probably edging our bets that Forest may be willing to pay more to make sure they get him permanently.
  4. Hopefully it's two keepers. Darlow for £2.5m-£3.0m and then one on a free as a backup.
  5. Backup GK fine. But not as a starter. I'm fed up of us trying to do the GK position on cheap or a loan. Do it properly or don't bother. You need a keeper that's here for years. A reliable one who's going to win you 8-10 extra points a season. We've scrimped and saved in a position that's too important for years. A different keeper every season. The amount of keepers we're going through is laughable and they'll all been rubbish.
  6. Give him away to Derby and reduce the compensation by a few 100k.
  7. We must be after two keepers. I have to say, what we're being linked with is extremely underwhelming. I know it ain't actual signings but they've been ***.
  8. His brother's failed in England twice and is sat playing in Scotland in his prime. Fair enough, it's an achievement reaching the Europa League final which you have to give them credit for. But he's playing in a league which is Championship standard at the top half and League 1/2 standard in the bottom half.
  9. It's a performance which would land you a move to a Premier League club straight away. People need to realise just how good he is because a full season under Wilder and we'd not stand a chance of keeping him.
  10. It would be great if we can get one. Would like to see where Tavernier is ranked on different statistics in comparison to other CM's. I think people are genuinely expecting him to be like Morgan Gibbs-White in front of net.
  11. People need to realise just how good and important Tavernier is. If he got 5 goals and 10 assists. He'd be gone in a heartbeat.
  12. Would love that guy to do in-depth stats from Tavernier this season to see how he compares to other box-to-box midfielders in the league. I'd be keen to see where he gets all the stats from too. It's very interesting. That's only the first half of the season too. Would love to see it from just under Wilder or the full season.
  13. Too many people do. It's goal contributions and nothing else that people look at.
  14. Is there any good websites for statistics. To see the rankings for Tavernier in Key Passes, Tackles etc compared to the rest of the championship. I know he ranked Top 10 in both of those. But I would like to see a full list of where players ranked on those stats and other stats throughout the season.
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