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  1. I would definitely have Hugill back next season if Warnock remains in charge. He was very harshly treated his time here as others have mentioned he was just as isolated as Negredo was. Target men ALWAYS need runners off them. His link up play was good, he’s strong, can head and still scored a reasonable amount of goals considering how we played as a team.
  2. We need to get rid of Warnock whilst we still have players capable of playing football under a new progressive manager. If he stays for another year and signs the likes of the lampposts in this Cardiff team it'll be hit and hope long ball for another 3 years.
  3. If I’ve learned anything about this team it’s that the mentality is absolutely shocking. And where the play offs require the strongest mentality of all, I think it would be a waste of time if we somehow managed to squeeze in. Opportunity, shambles, repeat.
  4. Not to sound too condescending but surely you all have better things to be doing on a Friday night than argue over a decision that went our way in the end?
  5. If Huddersfield had received a red for the same challenge I would’ve gave the ref the exact same level of criticism. As all EFL refs continue to show incompetence week after week, it’s beyond embarrassing. That’s never a red in a million years
  6. I’d just start finding warnocks replacement now for start of next season. The tactics are getting worse and worse
  7. Warnock gets it wrong once again. A 5 back at home to Huddersfield who play 1 striker is just not necessary. 40 years of experience not proving very useful
  8. I hope we go down a more progressive route after Warnock whether that be the end of this season or next. The squad we have is actually very well suited to playing progressive football with Fry and McNair at CB both very comfortable on the ball. Everyone knew NW wasn’t a long term option and the club should be planning now to ensure they get it right, although I’m more hopeful of winning the lottery to be honest. The whole episode before Woodgate claiming Gibbo wanted more attacking style of play was the right thing to do. But changing from managers like Pulis required a manager experienced and successful in playing the way we wanted (a Jokanovic for example 🤐)
  9. If Warnock is staying for perhaps a last season next year we need to start planning now as I personally think our season is over. Our best starting team would feature the following New GK Dijksteel Fry New CB Bola Howson McNair NML Tav Bolasie New ST 1. New Goalkeeper is 100% a necessity. Bettinelli is nowhere near the quality or consistency needed to succeed in this league. 2. NW is constantly mentioning he would like a CB who is more of a threat in the attacking box (Sean Morrison for example) to play alongside Fry. McNair has to stay in the team and is a much better partner for Howson than any of the others available anyway. 3. Britt and Akpom simply aren’t up to the task. Fletch is capable IMO but a striker who is good in the air, can link up with teammates and most importantly finish is a huge priority for a NW team to work.
  10. Turned it off, it’s not worth wasting the time. Horrendous
  11. Season over. Warnock claiming the shackles are off midweek, what a load of ***. His tactics are getting worse and worse by the week.
  12. I hope we move to a 4231, I just don’t see the need for having Howson Saville and Morsy all in the same midfield (it’s more acceptable in away games however) Saville and Britt out. Bettinelli is borderline. Bettinelli Fisher Dijksteel McNair Bola Howson Morsy Watmore Kebano Bolasie Akpom
  13. Get off it mate, I’ve been as critical on SG as anyone regarding his decision making in recent times. But we’re in 7th place with a good chance off the play offs and he’s provided Warnock the quality that he wanted.
  14. Yeah they did get 90. Archer played in goal
  15. Watching Spence against these U23’s has just reinforced my view on him. A lazy player who doesn’t seem bothered with not much talent. All he has is some pace. Coulson is 10x as talented in my honest opinion. Good to see Fletch get 90 hopefully can start soon.
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