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  1. Sporar has also looked bright, was in a great position if Tav could play football today which for some reason he can’t…
  2. Tav has been so poor this game, can’t trap or pass a ball today
  3. Can we get a rumour started that Mel Morris has got someone in the FA to dig this up as revenge on Gibbo. Knowing we only have on recognised left-back.
  4. Mowbray is a disgrace definitely asks the players to take lumps out of ours, has happened every time we’ve played them.
  5. After all this we should’ve just signed Bahamboula.
  6. Warnock wanting to time waste against Derby… pathetic.
  7. This loss is harder to take because it was self-inflicted. QPR are a good team, we made today more difficult for ourselves but we weren’t outclassed. Despite losing 3-2 to 10 men I saw a lot more positives than negatives. Jones exceptional, Crooks and Uche had great games again, Bola and Djiksteel were great, Djed is carrying on his renaissance. The game was lost in midfield and in goal every man and his dog could see that so Warnock really has to take the blame for this, the game was desperate for Morsy to come in and break up QPRs play. Daniels has to come in for Lumley.
  8. The young lads and Payero have had a baptism of fire and it’ll will put them in good stead going forward, if we get pumped by Bristol City and QPR with our strongest team and there’s been no further progress in the transfer market then sure panic. We were never going to win the cup, we may have had a decent draw to a prem team home or away but that’s about it.
  9. Derby almost got dumped out by Salford with their strongest 11, Blackburn got knocked out by Morecambe and Peterborough had 4 put past them by Plymouth. We all need a little perspective.
  10. I’m looking forward to all the bed-wetter comments.
  11. How mint is it that a player Fulham haven’t even paid for has scored against us
  12. If we are scouting in Denmark and Belgium I hope we are looking at players like Raphael Holzhauser and Smail Prevljak, a creative spark and a proper Warnock striker respectively, that would certainly improve us at one end of the pitch and even though they may not necessarily be bargains they shouldn’t cost much more than what we spent on Akpom! I think it would be harder to attract players from Denmark due to the higher opportunity of European football but if Brentford can attract them there’s no harm in us trying for players like Jesper Lindstrøm, Jonas Wind and Mads Frøkjær Jensen.
  13. He did it before at Cardiff in regards to Brexit so I’m not really shocked or bothered. Any self respecting Boro fan shouldn’t care what a guy who will only be in charge of the club for 2 years thinks, especially when the owner is pretty vocal about which party he supports. The one that isn’t necessarily that popular in the area. Football is more important than politics ❤️
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