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  1. We need a Gaston/Tomlin type player in behind the strikers IMO. We just aren't creating enough chances, I think Tav is better playing without attacking responsibility.
  2. Bettinelli Dijksteel Hall LCB McNair Howson Morsy Coulson CAM Fletch Britt That would be much better for me.
  3. Paddy is made for RWB
  4. Off the back of what? A failed spell at Norwich and the odd game for us?
  5. Christ you can’t have watched him in the cup
  6. Has there ever been a team crying out for creativity as much as we are now. And yet nobody at the club will be any the wiser
  7. Where on earth is Spence?! Haven’t seen him once in 20 minutes
  8. If we insist on sticking with this system i'd like to see us give this a try and see how it goes. Bettinelli Spence Dijksteel Hall Fry Coulson Browne Morsy Tav Fletch Britt Morsy being the shield in midfield allowing Browne and Tav to be more advanced. Maybe we try it and the midfield is overran but i'd like to see us give it a try see if it helps us going forward.
  9. I’ve seen the wing back system played well, Chelsea being the main example. When you watched that team Alonso and Moses were causing problems for 90 minutes, our wingbacks simply aren’t good enough to make the system effective.
  10. That’s a bit of a daft comment to make. We’re unbelievably predictable with our attacking “style” as it is. Never mind playing the same system for 46 games...
  11. Here we go again. Seemingly done now all of a sudden haven’t agreed a fee 😂 joke this club
  12. Keinan Davis is the 4th striker loan target apparently
  13. Looking at the assist he got last night he’s pretty rapid for a bloke maybe over 6ft, both footed
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