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  1. Shankland’s Instagram story suggests he was training with Dundee United today.
  2. Wheres all the doom and gloom come from? In all seriousness did people think we’d switch from Tony Pulis’ dross to world beaters over night? As much as TP went on about the budget and leaving the club healthier etc he’s still been a contributor to the situation we’re in now. I’m looking forward to the season. We’ve finally got full backs who want to attack. So what, yeah we probably lack in a few areas but we’ve got genuinely exciting players in our team who have come to this football club to develop rather than to treat it as a retirement home. Fair enough, the aim for all of us is
  3. Because their recruitment team aren’t Bevington and Bausor
  4. @nunthorpered if you had to give a percentage of getting the deal done what would you put it at?
  5. I didn’t mean it sarcastically but if you want to get your undies in a twist you’re more than welcome to
  6. Hallelujah! Nothing in incomings that you know of or is there no expected incomings?
  7. Do we have any update? Anything close to coming in? @Raf smog @Lurker @Smoggydownsouth
  8. If he’s as happy as Woodgate says he is why would we even offer the contract?
  9. I don’t agree, you pay for proven in this league and that’s what we’ve done. Britt playing in a team that creates chances in this league would score 20+ with ease. We’ve not had names mentioned for players who people feel will do as a good a job or a better job - any you feel worth mentioning?
  10. I agree in parts but what are we going to do with 15 million on transfer deadline day given what the ‘ITK’ people have mentioned previously? We’ve seen a centre half who has had 1 good year sold for 22 million and Maupay who had a very good season for a similar fee but there is nobody better in the championship that we could get for the money we would recoup for Britt imo.
  11. I got outed on Twitter for calling out Shotton after the Luton game. How times change now we can shift him on lol
  12. Agreed, also means he won’t score the annual brace against us if he’s our player...
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