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  1. If we are scouting in Denmark and Belgium I hope we are looking at players like Raphael Holzhauser and Smail Prevljak, a creative spark and a proper Warnock striker respectively, that would certainly improve us at one end of the pitch and even though they may not necessarily be bargains they shouldn’t cost much more than what we spent on Akpom! I think it would be harder to attract players from Denmark due to the higher opportunity of European football but if Brentford can attract them there’s no harm in us trying for players like Jesper Lindstrøm, Jonas Wind and Mads Frøkjær Jensen.
  2. He did it before at Cardiff in regards to Brexit so I’m not really shocked or bothered. Any self respecting Boro fan shouldn’t care what a guy who will only be in charge of the club for 2 years thinks, especially when the owner is pretty vocal about which party he supports. The one that isn’t necessarily that popular in the area. Football is more important than politics ❤️
  3. Not to be rude but could someone please explain to me the benefit of bringing in an untested 18 year old loanee, when we have our own young player to develop. I see no harm in Coburn keeping his space on the bench for another season before a loan deal similar to Wood, instead of developing another team's player.
  4. The only difference is QPR are constantly pressing us, where as our team can’t be bothered when out of possession.
  5. Not a penalty. Doesn’t go through the player, gets the ball first it’s a corner, feet aren’t off the ground. It wasn’t a reckless challenge it was necessary challenge because it would’ve been a goal either way without that challenge but it’s a good challenge and should’ve been a corner.
  6. Level mate not offside but anything to keep the club down aye 👍🏻
  7. Don’t know what everyone else has seen in Johnson’s performance there so poor defensively and didn’t really offer anything going forward. No way he’s dislodging Bola.
  8. Typical with Boro players this as soon as they’re praised their *** fall out! Fry has been appalling tonight, but the entire team has been... these were here for the taking and we just haven’t performed.
  9. This has been a shocking half compared to the first, we aren’t winning any second balls and it’s just putting more and more pressure on ourselves. We’re going to break soon.
  10. Maddo just doesn’t have a clue about anything. Can’t wait to replace him and Addo as our commentators both absolute garbage.
  11. Don’t worry mate I’ve been a long time stalker of the forum, not a new kid on the block 😉 Just thought it was about time I gave my own opinions (probably garbage as well) and knock a couple people down a peg
  12. So many people on this forum can’t wait for and love for us to lose so they can pick away and tear at the team and the manager so they can justify their garbage opinions. We were the better team in this game, Blackburn barely threatened our goal in the first half and even after the “incident” we were the better team and for 20 mins into the second half we were. Events like the Fry injury change games. We would’ve won that game if that never happened, and we would’ve won if the right officiating decision was made - but it wasn’t and therefore we didn’t. If we went 1-0 in 20 mins Black
  13. This game has been an absolute disgrace, don’t care if it’s a blatant handball if you don’t give the correct decision for the most heinous foul committed this game. You don’t card for that. I don’t think this game has been typical Boro we’ve done more than enough to have gotten something from this game, we’ve just been served absolute rotten luck.
  14. Think a lot of people on here are being too harsh on the team, the Fry challenge has clearly effected the players, they aren’t robots, and despite that we’ve been the more dangerous side. Refocus over half-time, let Wood compose himself and go out and clatter them second half!
  15. Don’t give a *** about Mogga’s legendary status at the club it’s a disgrace he has his team playing like this! There’s aggressive play and then there’s overzealous play and all these Blackburn players are playing exactly like that.
  16. I mean having a coronavirus outbreak at the club might have something to do with that.
  17. I’ve seen plenty of Karanka 1-0 wins in my time to know how this game is ending.
  18. How many times does Johnson want to run it out, I imagine this is down to the whole covid outbreak but it’s still abysmal
  19. We can’t keep the ball because Wing is in midfield, can’t hold his position, is never near his man - should’ve started Hackney
  20. Not really bothered by the result. The player who created the two bits of class for them to win the game has more than enough professional experience compared to the majority of players out there. Feel sorry for Hackney he did so well but you’re still going to struggle when your partner in midfield is Lewis Wing. I hope most fans realise now why he was plying his trade at Shildon three years ago. I’d prefer to see Hackney on the bench instead since there’s actual potential there! I think big credit needs to be given to Bola for still playing to his ability whilst also captaining the
  21. I’d like to know what you expected from what was pretty much an U23s game.
  22. I think people are being unfair to Akpom because of that one slip. His hold up play has been so much better than Britt’s and has allowed us to stay in their half for so much. Still I would like a goal from him though.
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