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  1. I keep saying we need to get to January still in the mix and add the attacking quality we need. But I’m not confident of adding any real quality which I think makes or breaks our season
  2. Warnock has been brilliant but his subs are so hot and cold. It was crying out for them at HT or 60 mins and waits until 80/85. Huddersfield are a very average team and were there to be beat
  3. Patrick Roberts if you’re reading this just cancel the loan and go back, he deserves far better than the treatment he’s getting
  4. Sorry but the second he keeps Britt and Spence on whilst taking Tav off I don’t give it a chance
  5. Warnock subs either work very well or he f***s it up completely. It was very obvious we needed changes at HT. Britt still being on the pitch is mind blowing
  6. Need to be beating teams like this if you’re serious about play offs or higher. Can’t wait to get Fletcher back in January and add some quality. I’d give someone money to take Britt at this point
  7. I’m getting sick of slagging Britt off now but he’s somehow managing to get worse. Dreadful player
  8. At risk of sounding like a broken record.. if we don’t add real attacking quality in January I don’t think we go up. If we do I seriously fancy our chances.
  9. If we’re still in the equation come January and get the attacking quality we need I think we’ve got a real chance
  10. Our lack of quality in the final third will be what costs us this season i'm afraid, dominated the match and without a doubt should be coming away with 3 points.
  11. He’s 23 years old why can he only play once a week
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