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  1. If he got 10 goals and 5 assists for us in the prem I’d want a statue made after him
  2. Football Insider claiming Bolasie is wanting 50k a week and is pricing himself out of staying. He must be fast asleep dreaming if he thinks he’s getting anywhere near that. He was on 70 at his peak and has since dropped dramatically, had career threatening injuries and had 3 failed loan spells. I wouldn’t go any higher than 20.
  3. I’d more than happily keep McNair but if a stupid offer came in (which I don’t think is unlikely) I think he’s certainly replaceable. Defensively not great and switches off a lot, shown he’s not a CB this season. Fry and Hall should be first choice. Great in the midfield 3 but replaceable if it came to it.
  4. If you have time watch the U23’s highlights at Palace. They play expansive attacking football, play out from the back and actually create chances with the ball on the floor. Why is this model not being continued into the first team? All our youth players are used to playing good football and get thrown into playing under the Pulis’ and Warnock’s of the world. Makes no sense. Malley would be brilliant in the first team if we played the same way as the 23’s FYI.
  5. He wasn’t in the last squad either so I highly doubt it
  6. Archer is unbelievably suspect from crosses and corners. Really hope neither of our keepers are here next season
  7. I’m 21 and in no way racist, and you’re comment is why society is so messed up nowadays. Assuming and claiming something so extreme with very little reason to do so.
  8. Christian Walton or Joe Lumley is my guess?
  9. If this ends up being Bettinelli someone please remove this man from the forum 😒
  10. I’ll tell you exactly how I know Spence’s attitude is off 99% of the time. He came on Saturday and smashed into a tackle, won the ball and flew forward at his max speed and got in behind to create a chance. So that’s what he’s capable of. For the people defending him, how often do you see that from him? Almost never. He jogs and ambles round the pitch, you’ll be sat urging him to beat his man and use his pace but he always just turns back and passes it off. Anyone who has played football at a decent level can tell when a player is giving it everything they’ve got o
  11. Watched Semedo play for them a few times and he’s just as useless as Spence, so the fact they spent £35m on him makes me believe this link wholeheartedly...
  12. Spence linked to wolves and rangers for £5m. Snap their hands off
  13. Must admit, the northern echo article on Spence this morning stunk of being a come get him plea directly from the club
  14. If Spence doesn’t have the drive and desire at 20, he won’t have it at 24/25 or later unfortunately. He looks totally disinterested every-time he plays
  15. I’d genuinely take £1m and run
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