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  1. Should be an eventful day, good luck on the 18 our own one boros Jim white
  2. I think we will find out how close he is to going today if he’s back training then maybe their is still a lot of work to do for the buying team, but if he’s left out again it’s probably pretty much done and just the medical to sort can imagine the personal terms structure of fees was done yesterday
  3. Yeah me too money talks as we say and the closer it gets the more desperate they will get and it will force our hand to accept unfortunately. Problem with this is any targets we have will want a lot more knowing the money we have just received, going to be a crazy 48 hours
  4. Stab in the dark here if we are looking at a versatile forward still I know his wages will be high and he hasn’t done a lot but Jurgen locadia from Brighton would be an option to look into maybe a loan with a view to buy...
  5. Yeah and the fact dyche told him if he kept his head down and done well Burnley wouldn’t stand in his way if a big move came off
  6. Gibson wanted to leave when West Brom put 25m bid in for him when we got relegated purely for international purposes but uncle Steve said no hence the ‘fall out’ and second time round it was sanctioned by Steve because it suited.
  7. Really enjoyed that first half even though we are conceding too many set pieces due to the press and individual errors we are in a transition period, we was crying out for this style of play last season and now we have it can’t wait for the second half think we could really punish these especially when the fresh legs come on making them make mistakes in their own half - Ass Hatrick ???
  8. Just to add to this I see fletcher and coulson causing all sorts of problems for Cranie at RB ( that’s assuming that’s his position tonight ? )
  9. Not the team I was expecting but tav and Browne could come on and change the dynamic quite easily if needed fancy fletcher FGS
  10. Any idea if it’s a loan or permanent ? Thanks
  11. Agree with this I think they will have a good go first 20 as you would expect then we will take over, wing FGS 2-0
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