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  1. £5m rising to £7m for Greaves £9m rising to £12m for Larsen Slam these offers on the table and get it done Boro
  2. Yay! We can finally go back to a back 3 of: Djiksteel - Fry - McNair Lenihan is too clumsy and slow.
  3. Ellis Simms has 2 goals for Sunderland. Weren’t we linked with a £500,000 move and people here didn’t want to sign him because he was unproven 🤔
  4. It’s okay guys! We have McGree already in as Tav’s replacement everything will be fine!
  5. That second half was abysmal! No way are we getting anything more than mid table, strike force non existent, Lenihan too slow, McGree poor no way is he Tav’s replacement. Swift and Dike are signings we should’ve pounced on but didn’t because our back room team are still a bunch of absolute clowns!
  6. Care to challenge me on anything I’ve said or just lash out?
  7. We are an absolutely pathetic club. Hull have sold Keane-Potter for £17m (it’s not including add-ons, I’ve seen nowhere report that) where as we’ve sold Spence and Tav for a combined £24m and I don’t believe we’ll see any of the add-ons stated we will get. What is the mindset of the club that such an influential player on a 2 years contract is worth the same or potentially less as we don’t know the final amount including add-ons for a player that did not feature for us at all last season. Plus we allow our players to leave immed The appointment of KS and CW was meant to drag us
  8. £4.5 million for a Premier League striker is not too much, just pay the *** fee. People acting like the transfer market is like it was back in the 90s and 00s
  9. I’m sorry gents I forgot how mature everyone is on this forum my bad 😥
  10. Nope. Just think the love-in for Spence all of a sudden is just as unnecessary as the hate he also gets. Couldn’t care less, if he does well great that’s another £7.5 million for us, if his attitude gets the best of him an he ends back in our division oh well we have Izzy who we can sell for double if we need to.
  11. Can’t believe how many posters on this forum are sucking Spence’s ***… he isn’t going to be your friend
  12. *** hell we beat Spurs and still have many posters on this forum being negative… what a unpleasant place to be
  13. Everyone saying Sporar has been as bad as Connolly and Balogun need to give their heads a wobble. Connolly has offered very little in his 7 appearances, although I think Balogun deserves a similar run of games alongside Watmore and Sporar.
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