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  1. Nobody will get carried away after 3 wins against 3 very out of form teams, think there’s an acceptance now that he won’t be going before the end of the season either way so may aswell support him
  2. QPR concede in the last minute, how on earth are we in the play offs 😂
  3. Exactly what I predicted yesterday, trying not to jinx but looks like Cardiff’s lineup is giving us a big advantage. Very happy to see Morrison Nelson and Moore on their bench
  4. I’d stay with the 4-4-2. Lumley Howson Bamba McNair Peltier Tav Payero Crooks Hernandez Ikpeazu Sporar Onel in for Jones as I think the game suits Hernandez better, Jones’ crossing won’t be as effective against Cardiff’s 7ft centre backs whilst Hernandez is more direct Ikpeazu in purely for height and to battle Cardiff’s biggest threat which is the 3 CB’s
  5. I’m not a fan normally but after seeing that 4-4-2 it could be the best formation to go with in the remaining time under Warnock. The most simple formation to go with the most simple tactical approach..
  6. This shouldn’t be a shock, Peterborough battered us for the first 70 on Saturday
  7. It’s clear as day the tactics and coaching are what’s holding the team back. We had 7 midfielders today and were dominated on the ball at home to bottom of the league. Just shows no matter what the personnel is, the football will always be the same
  8. Everyone here knows Jones should be starting without a doubt, just a shame the management is blind
  9. Payero MOTM even before that, 100%. Warnock lucky again
  10. I do care about the result, I hope we lose so this is over with quicker
  11. I can’t stand watching Boro at the minute, boring boring boring
  12. Can we get a sacked in the morning chant going now for some entertainment
  13. Dross.. but we all knew that was going to be the case
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