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  1. Personally think we still want another wide player in but not many names going about just yet.
  2. God only knows what it’ll then turn into after he signs
  3. Who’s Instagram have you seen that on?
  4. Don’t think anyone is convinced it’s real just yet just passing on the info
  5. Lad who started the talk on Wing has said its Brentford
  6. Wing going to Sunderland on loan one minute, then Liverpool the next. Can’t write it
  7. The article on Wing at FMTTM says it’s allegedly a London Club in the middle of a takeover, and is also receiving a big pay rise. This criteria surely only leaves Premier League clubs
  8. They’re clearly desperate if they’re willing to offer 20 for Adams... want more than that especially since it’s Leeds
  9. Leeds had 3 bids reject for Adams, could soon come calling for Britt
  10. It’ll be Clayton, his agents been talking around for a while now
  11. Don’t think Woodgate coming out and saying Fry is only going for £30m was the smartest decision. Personally wouldn’t blame Burnley if they came back with pay all his wages or it’s not happening
  12. The upside to SDS post is that it sounds like someone is willing to pay over the odds for one of our players, which could be reinvested to improve the team further. Fry at £30m for example In my opinion, anyone in our squad is replaceable if teams are willing to over pay like that
  13. I just want one thing, junin... I mean Patrick Roberts on a permanent ✅
  14. Sums up the medical staff if anything, something tells me all these injuries aren’t just unlucky 🤔🤔🤔
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