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  1. Stojanovic Howson Moukoudi Shotton Johnson Saville Spence. Wing Tav Coulson Fletcher
  2. Honestly can’t believe I’m saying it but I hope it gets unbelievably toxic in there tonight to force Gibson’s moronic hand.
  3. Utterly lost for words, revolt in the stadium ASAP
  4. When is Patrick Roberts back, surely must be soon and I’d probably say he’s our only chance
  5. There’s nothing we can do about it now Woodgate isn’t going anywhere, but the very least I want him to do is stick with the 4-3-3 high pressing team that he talked about and got him the job in the first place because otherwise there will have been absolutely no point in this ‘project’ whatsoever.
  6. That interview is as desperate as it comes, season ticket sales clearly looking horrendous on the same week we drop into the relegation zone. A couple years of silence and then comes out with that, he’s absolutely lost the plot and is taking us down. 100% Gibson out. Hopefully something is displayed at the game tonight
  7. I created a thread a while back as one of the first to call SG out on his failures in recent years. The responses were understandably mixed at the time but I’d like to hear people’s thoughts on it now. Personally I have 0 faith in him as a football owner anymore. Since the glory days of the UEFA Cup Final, SG has made 1 good footballing decision for this club which was to hire Aitor Karanka. Whether that’s managerial appointments, transfer policy/recruitment or the general running of the club. If anyone disagrees I’d love to hear another thing he has done correct in that time period. The club is only going in one direction and most people at the club seem to be utterly hopeless at what they are supposed to be doing, including SG. It is time for some sort of major change at the club in my opinion. Of course that is easier said than done with potential investors/buyers not clear to us. I’d love to hear other people’s opinions on this . DevKWat
  8. Steve Gibson taking the cheap option instead of doing what’s right for the club, which will inevitably cost us yet again. Doesn’t sound like something he’d do 🤥
  9. Can see it getting very nasty the closer we get to relegation, there’s no way in hell we should be anywhere near League 1. Said last season I’d lost faith in Gibson and most weren’t on the same page, which I don’t blame people for necessarily. Some of the decisions made by Gibson and the club at the minute are simply mind boggling, no words to describe them. I don’t think a banner would ever be taken into the riverside against SG and I don’t think there should be out of respect for what he’s done, but on the same hand he won’t do anything himself so some action needs to be taken
  10. Last one out turn the lights off, just call it a day...
  11. We’re getting £2m from it according to the Gazette
  12. Martin Braithwaite is officially a Barcelona player, no words 😂
  13. Would love it if Red Bull took us over. Look at what they’ve done with Leipzig
  14. Browne played on the right of a midfield 3 last night apparently, could be something to consider for next year I think he’d suit being central
  15. I’m utterly embarrassed watching this, Woodgate is the worst manager we’ve had. Below Strachan and Southgate which says a hell of a lot
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