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    Steve Gibson

    People’s thoughts on this discussion now? In my honest opinion he’s only taking the club one way now, too busy complaining about other clubs breaking rules and doing well when he’s probably done some himself. Poor decision after poor decision and let’s face it he doesn’t have the finances to take us forward. Yes we’ll always be eternally grateful for what he has done but it’s clear as day that something needs to change here if the long-term aim for the club is to solidify back in the Premier League
  2. Randolph Dijksteel Ayala Fry Bola Wing Howson McNair Tavernier Fletcher Browne I’d love to see us give this a run of games, changing the team every week is helping nobody. Dijksteel is 100% improving with every game and I think Bola needs the same. Clayton and Shotton are finished in my opinion and are costing us a load of chances conceded every match, they have no long term future at the club so why not play the younger ones who do. Tav and Browne looked very good at times against Preston and these are also young players with very little first team game time. They would benefit from a run in the team. Fletch has deserved a shot up front for a while, Britt has been quite frankly appalling and playing him every week no matter what he does will make him think he can do what he wants and he’ll still be starting the next game.
  3. I’m much more concerned about our performance rather than the refereeing at the minute, I’m not being over dramatic but for long periods in these first 4/5 games we have genuinely looked like a bottom 3 side...
  4. It should take time to perfect it, it’s not happening AT ALL now. He has done exactly the same mistake as Monk and moved away from the promise of attacking football that got him the job. These last 2 games are just as poor as any Tony pulis game I watched..
  5. Someone tell me where the change of philosophy is here, Woodgate has completely thrown out the high press and attacking philosophy. I haven’t seen us press at all since the Brentford game. Getting circles ran round us by Wigan and Millwall at home. I said I’d give Woodgate a chance but I can’t see one area where we have improved, just getting a lot worse.
  6. Did anyone else notice there was only 2/3 occasions in the whole game that we were really pressing last night? After completely exhausting themselves in the first half against Brentford you’d think they would do it a bit less not abandon doing it all together. Surely Woody won’t be pleased with that, going from one extreme to the other.
  7. In my opinion we simply cannot play the 4-3-3 system with the players we currently have. The 3 most important positions for this system and trying to play out from the back are the CB’s, Defensive Midfielder and the Wingers. All of which have huge question marks on the players occupying them and are nowhere near good enough. It’s painful to watch at the minute and the squad is so thin that I don’t see many solutions.
  8. 110% too late, he’s finished. I can honestly hand on heart say I’ve never seen a less effective player from his performances in the last year or two.
  9. Maybe there’s an argument that we could get away with it at home but Marcus Browne has to play LW tonight, we can’t play with Fletcher or Britt out there because they simply don’t defend. Coulson recieved some very unfair flak on being caught out of position but 9 times out of 10 had a 2 on 1 against him.
  10. Anyone who has watched the games will surely have noticed the lack of options for the defenders and holding midfielder from the midfield and forwards. We don’t run to make space and as a result resort to long, high balls to the forwards and look for knockdowns. This is because of the massive gap between the holding midfielder (Clayton) and the two attacking midfielders (Wing and McNair). We need to work on playing up the pitch as a team instead of having nobody to pass to and lumping it up and hoping something will drop.
  11. I’d like to see a front 3 of Tav - Fletcher - Browne for Wigan. Johnson has clearly had his 1 decent game and we can’t play Fletcher on the left, we get far too exposed.
  12. Hasn’t that last part already started ?
  13. I’m seeing people saying even if we finish low bottom half he will be here next year. I thought the general consensus was he’ll stay as long as we are seeing clear improvement in the new way the club wants to play. Surely that sort of league position wouldn’t be showing any improvement whatsoever. 7th to sort of mid table yes but any lower than 15/16th is unacceptable in my opinion.
  14. For me the things that are really letting us down... Ryan Shotton and George Friend. Even when Fry comes back I still don’t fully trust Ayala playing out from the back. In January or the Summer we need to sign another CB who is comfortable on the ball. There was a lot of shouts for Eze in the transfer window but that’s the exact type of player we need. An attacking midfielder to play in that midfield 3 who can make things happen and drive forward with the ball. We simply cannot play both Ashley Fletcher and Britt Assombalonga in a 4-3-3. We are unbelievably exposed on the left side of midfield ALL the time. Britt hasn’t done anywhere near enough for me so I think we have to go Browne - Fletcher - Johnson in the next game. Something that’s been overlooked is the defensive midfield role, definitely one of the most important parts to make the 4-3-3 system work. I think we need a big improvement on Clayton, someone who has the same defensive instincts but much more comfortable on the ball and playing out under pressure.
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