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  1. Yeah i mentioned this a few days ago just going through the type warnock was after being in the realisitc bracket
  2. The fact im trying to look at things positively rather than writing people off before theyve kicked a ball. Also going on the fact that warnock has the most promotions to PL as a manager so im trusting his judgement on what he needs, no its not pretty football and i dont like the formation hes playing at the moment but hes making the best of what hes got in his eyes, weather that is to force gibson to buy by highlighting it only he knows.
  3. Lets just give him a chance first, hopefully they will be a few more creative players to help the strikers out come the end of the window
  4. Thanks but i dont need it in simple terms, can you tell me how you know how little money we have? Also what happens if the 2 strikers we have get an injury or even sold and we dont have time for a replacement, whos to say we are not working on signing creative players akpom came totally out the blue, atleast give it till the window closes before you have a meltdown about what money should be spent on which posisitions etc
  5. Why does it matter how much we spend, it isnt your money i hope we keep spending as long as we stick to FFP (Although thats doesn't seem to matter other teams) they wouldnt be paying that money if they hadnt done the numbers for it to work as we have seen gibson is all about the FFP and wouldnt not put is jepordy with it. Also i like the look of akpom its better than having a unfit sanogo in my opinion i also think from the videos hes going to be our 'big lad up top'. He seems similar size to fletcher but a bit more filled out, also love his passion when scoring running to the fan
  6. I know their have been managers in the past that sometimes sit up higher to get an aerial view of the game, to see if the formation is working and if they are any spaces to play into or if any opposition players are leaving gaps that we can capatalise on etc obvsiously only a thought
  7. I thought he would go with this formation hopefully it can work for us, any news on if woodrow is in their team havnt checked yet
  8. I think with the subs/younger lads all due to start we may see a change in formation to his preffered 433 just to see how they take to it and if their is anything their for him to work on, hopefully pick up a comfortable win with some minutes in the legs for morsy.
  9. Have to disagree with this mate hes been really good for me just needs a little more help from his midfielders some 1 2s so he can get in behind their midfield and turn their defence around which will open up the channel for britt and fletch
  10. Totally agree britt and fletcher have their 3 cb all over the place, their only threat is pedro think we need to be mindful of the counter attack secons half but dont see why we wont get something from this
  11. Tav britt and fletch look really good lets hope the rest give them some back up
  12. I think wood will start against barnsley slowly bed him in, It wouldnt suprise me If hes in the starting 11 after 10 games or so depending on signings he looks the real deal everytime i have seen him play, He seems to have all the attributes to be a top centre half.
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