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  1. A mate of mine said he saw his wife and kids out in Redcar a week or so back. A back 3 would help him massively but I think that ship has long sailed, he was finished when he left us never mind now
  2. And when he has started he’s often been the worst outfield player on the pitch
  3. A mates father in law visited the Errea factory in Italy and said the shirt had a collar and white band so could be that. He also said there was a sort of design to the shirt he couldn’t fully remember
  4. Pretty much all our greatest moments have came wearing all red, keep the white band to go with it and that should be a constant for this club.
  5. You can have no complaints missing out when you’ve lost twice to the shower of *** that we have. Preston Hull Bristol C Reading etc. Said it last week the squad isn’t good enough anyway
  6. In all seriousness those players should give up their weeks wage to refund those fans
  7. The team apparently: Daniels Dijk Fry McNair Jones Crooks Howson McGree Tav Sporar Watmore
  8. We’ve been linked to Jean Paul Boetius of Mainz on a free in the telegraph along with Norwich and Watford, can’t find the actual article
  9. That’s a very lazy lie from either you or the person who told you unfortunately. Why would Norwich sell anyway?
  10. That was literally last year?
  11. Player plays well in 1 game against us and we sign them, where have I seen this before… *cough* Lumley *cough*
  12. I still can’t really believe we aren’t in a position where play offs are already delivered and signed for, only got ourselves to blame for some ridiculous results
  13. Connolly out doing balloons at a sesh in pally park, good for his pr 😂
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